Ten Pokemon Cards That Could Be Worth a Fortune

3) Charizard Base Set First Edition Cards

Valued at a bit less than the Charmeleon card, this was the first batch of Charizard cards to be released. There is some history behind the ever-valuable Charizard, and it comes from the TV show. When Pokemon was widely known (and widely viewed), it was an epic moment when Charmeleon turned into Charizard, “evolving” into what became known as (at least, for as long as the show was good) the best and rarest Pokemon ever.

4) Mewtwo Holographic Card

Wow, as I write this article I am slowly reminded of the craze that swept the world. Mewtwo was a very powerful, very vicious card to have in your hand. With less than a few thousand ever printed, and even less of those featuring a holographic membrane, this card is one of the more expensive of all Pokemon cards!

Posted: 5th Oct 2016 by Team SuperCheats
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