Top 10 Fallout 4 Features from the Bethesda E3 Presser

08. Side-Along Helper Mobile App

While they did not go too much into the different versions of the game that would be offered, one thing that they did touch upon was the fact that the Collector Edition would include a very well made and real-appearing Pipboy wrist computer.

Not only does the CE contain a Pipboy you can actually wear, it is designed so that you can adjust the internal parts to fit your smartphone.

That is important because just like GTA V, Fallout 4 is getting a mobile helper app that interfaces with whatever console you choose to play on, allowing anyone with an iOS or Android phone to interface with the game and see (and control) many of the features that the Pipboy can access. Including stats and status.

As noted above, this is going to be more important for gamers who own an iOS or Android device, though from what we could see, that does not apply to every smartphone that sports one of those operating systems, because size in this case will probably matter.

What we mean by that is that you probably will not be able to fit your iPhone 6 Plus into the Pipboy and have any chance of the helper app displaying properly in the window for it. Which rules us out as we have the 6 Plus.

That likely also applies to the larger Android phones as well... A form factor we like to think of as Tablet Junior.

They confirmed that the helper app will utilize WiFi to connect directly to your game, which makes it a peer-to-peer connection rather than one that requires both game and app to connect to a server, and that is cool all by itself.

While we cannot say this with absolute certainty, the helper app appears to also allow you to control some elements of the different things that the in-game Pipboy does, like inventory, crafting, and the like.

One of the amazing features of the in-game Pipboy includes its tape drive which allows you to play video games - basically Fallout era takes on Donkey Kong and Missile Command. We would NOT be surprised if the Helper App does not ALSO allow you to play those games as part of its second screen experience.

The Pipboy Helper App is set to launch at the same time as Fallout 4, meaning November 10, 2015.

Posted: 15th Jun 2015 by CMBF
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