Legendary Bird Trio Events Now Live! Shiny Xerneas & Yveltal Events Coming Soon!

For those of you in North America and Europe who are subscribed to the Pokemon Trainers Club Newsletter, the Serial Codes to obtain the Events for Legendary Bird Trio with their Hidden Abilities have begun being sent out. This is the only way to obtain these Pokemon with their Hidden Abilities in the Enlish Language (outside of previous claiming them on a Japanese 3DS with the English Set Language).

All three Birds comes at Level 70 in the Cherish Ball with the Classic Ribbon. Aricuno has the ability Snow Cloak, and knows the moves Freeze-Dry, Ice Beam, Hail, and Reflect; Zapdos has the ability Static, and knows the moves Discharge, Thunder Shock, Rain Dance, and Agility; and, finally, Moltres has the ability Flame Body, and it knows the moves Sky Attack, Heat Wave, Sunny Day, and Safeguard.

News also broke recently that after the Zygarde Event ends in Europe and North America, special events giving away a Shiny Xerneas and Shiny Yveltal will be done (Xerneas first, Yveltal second). These events replicate the Shiny Mortality Duo given earlier in the year in Japan, and we'll bring more details when they come.

Were you smart enough to join the Pokemon Trainers Club to receive these events? What nature will you be going for? Are you also excited about the Shiny Mortality Duo now being released worldwide?

Comment below with all of your thoughts!!!