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Walkthrough, Guide, Strategy

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Walkthrough for Age of Wonders: Planetfall

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Age of Wonders: Planetfall is a turn-based sci-fi strategy video game which is the fifth installment in the Age of Wonders series. After the event of an unknown cataclysm that has brought the demise of Star Union, an intergalactic human government, factions have risen and battle for dominance as they carve a new future for humanity, and in the process, unwind the cosmic mystery behind the Union's collapse.

Players arrive on the planet with several objectives, these include building a city, creating new colonies, researching new technologies, exploring and inhabiting the surrounding areas, and building up a military force to deal with ambient threats and other players trying to do the same thing. Check out our walkthrough, guide, strategy page to get some tips on how you can survive longer.

Walkthrough, Guide, Strategy for Age of Wonders: Planetfall
Walkthrough, Guide, Strategy for Age of Wonders: Planetfall

Walkthrough, Guide, Strategy

Play the Tutorial

If you are unfamiliar with the games in the Age of Wonders series it is advised that you select the tutorial mission option from the main menu so you give yourself the opportunity to learn the gameplay mechanics. Once you have completed the tutorial mission you will gradually move on to a story-driven campaign which begins with a training mission which you are required to complete.

Plan Colony Expansion

You will begin the game with a single colony and from there over time add new ones and annex subsequent sectors under them. This will happen quickly and if you do not properly plan the development of the colony expansion in advance things can become complicated and dysfunctional.

Constantly Monitor Resources

There are four main types of resoureces in Age of Wonders: Planetfall, these are Energy, Cosmite, Knowledge and Influence. Make sure you constantly monitor their condition to ensure you are not running low on any of them as doing so will hinder your progress in the game. Lack of Energy or Cosmite for instance will prevent you from constructing buildings and recruiting units while having a low level of Knowledge will make the completion time of some technologies considerably longer.

Surplus Energy

In Age of Wonders: Planetfall you can use Energy as a currency to instantly construct buildings, quickly complete crucial research, or recruit a squad to complete a given army. This option can be used once per turn for a given colony and it is advised that you only utilise this mechanic when you have a surplus of Energy.

Use Influence

Make sure you spend your Influence points regularly so they do not reach the upper limit. Influence is a special resource that is used mainly in diplomacy to influence the decisions of other faction leaders, or improve your relationship with someone. Influence points can also be used in relations with NPC factions to gain unique, often very powerful units, or acquire new improvements.

Continually Monitor Colony Status

When you gather resources to develop colonies there are two things you should continually monitor to ensure they are in good condition. One is the Happiness indicator as this will affect what events will occur and the other is the Population parameter ass this determines how quickly you can develop the colony. You can increase both of these parameters through actions that includes the constructing of certain buildings.

Create New Colonies as Needed

You will be able to create your first additional colony during the first turns of the game and doing so will grant you more territories that you will be able to develop. Make sure that subsequent colonies thereafter are only created as needed and they are located in a place that will make their further development faster and easier.

Army Size

Although you can peaceful solutions to conflicts can be resolved through diplomacy there will be times when an armed conflict will be impossible to avoid. To be able to compete with other factions and the neutral units that appear on the map you need to ensure you constantly increase and expand your army. During the early turns one army will be sufficient but thereafter it will become necesary to recruit a full second army. Both armies should then be gradually increased as the financial capacity of your colony grows.

Walkthrough, Guide, Strategy for Age of Wonders: Planetside

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