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Game Reviews for Pokemon Gold


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iN uNdeNial3rd Sep 2005, ID #176
Wow, Nintendo have done it again. Who would have thought that a sequel to Red, Blue and Yellow could be this good? This game has basically the same concept as the other versions, but you get to repl..

Rating: 84%Read Full Review

pyro912th Dec 2005, ID #230
Pokemon Gold and Silver is in my opinion,the best Pokemon game ever created! There are new Pokemon and a new region[Jhoto]. In this game you start off in Jhoto,get 8 badges,beat the elite 4, and the..

Rating: 88%Read Full Review


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A Gameboy Classic that should be playedAdded 11 May 2013, ID #5511
Pokemon Gold takes what made Pokemon Red good and amplifies it ten fold. With 100 new Pokemon to catch you'll have plenty to do. This game also introduces breeding which is needed to obtain certain Pokemon OR if you wish to create a stronger team. Pokemon can also hold items which can power them up or help them heal during battle.

All in All this game is a classic of the tail end of the Game Boy era of hand held gaming.

The anticipated gameAdded 14 Oct 2008, ID #4942
Many players that bought Pokemon Red or Blue were anxious to here that a new Pokemon game was coming out. That game was Pokemon Gold and Silver. This addition to the Pokemon series came with over 100 new Pokemon. It also featured enhanced, detailed graphics. Though nothing compared to other games graphics wise, this was a huge improvement. The game also featured an internal clock and day and night, a first for Pokemon. This game is just as good as the original.

GREATAdded 1 Nov 2004, ID #3138
Pokemon Silver is like Pokemon Gold. Its fun, challenging and its very good because of good graphics

Added 15 Oct 2004, ID #3106
Graphics: Average

Hardness: This is the hardest game ever! 10/10!

Pokemon: Love 'em, new moves and Pokemon even it is to old like from '99 or somethi' it's cool!

Now the Gold is HARD but Ruby and saphire are HARDER, I gues the Japanesse are like part machine or something! I love how you can go to Kanto though the design was better in Red Yelow Blue like that Virdian Forest is just well, a path and Safari Zone is gone. Darn I would catch so much rare Pokemon. I will not type down the rest because I will go on and on so this is my overall:

Pokemon Gold overall 9/10 only because of the hardness.

Pokemon GoldAdded 23 Aug 2004, ID #3005
Pokemon Gold is a great game. It is way better than Pokemon Red and Yellow (I haven't played the others yet). I would rate it 9.0/10.00 It isn't perfect but it was worth the money I paid for it.

Great!Added 11 Aug 2004, ID #2965
So much fun but when finished boredom takes over. This game has okay graphics, great sound and an excellent adventure!


PKMN Gold & Silver RatingAdded 8 Jul 2004, ID #2835
I played every pkmn game exept the ruby and sapphire versions. I liked the gold more than the others because there were Kanto and Johto together, lots of new pkmn to catch but there were also bad things about Gold. Now, why don't the producers put the safari park and unknown dungeon like special places which are full of rare pkmn in to the pkmn gold? And also why can't we catch all 251 pkmn in a game pack? Trading is hard job,its hard to find a via cable also infrared of GAMEBOY CoLoR doesn't work. I bought my Gameboy in March 2000 and since that day,my infrared just didn't worked! Whatever, but overall I think pokemon gold is a really good game. Points? I would give 95 over 100...

This Game Has So Much More PotentialAdded 15 Jun 2004, ID #2768
Pokémon has grown so much since the first gameboy version has been released. This game has so much more potential than what the creators give it. You know now we have the internet connection for our ps2's to play our favorite games head to head over the computer. So why cant they do the same with pokémon have an adaptor u plug into your computer to go head to head with other pokémon trainers across the globe doing this would test your skills on being the ULTIMATE Pokémon Master

Added 5 Jun 2004, ID #2743
this is the best gameboy game I've ever playwd!!!!!
hardness:*****stars(its a hard game)
Overall:****stars(if the graphics were better it would have 5 stars)

Pokemon Gold: Catch It!Added 26 May 2004, ID #2705
Pokemon Blue/Red? Good. Pokemon Special Pikachu Edition? Great.

Pokemon Gold/Silver? Absolutley outstanding.

With all new Pokemon, this game is brilliant.

You play as a trainer who is setting on a Pokemon adventure, and you get to choose one of three Pokemon.

At first, you are setting out on a errand for Prof. Elm, but then Prof. Oak gives you a Pokedex and you set out to fill it with Poke-information!

My rating, you ask?

10 OUT OF 10!!!!!

Pokemon Gold is fantasticAdded 16 Apr 2004, ID #2612
Pokemon Gold is a fantastic game where you start out with one of these pokemon: Cyndaquil, Totodile and Chikorita.

You battle and catch many pokemon and try to become the pokemon master. I give this game a 9 1/2 out of 10

Added 29 Feb 2004, ID #2487
This game is good but at places can be difficult and has good graphics for a gameboy .

I give it 7/10

Rate this gameAdded 15 Feb 2004, ID #2441
This game is cool, don't get me wrong but the only problem is it does not have good graphics.

If I was to rate this game 1-10, I would give it a nine 1 point off for the graphics.

ReviewAdded 10 Nov 2003, ID #2160
Of all the pokemon games I've played - (I've played every one except for ruby and saphire)

The gold and silver versions had to be the best.

Added 11 Sep 2003, ID #1996

I think this is about 5% hard,65%plot,15%funny,5%boring and 1%rubbish.

That's my review bye now.

ID #1348

Pokemon gold and silver are very good pokemon games.When you start the game you will get to choose out of 3 NEW pokemon:Chicorita,Cyndaquil and Totodile (my favorite). The fetures of this game is extraordinary!! Those really good features are: 100 new pokemon to capture and train and most of the pokemon have GENDERS!! And there is a place where you can breed a Male and Female pokemon and end up getting an egg!So if you put in a Male and Female pikachu you could end up with an egg that will carry Pichu the DEVOLUTION of Pikachu!!! There is also 8 new Gyms and badges as well as MORE puzzles!! Some old pokemon will evolve into new and cool pokemon,like Scyther he will evolve into Scizor,a pokemon that has huge claws VERY STRONG!! There is alot more new fetures but you can find out yourself...

ID #1347
i think this game is too complicated and it is not 4 a young child who has a short attention span,but it is worth it once you fight the elite 4 coz then a whole lot of new and xtra pokemon appear that r really powerful and have a lot of powerful moves like the rainbow hyper beam witch iz really cool so if you r about 10+ then i'd buy it otherwise you wont get very far!!

ID #1346

1. Over 300 different Pok'emon are in the game!

2. When you start you get a mobile phone, and later you can get a radio with a tuner so you can tune in to any station you want!

3. It is a very complex game with trainers and mazes around every corner!

4. New moves are now available, like thief.


Graphics ** (two star)

Gameplay **** (four star)

Hardness ***** (five star)

Complexity *** (three star)

OVERALL **** (four star)

ID #1345

I just wanna say that pokemon Gold/Silver is one of the best games money can buy with 100 new pokemon to catch and breed and new evolutions like politoed (trade a poliwhirl with a kings rock) one of my faveriotes it is top overall Id give it 99.9% out of 100%

ID #1344

I'm speeding threw this one

ok now.....

graphics: 2/10 c'mon NINTENDO get better graphics on these portables!

gameplay: 8/10 this IS a good game even if your not into the whole pokemon thing cuz i aint this is the only gameboy game i got :( not to mention no loading at all (a gamers best friend)

difficulty(best score is 5/10)

the game is tough at some points but isnt that good if you keep your dudes healthy and equal in power its a 7/10

plot: 2/10 sucky! every pokemon game has the same plot! i wanna be a pokee mone master! yay well good for u....... oh sorry back to the review

average score: 4/10

this game is probably a BUY or a RENT its right between no dought it is an RPG (role playing game) hay! guess what role u play! ur the pokemon masta!

seeya all

Any thing else you want to know? etc my sn on aol is i am your boo2 ....

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