The SuperCheats Top 10 Launch Day Excuses

09. Pet Emergency

The words “Pet Emergency” can be nearly as devastating for the owner of a pet (we like to think of ourselves as the companions of a pet rather than owner, because really, the word “owner” implies a level of control and authority that to be blunt we never quite managed to achieve) as the words “sick child” - an event that is especially true when the pet in question is a member of the species Canis lupus familiaris who has been a member of your family for two decades.

With any luck your boss - or better yet your HR Manager - is a pet person too, because if so they will totally understand when you explain you are having a pet emergency and have to take the day off.

While no company will allow you to use a paid sick day to take care of a sick pet, on the other hand most will not fire you for taking an unpaid personal day to do so.

Caption: A pet you care deeply for is very much a member of the family - even if they are as dumb as a bag of hammers and refuse to fetch or carry for you. Of course not every dog is as smart as Pal here, and forget about your dog mastering the VATS system - we are just saying!

As it turns out there are a surprising variety of problems with a pet that can necessitate you remaining home to care for them. Pregnancy - my pet is in labor - is one obvious one.

Things that can have this sort of impact include your pet eating something that they should not have to a physical injury and even just needing to take them to the vet.

The trick with this situation is being intentionally vague about the emergency. You should already know whether the person in power is pet-oriented -- we do not recommend you trying to use this one unless you DO know that to be a fact.

When you know that they are a pet-person, just state for the record that you need to stay home due to a pet emergency, and hope that your boss / HR Manager goes with the flow.

Posted: 16th Aug 2015 by CMBF