Top 10 Most Underrated Games

4) Black

There actually weren't that many good games for the original Xbox outside of the all-stars like Halo, Star Wars: KoToR, and Morrowind. Black was definitely one of the best underrated games on the system. The game came out in 2006 for both the Xbox and PlayStation 2. It received a 77/100 on Xbox and a slightly better 79 on PS2. Black was a pretty standard run of the mill shooter with solid, but not extraordinary, gameplay mechanics. The things that stood out in this game were the level of detail of the guns and the sound they made.

The guns were billed as the star of Black. The developers clearly spent a lot of time on making them look and handle as realistic as possible. There were destructible environments and bullets acted like they do in the real world. This was an innovative physics system for a game released back in 2006.

Black was nominated for Best Audio at the 2006 BAFTA Video Games Awards. According to the game's article on Wikipedia, one reason the sound was considered to be so excellent is that each gun was given its own “voice” as part of a “choir.” For example, if several enemies using the same gun were all firing at you, each of their weapons would have a distinct sound to it.

The biggest downside to the game was there was no multiplayer – it was single player only.

Posted: 1st Apr 2014 by Alexander Hinkley
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