Breaking Pokemon Sun & Moon News!

The Pokemon Company promised us a huge update on this day about the upcoming releases of Pokemon Sun & Moon, and boy did they ever live up to it! Along with today's update, the company revealed not just the release dates for these games, but also the Starter Pokemon and Legendary Mascots, along with a number of other details!

The games are set to be released on November 18, 2016 in both North America and Japan, as well as November 23 for Europe. The games are set to take place in the Alola Region, most likely a parallel to Hawaii in the real world.

The three starter Pokemon of the region will be given to you by a man known as Hala (not yet confirmed if this is his English or Japanese Name), and they are Rowlet, Litten, Popplio. Rowlet is a Grass/Flying Type Pokemon, represented as a close relative to an owl, who knows a new move called Leafage; Litten is a Fire Type Pokemon, who is literally a Fire Cat; and, finally, Popplio is a pure Water Type Pokemon, and is a close relative to a baby sea lion.

Not much was revealed about the Legendary Mascots, except the Lion-Esque one is featured in Sun and the Celestial One is showcased in Moon.

It's also looking as if full-body trainer customization is making a return based off of the screen shots given.

It was a HUGE Update, one that the Pokemon Company had promised, and it disappoint! Let us know your thoughts on all of this news in the comment section below! What will the Legendary Pokemon named? What will their typing be? Do you hope trainer customization is back to stay? Will Mega Evolution continue to play a role?

Posted: 10th May 2016 by Warrior13
Pokemon Sun, Pokemon Moon