Playstation VR updates

Here are a few new exciting VR details recently released or announced by Sony.

Star Wars Rogue One

PlayStation have recently released a special PSVR only Star Wars™ Battlefront™ Mission related to the new Star Wars film Rogue One. In this new add on mission, Rogue One: A STAR WARS Story, players will find themselves dog-fighting through the far reaches of space.

Put on your headset and immerse yourself in 360° space combat from the cockpit of an X-wing. Join your squadron in a jump through hyperspace to rescue a ship in distress, and carry out an important mission for the Rebellion.

Exclusively to PlayStation®VR this update is out now and is free for all owners of Star Wars™ Battlefront™. PlayStation®VR and PlayStation®Camera is required to play this product.

We'd love to hear what you think of this new experience.

ARK Park

Coming to PlayStation VR in 2017, Ark Park is a virtual reality experience based on the world of ARK: Survival Evolved. ARK Park is being billed as a virtual reality experience like no other, and will be allowing players to get up close and personal with the immersive environments including tropical rainforests, snow-covered mountains, and expansive plains, along with the dinosaurs that call these habitats home.

In the game experience visitors to ARK Park will be head out on excursions into the various biomes to explore and witness the dinosaurs up close either on foot, in vehicles or also riding the dinosaurs. Players will be able to participate in collecting gene samples of the creatures through crafting of ARK tools, lures, and weapons.

VR Puzzle Game Fantastic Contraption

Coming in 2017, Fantastic Contraption is a virtual reality puzzle/building game which transports you to an island floating in the sky. There, you must construct contraptions to trundle, climb, or throw your way to victory through 50 mind-boggling levels.

To help you along the way you have your toolbox in the form of Neko, the green cat that is powered by rainbow farts. Build cars, tanks, catapults, conveyor belts, and other devices to progress your way to the goal. Each level is different and while building is simple and intuitive, the solutions are endless.