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Age of Wonders: Planetfall


Age of Wonders: Planetfall Cheats & Tips

Age of Wonders: Planetfall is a turn-based strategy game that is the latest addition to the long running Age of Wonders series, it is a tactical turn-based combat game that brings the in-depth empire building of its predecessors to a sci-fi setting. Players arrive on the planet where their objectives include building a city, creating new colonies, research new technologies, explore and inhabit the surrounding areas, and build up a military force to deal with ambient threats and other players trying to do the same thing. Check out our Age of Wonders: Planetfall cheats and tips to find out how you can survive longer on the planet.

Cheats, Tips and Strategy

Below is a collection of hints and tips that will help you to progress in the game. These include annexing sectors and Cosmite Nodes. As well as these hints and tips we also have a mini-guide here which goes into more details on some of the tips we have below:

Colony Happiness

It is important that you consider the happiness of the people for each colony you start because if it goes down riots can ensure. To make sure they stay happy you should navigate to the Structure Production menu and build structures like Botanical Gardens.

Annex Sectors

The main way of increasing your resource income is by annexing a sector. Once accomplished you will be able to choose a sector Explotation type that will enable you to increase your Production. The Sector Exploitation type will depend on what you choose and you will be able to raise it to level 3 through research and up to a maximum of level 5 via technology. Check out our How to Expand Guide for Age of Wonders: Planetfall to find out everything you need to know about increasing the size of your empire.

Cosmite Nodes

Create a second army as soon as you are able to and assign them to exploring and doing quests for the NPC factions. When you find a Cosmite Node you will want to create a Colonizer unit and create a colony there. Cosmite is very scarce and is one of the few ways of increasing your resource income.

Combat Roles

It is important that you understand the combat roles of your units and organise your armies accordingly. Ensure your frontline units are properly equipped with mods that make them evasive, or allow them to drain health from their opponents. They will be taking the most damage and being able to regain health is extremely valuable. You can also support your frontline units with healing or buffs in order to maintain their strength. Check out our Army Commanders and Heroes Guide for Age of Wonders: Planetfall to find out how to get the best army Commanders and Heroes.

Explore the Map

Battle in Age of Wonders: Planetfall is a turn-based system and the first thing you need to do as soon as your turn begins is spend a few minutes getting familiar with the terrain you are about to do battle on. Look for ways that you can use the terrain and any natural obstacles on it to your advantage by making it more difficult for the enemy to maneuver.

Covert Operations

If you are playing against the AI you need to make sure you research Covert Operations technology as soon as possible as you will need a strong defense against the AI which will research that technology very early on and use the Energy Syphon to steal Energy from you.

Unify and Trade

Being part of a network of allies gives you lots of opportunities to trade with other players or factions for everything from information and knowledge to resources and annexed sectors. If you are playing against the AI it is advised that you try to meet demands where you can otherwise you will lose an alliance as quickly as you forged it.

Regularly Use Influence

Influence is a resource that is mainly used in diplomacy to influence the decisions of other faction leaders. It can also be used to improve your relationship with allies to gain unique, powerful units, or acquire new improvements. Check out our Faction Technology Guide for Age of Wonders: Planetfall to find out what techologies each of the six factions in the game have to offer.

We hope these tips help you out in the game, but for further help, try our basic guide, we also have some FAQs for Age of Wonders: Planetfall, you can also submit your own questions there for other players to answer.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall walkthrough and guide

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