Top 10 Sinnoh Pokemon That Deserve a Mega Evolution

Hey there everyone! It's us again, the Pokemon Experts of SuperCheats, and this time we're bringing you who we think are the top ten most deserving Sinnoh Pokemon for a Mega Evolution. Now there have been fifty Mega Evolutions introduced so far to the World of Pokemon at the time of this writing (Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire). Out of those fifty, only five Sinnoh Pokemon have received a Mega Evolution (Abomasnow, Lopunny, Garchomp, Lucario & Gallade). That's a pretty darn low count, but it leaves us hopeful for more to come. And since we have this hope, we thought it was best to express who we thought were the most deserving Sinnoh Pokemon to receive one.

Now many factors will go into these rankings, including how popular the Pokemon is AND how likely it is for it to actually receive a Mega Evolution. No bias opinions will be shown here; we'll let the Pokemon themselves earn their rankings. We'll even include some details on what we feel could be a likely Mega Evolution for these Pokemon.

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Now before we begin - like we normally do - we'd like to tell of the Pokemon that just missed our rankings. Usually these Pokemon aren't popular enough or have some sort of reasoning as to why they didn't make it. Here are those Pokemon:

Hippowdon - A pretty cool Pokemon, but just not seen much.

Spiritomb - Out of all the Pokemon that missed the cut, Spiritomb is the most likely to actually receive a Mega Evolution. If they ever make Sinnoh Game Remakes, Mega Spiritomb (as well as Mega Garchomp) could be used by Cynthia.

Magmortar - A few other third evolutions made our list, but Magmortar is the least popular of them.

Vespiquen - This Queen Bee is great, and it would nice for it to get one, but it just isn't as popular as the Pokemon that made our list.

Driftblim - This thing would be a pretty terrifying Mega Evolution, but that still wasn't enough for it in our minds.

Now that that's done, let's begin!

#10 - Rampardos

The first Pokemon to make our list is Rampardos. Now when leaks of Rampardos and its Attack stat were first released, the Pokemon Community believe it would instantly become an UBER. If you don't know what an Uber is, it's a Pokemon who has incredibly high stats and are normally banned from competitions. This was the common thought about it, since it had an Attack Stat of that almost to Deoxys. But then came to be the REST of its statistics, and it was apparent that it would be more like that of Slaking instead of an Uber. Rampardos had horrible defensive statistics, and an even worse Base Speed Stat. This thing was SLOW, and it could EASILY be defeated with just one punch. It was a real shame, because any with that type of power should DESTROY anything.

A Mega Evolution would finally make Rampardos into what it always should have been. To start, it would need a HUGE boost to its Speed Stat. We think it should have a MINIMUM of 120 Base Speed, which would use over have the 100 Base Stat Boost from Mega Evolution. It would also be okay to take away a lot of its Special Attack Stat, since it doesn't use any of it. The rest of the boost, plus anything it took from it Special Attack, would be invested in its defensive stats. Since its Base Attack Stat is already 165, there is NO NEED to even think about touching it. Mega Rampardos could also use an ability like Rock Head. Rock head would allow Mega Rampardos to unleash as many Head Smash it wanted to without losing ANY HP. It would be just like Tyrantrum, just on a much better level. Rampardos will finally be relevant in the World of Pokemon... Well... Mega Rampardos will be anyway.

#9 - Roserade

The next Sinnoh Pokemon that we feel is deserving of a Mega Evolution is Roserade. Roserade is one of three Pokemon on this list that were released in the Fourth Generation of Pokemon as an Evolution to an earlier released Pokemon. We don't yet want to reveal those other two Pokemon; we wouldn't like to ruin the surprise. But just like those other two, Roserade instantly became a fan favorite. Roselia was one of the most popular Pokemon that came out of the Third Generation of Pokemon, and the same was true for Roserade and the Fourth Generation. And for good reason too! Roserade had a ton of Special Attack Power, even thought it was kind of handicapped by its speed. All of that would change though with Mega Roserade.

Mega Roserade will be a swift and agile Pokemon. We think it would receive an ENORMOUS Boost to its Speed Stat, bring it to a WHOPPING 150 Base Stat. The rest of its boost - perhaps even stealing some Stats from its useless Attack Stat - would be then divided into its Special Attack and Special Defense. Roserade will be quick enough to sweeper teams, especially if it get a good enough ability. Speaking of ability, we think it's most likely that it would retain either Natural Cure or Technician... HOWEVER... We also wouldn't put it passed it if it got something like Contrary. Contrary, like Serperior, would make Roserade and its Leaf Storm almost UNBEATABLE. Roserade will be feared by any opponent because of this, especially if it has as much speed as we think it should have. It would extremely hard to bring down, but it still would have to wait a turn to gain this speed after Mega Evolving; it Defense Stat would also be an area of weakness. Like we said, it would almost be unbeatable; but all Mega Evolutions must have at least one flaw.

Posted: 28th Sep 2015 by Warrior13
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