10 Things Niantic Should Add To Pokemon GO

There is little to no doubt about it: Pokemon GO is one of best mobile games to have hit the market in recent memory. From its virtually endless gameplay to its evolution of features, Pokemon GO not only keeps players loyal to playing, but also sees them enjoying every minute of it. However, even with being such a great game, any Pokemon GO player will tell you, like most things in this life, that there is still room for improvement that could make the game ever greater than it presently is. And because of this, we have decided to proceed with listing the top ten things Niantic, the developers of Pokemon GO, should add to Pokemon GO in order to keep current players thrilled and entice others to begin playing.

Since most of us are fans of the hit mobile game, we will do our best to put our opinions aside while we list what we feel are clearly the ten things all players of Pokemon GO would like added to the game. We think we absolutely nailed each of our selections in this here article, but if at any given time you think we missed the mark with one of our selections, you can comment in the section provided below each and every page with your thoughts. If you think we crushed it with one of our picks, of course, you can also let us know in this same area provided. You can even tell us some of things you personally wish Niantic would add to Pokemon GO to make your individual gaming experience all the more better!

So, without another moment to lose, here are the ten things we think Niantic should definitely think about adding to Pokemon GO! We truly hope you enjoy!

Ability To Buy Stardust

Ever since Pokemon GO came to be, one of the many things all players have hoped would day be added to the hit mobile game is the ability to purchase Stardust in exchange for PokeCoins within the game’s Shop. Stardust is naturally earned by doing practically anything within the game - including capturing Pokemon and hatching Eggs - but even that is nowhere near the amount players will need to power up all of their favorite and most powerful Pokemon within their storage. And as a Trainer’s Level continues to soar closer and closer to the maximum of Level 40, the price of Stardust required to fully power up a Pokemon continues to tower higher and higher. To be completely honest, players will be lucky to fully power up a mere handful of Pokemon by the time they reach the ultimate goal of Level 40. And yes, this is primarily in part due to the shortage of Stardust players can obtain during their journey.

If Niantic, the developers of Pokemon GO, truly wanted to do what pleases the very players playing the smash mobile game, then they should definitely consider adding Stardust as a purchasable item in the game’s Shop. Should they want to give players another solid, they would also make it have a reasonable price for purchase. We think ten PokeCoins for every one hundred Stardust would be a fair price, but Niantic could also do ten PokeCoins for only fifty Stardust and it would still thrill most players. Niantic could also take things a step further, allowing Stardust to only be purchased in amounts of a thousand so player would have to trade a hundred PokeCoins to obtain each and every batch. It would be a fair tradeoff, giving players what they’ve always wanted and allowing Niantic to fill their pocketbooks (as we all know some players will spend their real world money in order to purchase loads of Stardust if it were available like this).


Honestly, it’s a great wonder as to why Trading still isn’t apart of Pokemon GO. Players have voiced the desire to have such a thing since the game first came to be, and Niantic has been saying it has been on their to-do list for almost just as long. However, we are now in the 3rd Generation of Pokemon GO, and Trading has yet to come. No one knows why Trading still hasn’t been added to the game, as it seems like a no brainer since all of the Mainstream Pokemon Games have the option for players to trade with others both locally and worldwide.

We all know that in this day and age, we have the technology to do such a thing for any game really, furthering frustrating all players playing Pokemon GO. Perhaps Niantic is still having trouble figuring out how the Combat Power Levels will be converted from one player to the next, from higher leveled trainers to lower level ones. Because outside of that, there is really no other reason that could be preventing Trading from coming for so long.

If Niantic really wanted to get more players playing Pokemon GO and keep the ones that have been loyal and playing for so long, they would finally get off the snide and get Trading incorporated into the game on the double. This would finally allow players the realistic chance of completing their entire Pokedex, as they could trade for any Pokemon that has been eluding them for so long, including a missed opportunity at catching one of the Legendary Pokemon or finally obtaining those Region Exclusive Pokemon they never had a chance at finding.

PvP Battling

Much like the concept of Trading, the people playing Pokemon GO have desired Player versus Player Battling since the game first came to be. Player versus Player Battling is very common in the world of Pokemon, as it’s what the Mainstream Pokemon Games are based on. From the battles against Non-Playable Character during the main storylines to battles against other players both locally and wirelessly, the Mainstream Pokemon Games have nothing but Player versus Player Battling. That is why it comes as such of a surprise that Pokemon GO doesn’t have the exact same thing, as well as why players have wanted it for a very long time now.

Just like Trading, Niantic has been promising Player versus Player Battling to Pokemon GO for quite some time now. Well, they’ve actually said it has been in their plans, the same they have been saying for almost two years now. Instead of finally incorporating such a concept to the hit mobile game, Niantic has put priority towards other features since added to the game. One of those things was a brand new Gym System, something that had to be done since Snorlax and Blissey were abusing the previous system. Apart of this new Gym System, you actually see the trainer you face before each battle at a Gym, which is sort of gives the feel of PvP Battling (though still nowhere close).

If Niantic really wanted to get more players playing (and returning to) Pokemon GO, they would add two things to the game as quickly as they possibly can. The first, of course, is the concept of Trading. And the second, not so far behind, is that of Player versus Player Battling.

Eliminate Region Exclusives

Since Pokemon GO players have been waiting close to two full years for Trading to be incorporated into the game, it’s likely to assume players will be waiting a little while longer until Niantic finally adds it to Pokemon GO. Until then, however, Niantic could give back to all players for the longevity of the wait by eliminating Region Exclusives. Region Exclusives are certain Pokemon that can only be found in certain areas of the world, similar to how some Pokemon can and can’t be found in different versions apart of the Mainstream Pokemon Games. Since these Pokemon are locked to a specific region, it is impossible for players to obtain every last Pokemon in their Pokedex without traveling in order to find these specific Pokemon scattered throughout the world. As you may have already figured or you yourself know, this is one of the things about Pokemon GO that just drives players bananas.

We understand that Niantic would like to keep up the hype towards the Trading one day eventually coming to Pokemon GO, hoping these Region Exclusive Pokemon will keep players on their toes about such a feature finally being incorporated into the game, but eliminating such a concept could be the very thing that brings a couple of a players back to the hit mobile game. Believe it or not, but all a loyal fan of Pokemon GO wants to do is finally fill up every last slot in their Pokedex. Plus, some of the more powerful, fan favorite Pokemon are currently serving as a Region Exclusive. Outside of other things listed throughout this article, eliminating the concept of Region Exclusives would actually also be quite simple to do. We’ve already seen Niantic remove both Plusle and Minun from being Region Exclusives, and so they could do the same with those that remain. It’s something all players desire.

Include More Storage

Out of all the things mentioned on our little list, this has to be the most minor of additions Niantic should add to Pokemon GO. At the present time, players have the ability to have up to 1500 Pokemon in their Storage System. This is quite a bit, especially since there are really only 386 different species of Pokemon currently coded in Pokemon GO. Or so you would think… When you think a little further and consider all of the facts, this number doesn’t seem all that grand in nature. This is because, for one, players like to keep EVERY Legendary Pokemon they catch. There are literally some players that have hundreds upon hundreds of Legendary Pokemon alone in their inventory.

When you couple this with the fact that most players also like to keep huge stockpiles of Pokemon like Snorlax, Blissey, Dragonite, Tyranitar, Salamence, Metagross, and Slaking, the free space in one’s storage grows smaller and smaller by the passing minute. On top of all of this, players like to stockpile the Pokemon they are going to use to evolve whenever they have enough to do a mass evolution spree with a Lucky Egg. Believe it or not, this too can cause players to lose hundreds of spots in their storage system, and for Pokemon they aren’t even intending to keep.

Because all of this, it would be wise for Niantic to think about adding more purchasable space to a trainer’s storage system. This is especially important for them to do in the long run, as by adding more and more generations as time passes will only cause players to lose even more space.

Let All Pokemon Be Shiny

Another thing Niantic could and should do to get more people playing Pokemon GO is allow for all Pokemon to be able to be found in their Shiny Forms. At the present time, only a few handfuls of Pokemon can be found in their Shiny Forms. Niantic has been rather selective up to this point as to which Pokemon can be found as a Shiny, but they have been adding more and more as of late. Still though, there are hundreds upon hundreds of Pokemon that cannot yet be found in their Shiny Forms.

Since Shiny Pokemon are extremely popular in Pokemon Community, Niantic could do a world of good if they simply make it possible for all players to be found in their Shiny Forms. Not only would this keep players that are currently playing Pokemon GO happy, but it would also help bring in loads of new trainers as well as those that have stopped playing the hit mobile game.

Niantic might be a tad hesitant towards doing this since it appears they would like to keep the concept pretty exclusive in Pokemon GO, but they can always balance things out by making Shiny Pokemon much harder to find than now should they ultimately decide to let all Pokemon be found as Shiny. It’s truly a win/win if you actually think about it, as player will continue to hunt for Shiny Pokemon even if they are extremely rare (as they should be). Like who wouldn’t want to finally be able to find a Black Charizard or Silver Metagross?


Not only in a number of other popular mobile games but also loads of newer console video games presently on the market, Daily Quests have become a staple in practically every type of game these days. Daily Quests allow players to quickly earn some type of bonus for basically doing a very simple task, keeping players playing said games on at least a daily basis. Pokemon GO, however, does not have Daily Quests included in its gameplay, which is almost shocking when you consider how popular they have become in this present day of gaming. Even after almost two full years of being on the market, Niantic has failed to include serious Daily Quests to Pokemon GO, much like they have failed to finally incorporate Trading and Player versus Player Battling.

Since Pokemon GO was first released, Niantic has since included the concept of Daily Bonuses, something very similar to that of Daily Quests. With these bonuses, players can obtain huge amounts of Stardust and XP by catching at least one Pokemon and spinning one PokeStop each day, increasingly so if they reach a streak of doing this for seven consecutive days. On top of this, players also receive an extra 500 XP for the first Pokemon they catch each day apart of the regular XP Chart. Still, players would like more specific and random Quests they can do daily, like catch three Fire Types or hatch two Eggs, something that gives the game more variety and flare.

Thankfully, Niantic is already on top of adding more Daily Quests, as it has recently begun being coded within the data of Pokemon GO. Let’s just hope it doesn’t take months to finally be released to the game, as players would like something like this (as well as Trading and PvP Battling) as soon as humanly possible.

Enhanced Pokedex

Unlike practically every other Pokemon Game, Pokemon GO does not have that advanced of a Pokedex for Trainers to use. Instead, it is basically just a list of all the Pokemon you have found or seen, with nothing more than a picture associated to each. In the Mainstream Pokemon Games, the Pokedex is a modern gadget that has everything you need to know about virtually every Pokemon there is, having a treasure trove of information for all players to use to their advantage. From a descriptive biography to a Pokemon’s sizes, cries and locations, the Pokedex found in these other Pokemon Games is an interactive device that actually lets players learn about each and every Pokemon Species rather than viewing them as just a powerful creature they can win battles with.

Even though Pokemon GO has no way a showing a Pokemon’s specific location in their Pokedex Entry, they could still make the Pokedex far more enhanced than what it presently is. They could even include a list of general locations where certain Pokemon Types can be found, giving players a hint at where they could possibly find a given species of Pokemon. From there, Niantic could also add an advanced mapping system that shows you precisely where you previously seen or caught a Pokemon, allowing trainers to have some sort of knowledge where a Pokemon they missed out on tends to spawn. A weakness chart would also help for each and every Pokemon, as it would allow younger trainers to know what Pokemon they should and should use during certain Gym and Raid Battles. Instead of the Pokedex being nothing more than checklist, Niantic should make it a real digital encyclopedia with mass knowledge and invaluable tools.

Better Gym Defender Bonus

When Pokemon GO was first released, a player had the chance to obtain up to a hundred free PokeCoins per day apart of the Gym Defender Bonus. In order to achieve such a thing daily, all one had to do was leave a single Pokemon at ten different Gyms, receiving ten PokeCoins for every Gym they could help claim with one of their Pokemon. However, after the new Motivation Gym System was put into place, all of this changed. Now, you can only receive a maximum fifty PokeCoins as your Gym Defender Bonus every single day. To achieve the Defender Bonus now, all a player must do is have one or multiple of their Pokemon hold down a Gym for a combined amount of roughly seven hours, receiving one PokeCoin for every ten minutes a Pokemon is at a Gym.

Now anything that is free is a plus, but Niantic could do way better to players as far as the Defender Bonus is concerned. We understand that the more free PokeCoins a player can receive means they will most likely not spend their real world cash within Pokemon GO, thus diminishing the profits margins for both Niantic and the Pokemon Company, but they wouldn’t have to do anything too drastic. It’s not like we’re saying there should be no limit on the number PokeCoins you can receive daily from the Defender Bonus. That would be great and all, but Niantic could keep players happy and continuing to play if they just bumped the limit back up to what it was previously, allowing players to obtain up to a hundred free PokeCoins via the Defender Bonus by having their Pokemon hold down Gyms for roughly fourteen to fifteen hours daily.

Master Balls

One finally thing that most Pokemon GO players have hoped would be added to the game would be that of Master Balls. As you may already know, Master Balls guarantee a Pokemon’s capture, no matter what the Pokemon is and how strong it truly is. No matter the circumstance, Master Balls ALWAYS will catch a Pokemon. They have been a cornerstone of the Pokemon Series since the very first Mainstream Pokemon Games; yet, they still haven’t been added to Pokemon GO. Players have been given PokeBalls, Great Balls, and Ultra Balls, as well as the not-so-famous Premier Balls, but they still haven’t had the chance of finding and obtaining the most famous type of PokeBall in existence, the Master Ball.

Now Master Balls would be a great thing for Niantic to add to Pokemon GO, as it would ensure that a player will capture whatever Pokemon they would like to use their Master Balls one. This would most likely be for Legendary and Mythical Pokemon, allowing players to not miss out on catching some of the best Pokemon in existence. However, players could also use their Master Balls on catching a Pokemon that is in its Shiny Form or one that they believe has Perfect IVs.

The possibilities are almost endless on the type of Pokemon that a Master Ball would be used on, and this is exactly why Niantic should add them to this hit game as soon as possible. Niantic could even make them incredibly hard to find, perhaps by only reaching Level 40 or from PokeStops with an almost impossible drop rate. There is nothing worse for a trainer than missing out on catching an extremely rare Pokemon, but Master Balls would prevent this from ever happening again.

That’s All Folks !
Well, there you have it! The ten things we’re pretty sure all player currently playing Pokemon GO (and more trainers yet still to come) would love to see added to this incredible mobile game! From the ability to purchase Stardust with our PokeCoins to Master Balls finally being added to its gameplay, we covered just about Niantic could add to make Pokemon GO even more spectacular than it already is!

We truly appreciate you taking the time to read our thoughts, especially if you read every word from the start to the this here end. We are especially grateful if you went a step further and expressed your thoughts in the comment section below! If you haven't yet done so, there is still time for you to do that very thing in the comment section provided below!

Until next time, Pokemon Go Players!

Posted: 3rd May 2018 by Warrior13
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