5 Games That Are Ridiculously Hard To Complete

2. Super Hexagon

This is a video game that is developed by Terry Cavanagh. The gameplay of this game involves controlling a triangle which is circling a hexagon which is centrally located.

The task for every player is to avoid incoming walls . You should avoid contact with these walls for you to succeed in the game. It has six difficulties namely, normal mode which includes the hexagon, hexagoner and hexagonest.

Basically, all you have to do is survive 60 seconds in the various normal modes for you to unlock the Hyper mode which is quite difficult. It is also worth noting that surviving 60 seconds in the normal mode is actually not a small achievement.

If you can't handle the pressure of collapsing hexagons, don't try this game. You have to dodge the walls as they fall towards you and ensure that you don't get into any contact with them. This is what makes the game challenging for most gamers.

Posted: 21st Apr 2016 by Team SuperCheats
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