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Chapter 00 - All For One, One For All

Bravely Second: End Layer Walkthrough and Guide by mogg1342
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Chapter 00 - All For One, One For All

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The game opens in a story battle showing how laughably weak your party is against a seemingly invincible enemy. Well, that's how it usually goes in the beginning anyway. Watch the encounter until your party falls. You'll soon be controlling Yew at the manor.

Gathelatio, Seat of the Orthodoxy

You can begin by checking out the main menu if you want, but there isn't much to do in there right now, except to further manage your game settings through the Config option within the Tactics tab. Anyway, examine the desk in Yew's room for a Wake Up Bell. Head downstairs and examine the north wall to the left for the stairs for 100 pg. Leave the manor, stop by the dock at the southeast corner and grab the Antidote off the northern edge, There's a man in red standing across from the item shop who can save your game. Next, check the wall of the building farthest to the left for some Bacchus's Wine. Visit the shops to look at their wares if you like despite not being able to buy much quite yet.

Head for the destination marker once you're ready. Nikolai and Janne will join your party as soon as the scene ends. Be sure to inspect the pews on the lower-left section of the Sanctum for a Staff. Go ahead and trigger the party chat: On the Road Again here too before leaving the area. Also, consider looking into the Quests tab in the map menu, to see if there's anything in there you can complete for freebies. Remember to do this from time-to-time as you progress through the game. Return to the Manor and speak with Alfred. You'll receive Yew's Diary from him. Proceed to the destination marker to leave the city. Save your game at the world map before heading northeast to Pilgrim's Grove.

Pilgrim's Grove

You start at the western section of this dungeon, and Yew refuses to take the northern path right now so just cross the bridge to the east , taking the lower path when you can for a Potion. Turn back and head northwest next to claim an Antidote. Take the exit to the next area. Here, just keep heading right until you can climb to the upper path where you must go left and open the treasure chest for some Eye Drops. Continue along this direction to get some cash at the end. Backtrack to the nearest fork, going right to the end for some Echo Herbs. Turn around to the closest split once again and follow the path southwest to the exit. Grab the Ether here, go back and head for the goal marker.

Boss Battle - Troll

The Troll has 200 HP and is weak to light (although it's not like you can take advantage of that right now). This boss will start with 3 to 4 power attacks right off the bat so you'll want to have everyone Default on your first turn to survive. At this point, the Troll's BP will be down to -3 or -4 depending on how many attacks he did on the last turn, so your opponent will not be able to move for just as long. Have Nikolai heal everyone, Janne use Blazing Wolf to at least once boost his attack power, Yew should just attack because he can't really do much else (unless of course you're high-leveled). Let loose until the Troll's BP returns to 0, then defend. That is if the creature survives.

Go back to save (and rest for 50 pg if needed) before proceeding to the next area. You'll now be at the Southeast section of the forest. Head southwest first for a Wake Up Bell then southeast for a Phoenix Down. Off to the northwest corner is another chest with 150 pg.To the east on a higher ledge is one last treasure chest containing a Round Shield. Talk to the blonde soldier to proceed with the story. After which must hurry back to the entrance to this section of the forest. Return to the city and shop for new gear nos that you have the money to burn. Make haste for the Sanctum next. Talk to Nikolai here and breeze through the events until you can leave town to head back to Pilgrim's Grove,

Well it would seem someone has cut the bridge so head north to a new area instead, to the northwest section of the forest. Follow the bottom path around to the center of the area for a Wake Up Bell. Turn around and follow the higher path southwest to 200 pg. The upper dead end to the southeast has an Antidote. Exit to the next area. Here, head west then north to a dead end for 180 pg. Go back and enter the hole to the left, follow the path all the way to the northwest exit. Grab the Oaken Pole and turn back. Trek all the way to the far right end to find a Phoenix Down then head for the exit. Save and proceed to the goal marker. Watch the events which ends in Yew running away. Make your way back to the previous area while avoiding the blue wisps. Inspect the red doll here to initiate a battle with Bella. Do whatever for three turns and a scene plays.

Boss Battle - Bella

This creepy chick has 700 HP and is a pretty good with magic. And given that your two party members have little to show in their arsenal, just attack until Bella casts Wall on herself. This spell allows her to counter physical attacks with magic for three turns. You really wouldn't want to antagonize her in this state, so default until the three turns are up. Then brave to attack four times in a row with both characters. Repeat 'til you win.

She will drop the Heat spell upon defeat and you will also receive the Wizard Asterisk, which allows you access to the Wizard job class. Go save and rest at the next area. You're now at the east section of the forest. Take the top path to an Antidote first, then turn around to follow the bottom path around south to the middle for a Potion. Next up is a chest to the far right along the middle. This one contains 120 pg. Backtrack to the fork, go east then north to find a Barrel Helm. Head for the exit. After witnessing some bad guy banter, view the party chat What's Yours Is Mine before entering Eternia.

Eternia, Land of Immortality

Visit the shops to purchase new gear and some spells. Although the latter can be a pricey right now so you can hold off on that until later. Also stock up on Antidotes as there are enemies that can inflict poison on the way to the next town. For now though, enter the tower, climb the stairs and head right to the wall at the end for a Bacchus's Wine. Go speak with the Astrologer at the other side of the hallway to proceed. After being briefed on your objective, leave town through the west exit and trek onward.

Upon entering Gravemark Village, you will be treated to some events which ends in Yew going out to investigate. Before heading to the crashed spaceship, check one of the grave markers across from the adventurer (the save guy) to find a Phoenix Down. Once inside the ship, check the bottom of the left and right walls for a Hi-Potion and Ether respectively. Now to wake the girl. Go pick a Magnolia Blossom from the tree in the village and use it on the girl. Magnolia Arch joins your party soon after. With this new character comes a new sidequest which involves rebuilding her lunar home. I would recommend getting started on that as soon as it becomes available. Exit the village now.

Frozen Hollows

This being an icy terrain, it would make sense that most of the enemies here are weak to fire. Make sure you have a wizard in your party to take advantage of this. Follow the path northwest for a treasure chest with some Eye Drops, while to the northeast is a Potion. Turn back, go straight down then northwest at the first opportunity to score a Round Shield. Turn back once again to follow the lower path northwest then down to the next area. Here, go down all the way to the end and take a left to pick up 300 pg on the ground. Go the other way, circling around to the upper level. Explore the rest of the area for a Remedy in the middle, and an Ether to the left. Rest and save then head for the exit.

Boss Battle - Bella and Cu Chulainn

These two have 800 and 1500 HP respectively, You've fought Bella before so you should more or less know what to do, especially when she casts Wall. She can use this on both herself and her companion so watch out for that. You can still use magic on them without consequence when Wall is active, so go with that to not waste turns defaulting. Cu Chulainn is weak to lightning, so hopefully you bought the spell in Eternia earlier.

Defeat them to receive the Charioteer Asterisk from Cu Chulainn. Speak with the adventurer's fox and rest in Yew's magic tent to get a bonus scene. There is also a new party chat for you to view. Save your game before trekking through the world map to your next destination. Or you might want to return to Eternia (the soldiers blocking the shortest route to the city are gone now), to buy some equipment for Tiz to use later.

Eternian Central Command Building

At the 1st floor, take the right staircase to the next room for some events, then go back outside through the new exit. Proceed along all the story sequences and Tiz will be joining the party not long after. Put some gear on him and set his abilities before going any further. Once you're ready, go back to Edea's room and take the other exit to the 48th floor. You can also nap on Edea's bed for free, which makes this area the perfect place to gain some levels as you can fully recover from tough battles easily. Back on the 48th floor, check the bottom middle section of the room for a Round Shield. The blue chest at the center is locked. Follow the outermost corridor on the left to some stairs.

You are now on the 47th floor. The right side of the top middle corridor has a Barrel Helm. The southwest room at the middle section has a Teleport Stone on the ground, while the top end of the east corridor has 500 pg. At the bottom middle corridor is a chest with some Mittens inside. Climb up the next two staircase to the 49th floor. There, you'll find an Ether at the bottom-middle section of the outermost ring. On this same corridor descend the stairs to the northeast. Grab the Lamellar Armor then return. Head to the goal marker, view the party chat and collect the 300 pg nearby. Save your game before using the lift in the middle, leading to last boss battle for the opening chapter.

Boss Battle - Janne and Nikolai

This encounter comes in two phases. Janne will be alone in the first phase. Defeat him and Nikolai joins the battle. For the first half, have your wizards use primarily dart-type spellcrafts on the little traitor. Those work really well, dealing damage close to 200 HP or more with every hit. Plus you might want to equip the Damage Dispersion support ability on your wizards if you have it,. This allows damage received by wizards to be dispersed to all party members. Really useful when they are targeted by Janne's Blazing Wolf boosted attacks. Also make sure you have people who know Halfsies so you can heal your party with Potions efficiently, Once Nikolai enters the fray, you'll definitely want to focus on killing him first, since he has the ability to heal. Magic isn't as effective on Nikolai either, so physical attacks is the better choice against him. Overall, this one is a challenging encounter to be sure and it can take a while to get rid of them both.

You will receive both the Fencer Asterisk and Bishop Asterisk after defeating those two.

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