Top 10 Most Underrated Games

6) Army of Two

The original Army of Two is a much better game than people give it credit for. Like most of the other games on this list, it got average reviews. The Xbox 360 version has a 72/100 Metascore. It's really a fun game when you have someone to play it with, though. Army of Two was made specifically to be a co-op game. Many techniques in the game require both players to be on the same page such as co-operatively sniping two guards simultaneously, the riot shield maneuver where one player uses a car door or riot shield and the other moves in unison behind him, and the aggro meter which when utilized properly will allow one player to draw all the enemy's fire and the other to move around the battlefield freely. Players can also heal a downed teammate, Gears of War style.

The story in Army of Two was ahead of its time, focusing on wartime profiteering and private military corporations taking over. These things have actually become problems in the real world.

Army of Two also has a pretty in-depth gun customization system. The more ridiculous you make your gun, the more aggro you're going to pull from enemies who are itching to take you down.

Posted: 1st Apr 2014 by Alexander Hinkley
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