The SuperCheats Top 10 Launch Day Excuses

07. Head Lice

You watched your sister / brother's kids last weekend and it turns out you got lice from them.

If you recently had to travel for work, you caught infestation from the airline seat.

You hit the pharmacy and the druggist sold you a Lice Kit (the most popular is called “Rid” and you can look it up online to learn what it is and how it works) and told you to use that, but to stay home until you know it is working, otherwise you risk spreading it at work.

That will buy you one day for sure and can easily buy you two days, but bear this in mind - it does not go away overnight.

Caption: The most annoying (and even dangerous) insect to be found in the environs of New Vegas is the Cazadore - and beleive it or not, most HRs think of pests like Head Lice with the same sort of revulsion and even fear!

Full treatment takes around nine days, and you should still be a little itchy for the first three to four days, so for the first few days back at work, itch your head every now and then. That will nicely gross out most of your co-workers, and support your excuse.

To prepare for this, drop into a pharmacy and buy a lice comb you can stick in your shirt pocket - but don't actually use it around other people - that would really be rude.

The active threat with lice is spreading it. Treatment controls that however, so you get your one (maybe two depending on which game it is) sick-days (most companies will actually allow you to use paid sick days for lice believe it or not).

The HRs were adamant that they do NOT want you coming into the office with something like untreated lice!

Posted: 16th Aug 2015 by CMBF