Top 10 1st Generation Competitive Pokemon


At first glance, Cloyster my not seem like much. It has an amazing defense stat, but the rest of its stats are pretty mediocre; its special defense is dreadful.

Cloyster, however, does have a pretty cool niche. It's because of this that it made the Top Ten.

What's it's niche? Well... Shell Smash + Skill Link.

Shell Smash causes Cloyster's attack, special attack, and speed to increase by two stages, at the cost of lowering its defensive stats. One Shell Smash makes Cloyster relavent; two makes Cloyster dangerous. Add this to Skill Link (allows all multi-hit moves to always hit five times), and you've got a sweeper on your hands.

Cloyster can seriously dominate teams, that is if you let it setup. One electric-type special attack move before it sets up, and this thing is done for. Which is why it's only ranked nineth.

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