Strongest Sun and Moon Pokemon

Pokemon Sun and Moon have only been out about a week at the time of this writing, and players have already started taking note of which Pokemon seem like the best of this generation. Many of the eighty or so Pokemon released are really slow and lacking in many statistical areas, causing the number of the best to be quite low. Nevertheless, we will be taking a look at the Pokemon who are no doubt the best of the Seventh Generation.

In this list of ours, we will not be including Zygarde 100% or Ash-Greninja. We feel that even though these forms were released in the Alola Region, those Pokemon are still from a previous generation. So, our list will be of Alola Pokemon only. And the Pokemon listed here are NOT ranked in any given order; they are all great in their own way.

There will also be no bias or partiality shown in our rankings. We will provide what feel are justifiable reasons for each Pokemon being known as the better of the Generation. But if there is something you would like to share, or if you think we nailed or missed something, make sure to speak your mind in the comment area below each page!

So without another moment to lose, let us take a look at the best Alola has to offer!

Midday Lycanroc

We begin with none other than the Midday Form of Lycanroc, the clear better of the Lycanroc Forms. Midday Lycanroc is one of the rare Pokemon in the Alola Region with both speed and power, more than enough, actually, to go around. It's one of the real sweepers of this small generation, especially when you consider it isn't a legend. Only about ten or so Pokemon have a speed stat of over a hundred, something that is necessary for any sweeper, and Lycanroc has that exact thing. We wish it could've been given a secondary typing, but it's still great just the way it is.

School Form Wishwashi

Wishiwashi is one of the rare Pokemon that has more than one form. In its regular form, Wishiwashi is nothing special. But in its School Form, Wishiwashi becomes and instant powerhouse. Though it doesn't have speed, School Form Wishiwashi has both incredible Attacking and Defensive capabilities. It's almost reminiscent of Slaking, just minus the speed and terrible ability. Unfortunately, Wishiwashi will revert to its crummy form when its HP get too low. However, when it's at its best, Wishiwashi at the strengths of Legends.


Since there aren't many Pokemon with fantastic speed in Pokemon Sun & Moon, players are having to get creative in both picking and finding the best Pokemon available. And one of those Pokemon, though very, very slow, is none other than Toxapex. Toxapex is one of the many Pokemon in this generation with incredible defensive stats, so great that it can slow kill off Pokemon after Pokemon with status conditioning. It also has a very nice combination in typing, being a Dual Type of both Poison and Water. It might be slow, but Toxapex is unique, one of the diamond in the roughs of a slower generation.

Posted: 28th Nov 2016 by Warrior13
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