Why you will want to Play Dark Souls III

In all corners of the gaming world, from players to developers, the name Dark Souls immediately evokes strong positive feelings. In fact, millions of people all over the planet, which often have very little else in common, hold the idea of the Dark Souls franchise as one of the best video game series in the entire history. For those who have not had a chance to play any of these games, this might seem like a huge overstatement, like many others that can be heard from different fan communities.

But, in the case of Dark Souls, the same notion ring true for players, video game journalists, critics and some of the biggest game development companies currently operating. It appears that all agree that the Dark Souls games attain some extraordinary quality that makes them an incredible gaming experience. Now, all of them are gearing up for this year and the upcoming release of Dark Souls III. For fans, 2016 is a year they have been waiting for since Dark Souls II came out in 2014, but others should take notice as well. Here are the key reasons why you will want to Play Dark Souls III.

A Rich Lineage

Developed by the FromSoftware, the so-called Souls series began in 2009 with the release of a game called Demon’s Soul. The game was successful, but did not gather too much attention, but this all changed in 2011 when Dark Souls came out and was followed by Dark Souls II three years later. At that moment, the legend was already born and the series gathered a cult following, where fans spread the word about the game. Now, Dark Souls are a household name for millions of players.

Basically, the series represents a third-person action RPG game where a lot of focus is placed on a combination of weapon and magic combat. As a warrior, the players enter the twisted and dangerous domain of the Dark Souls game, where they began to explore and combat horrible monsters which litter the landscape of a medieval-like realm. But, the game really shines when it comes to their bosses, huge creatures that often require a lot of skill, contemplation, and determination to be successfully vanquished.

Interestingly, FromSoftware decided to make its game notoriously difficult for the players. This is seen not only in boss enemies but also other factors which make the game both demanding and punishing. But, instead of turning the players off with this choice, the developers successfully created a balance of challenge and difficulty where the players are continuously pulled to try some other tactic when unsuccessful. Through this and other features, Dark Souls games sold over 8.5 million copies all over the world, which proves the level of endearment people feel about this game. This success story alone should be one of the main reasons why you will want to Play Dark Souls III. But, aside from this one, there are several other facts that point towards the idea that FromSoftware will once again publish a game to behold in wonder.

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A Blend of Old and New

One of the reasons why FromSoftware attained their level of success came from their determination to be different and to take risks. That is why Dark Souls includes many elements known from the previous games, but also brings to the table changes and improvements that will push its gameplay mechanics even further. Hidetaka Miyazaki, a veteran game designer who worked as a key team member on all the games, explained recently that the game will follow its predecessor in many ways. Once again, the players will take control of their champion and set off on their deadly adventure.

This time as well, there will be an assortment of weapons, including fire bombs, short bows, dual wielding swords and greatswords to attack your enemies, but also shields to deflect their attacks. A sidestep and rolling maneuver, used for dogging, will also be inserted into the game, similar to the moves which were made famous in the Assassin's Creed series. This should give the game a lot more dynamic feel when the character is on the defensive or is looking for an exploit in a boss fight.

When it comes to magic, the magic meter like the one seen in Demon’s Souls will be put in place. The spells will be divided into two categories. First one will be the standard attack spells which are used to inflict damage on the enemies. The other one, called miracles, will provide the passive power-ups for the players to enhance their abilities. The magic meter is depleted with every spell or miracle use while an item called Ash Estus Flask can replenish it.

But, on the other side of the player, the Dark Souls III will also enhance their enemies and monsters, giving all of them different embedded behaviors. In fact, some will even be able to change their approach during combat itself, adding even more player engagement to every fight. This is especially true for bosses, which will make any tried and tested approach by the players less likely to succeed. Similar to the set up from the game Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, this focus on the AI of the enemies should pay off in a substantial manner, giving the game a lot more flavor and distinctiveness. Of course, this is completely in line with the desire of Miyazaki and the rest of the team at FromSoftware to keep Dark Souls III very challenging.

The Bottom Line

There is no doubt that Dark Souls III will hit the markets in March 2016 as a huge hit. The information that is available is very impressive while at the same time, it represents only a small fraction of the changes and improvements that will be provided in the finished game. Aside from the changes, things like the level of visual quality of the enemies, props, and the environment remains top-notch and makes the game a gem in the RPG action genre. So far, it seems that all agree that Dark Souls III will be a perfect blend of old and the new, which is exactly what most fans want. Because of all of this, the strongest reason why you will want to Play Dark Souls III is the fact that this new game will bring the best of the established series and also substantially improve it.

Posted: 24th Feb 2016 by Team SuperCheats
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