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Chapter 02 - What's Past Is Prologue

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Go check on your row boat outside Al-Khampis to trigger an event as you head for the shore. Your next stop is quite far from where you are right now, but there is quick way to get there. Go speak to the pink pig in Al-Khampis and warp to Gathelatio. Get on your boat from here and get rowing to the east then southeast. You'll soon find a shack by the coastline that you can enter on your boat. Check the pots by the door up the stairs for a Dried Remora. Leave the house and follow the path southwest toward Eisen Bridge.

After the events involving the evil sniper lady, check the weapon rack next to the adventurer for a Mythril Spear. Rest here if you want or just go west to the capital.

Hartschild, Capital of Eisenberg

Check the base of the stairs to the left of the inn for a Bomb Arm. Inspect the ground just to the right of the flower vendor for a Hi-Potion. Do your usual shopping for new gear, spells and items, before heading to the Goodman Residence. There, go upstairs and turn right to find a Balsam. Talk to Eleanor and with the commander taken care of, head outside to check the attractions until everyone is just about ready to get a move on. With Eleanor gone from the house, go check the city only to find it strangely empty. Save your game and go to the bridge at the east of the city. You'll meet Danzaburo here and he'll offer to help you cross the Eisen Bridge. Let's take a detour first before going there.

Side Story 03 - Merchant and White Mage Asterisks

Trek back to the House by the Sea for a story sequence then return to Hartschild, where you'll have to wait until nightfall to proceed. One way to speed up time is to speak with the dog near the Goodman Residence and choose to play with until dusk. Once it gets dark, speak to Profiteur at the plaza for another scene then go talk to him at the Eisen Bridge for the next bit. Return to Hartschild to chat with Profiteur one more time and then hurry to the Mythril Mines which is located just to the north of Hartschild.

You begin this dungeon on B1. Go all the way west from the entrance to get a Remedy. Go down the right path in the middle for a Dried Remora. Move on down the stairs to B2 where you should head east then north for an Orichal Dagger. Go down from here and up the stairs back to B1. The chest closer to your left has an Earth Drum while further northwest is 1000 pg. Go on back down to B2 and grab the Locket from the southwest treasure chest. Go north, grab Bomb Fragment near the adventurer then rest and save.

Talk to the little and it will once again be time to choose. Telling the granddad to "stay in the home" will lead to a fight with the Profiteur, while telling him to "sell the home" will lead to a battle with Holly. I personally went for the White Mage asterisk as it was of greater use to me. You can only obtain one of the two asterisks so choose wisely.

In case you went and got the White Mage asterisk, talk to the pink pig in Hartschild and take a trips back to the previous cities (particularly Ancheim) to buy all the white magic spells. Head for Eisen Bridge once you're ready and a scene plays where Danzaburo distracts the evil sniper lady. Speak with Yoko here to move on to the Old Aqueduct.

Abandoned Aqueduct

Start by going around southwest to grab an Antarctic Wind. Climb the right staircase on the left side to get a Hi-Potion. Continue onward along the right side, and take the lower exit to find 1200 pg. Go on back and take the middle exit this time. At the Interior section of the aqueduct, go straight until you can descend. Do so and climb up the center stairs to pick a Remedy on one side a Phoenix Down on the other. Next, climb the stairs to the left and take the west exit for an Enopu Mushroom. Return to the Interior and follow the pipe all the way to the east exit. Talk to the person here if you have the Summoner Asterisk, and he'll give you the Promethian Fire Summon if you pass the test.

Go back to the previous area and take the middle exit. You're now at the east side of the dungeon. Go straight and climb the middle stairs to the right to grab the Catnip. Make your way over to the southwest corner. Collect the Magnifying Glass and go through the nearby exit to a Smiley Badge. Back in the previous area, head for the pipe on the left to score 900 pg. Rest and save before going to the next area where sniper lady awaits.

Boss Battle - Aimee

Buff your offensive characters with Mystic and Physical Boons multiple times depending on what they do best Also add the Blazing Wold Swordplay if you have it equipped. Once that's done, use every single special attack you have in your arsenal at her. After which your Wizard can just use Dart spellcrafts for the rest of the battle, while your physical attackers deal all the damage they can. Heal as needed. And do not forget to steal the Tane Ga Shima from her. This is a very good gun that costs a small fortune in the next town if you were to buy it. So do not miss this chance to snag a pair for free.

You'll receive the Hawkeye Asterisk after defeating Aimee, and with it you finally have for yourself a job that really excels in dishing out considerable physical damage. However, since guns are two-handed weapons, you will have to make do with not being able to use a shield. Although equipping good headgear and body armor should be enough to compensate, so having no shield isn't really a big deal. Anyway, you can go ahead and leave for Yunohana, a city located some ways northeast of Eisen Bridge.

Once you enter Yunohana, check the boxes of fish near the entrance to find a Leviathan Sashimi then inspect the triangular wooden object, just to the right of the adventurer. Next, take the north exit to the castle and look around the lower left corner for a Spider Web. Head to the bathhouse once you have everything. There, look at the right side of the structure to find a Catnip by the small tree. Also in front of the wall scroll at the left corner is 77 pg, Finally, go upstairs and check the plant to the right for a Turbo Ether. Proceed with all the story sequences until the party is ready to get going. Don't forget to pick up some new gear and spells if you haven't done so yet. The next stop is Geyser Grotto, but let's leave that for now and go do yet another side story first instead.

Side Story 04 - Ranger and Black Mage Asterisks

In Yunohana, you will find a man in blue clothes near the entrance. Speak with him and Edea will cause the man to hurt himself so now it's up to you to deliver the man's cargo to the Ominas party in the Grapp Keep -- the white castle-like place south of Yunohana.

Once inside the fortress, you'll find a chest nearby with a Bomb Fragment in it. Go left and pull the lever then collect the Phoenix Down at the end. The gate in the middle of the area should now be open; take the stairs behind it to 2F. There, go to the southeast corner for 1500 pg then go back to 1F using the stairs at the northeast corner. Pull the lever you see here and go down through the newly unlocked gate to grab a Monoceros Flake at the end of the corridor. Now go to the northwest corner to find one more lever to pull. Then climb the northwest stairs back up to 2F where you'll find the next lever.

Pull that and return to 1F to climb up the stairs to the lower left. Pull the lever, go back down and take the middle staircase up. You can now access the top-middle room to get a Remedy. Go downstairs to grab the Power Bracers and return. Now on 2F, go left through the wall just west of the adventurer and you'll reach a room holding a Cross Spear. Go rest and save before proceeding. What follows is rather long series of story scenes, where you are ultimately left to decide how to manage the food. Choose to share the food and you'll fight Ominas. Give the food to Ominas to fight Artemia.

Geyser Grotto

The entrance to this location is found by the mountains off to the west of Yunohana. The grotto itself is particularly interesting for each area carries its own unique properties, which in turn affect both your allies and enemies in battle. For this first section, you will get a 50% boost in M.Atk and P.Def along with a 25% drop in P,Atk and M.Def. Begin by going straight up along the middle of the lower path and turn left at the end fr a Kunai. To the east of the upper path in the middle is an Amulet. Next go to the southwest corner on the lower path for a Balsam and continue northwest to the next area.

This second section afflicts all combatants with Berserk, which makes them attack mindlessly, without you being able to do able to do anything. The bright side for this is that your party's attacks are much more powerful and can easily dispatch enemies, so you can try grinding for some levels here if you want. Anyway, go to the southeast corner for a Bacchus Wine, then go around west then south on the path to the far left to find a Zeus Wrath. The upper path in the middle has some Tender Victuals waiting.

The third section of this dungeon gives a boost to everyone's critical hit rate. Go straight down along the lower path in the middle for a Black Belt. Go around along the right side onto the upper path for a Hi-Potion to the southwest and a Magic Knife to the northwest. Now for the fourth section, everyone gets bonus BP. At the southwest corner on the lower paths is a Hi-Potion while an Ether is at the northwest corner. The upper paths hold an Icefire Shield. Onward to the next area where some story bits happen. Once you can move again, head down the narrow path at the upper right corner to find a Crimson Spear below. Push on to the Fire Shrine. Save and approach the altar inside.

Boss Battle - Janne

You can expect strong attacks from this dude as usual, so it would be wise to have a dedicated healer who has access to mid-level healing spells like Cura or Vivify. Buff your party with boons and hit Janne with a turn's worth of special attacks to shave off a good chunk of his health quickly. And while magic works well here, I would go with the Hawkeye class as they are the most effective especially when buffed with Physical Boon coupled with the Harpoon skill. And don't forget to take his Scimitars too.

Side Story 05 - Knight and Ninja Asterisks

Back in Yunohana, speak to the guy in green who is near the pink pig. This will trigger some story sequences which soon sends the party to the Stark Fort. You'll find the place further to the north from Yunohana. When you enter the fortress, check the southeast corner for a Bomb Fragment as well as an Ether in the southwest corner. Go to 2F using the northeast stairs; collect 1200 pg then return. Use the northwest stairs this time. Grab a fish item from the treasure chest before heading to 3F via the stairs below. Pick up the Sugarloaf here and return to 1F. Climb to 2F with the middle steps this time.

Pick up a Phoenix Down and continue to 3F. Collect an X-Potion to the right and use the northwest stairs to find 1500 pg. Return to 3F and go the other way. You are now back on 4F. Snag a Spider Web by going down then left to the end of the hallway. Turn around to go down the path on the right, and just before turning the corner, go straight down the hidden path leading to a Rod of Fire. Next, take the stairs at the southeast corner to 5F and grab the Enopu Mushroom. Return to 4F, climb the southwest steps for the Staff of Life. Return to 4F again and use the middle stairs. Rest and save before continuing on.

Your next task is to simply keep talking to the people marked with a blue event bubble. Eventually when the dialogue prompt to choose pops up after a while. Select "police inspector" and you'll fight Kikyo or go with "private investigator" to face Heinkel.

Yunohana Castle

Go speak with Sakura in the Bathhouse then go the castle. After the a brief scene, you'll be given a choice of who gets dibs on the cake. Whoever eats the cake will become a ghost in the next battle, so pick someone who excels in magic. As being a ghost still allows the use of magic spells while being immune to damage but that's all you can do.

Boss Battle - Panettone

As mentioned before, make sure it's your mage who eats the cake so that he/she can still be useful even as a ghost. If you have the summoner asterisk, make the summoning command accessible to your magician. Also, you might want to prioritize defense over attack here, or better yet employ a mix of both. Like a knight having access to the Shamanism job command will be good. The Katana Van goon is particularly dangerous when you attack her physically due to her powerful counterattacks. Magic or summons are not being countered though so those will be the best way to kill that enemy. As for Angelo, he usually throws cakes that stick debuffs on your characters, with charm being the one you must watch out for. Don't forget to steal the Khukuri from him as well.

You'll receive the Patissier Asterisk upon defeating Angelo. Head to the bathhouse and enter the hot springs. Go upstairs after the events and check the curtain then the navigation wheel. You should now be be able to sail on the darker waters of the world map.with your new vessel. So set sail to the coast of Hartschild and enter the city.

Boss Battle - Superd'nought Bael

This thing is nothing more than a big pile of junk controlled by a pair of morons. So take the Hawkeye job class, add piercing (Harpoon) water element (Warhead -> Icehead) to your attacks and just go to town on it. The thing does have multi-target moves though.

After the battle ends, take your ship to the destination marker that's closer to the right of the west island. Doing so triggers the story sequences to conclude this chapter.

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