5 Games That Are Ridiculously Hard To Complete

5. Dark Souls

This is a role-playing or action game which is actually quite difficult. The developer of this game is FromSoftware .

The game has been termed by many gamers as incredibly hard for any player to complete. The truth is that you never know,maybe you will be the first player to make history.
As a player, you have to proceed with caution in this game since it is an exploration game that you have to meet certain conditions for you to unlock different areas in the game.

Many have even smashed game controllers due to the complexity of this game. What you need to remember is that your focus in this game determines how successful you are . The game may be difficult but it is worth noting that it is also fun and enjoyable.

As a player, your task is to defeat as many enemies as you can and unlock various bosses. The player is given instructions through dialogues from the various characters.


Challenges are always there to make the various games enjoyable and fun. For this reason, the player should try to overcome the various challenges regardless of the effort that is required.

Gamers should always be ready to tackle difficult games since they help them a lot when it comes to developing their gameplay.

It is also worth noting that every game always has a difficulty level that requires a lot of effort for any player to succeed. The games above are the top 5 games that are ridiculously difficult to complete and therefore require a lot of focus, hardwork and determination.
Posted: 21st Apr 2016 by Team SuperCheats
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