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Follow the dark path or use the light

Dishonored Cheats for Xbox 360

We have 7 cheats on Xbox 360
We also have cheats for this game on:   PC   PlayStation 3

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High Overseer Campbell - 5 Bone Charms, 7 Runes, 3 Safes, 3 Blueprints and a Sokolov PaintingAdded 10 Nov 2016, ID #10051
Use the following video as a guide for picking up ALL the bits and pieces from the High Overseer Campbell mission.

Watch the video

Bone Charm 1 (Bridge) : 0:00

Rune 1 (Rags Basement): 0:22

Rune 2 (Rags Quest 1): 0:50

Rune 3 start (Rags Quest 2): 1:30

Bone Charm 2 (Shopkeeper) and 2 blueprints: 1:40

Safe 1 (Galvani's Office): 2:30

Rat Viscera (Part of Rag's Quest 2): 3:10

Bone Charm 3 (Distillery): 3:25

Infect Distillery (part of Rag's Quest 2): 3:25

Rune 3 pickup (Granny Rags indoor boat): 3:40

Rune 4 (Security room after second gate of light): 4:00

Rune 5 and Solokov Painting (Secret Room): 4:10

Rune 6 (Where you kill the Overseer): 4:35

Kennels combination door: 4:45

Backyard bunkhouse chest combination: 5:30

Bone Charm 4: 5:50

Rune 7 and Workshop chest/armour blueprint: 6:15

Bone Charm 5: 6:55

Backyard bunkhouse chest location: 7:25

Return to the Tower - ALL Runes, Bone Charms, a Sokolov Painting, a Safe and a Blueprint Added 10 Nov 2016, ID #10050
The video below is a guide for finding ALL the things you need from Dunwall Tower.

Watch the video

Charm 1 (Climbing in): 0:00

Rune 1 (Courtyard): 0:40

Safe Combination (Propaganda Officer): 1:20

Explodey Bullets Blueprint (In general's quarters): 1:32

Rune 2 and Safe (In the Lord Regent's Bedroom): 1:48

Painting (Next door the safe): 2:15

Charm 2 (Dead drop behind a fireplace): 2:25

Rune 3 + Shrine (Torturer's den): 2:50

Rune 4 (Up in the tower): 3:10
The Royal Physician - ALL Runes, Bone Charms, Paintings, Safes and BlueprintsAdded 10 Nov 2016, ID #10049
Use the following video as a guide to get ALL the bits and pieces.

Watch the video

Blueprint (Stealthy Shoes) and Warehouse Key: 0:00

Rune 1 (Warehouse area, up a chain): 0:17

Charm 1: (Warehouse area, over a drawbridge): 0:31

Pratchett's Key: 0:55

Pratchett's Safe: 1:05

Pratchett's Chest: 1:30

Rune 2 (in the safe): 1:50

Rune 3 + Shrine (next door to the safe): 2:05

Optional scavenger mission: 2:25

Rune 4 (right in front of you during story): 2:40

Charm 2 (downstairs with rats): 2:47

Charm 3 (in a ruined building in the street): 3:07

Secret Stash (turn the faucets/taps): 3:28

Safe (save the prisoners in the wall of light): 4:00

Painting (In Sokolov's house): 4:23

Rune 5 (With Sokolov): 4:30
Flooded District - ALL Runes, Bone Charms, Safes and Sokolov Paintings (No Blueprints)Added 10 Nov 2016, ID #10048
Use the following video as a guide to help you find ALL the bits and pieces (and blake) in the flooded district. Note: Rune 4 requires that you have completed the Granny Rags missions in the Overseer Campbell mission.

Watch the video

Charm 1 (initial area): 0:00

Rune 1 (collecting your weapons): 0:33

Charm 2 (Greaves Refinery): 0:50

Painting 1, Safe combination 1 (upstairs in Rudshore Waterfront Upper Level): 1:26

Safe 1 (underwater in Central Rudshore): 2:03

Charm 3 (By the 4 hounds): 3:20

Charm 4 (Loot Daud): 3:37

Painting 2 & Rune 2 (down towards the sewers): 3:55

Charm 5 (Through the sewer gate): 4:25

Rune 3 (up on a roof by the floodlights): 4:40

Blake (weird, unsatisifying sub-mission that's only on low chaos): 5:15

Charm 6 (past the tallboys, in a building): 7:20

Charm 7 & Safe 2 (past a dying thug): 7:45

Painting 3 (Near Granny Rags): 8:28

Rune 4 & Sewer Master Key & Shrine (completing Granny Rags quests): 8:40

Rune 5: (Through the sewer gate by the dying thug): 9:05

Charm 8 (near Rune 5, by some River Krusts): 9:24
Silent GrenadesAdded 25 Apr 2013, ID #9165
Use the following trick to create a grenade that will not make a noise and attract attention when it explodes but will have the same effect as a traditional grenade. To make this silent grenade just put two spring razors in an empty bottle or whale oil canister and then throw it at a group of enemies.
Safe CodesAdded 25 Apr 2013, ID #9164
Enter the following combinations to open the corresponding safe.

Mission 1:
Dishonored: 451

Mission 2:
High Overseer Campbell (Dr. Galvani's house): 287

Mission 2:
High Overseer Campbell (Overseer's building kennel door): 217

Mission 2:
High Overseer Campbell (Overseer's base): 203

Mission 3:
House Of Pleasure (Slackjaw quest): 138, 656, 679, 696, or 879

Mission 3:
House Of Pleasure (Artist's house): 656 or 696

Mission 4:
The Royal Physician (top floor of building): 437 or 473

Mission 4:
The Royal Physician (behind painting): 294

Mission 6:
Return To The Tower (Lord Regent's quarters): 935

Mission 7:
Flooded District (after diving in water to enter building): 428, 525, 528, or 628

Mission 7:
Flooded District (Old Port District Sewer): 428, 525, 528, or 628
Thief: The Dark Project Easter EggAdded 16 Oct 2012, ID #8739
Play Mission 7: 'Flooded District' at Daud's Base and look for two guards in training. Their dialogue is identical to the tutorial mission in the classic PC game 'Thief: The Dark Project'.

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