10 More Games that Deserve a Sequel

Game nostalgia articles are a common re-occurrence. Even right here on Supercheats, there is a top 10 sequel wish list deserving some attention. This doesn't mean, however, that there should just be one of those articles. As the years go on, more and more games are added and, subsequently, a bunch more titles fall into the obscure annals of video game releases. A fresh mind with another perspective can sometimes lend a hand to rediscover another range of games that are worthy of a revisit.

So, here we are; another year and another nostalgic look at games that once captivated our hearts, but were ultimately forgotten. Some of these may have been games that didn't reach all audiences; some may have pitched ideas before their time. Whatever it is, there is more out there than a singular, absolute table of contents.
Here are 10 more games that deserve a sequel:

10. Dragon Crystal

Twenty-odd years ago, the fantasy theme reigned supreme, especially when it came to characters going on an adventure. That led to some fierce competition. While we all remember our Zeldas and Final Fantasy's, not all projects were blessed with the same distinctive qualities. In fact, a lot of them suffered from a still budding industry that was prone to clinging onto clich├ęs. Dragon Crystal might sound generic, but it did manage to send an elegantly simple yet effective roleplaying game (RPG) to Sega fans.

There was one problem though: The game launched on Master System and Game Gear, but only after the arrival of the company's new standard, the Mega Drive, also known as the Genesis. Much too early in the bulky handheld's existence to become memorable and past the life cycle of the 8-bit platform, Dragon Crystal was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Still, the classic adventure pitch of pen-and-paper translates well for the limited platforms. After touching a mysterious globe in an antique shop, players are sent off into a shrouded, magical world. As they take each step, the tiled grid reveals a bit more of its freaky land populated by giant flowers, horsehead statues and spiny mushroom forests. Each turn is completed merely by moving in a certain direction, which includes attacking monsters.

Scattered throughout the thirty floors of the game, tons of equipment, money and items lay about, waiting to be picked up. Some of these are helpful; others would mean certain doom to those curious enough to try them. If that wasn't enough, food needs to be taken into account, lest the character perishes from starvation. This game was a fierce challenge.

Since its inception, Dragon Crystal has only seen a silent return as a port on Nintendo 3DS. At least, this proves it hasn't been totally forgotten. With its ingenious design and colorful pixel style, however, it could certainly captivate players with something new as well. The roguelike genre has never been hotter than today, so it's the perfect opportunity to come back. It doesn't need much, it's just needs to return.
Posted: 5th Feb 2015 by Daav