5 Games That Are Ridiculously Hard To Complete

For most experienced gamers, it is quite rare to find a game that is quite difficult. However, there are games which require a lot of effort for one to completely succeed in them.

Victory tastes sweet and for this reason, most gamers fight to the bitter end. Some games have proved to be challenging even to the best gamers. Below are the 5 Games that are Ridiculously Hard to Complete.


This is a 2D puzzle game that is developed Nicalis and created by Terry Cavanagh. It is a fun but challenging game that is available for OS X and Microsoft Windows.

In this game, the task of the gamer is to control captain Viridian and help him in his search for fellow crew members. The captain has the ability to flip between ceilings and floors in his quest.

The player is able to reverse the direction of gravity and for this reason has the ability to move the captain downwards and upwards. The player should also avoid certain obstacles which include enemies and spikes which are stationary.

What makes this game extremely hard? The gameplay of VVVVVV may appear simple but it is actually deceptive and requires a lot of concentration. The game becomes difficult when you realise that you can't jump and you have to rely on your ability to flip gravity. If you're looking for a challenge, you should definitely try out this game.

Posted: 21st Apr 2016 by Team SuperCheats
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