Top 5 MineCrafters You Need to Follow

MineCraft has taken the gaming world by storm, and there are so many people talking about MineCraft, reviewing MineCraft, involved in MineCraft chatrooms and posting MineCrafting videos on YouTube that it can be difficult to know who to follow. But if you want to know the top 5 MineCrafters you need to follow, then keep reading.

1. Stampylongnose (and the second channel by the same creator - Stampylonghead)

If you are looking for MineCrafters on YouTube and haven't come across Stampylongnose and Stampylonghead, both created by Brit, Joseph Garret, you are really missing out. Although these channels do not have the biggest amount of subscribers, they are touted as being the best up and coming MineCraft channels on YouTube (although Stampylongnose shares videos on other games so it not a dedicated MineCraft channel). Stampylongnose has over 377,000 subscribers and tens of millions of views and Stampylonghead has over 7 million subscribers and also tens of millions of views and offers new videos daily. This MineCrafter's videos are filled with hilarity, and have offer many tips and tricks to MineCrafters and even show the creators failures in the game.

While Stampylongnose does contain occasional swearing, Stampylonghead is a kid friendly channel and so a favorite with the younger audience.

These channels have a cult like following, and, because of frequent references to cake in his videos, receives (and encourages) pictures from fans of Stampy inspired cakes.77

Check out his first cake video here:

If you want to see Stampylongnose in action, check out his videos at You can check out Stampylonghead at There is also a Stampylonghead app available for download on Apple and android devices, which includes a variety of games and new MineCraft videos each day.

2. SkydoesMinecraft

Undoubtedly one of the, if not the, biggest MineCrafters on YouTube, SkydoesMinecraft has over 11.7 million subscribers. SkydoesMinecraft focuses on server games, MineCraft role play, custom mini games and the channel now employs a team to ensure that new content is uploaded daily. Created and fronted by Adam Dahlberg using his MineCraft persona Sky, SkydoesMinecraft is known for being random, energetic and intense and singing in his videos (particularly the Coldplay parody "New World", which he sung at MineCon in 2013 (checkout the video of his live performance here: or see the MineCraft version here:

Sky also has a childish persona which has made him popular in the gaming community. This YouTube Channel releases a new video every day.

You can find SkydoesMineCraft's channel at . SkydoesMineCraft also has an app offering all of his latest viewers and available for Apple and android devices.

3. TheDiamondMineCart

TheDiamondMineCart (created by Brit, Daniel Middleton, also referred to as DanTDM), is known for daily reviews and a let's play series and is one of the heavy hitters of the MineCraft community. With over 9.3 million subscribers on YouTube, this channel is still growing. This channel is also known for being kid friendly and is a favorite with parent's of young MineCrafters. This YouTuber also offers a series of MineCraft mini games. DanTDM has even released a highly rated app that allows fans to stream his MineCraft videos directly on their Apple or Android devices.

Check out DanTDM's infinite mini game challenge video here:

But perhaps the most appealing thing about DanTDM is that he is not some mystery person hiding behind the video camera, but he a YouTube personality who shares a lot of his life with his fans, making them feel like they know him. From his wife, to his clothes and his much loved pugs to goofy photos, DanTDM is a true celebrity among YouTubers. He was even a guest at MineCon's MineCraft Convention in the UK in 2015.

You can find TheDiamondMineCart at .

4. CaptainSparklez

Perhaps best known for its musical videos about Minecraft (and perhaps most famously for the video "Minecraft style" a parody of Psy's "Gangnam style" - you can check out that video here:

This YouTube channel has over 9 million subscribers and over a billion channel views. CaptainSparklez was created by American Jordan Maron and, other than musical videos (now also including some original MineCraft music), is a Let's play and comedy based channel. CaptainSparklez has also released several videos on MineCraft secrets.

Some members of the MineCrafting world have claimed that CaptainSparklez is not the best MineCrafter and question his popularity. Fans of the channel have hit back saying that watching him playing and seeing his mistakes are part of the reason why he is so endearing - watching other people fail is part of the fun of it. This seems to show that viewers are not always looking for the most skilled MineCrafter when choosing a YouTube channel, but rather appreciate the commentary about the game (and it is the funny commentary that has so many people coming back to this channel over and over again).

You can find CaptainSparklez on YouTube at . And, like the three MineCrafters above, you can also view new videos from CaptainSparklez's channel on his app available on Apple and Android systems.

5. TheBajanCanadian

TheBajanCanadian channel has over 5.3 million YouTube subscribers. Run by Canadian YouTuber Mitchell Donnell-Ralph Hughes, this channel offers MineCraft songs, PVP, let's plays, MineCraft mini games (including the hunger games survival), MineCraft challenges (including Lucky Blocks), as well as some real life content. TheBajanCanadian is also known for his parkour ability and his challenge videos.

Check out his dreaming of Parkour video here:

The BajanCanadian also runs a number of MineCraft servers including Hypixel and Mineplex. TheBajanCanadian is also well known for his sayings, including "Hey Dood", "DEEZ NUTS!", "You best be steppin'", "Slap that like button witchya forehead", "dat determination dough" and many many more. This channel also releases 2 to 3 videos per day, meaning there is always new content for viewers to enjoy.

TheBajanCanadian has labelled his channel 100% kid friendly but it can contain some adult content so is not always suitable for younger MineCraft fans.

You can find the BajanCanadian at . There is also a TheBajanCanadian app available on Microsoft that streams YouTube videos which are available within minutes of them being uploaded to YouTube.

There are so many other great MineCraft channels out there both on YouTube and Twitch, let us know your own favourites in the comments below, or if you actually run one, feel free to share your link in our comments and tell us a bit about what you do in your channel.

Posted: 11th Feb 2016 by Team SuperCheats
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