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Chapter 05 - This Is Our Coup De Gravy

Bravely Second: End Layer Walkthrough and Guide by mogg1342
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Chapter 05 - This Is Our Coup De Gravy

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After loading your New Game + data, watch the opening battle again until you have control of Yew. At this point, press Select to activate Bravely Second and initiate a scene. You should now be able to fight Kaiser Oblivion on equal terms with your true party.

Boss Battle - Kaiser Oblivion

This battle is actually pretty simple if you take advantage of stat boosts granted by the Kaiser's Noble Eagle move, which raises P.Atk and M.Def by 200% for everyone on the field (that is for the boss and your party). At this point, the boss can be very much capable of killing one of your characters in a single hit, so it's best to try and cut his speed with Shin Smash (Piracy job command) so he wouldn't get as many turns. You can also use Shell Split to cut his P.Def, while buffing yourself with Harpoon and Hastega.

After defeating the boss, watch the story scenes. And once they end, go pick up the shiny object on the Sanctum floor. This is the key that will open all those locked blue treasure chests you've seen throughout the game so far. Head for the goal marker outside for the next series events, to be followed by yet another boss encounter.

Boss Battle - Bella and Cu'Chulainn

These two aren't that much different from when you encountered them at the beginning of the game. Except this time they have more health. When Bella casts Wall on either herself or her companion, attack that target with magic so they don't counter. Cu'Chulainn on the other hand is weak to lightning, so either add said element to your attack or hit him with lightning magic. Just hammer away at them one at a time.

Side Story 09 - Asterisks Redux

Upon leaving Gathelatio, you will immediately notice all the side story markers on the map. This indicates that you now have the opportunity to earn all the asterisks that you missed before. Take note that the asterisk holders are going to be stronger than they had been before, and the dungeons will also receive a host of far stronger enemies. You are encouraged to complete this side trips first before continuing with the main story.

Herena Sea Caves - The Compass of Space and Time

You've been through this dungeon before so the entire map should now be open. Head over to the area where you fought Minette way back in the first chapter, and approach the goal marker for an event, which will soon be followed by a troublesome battle.

Boss Battle - Geist and Revenant

Here we have two of the most troublesome enemies in the game fighting as a team. Fortunately however, neither of are anywhere near as strong as they had been the first time. Geist's HP in particular is on the low side so try to take him out as soon as you can with special attacks and all the best offensive skills at your disposal. But whatever you do, make sure you have a Thief to steal a pair of Bloody Shields from him. The Bloody Shield will transform into the Hero Shield when used in 255 battles, and the Hero Shield happens to be the best shield in the game. Don't miss out on them. Revenant on the other hand carries a pair of Dragonscale Armor so take those too. Also at some point in the battle once Geist has received significant damage, Revenant will cast Soul Mirroe on him which reflects all kinds of physical attacks back to your party members. Turn your attention to Revenant while the spell is in effect then hit Geist after the spell is gone.

Florem Gardens

Before continuing into the next dungeon, return to Florem and pick some Magic Bottles from the item shop. And also you might want to have someone level up the Astrologian class until you can use Elemental Mirror, as the spell will really help during the boss encounter in this dungeon.Equip the Dungeon Master support ability as well to negate the effects of the terrain hazards in here. Start by heading straight up to get a Zeste Cake. Off to the lower left are two chests with a Turbo Ether and Earth Mallet.Move on to the next area. Take a quick trip down the exit to the left for the Dwarven Gloves.

Back at the Central area, go southeast for a Cannelle Cake, and in the middle is a Demon's Staff. To the northeast corner is a Fraise Cake. There's also a Vanille Cake just to the right of the northwest exit. Now at the Interior of the dungeon, check the southwest corner for some Bastet Claws plus a Muramasa at the northwest corner. Pick up the Life Rope at the southeast corner as well. Rest and save at the adventurer first.

Boss Battle - Panettone and Aimee

Quick one here. Make sure to rob the two of them first then Brave your Astrologian so that he/she gets 4 straight turns. Cast Fire Mirror on everyone and just watch your opponents' attacks bonce off your party and back at the source. Use Magic Bottles to remove the Ghost status ailment from whoever is hit by Angelo's Phantom Cake.

After the battle, go further up to the next area for a scene, then leave the Gardens and take your airship to Sagitta, There, approach one of the objective markers for a scene. Press A to fire at the Skyhold and enter a boss battle against Minette and Bismarck.

Boss Battle - Minette and Bismark

For starters Minette is weak to water and Bismark is weak to fire. Take advantage of their elemental vulnerabilities by adding said elements to your attack. Bismark's Chomp attack can reduce your HP to 1 if it hits, but it's accuracy is low. Always have your healer ready to heal however just in case. Also, the cat can be frozen with Stop if you have the ailment linked to your special attacks. For Minette, consider equipping accessory that grants immunity to Sleep so as to counter her Catnap ability. Target them one at a time.

Skyhold Diamante Revisited

When you enter the Skyhold, take the right exit to get access to a shortcut leading to the top floor. Approach the throne inside the Throne Room for yet another boss encounter.

Boss Battle - Janne and Nikolai

Janne is weak to water and Nikolai is weak to fire. The latter has a nasty habit defaulting constantly so add fire to your attack together with default-piercing capabilities (Shamanism -> Condor). Casting Harpoon also helps. In any case Nikolai should always be the focus of your offense as he has the ability to heal. He may use Sacrifice at some point during the battle, which damages your party but kills him instantly. Once Janne is alone, recast the same enhancements on you fighters, but replace the fire element with water. You can steal Rune Blades from Janne and Sage Staves from Nikolai. These are both very good weapons so don't miss out. Equip them as soon as you get them.

House Geneolgia Crypts

Head to Gathelatio next and and try to enter the building off to the right of the manor.

East: Go west until you encounter a set of stairs on both sides. Descend along the north one first to find a Spider Web. The other staircase leads to an X-Potion Back on the main path, go further east to the next set of stairs. The one going south leads to an Earth Mallet and the chest to the northwest has a Turbo Ether. After getting that last treasure, turn around and go south then west to the exit. Don't forget to speak with the fox also.

Central: Start by going all the way west then go south and east to a Remedy. Turn around back to the main path and push north, descend the stairs to the right and follow it around to a red switch that you can press. The top middle chest has a Safety Ring. Go on ahead and take the northern passage leading to another section of the crypt next.

North: Go northeast to the end of the corridor upon entering to get a Bacchus Wine. Next, follow the lower path to the bottom-middle exit, where a blue switch is waiting to be activated. Hit it before going back. Make your way over to the top section of the area where you can pick up a Gold Hourglass at the end of the northeast corridor and a Pantheon's Wrath from the chest on lower path nearby. The chest to the south contains 5000 pg. Return to the Central Area of the crypts and take the south exit this time. Also at the northwest corner is a summoner that will give you the Susano-o Summon if you survive it's attack. Take the southeast exit so can collect the Chocolat Cake on the other area. Press the yellow switch there. That's three switches down, one more to go.

South: In the bottom corner when you enter is an Enopu Mushroom. Check the southeast corner for a Dark Shield. The middle right section has some Magic Armlets. Take the northeast exit to find and activate the green switch. In the middle of this room is a chest containing an Elixir, while the one at the middle left has an Arctic Wind. Take the top-middle exit to grab the Excalibur. The west door in the Central Area is now unlocked.

Boss Battle - Denys

This battle is quite similar to the encounter with Kaiser Oblivion. Except this time Denys can use Winter Storm which prevents you from restoring HP, MP and BP for three turns. Buff your strongest fighters with Harpoon and Condor, while someone casts Hastega if you have a Time Mage in the party. It's also worth a shot to cut his speed and physical defense using abilities from the Piracy job command. Heal your party with Benediction as needed. You can also rob him of Chaos Blades which is the only place you can get them. Denys revives with full HP after you drop him the first time, so defeat him again.

You'll be rewarded with the Kaiser Asterisk upon defeating Denys. Go through all the story sequences until you're finally allowed to leave. Once you can control Yew again, fly to the Skyhold and head to the throne room one more time for the next boss encounter.

Boss Battle - Diamante

This battle is a bit tricky but should become quite simple once you figure out what you need to do. Your first concern is to break down that mirror the boss has cast on itself. It will reflect any kind of damage you throw at it for 5 hits. So what I did was remove the weapons of my entire party and attacked Diamante until the mirror is down. At this point, I put everyone's weapons back on and Brave so everyone can attack four times consecutively. Use heal-all spells to restore HP to your allies. Diamante will revive with full HP when you drop him the first time, so just defeat him again to finish the battle.
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