Top 10 Final Fantasy Characters of All Time

Square Enix's Final Fantasy Franchise will continue be to be an important name in the world of gaming for many years to come. For decades, people have fallen in love with the video games that Square Enix has created. After all, could you forget those emotional moments you had while playing video games, such as the Final Fantasy VII or FFX? In fact, the importance of these mentioned titles to the history of gaming and the characters that inhabited these respective universes will never be understated.

What would these amazing video games be without heroes and heroines, such as Cloud Strife or Terra Branford? Or what about the villains like Kefka Palazzo or Sephiroth we went up against? Each and every one of them was integral to the experience. With the recent relaunch of the Final Fantasy XIV, and the announcement of the upcoming FFXV, we started thinking about: who are the Greatest Final Fantasy Characters of All Time? And will these new titles add up to the historic roster? Continue reading and see for yourself, but be warned, there are many spoilers here. This article outlines our favourite 10 Final Fantasy characters of all time. So, let us dig in:

#1 – Cecil Harvey - Final Fantasy IV

Although it is customary for characters to undergo figurative transformations, it is quite seldom to see them undergo literal transformations. Cecil is at the top of the game, and he is the most talented and respected warrior with powers as a Dark knight. As he became stronger, he allowed those powers to consume him, and he embraced the darkness to the extent of having no compassion for his loved ones and friends.

Eventually, after realizing his terrible sins, he ascends Mt. Ordeal and embarks on a journey to become a guardian of light. The moment he reaches the top and dons the abilities and gears of the holy Paladin warrior, you get confronted with the physical manifestation of your former Dark Knight self, right? As a player, your first instinct is to attack, and then try to defeat the darkness in combat. However, the only way to actually win the fight is to sheathe your sword and just accept the blows it deals to you.

By accepting your past and moving on, you can grow and become a better version of yourself. This message is very powerful. Does it sink in when you first play the game? In addition to being an incredibly well-crafted metaphor for human nature, his story also makes extremely compelling narrative that is rarely matched in modern video game story telling.

Posted: 7th Apr 2016 by Team SuperCheats
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