Black Ops II Turtle Beach Limited Edition Headset

In the world of limited edition accessories attached to AAA video games used to largely consist of special gaming mice, keyboards, and the like, and while that can still be found with a lot of games, lately the studios putting out titles like Black Ops II have had their eyes on releasing Limited Edition kit that supports and enhances game play, a description that completely fits the new line of Black Ops II LE audio kit from Turtle Beach.

The line that was created as a complimentary element for the game was specially designed in cooperation with the sound engineers at game developer Treyarch, with both the Tango and Sierra headsets featuring exclusive audio presets and voice prompts that were laid down by the actual voice actors in the game, with the audio presets being exclusive on those two headsets, because they leverage the built-in and fully-programmable Digital Signal Processor (DSP) tech that is a primary feature. There is a bit more to it than that, starting with the advances that have been made in the adaption of headset tech to incorporate a faithful interpretation of Dolby Stereo along with realistic directional noise tracking, making for about as real a combat experience as you can expect to have outside of a holodeck!

That pair of headsets offers the higher end of the kit, though it seems that care was taken to allow for Limited Edition versions of the kit to be available spanning all price ranges, with the pair of high-end headsets being joined by the less expensive X-Ray and Kilo kit as well as Earbuds. All of the different kit is tuned specifically for the game audio in Black Ops II, the idea being to simulate the environment in order to provide a decided competitive advantage and deeper immersion experience for players, and the time that we spent with these products certainly supports those claims.

With the price range starting around $69 for the Ear Force Earbuds and spanning all the way to $299 for the Ear Force Tango, there is kit in every price range, so if you are a Black Ops II fan you just may want to head over to the official website and check out the features, tech specifics, pricing, and where you can score your own personal unit.

While $299 may seem a lot to spend on a tactical gaming headset, bear in mind that the Earforce Tango - which is the model we sampled - fully supports BOTH the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3, sports a rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery, and features an awesome voice morphing filter that lets you alter your voice in timber and pitch. The icing on the cake is full support for wireless chat on both platforms, and an around-ear design that is comfortable for long-term play.