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What are the Legion Forms

Astral Chain Walkthrough and Guide by Dennis (Sanzano)
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What are the Legion Forms in Astral Chain

During gameplay in Astral Chain you have access to five Legion forms. Each of which has a unique appearance, fighting style, and abilities. They can also be armed with three primary weapons; The Gun, Baton, and Gladius Sword. This What are the Legion Forms guide will tell you everything you need to know about them.

What are Legion

The Legion are living weapons created by humanity, they are captured Chimeras who have been controlled, suited with armour and tethered to a human officer who controls them by a neural chain that connects their minds. When connected to a Legion the officer is be able to see the Chimeras and fight them. There are many Legion but only five types - Sword, Arrow, Beast, Arm, and Axe. These five forms can be stylised for combat various different ways by arming them with three primary weapons which along with the Legatus can be upgraded to do more damage.

How to Upgrade Legion

In Neuron HQ there is a Tech Room on Floor B where you will find Tabitha. When you talk to her you will get the option of upgrading either your weapon or Legatus. This though can only be done if you have the required G and Material Codes, the latter of which can be earned as quest rewards, taken from chests you come across, or given as a reward for doing special orders.

Sword Legion

Sword Legion

The Sword Legion is a humanoid that has arms which have long, sword-like blades below the elbow which it uses as its weapons. These blades are able to morph in the game into normal humanoid arms. The blades of the Sword Legion can cut through energy waves to stun enemies, leaving them open to attack. The Arm Legion is also able to interfere with electronic equipment, and can be inserted into devices to access and absorb data which can then be used in investigations.

Base ATK: 28
Base DEF: 0%

Arrow Legion

Arrow Legion

The Arrow Legion is similar in appearance to the Sword Legion but lacks legs. The Arrow Legion lacks legs, and instead has six extensions from its hip that surround a central spike like an armoured skirt. Its weapon is a large energy bow which it can materialise at will to fire energy bullets at objects or enemies accurately, and from a distance.

Base ATK: 25
Base DEF: 0%

Beast Legion

Beast Legion

The Beast Legion is a quadrupedal, canine Legion that resembles a Doberman dog. It can be ridden as a mount, and has fast movement speed. The Beast Legion can track scents that are given to it, which can assist in finding people and objects in investigations. It is also capable of searching out and digging items that are buried in the ground.

C-Scale: C3-
Base ATK: 34
Base DEF: 0%

Arm Legion

Arm Legion

The Arm is a semi-humanoid Legion similar to the Arrow Legion in that it has no legs. It has a large, stocky body tha resembles the upper torso of a person which can be worn like a suit of armour. The Arm Legion has massive armored forearms and claw-like hands which enable it to pick up and throw heavy objects.

C-Scale: C1-
Base ATK: 40
Base DEF: 0%

Axe Legion

Axe Legion

The Axe is a streamlined Legion that stands on its own two feet and wields a massive battle axe style blade which is can also use to counter blocked attacks. The Axe Legion is able to create an energy barrier around itself and the wielder, acting as a shield from attacks.

Base ATK: 45
Base DEF: 0%

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