Top 10 Free Indie Games

9. I Wanna Be the Guy

I'd be surprised if you haven't at least heard of I Wanna Be the Guy by now. This indie game takes the spirit of difficult platformers like Super Meat Boy and VVVVVV and takes it to an absolute extreme. You'll die in this game, and you'll die A LOT. Every step you take in I Wanna Be the Guy is another round of Russian Roulette. What will kill you this time? Will it be that seemingly innocent and in the background cloud, or maybe that tree will suddenly become sentient and out for blood?

It's certainly not for everyone, but those that stick with I Wanna Be the Guy beyond the first frustration inducing screen will no doubt find an enjoyable and (dare I say) fun experience, much akin to other platformers that take pride in killing you over and over again. It's more or less a parody of those types of games, and as you slowly learn to be cautious of everything, you'll also get to see some ridiculous and outrageous deaths that are downright hilarious. Rarely does a game make you look forward to dying, if only to see how the game tricks you next.

You can download I Wanna Be the Guy here:

But wait! If you've already enjoyed the original I Wanna Be the Guy, don't feel left out. There's also the sequel, I Wanna Be the Guy Gaiden, which you can get from the same website above.

Posted: 8th Sep 2014 by gaiages
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