Ten Pokemon Cards That Could Be Worth a Fortune

9) If It's Japanese and Holographic

There really is no definitive answer as to why these cards are so valuable, but the truth is that they are rare because it is hard enough finding a holographic card (well, not today, but when they were sold in little plastic card sets, a Japanese card or a Holographic card was almost like finding Willy Wonka's Golden Ticket in a chocolate bar). If you can find a Japanese AND Holographic card, depending on how many are currently in circulation, you may be able to find something incredibly rare. Most, however, only go for $20.

10) Japanese 1998 Illustrator Promo Card

Pikachu was not a rare card to come by. However, this particular card was not only in Japanese; it was not only Holographic. It is worth a hefty $100,000 on eBay for one reason that I am aware of: this was when the series shifted to Pikachu's dominium, and to have had a card in such an era is probably why this one is going for 100k. Pikachu, the most popular and a well-known Pokemon character, was an electrical bomb waiting to blow, and when you got him mad, you were in for trouble. The link below is not fake. It is actually valued at $100,000 (or at least by the individual who decided to go with that price!)


This brings our little article on Pokemon cards to a close. We have just reported on what we found on auction sites such as ebay at the time of writing. SuperCheats does not however want to imply that we think the cards are worth what people are asking for, and we wncourage to research thoroughly before investing in or purchasing Pokemon Cards.

Posted: 5th Oct 2016 by Team SuperCheats
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