5 Games That Are Ridiculously Hard To Complete

4. Ikaruga

This is a game that is developed by Treasure and released in 2001. Bullets and enemies in this game are either white or black and the task at hand for every player is to clearly understand the colors of the different bullets before shooting an enemy.

The genre of this game is shoot-em-up and it is regarded as one of the best games in this category. You have to understand the different colors of the bullets since bullets which are the same color as the player get absorbed while certain bullets may be harmful to the player and may kill the player .

The polarity system of this game enables the player to absorb bullets from the enemies and convert them to a special weapon. The game becomes challenging when the player has to switch polarity. Can you navigate your way through enemy fire? It may sound easy but navigating or maneuvering your way through enemy fire is quite difficult.

Posted: 21st Apr 2016 by Team SuperCheats
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