Top 10 Worst Pokemon Designs


I'm sure most of you PokeFans reading this saw this coming; it's easily predictable. But there is no excuse why this Pokemon shouldn't be number one. There just isn't.

Here we have Jynx, the infamous #1 God Awful Pokemon Design. As you can see, Jynx is some type of human-monster thing.

Jynx has always been a weirdly inappropriate Pokemon. In Pokemon Snap (video game), you find this Pokemon deep in the cave in a cradle position. It the Anime, Jynx is sexually attracted to Brock. Yeah... Even I can't explain what the writers were thinking on that one.

Oh... Did I forget to mention the black-face design on the original design? There's that too. I don't think the Pokemon Creators meant to do that in any way, buuuuuuuuuut thhhhhheeeeeyyyyy dddddiiiiiiiiddddd. It was obviously so bad, and they heard much smack about it. So much so, that they changed her face color to purple. Which looks even worse.

Like I said... There just isn't anyway to try to justify.... This.


Hopefully you read this entire article. And if you did, you've seen a lot. A LOT of horrible looking Pokemon here.

Now just for fun, let's recap what we had here:
We started off with a face that was placed upon a sludge body. From there, we saw Mucha-Lucha's star mascot. After that we saw a failed Pikachu Copycat. And that was just the beginning.

We then saw a Bag Worm Pokemon, which was probably the grossest thing ever. We then saw machine gears, a rock with a moustache, and then PokeBalls with faces drawn on them. I'm not going to lie... It was bad... And the worst had yet to come.

From there we saw a pinecone... Do I have to say anything more? After that we saw living trash. And finally, we saw the #1 Pokemon with the worst design: Jynx; black-face and all.

Geez... We deserve some sort of reward for having to go through that...

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Posted: 26th Feb 2015 by Warrior13
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