Bruxish Competitive Battling Moveset


When the 7th Generation first came to be, Bruxish instantly became one of the best Pokemon, competitively speaking, from it. On top of having a great Base Attack Stat, it also has one of the highest Base Speed Stats among all other Alola Region Pokemon, especially when you only consider Non Legends. To this day, Bruxish continues to be one of the best pure sweepers found in the 7th Generation.


+Dual Typing: For competitive sake, the best Pokemon usually have dual typing. Since Bruxish is both a Water Type and Psychic Type Pokemon, it receives an extra STAB in addition to more coverage.

+Speed Stat: It's not the fastest Pokemon in existence, but it is still one of the quicker ones found in the Alola Region.

+Strong Jaw: This ability makes Bruxish a lethal threat, taking Psychic Fangs, Bruxish's Exclusive Move, to a whole new level.

+Moveset: Even though Bruxish has a very good Attack Stat, having the opportunity to know Swords Dance makes Bruxish all the more better.


-Defenses: Bruxish is extremely frail. If outsped by an opposing Pokemon, Bruxish usually goes down in just one blow.

-Predictable: Bruxish uses basically the same moveset no matter the player using it competitively, which makes it all the more easy to predict the moves it's going to use. This allows opposing players to properly switch in against it.


Dazzling: Prevents Speed Priority Moves from being used against Bruxish. If Bruxish didn't have such horrible defenses, this wouldn't be that bad of an ability.

Strong Jaw: No doubt Bruxish's best ability, and really the only one you should use with it. Increase the power of biting moves, including Crunch and Psychic Fangs, by 50%.

Wonder Skin (Hidden Ability): This abilities causes all Non-Damaging Moves to have the accuracy of 50% when used against Bruxish. Since no one really needs to use them against Bruxish due to its horrible defenses, this causes this ability to be the worst of the bunch.

Recommend Moveset

- Swords Dance / Aqua Jet

- Crunch

- Waterfall / Liquidation (USUM) / Aqua Tail

- Psychic Fangs

Item Attached: Life Orb / Focus Sash

Ability: Strong Jaw

Nature: Jolly

EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpDef / 252 Speed

This is really the only moveset you will ever see with Bruxish. If you want it to have more power, than definitely go with the Life Orb over the Focus Sash. However, definitely make sure to bring Bruxish into the battle when you know if won't instantly be knocked out. Swords Dance gives Bruxish all the more power - especially when paired with the Life Orb - but Aqua Jet can also be used if you think Bruxish somehow already has enough offensive power. Crunch covers Bruxish's Ghost Weakness, as well as hits other Psychic Types hard. Its third move should be dedicated on one of its Physical Water Attacks: Waterfall has a chance to cause the opponent to flinch; Liquidation hits harder than Waterfall, and it can even lower the opponent's defense; or Aqua Tail, which harder than the other two but doesn't have perfect accuracy. Bruxish' final move should also be Psychic Fangs, which has a base power of over 190 due to STAB and Strong Jaw.


Attacks of Weakness: If you hits Bruxish with an attack with a typing that it is weak to - Electric, Grass, Bug, Ghost, or Dark - it will usually go down in one blow. Yeah, this Pokemon is that frail defensively.

Taunt Users: The move Taunt can be used to prevent Bruxish from using Swords Dance, making it far less powerful than it could be.

Ferrothorn & Kartana: These two Pokemon, both being Steel/Grass Type Pokemon, can take whatever Bruxish would like to deal, defeating Bruxish with just one of their Grass Attacks.