Top 10 Free Indie Games

7. Digital: A Love Story

Indie games are all about experimental gameplay, and Digital: A Love Story can certainly be defined as experimental. While it is primarily a visual novel, as for the majority of the game you just read a lot of text, but offers something more than just clicking through lines of dialogue, and gives the story a really personal feel.

In Digital, you are a lone person that has just gotten their first taste of the Internet. Seeing as the title is set back in the 80's, this is a big deal; after all, the World Wide Web wasn't anywhere near as prominent and omnipresent then as it is now. Anyway, after going through the process to connect to the Internet, you're greeted to an old-school forum. After talking to a lonely-sounding girl called Emilia at length, however, strange events begin occurring, and she suddenly disappears, leaving you with a desperate message for help. So, it's up to you to unravel the mystery that befell Emilia, and eventually turns into something much larger than the fate of a single girl.

What makes Digital special, though, is how you interact with the game. You have to physically type in modem numbers and send messages to people, which might sound a bit tedious, but actually helps to invoke the feel that *you* are the person that is solving this mystery. You even get into more complicated, more dubious things later in the game during your search, including hacking into networks and rebuilding programs from scratch, really driving home how desperate the whole ordeal really is.

If you're interested in this intentionally dated adventure, you can download it from here:

Posted: 8th Sep 2014 by gaiages
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