Top 10 Most Underrated Games

2) Alpha Protocol

Alpha Protocol fell by the wayside in large part due to some buggy combat mechanics. It has the worst review score of any game on this list, with the Xbox 360 version managing a mere 63/100 Metascore. The game lacks polish and it does have clunky looking animations so the initial reaction of many gamers might be to just write this game off as a flop. If you can look past its obvious flaws, however, it's actually a much better game than it appears.

Alpha Protocol is an action-RPG with a story based on espionage. You play a superspy named Michael Thorton. The RPG elements are what make this game stand out. There are ten different skills in the game to level up. Depending on which skills you focus on, combat and gameplay will be very different. Leveling up stealth and technical aptitude will obviously lead to a different feeling game than if you were to level up various gun skills and/or martial arts ability.

One thing that a lot of people did like about Alpha Protocol was the dialogue system. Many times you literally are choosing who gets to live or die with the decisions you make during conversations. That's awesome.

Posted: 1st Apr 2014 by Alexander Hinkley
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