Ultra Necrozma Discovered In Pokemon USUM Coding

It is roughly ten days before the release of Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, and the Coding for both games have already been Datamined (allowing players to know roughly every single Pokemon and details for such found within the games). One of the more interesting things found in the Datamine of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is that of Necrozma's third and final form. With the help of the Ultranecrozium Z Z-Crystal while in its Dusk Mane Form or Dawn Wings Form, Necrozma will turn into Ultra Necrozma. When in this form, Necrozma is the strongest known Pokemon in existence based on its stats alone.

Ultra Necrozma will be a dual Psychic/Dragon Type Pokemon, having a Base Stat Total of 754 (97/167/97/167/97/129 Stat Spread). It also receives its very own Exclusive Z-Move: Light That Burns The Sky. This Z-Move is triggered by using the Ultranecrozium Z on Necrozma's newest move, Photon Geyser. It does massive damage, using the higher of Ultra Necrozma's Attack or Special Attack, being a Pure Psychic Type Attack.