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How to Fly Helicopters Guide

Battlefield 2042 Walkthrough and Guide by Dennis (Sanzano)
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Battlefield 2042 How to Fly Helicopters Guide

Helicopters are the most effective vehicles you can use in Battlefield 2042 due to their ability to provide close air support with miniguns, rockets, and grenade launchers. Helicopters are not only good for attacking the enemy but also for transporting your squad around the map for strategic deployment. This How to Fly Helicopters Guide will tell you everything you need to know about flying helicopters and being an effective pilot.

The trickiest thing about flying a helicopter in Battlefield 2042 is trying to keep it stable while trying to aim at the enemy. If you want to aim at an enemy that is on one of your sides, you literally have to turn the whole helicopter, which is a process known as yawing. Rolling the helicopter is an effective maneuver that allows you to make sharp turns and is performed by moving your mouse or right stick to the left or right. When you roll the helicopter in the same direction you are yawing, you will perform a banking turn.

You can avoid incoming heat-seeking missiles by releasing flares, and by moving the helicopter quickly, and unpredictably you can prevent the enemy from locking on you or hitting you with their machine guns. It is important to remember when firing that your bullets will not instantly reach the target and that you will have to aim where the target will be, not where it is when you're firing. The deadliest helicopters in Battlefield 2042 are the AH640GX Apache Warchief Attack Helicopter and the KA-520 Super Hokum. These helicopters have medium armor, speed, and maneuverability, making them a very well-balanced aircraft.

Flying Tips

- There are three types of helicopters in the game and each of them flies differently. Scout helicopters are the most nimble of the three while ttack helicopters have medium maneuverability. The least agile and most cumbersome are the transport helicopters.

- Each of the helicopter types has different durability and armaments. Scout helicopters are the most fragile and least armed of the three, they just have miniguns and rockets at their disposal. Attack helicoters are protected with a decent amount of armor and have rockets and anti-aircraft missiles in their arsenal. The transport helicopters are heavily-armored and have miniguns and grenade launchers, which can only be used by passengers.

- Scout and attack helicopters are particularly effective against tanks. If you fly relatively high, out of range of the tank's main cannon, you will be able to deal heavy damage against it by peppering it with volleys of rockets from range.

- The best strategy when using the scout or attack helicopters is to strafe the enemy, performing plenty of banking turns, so you become a difficult target to hit, and the enemies have a hard time damaging you.

- It is important that you remember to fly the transport helicopters smoothly when carrying troops, so you allow those on the guns to hit their targets accurately. This means making sure you avoid rolling sharply.

- You will be given a warning when an enemy has a missile lock on you. Make sure you don't deploy your countermeasure flares until you hear the solid beeping sound that signifies an incoming projectile. If you do this, you will ensure you countered something and was not baited into deploying your flares early.

Helicopter Controls

Listed below are all the controls for flying a helicopter in Battlefield 2042, if you have not previously played any games in the Battlefield series you may find flying a helicopter a challenging experience.

PC: Press E
Xbox: Press X
PlayStation: Press Square

Switch Seats
PC: Press F1-F8
Xbox: Press A
PlayStation: Press X

Throttle Up
PC: Press W
Xbox: Press left stick up
PlayStation: Press left stick up

Throttle Down
PC: Press S
Xbox: Press left stick down
PlayStation: Press left stick down

Yaw Right
PC: Press D
Xbox: Press left Stick Right
PlayStation: Press left stick right

Yaw Left
PC: Press A on your keyboard
Xbox: Press left stick left
PlayStation: press left stick left

Pitch Down
PC: Move the mouse up
Xbox: Press the right stick up
PlayStation: Press the right stick up

Pitch Up
PC: Move the mouse down
Xbox: Press the right stick down
PlayStation: Press the right stick down

Roll Right
PC: Move the mouse right
Xbox: Press the right stick right
PlayStation: Press the right stick right

Roll Left
PC: Move the mouse left
Xbox: Press the right stick left
PlayStation: Press the right stick left

Toggle Camera
PC: Press C
Xbox: Press the right stick
PlayStation: Press the right stick

Rear Camera
PC: Press the middle mouse button
Xbox: Press the D-Pad down
PlayStation: Press the D-Pad down

PC: Hold the right mouse button and move mouse
Xbox: Hold LT and move the right stick
PlayStation: Hold L2 and move the right Stick

Switch Weapon
PC: Press F
Xbox: Press Y
PlayStation: Press Triangle

PC: Press the left mouse button
Xbox: Press RT
PlayStation: Press R2

PC: Press X
Xbox: Press LB
PlayStation: Press L1

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