Top 10 Playstation Games that need to be on PSOne Classics

The PSOne Classics area of the PlayStation Network is a pretty great place. There are plenty of classic titles on Sony's first console that deserve to be played, and the digital service allows those without access to an original PlayStation and the game discs that are ever-increasing in rarity.

But while it has tons of classics already, the PSOne Classics area isn't perfect. Here's ten original PlayStation games that need to come to (the North American) PlayStation Network.

10. Breath of Fire III

So, PSOne Classics already has a Breath of Fire title in its ranks: Breath of Fire IV. But, that doesn't mean that there isn't room for the other PlayStation entry to Capcom's flagship RPG series to make it to the service as well. This is doubly so because the fan base generally views III as the better of the two PS1 entries… although they are rather divided in regards to if Breath of Fire II or Breath of Fire III is the best of the entire series.

Like the other entries of the series, Breath of Fire III follows the story of Ryu, a member of the Dragon Clan that can transform into… well, a dragon. Despite having a very similar protagonist and other plot threads, though, all of the games have separate plots from one another, so there's no worry if you haven't played the previous two titles, which are for the Super Nintendo.

Breath of Fire III has a strong and thoughtful plot, fleshed out characters, and a fun battle system. All of them come together for a solid RPG, giving genre fans something to delve into that wasn't created by Squaresoft. However, there may be a reason that Breath of Fire III hasn't made it to the digital service yet; the game got a PSP port in Japan and Europe. While the port didn't hit North American shores, the region free nature of the PlayStation Portable allows curious gamers to import the title in English with relative ease. However, playing it on a last-gen portable isn't quite the ideal way to enjoy this classic, and it would be nice to see this playable on the PlayStation 3 and Vita at a lower price than the almost direct PSP port.

Posted: 29th Aug 2014 by gaiages