Top 10 Hidden GameCube Gems

There may be a whole collection of hidden PlayStation 2 classics to look at, but we can't forget about Sony's competition during its glory years, either. One of its competitors was Nintendo's own GameCube. While the system is widely regarded as a bit of a failure, especially compared to some of Nintendo's past efforts, the system's library holds a great amount of hidden little gems for gamers to find and enjoy.

Here's ten great GameCube games that you should give a try if you have the console hiding in your closet. Also, the trick to this list is that the games are exclusively available to the GameCube, and weren't ports or re-released later… so you won't be finding some (still great) games like Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat, the Pikmin games, or Skies of Arcadia: Legends on this list.

10. Wave Race: Blue Storm

Whenever a new system first comes out, everyone is looking at the console's launch titles. Are they any good, or are they just gimmicks of whatever new features the company is trying to push? Are they technically superior to the last generation's offerings, warranting a purchase of the new system? Launch games have a heavy burden placed on them, but after that launch window they tend to be sorely forgotten, left behind for games that truly explore a system's capabilities to its fullest.

But just because they were the first games out the door does not mean they are any less great, and that's just what Wave Race: Blue Storm is. The sequel to Wave Race 64, Blue Storm is a racing game with a very unique twist: You're racing with jet skis on the water. While this could have been just a cosmetic change and the company probably could have gotten away with it, the Wave Race games instead feature realistic water and wave patterns, completely changing up how this game is played.

The waves can have a huge impact on how the skis are handled and how you have to control them, which imposes a bit of a learning curve, but feels great when mastered. In addition, instead of just running laps like many racing games, players have to weave around buoys, much like a mountain skier has to ski through flags while going down a mountain. Miss too many buoys, and you're disqualified; hit enough in a row, though, and you'll get access to a turbo boost you can use to get ahead.

Blue Storm may not be the definitive racing game on a console that honestly had a diverse selection for the genre, but it is worth a look, and a purchase if the unique racing style piques your interest.

Posted: 4th Nov 2014 by gaiages