Top 10 Free Indie Games

5. Save the Date

Do you need a little weirdness to round out your day? Well, Save The Date can be one of the many indie titles on this list to help you out. Save The Date is a very simple looking visual novel about going on a date with a girl. However, the date is destined to go awry as any number of unfortunate incidents befall the two of you. Anything from patios collapsing, to ninja attacks, to giant sea monsters having a taste for your girl can happen here, and there's very little you can do about it… at first.

How can you stop this amazingly bad streak of luck? In a stroke of perhaps divine intervention, your character will remember these past incidents, and every time you start over, you get more options available that can help you to save the date.

What begins as a funny, somewhat ironic story slowly turns to something very meta, as you try to fight against the game's many bad endings to reach a happy conclusion. It's not a very long title, the whole experience lasting a bit under an hour, but it's worth seeing through to the end, if only to see what insane unfortunate happenstance happens next.

You can download Save the Date here:

Posted: 8th Sep 2014 by gaiages
PC, free indie games