Ranking the Six Johto Megas

#3 - Mega Heracross

Now THIS is the point where things start to look up for the better. Many of us here at SuperCheats were hoping Heracross would receive a Mega Evolution when they were first released; it was once a very good and popular Pokemon, but had faded with the release of newer generations. It need a pick me up, and that's exactly what happened when it was given a Mega Evolution in Pokemon X and Y (and we were ecstatic for it). Heracross turned from good into great, even though it still had a few deficiencies.

When you talk about Mega Heracross, you HAVE to talk about its INSANE Base Attack Stat. Its Base Attack Stat is a WHOPPING 185. That's nothing short of INSANITY! It's the second highest among all Pokemon in the World of Pokemon. Along with this INCREDIBLE Base Attack Stat, Mega Heracross has some STELLAR Defensive Stats. It can take a few blows while it delivers some decisive ones. It also received a FANTASTIC Ability with Skill Link. Skill Link PLUS great defenses PLUS uber attack power makes for ONE TOUGH POKEMON.

But like all Pokemon and Mega Evolution, Mega Heracross does fall short in one area. And it just so happens to be in the most crucial area of Pokemon: Speed. Mega Heracross actually LOSES speed when it Mega Evolves, which is something that should NEVER HAPPEN. Heracross didn't really have good speed to begin with - and was why it had fallen from its glory - and now things just got worse.

If Mega Heracross had some more Speed and a little less Defense and Special Defense, Mega Heracross would be close to the ULTIMATE Pokemon. It would have been great to see, but unfortunately it never will. And since the cards fell the way they did, Mega Heracross will have to settle with this slot.

#2 - Mega Scizor

One Pokemon that has always out shined Heracross has been Scizor. It had a much better Attack Stat, along with much better defensive stats. It had less speed than Heracross, but it had the movepool with speed priority moves to make up for it. But what Scizor had that Heracross didn't was an UBER AWESOME Ability in Technician. Technician just made Scizor just SO STRONG. It took the power of Scizor to a brand new level. It could easily sweep teams, and it did so quite often.

Mega Scizor came to be and... It actually was a lot like Scizor... And we mean A LOT like it... Mega Scizor has boosted stats, but its still just like Scizor. Sure... It has a bolstered Base Attack Stat of 150; an INSANE Base Defense and Special Defense Stat that sit at 140 and 100, respectively; and a boosted speed stat of 75. It has a lot of power in various different areas, which is what you want to see in a Mega Evolution, and it also receive Technician as its ability that it could continue to ABUSE. You would think that nothing could get better, but that's until you actually start getting technical about things (and yes, pun intended).

Choice Band Scizor ACTUALLY has more offensive power than Mega Scizor, which is the main reason as to why Mega Scizor came up just short as the best Johto Mega Evolution. Most Mega Evolution lose out on some power because of lost item slot, and Mega Scizor is just another one of them. We wish it could have had a LITTLE more offensive power and speed instead of defenses, but that's not to say it still isn't an excellent Mega Evolution. It's just that the number one Johto Mega Evolution is just SO DARN GOOD...

Posted: 29th Sep 2015 by Warrior13
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