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Dark Souls PlayStation 3 Cheats and Tips

We have 12 cheats and tips on PS3. If you have any cheats or tips for Dark Souls please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox 360

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Armored Rhino Helm

To be able to use the Armoured Rhino's head as a helm when you fight it in the undead Burg you must defeat it with your weapons and not the nearby fire pits.

Lightning Imps Left of Giant Stone Guards

To kill the Lightning Imps in Anor Londo you have to go to the hall with Giant Knights and climb out of the broken window. Now go to the right, drop down behind the fence and collect the item, then kill the imps through the fence with your bow and arrows. When you have killed the Imps walk through the hole in the fence and open the gate next to where the Stone Guard was standing and kill the other two Imps. Doing this will create a shortcut to the first bonfire and the Giant Blacksmith.

Floor Messages

In Dark Souls you are able to see messages from other players scrawled on the floor of the game world. You can also write these yourself. They appear with a different image next to them depending on how other players have rated them.

To rate a message or write one of your own, you need Orange Soapstone. You can buy this from the merchant in Undead Burg. You can use it whenever you like and it will not be consumed. Select 'Use Item' and you will be able to write a message. Select it while standing over another message, and you'll have the option to 'Rate Message'.

Cutting Off Tails

For cutting off boss's tails, you can employ a variety of tactics. For example, using a Claymore gives you the ability to reach the boss with relative ease, while you can also use magic spells, such as Lightning Spear and Fireball.

Final Boss Tips

Beating the final boss in Dark Souls is actually easier than you might expect. In fact, it is possible to defeat it without taking a single hit. The first thing to consider when taking on the final boss is to parry as much as possible.

You can parry and riposte the boss until he has zero health and without taking any damage. If you are struggling with this, remember that the boss specializes in Fire attacks, so use Flash Sweat to absorb some of this damage and use a Black Knight Shield for additional Fire resistance. Try to attack after every four-hit combo that the boss sends your way.

You can use the arena's pillars to lure the boss to, then run around them to stay out of his reach. This can buy you the time you need to drink an Estus Flask, and just generally he..

Lordvessel Bonfires

To be able to warp between Bonfires in Dark Souls (and even then you can't just warp to any one you want), you need to acquire the Lordvessel. To get this, you first have to ring both Bells of Awakening, before finishing Sen's Fortress and reaching Anor Londo. Defeat the bosses there and the Princess will give you the Lordvessel.

This will then allow you to warp between the bonfires below, once you have discovered and activated them:

Altar of the Gravelord (at the Tomb of the Giants)

Altar of Sunlight (in the Undead Parish)

Anor Londo (the one by the Firekeeper in Brass armor)

Chamber of the Princess (Gwynevere, Anor Londo)

Darkmoon Tomb (at Anor Londo)

Daughter of Chaos (between Queelag's Lair and ..

Giant on Roof

Defeating the giant on the roof before the golem in Anor Londo is best accomplished by standing in the doorway and hitting his legs. When the giant then attacks go down the stairs. Keep repeating this process until he falls to his knees then use a two-handed attack with your weapon to finish him off.

Unlockable: New Game +

In Dark Souls there is a New Game + feature, whereby all of your weapons, armor and souls will be carried over into your new game. To unlock it, simply complete the game once.

The only things that are not carried through are any unique items, such as keys or embers.

Note that in addition to keeping your items, enemy health and damage will be boosted to keep the game challenging.

Rare Weapons List

Below is a list of the rare weapons in Dark Souls, as well as how to come across them in game:

Gargoyle Axe:

Cut off the gargoyle's tail to get the Gargoyle Axe.

Dragonking Great Axe:

For this axe, cut off the Gaping Dragon's tail.

Moonlight Greatsword:

The Moonlight Greatsword requires you to remove Seathe the Scaleless' middle tail.

Dragon Greatsword:

Cut off the tail of the Covenant Leader for Path of the Dragon, the Everlasting Dragon. This won't make him hostile, but you should ensure you actually attack his tail rather than his body.

Drake Sword:

Remove Drake's tail for this sword.

Priscilla's Dagger:

To get Priscilla's Dagger, you have to cut of..

Beating bosses,and the red kite dragon(on the bridge).

Ok...I have beaten a fair few bosses and the kite dragon,so I will give hints about how to beat them.(note:using these hints is up to you)

First is easy"ASYLUM DEMON".you can't kill him right away,first you must find a sword and shield(weapon varies on class).

Next is"TAUROS DEMON"(bull demon).early in the game you will come across some pine resin

That will come in handy for this battle.first off when you get to the pass between the watchtowers climb the ladder(at right of first tower)and kill the two archers at the top,then climb back down walk toward the other tower and embue your sword with lightning(from pine resin).when you see him jump down from the top run back to first tower and climb ladder,now he will be at base of tower.use drop thrust to deal maximum damage,and..

Defeating more bosses.

Note:using these hints is up to you.

First off is quelaag witch of chaos.the best way to attack her is from the side as her bottom half(which is a spider)spews lava.two main attacks you must watch out for are a lunge attack(in which she spews lava at the same time),and when she looks like shes resting back off as she will release a massive amount of especially careful of her fire whip.(which you can dodge by moving right up to her for the first two strikes and the third,you strafe left or right).now ring the bell so you can enter sens fortress.

This one gave me trouble:great wolf,,when took him on I didn't know that I was taking on a damn ninjaXD.don't let his size fool you hes bloody fast.great shields are the best for defence here as his attacks are qui..

How to level up and estus flasks

To level up you like need to talk to the girl close to the 2ed bone fire she is by this tree she will give you an estus flask find shards and give her then to up grad it

So you can use It

Hope it helps

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