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Dishonored Ghost/Clean Hands Guide

by superblobby



Twitter: @superblobby
Email: [email protected]

Welcome to the clean hands/ghost walkthrough of Dishonored. Here I will take you through the entire game without being spotted, creating any alerts and not killing a single soul. There are many paths you can take, but I will always try and go for the one I believe involves the most stealth, and only ever using the basic Blink power, for the Mostly Flesh & Steel Trophy. I will be taking you through the hard difficulty, so always keep your thinking cap on, and eyes open. 
This is not a guide for the collectibles.

Dishonored, released October 2012, is a first-person stealth action adventure video game developed by Arkane Studios. Dishonored was released for Windows, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Corvo Attano, body guard for the late Empress, was framed for her murder and the kidnapping of her daughter and next to the heir Emily. After escaping prison with the help of the Loyalists, Corvo becomes an assassin, empowered with magical abilities. With only one goal in finding Emily and establishing her back on the throne, Corvo encounters numerous challenges eliminating those who were responsible for the murder.
Set in the early 1900's in the fictional city of Dunwall (modeled on London), Corvo is imprisoned by the corrupt rulers of the city, who are also responsible for the assassination of the Empress. Dunwall is overcome with the rat plague, a progressing sickness inflicted onto the poorer people of Dunwall. The victims of the disease cry blood, turning into "Weepers" as they're gradually claimed by death. The rich and the ruling class are protected by the watch guard and walls of light that turn people to ashes they attempt to travel districts. However, this is all set to change, as a group of Loyalists plot to change the course of the city and put the rightful heir back on the throne once more.


You will always need to bear in mind these tips whilst playing if you wish to earn all of the trophies in one play through, otherwise it may take you a while.

1.	Save & Load. Save regularly, especially when you have completed a difficult part, so you can load back should you make a silly error, or a guard is                 excruciatingly and spots you.

2.	We won�t be using the Dark Vision in this guide, so leaning and the use of keyholes are essential to help you remain undetected.

3.	Always keep well stocked up on sleep darts in case of trouble, it�s always good for last ditch attempts to remain undetected. Also upgrade the combat sleep             darts with Piero.

4.	If you come across a part where you don�t feel it�s as simple as instructed, bide you time and have patience. Wait for guards to leave you paths, etc. 

5.	Blink behind guards to get places, they won�t detect you.

6.	Last but certainly not least, always, always, always crouch. Legging it around like a mum late for a school run will get you detected in even the most desolate         places. If you�re going to run, be sure.


This guide has been put together to help you ease to the most difficult achievements on the game: Mostly Flesh and Steel, Ghost, shadow and Clean Hands. Alerts in the prologue do not hinder your trophies. I will mostly brush through where you should go, what you should blink on and direct you with an easy route, assuming you�ll take it hints and tips, and use precaution. The more difficult bit I will have in more detail how to navigate.  Here is a list of all the trophies you should unlock whilst following this guide.
Dishonored:  Escape the prison.

Exocommunication: Eliminate High Overseer Campbell

Capturing genius and madness: Kidnap Sokolov

Child Care: Locate Emily

Political Suicide: End Lord Regent�s Reign

Faceless: Complete a mission with no alerts.

Specter: Alert no one; kill less than 5 people in a mission.

Ghost: Alert and kill nobody but key targets.

Shadow: Complete all missions without alerting anyone.

Surgical: Play from the first mission through Kaldwin's Bridge killing fewer than 10 characters

Mostly Flesh & Steel: Use no supernatural powers or enhancements other than Blink.

Clean Hands: Complete the game without killing anyone.

Resolution: Complete the game.


After playing the Prologue, and watching the cut scenes you�ll find yourself imprisoned.  A guard leaves you a meal, so scoff up the bread, and take the note and key underneath. Unlock the door, and remember the tips, (if not read them, it may be helpful to do so) if not, just crouch. 
First 3 guards I rendered all unconscious, so they couldn�t spot the first body mainly. I ditched them over by the criminal behind bars for a funny jibe. Wait for the guards to stop talking before striking the first, just remember to be patient and strike at the right time.
Once taken care of, and had the bodies hidden, head through that area and then jump up to the ledges in that room. Progress through the door, pickpocket the key from the guard then head to the yard walkway entrance. Follow the guard and choke him when he stops, placing him under the stairs. Go to the interrogation room and take the explosives from the safe. Head back out, beware of the guard patrolling this time, watch his path and choke him and take his key to the yard door. There is one guard in the next area, pass him into the next room. Wait for the 3 guards to quit their jibber jabber then head over to the right and climb the pipes on the wall, over the gate to the far blast door. Watch the guards and wait for the right time to jump down and place the explosives (you might find it safer choking and hiding them, to avoid them dying from the explosion). Once placed, head into the small crate opposite the pipes and wait for the guards to return back before jumping out into the body of water, swim to the sewers.
Climb on top of the caged area and head off the other side, take to the water and swim through the tunnel avoiding the rats. Remove the corpse and crank the wheel to open the gate. In the next area you�ll navigate your way to the middle platform and throw the corpses on the floor to distract the rats while you crank the wheel, then find the chain and climb it to the top. Avoid the booby-trap and collect your gear and key, which you use to unlock. Avoid the next trap the other side of the door, (combination for safe is 4-5-1 if you wish) cross the water and over the wall, where there are more guards, so watch yourself. Keep crouched (not that I should have to tell you) and drop down the gap and use a sleep dart on the guard. Use the rocks and piping on the left and coast over the guards toward the exit where you�ll meet Samuel for the first time.


When you start, either pass the guard, or render him knocked out, either or. Then head up the 2 sets of stairs. Climb the crates on the right and head up over the wall. Blink right, down the path onto the sign, blink across thepath onto the pipes and onto the roof of the small building in the middle. Get onto the pipes on the left hand side and make your way through the short tunnel toward the lone thug at the end.  Take him out of the equation and slowly head up the stairs. As the thugs brawl, blink past them using the cover, head up the stairs and blink onto the guard hut, then the lamppost and past the guards into Holger Square.
Once in Holger Square blink to behind the Overseer, and choke him out and free Overseer Martin. Blink up to the left hand side of the gate towards your destination and blink over on the lampposts on the far side and then up on the ledge of the building a little above the lamppost. Follow the ledge round to the first window, get in and blink up onto the lights and blink into the top part of the door where the arrow for where branding instructions are. Blink on the lights yet again and stop just above the instructions themselves waiting for the right moment. Once you get them quickly blink up on top of the door nearest, and walk onto the railing nearby. Wait for the guard with the key to stop at the painting, blink down and snatch it, and then blink straight up again. Now follow the railing into the meeting chamber, and spill the glasses of wine. 

Blink to the top of the other door and wait for the clock to chime. (Staying to watch or dealing with them there I found to be difficult without being detected so we�re heading out) head right and over the top of large glass doors, being careful of the overseer. Knock him out and hide the body to make the return journey easier. Now head down the stairs and through the door to the right, hide around Campbell�s chambers and wait for him before striking with a sleep dart when he drawers his sword on Cornrow. 

Here you have two options, you can head back up and knock out the guards on the path, or you can attempt to carry Campbell back up evading them. Make your way to the Interrogation room, next to the windows you entered earlier (follow the arrows). Place Campbell in the chair blink onto the rail above and then over the cage to pick up Heretic�s Brand, head back over and scald the ugly man�s face.
Once done the next objective is simply to escape without being noticed, and the quickest and simplest way being if you head back toward Campbell�s chambers but instead of going down into them, sneak through the large archway and turn right straight away, through the door into the back yard. We�re not here to collect anything on this play through so we shall just blink over the roof tops and down the chain at the far side down to Samuel.
Note: When taking care of Weepers in the Hound Pits sewer, put them to sleep with darts without them detecting you.


Head up and take in the view, unreal. Now carry on and choke out the guard, because you can. Place his body in a corner out of the way. We have new enemies to look out for in this level, the artillery machine we�ve just witnessed, assassins and weepers. All annoying in their own way, but we�ll work around it. Go up the stairs and round to the right, we shall go to the Golden Cat later.  Don�t worry about the thugs around here, they are our buddies now. Head into the Whiskey Distillery.
Head round and into the building, following the signs to Slackjaw. After this, you should be aware that we have to be off to Galvani�s to find Slackjaw�s missing man, so head out back to the Distillery District onto Bottle Street. 

CAREFUL. It may look harmless, but on the balcony�s above are 3 blinking assassins watching over the street. We will have to take our time and knock �em out. There is one assassin (A1) on the first balcony on the right, one on the left (A2), and one on the lower rooftop in the middle (A3) we used to navigate in mission 2.
Wait for the to both enter their respective buildings then blink onto the ledge below the balcony of A1 and then onto the low rooftop next to the balcony of A2. Quickly blink in and suffocate A2 before A1 returns to his balcony. Hide him in the corner, then just wait for A1 to go inside, and bring the same fate to him. Now A3 is more difficult with only the regular blink. Lean out the window where A1 was hiding out and watch A3, waiting for him to stand, and move. When he does, quickly blink behind him and choke him out. You�ll want to move his body, as you don�t want him slipping the slope to a sloppy death. 
From this middle rooftop again get on the vents round the building to the front, blink onto the lamppost, and over to the next, I found it best to sleeping dart the guard a level up on the balcony, then use the lampposts to head on over to it. So head through the doors on the second level. You�ll see two guards nattering, hide in the doorway on the right, bide your time then send the two plums to la-la-land. Once they�re sleepies, head up the stairs and blink onto the bookcase on the right, waiting for the them to finish talking, and deliver them the same fate before taking the �last words� from the table, heading down one flight of stairs and out the same doors back to Clavering Blvd.

Follow on top of the vent pipes to the right and follow them round to cross the street in secret, once across get onto the roof top and blink back to Bottle Street Gang badboy Slackjaw. You want to do one more chore for him so we can neutralize the Pendleton brothers instead of killing them. Back out we go to rescue Emily and get the art dealers code.

So off to The Golden Cat we go, not having to worry about the assassins. Head round the lower roofed middle building as we�ve come to know it and along that vent once again. Head all the way round on the vent until you come to a balcony. Look up and blink to a vertical vent pipe, then up to the higher balcony then onto the vertical light attached to the building. From here you can blink onto the top of the building with the Wall of Light and cross over to the other area.

From this roof top blink onto the platform of the rotating artillery machine, and remove the whale oil tank. Now blink onto the building to the right of front door to The Golden Cat and head over it toward the Captain�s Chair Hotel. Carefully make your way down and through the door. If you�ve played through as ghost you won�t have a problem here, but with high chaos, the building may be full of weepers, making this part incredibly difficult. Head up the stairs and through the door. Standing on the roof, �The Golden Cat� should be 67m away, you see the red window? That�s where we�re headed. Take whichever route you feel comfortable, but I followed left over the three low rooftops, across the top of the gazebo and on to the ledge, across to the window.

From this window, blink to the right on the same level. Head up the flight of stairs and release Emily from the second door. Once done this, (if done quickly, wait for the woman to enter her room or she�ll notice you) and head back to that archway with a view of below. Head back out that window, shuffle along the ledge and open the next window, and blink left onto one of the two small archways toward the Art Dealer arrow. Now as long as you�re quick and crouching you can easily waltz your way into the Art Dealer room, shut the doors behind you. Use the lever to torture him until he tells you the code, he�s blindfolded so don�t worry about detection. 
Now we�re off to meet Emily at the VIP exit, so head back out the same window, and back in the red window, but this time we�re going down those stairs, but only one flight, and head through the door with the wooden seat outside it. Pickpocket the key off the lady, then make your way down stairs to Emily and head out the door. 
Ignore Granny Rags and head through, don�t rush out though, weepers. You want to wait until it�s clear, or when they�re throwing up and blink past them to the left, up the rocks and over the small building back to the Bottle Street Gang to deliver the code to Slackjaw.

Now the Pendleton�s have been dealt with we�re heading back to Samuel, but we�re going the long way to avoid the Assassins. So head to the right, where we dispatched 3 assassins earlier, blink up and over the wall, then over the wall of light toward Samuel and Emily.


The next 2 missions are what I�d like to describe as� easy, for the clean hands play through. The only time you�ll have some trouble is if you�re going for collectibles. Let�s get it started, huh.
Set off quickly and waste no time, up the stairs and blink to the gate opposite, then up to the vent box on the wall onto the roof and across. Wait for the guard to exit the archways, blink behind him and go towards the door. Should take no longer than 30 seconds, go through the door closing it behind you. Head to the top of the stairs, and grab a whale oil tank from the right hand side of the platform which you�ll have to blink to. Now drop down and place it in the holder on the wall, pull the lever and hop in the cart to the other side.

Once there blink up to the ledge above the platform, onto the steel hut and over towards the door toward Drawbridge Way, nice�n�easy.
When in this part you�ll have two  men talking in the centre, blink up to the canopy you see on the left, then you can just blink across onto the balcony on the far side. Head to the top of the stairs in this building, then over the roof ledge you see, on the lower left you�ll see a balcony. Avoiding the man, blink onto it, keep blinking across until you�re on a roof overlooking the drawbridge. Head over to the right of this rooftop and blink down onto a lamppost, the to the right hand side guard hut and onto the railing for the bridge. Hop over to the left hand railing, down onto the metal platform on the left and through the door.  Go through the door on the right and remove the Whale Oil tank just around the corner Blink up a level, avoiding the guard and then climb the stairs until you can get on to the bridge itself. Get the key from the guard level with the bridge near the stairs then carry on climbing. Go right to the very top, and walk across the top level of the bridge to get across undetected.

Once on the other side, make your way down to the arrow that says �Drawbridge Spotlights�  and remove the oil tanks. Follow the wires out and head down the hatch door. There should be 5 guards to be wary of in this area, so this bit is a little difficult. Make your way down the stairs to the bottom, and again follow the wire and remove the whale oil tank. Head to where the Arc Pylon is, and then to the metal platform left of the ramp, and go round the lower left hand side harbour. Go up the stairs, quickly, to avoid the poison bat things, blink over the wall and follow the mission arrow into Midrow Substation.
From this house get out onto the balcony and walk across the vents to the right, and blink down onto the stairs, following them round, and blink on the walkway above. Go round and blink onto the next walkway, where a guard will be patrolling, take care of him, then pull the switch lever in the control room at the far end to stop the wheel. The goal is to remove the whale oil tank over there to get through the Wall of Light. So we�ll blink on to the tanker, then onto the now still wheel, and down to remove the tanker. Now up to the vent box, and round safely into the next area.
From here, take the first right down the alleyway, go up half of the stairs, then blink onto the building roof just next to you. Go over blink onto what is left of the slanted roof head up it, then onto the next roof. Monitoring the guard on the opposite walkway, time your jump to the chain, as you want to get on the same walkway. May be worth taking him out with a sleep dart as you go over.  Head through his door, blink behind him, and.. you know the rest. Carry him out toward Samuel, via going down the stairs, blinking across to a balcony on the other building, through the house and onto the next one. It is pretty straight forward from here.

Note: At Hound Pits Pub, don�t unleash the rats, purchase the bribe from Piero.


Possibly the mission that has the most amount of ways to complete, but if you choose the right one can be done within about 6 minutes. 
From the boat, swim to the steps on the left, and you can literally walk across toward the archway, stopping behind the large trash bin. From here, stand and blink onto the metal walkway next to the bridge across the water. (crouch again) Literally head across watching for the Tallboy and blink over the gate straight in front.
Put your weapons away, it�s now party time so blend in. Walk up and wait for the lady to drop her invite, then go fetch it and hand it to the doorman to get in, it�s not the only way in, but the easiest. Ignore Lord Shaw, we�d have to kill him if we talked, so poof goes the trophy. Instead, head up to The Boyle Party.
Once inside sign the guest book for banter, you can read about it in a book in a later mission, gives them the spooks.  Take the first left and speak with Miss White, in the �fly� mask. She�ll ask for a drink, so run along and get her some cider from the feast room. Use the door behind you to the Cider Fountain and give it to her. She�ll tell you the answers to the �game� so now there�s no need to look for clues or trespass upstairs whatsoever. From the feast room, head up the black and white tiled hallway and into the smokey room, speaking to the man who�s mask for some reason reminds me of LittleBigPlanet. He�ll ask to speak privately, so for super secrecy reason, moves about 3 paces. Follow Lord Brisby to his secret location and agree to take Esma to the cellar. 

Find Esma and tell her she�s going to be assassinated, and you�ve got a boat waiting for her in the cellar. She�ll go there willingly, follow her and choke her unconscious when you�re there, and deliver her to the boat. Don�t blink or jump down as she sometimes glitches like she�s been thrown a mile into the boat and dies, so just follow the stairs round to the boat. Once she has been neutralized, there is a door down here to the sewer, head through it. Swim until you get to the wheel, this bit all has to be done quickly. Crank the wheel then immediately proceed to swim UNDER the water toward Samuel, you will just be able to swim under the closing gate and job done.


This mission can be done in very little time if you know how, and aren�t collecting.  From the boat, swim up to the far end and blink on the pipes climbing up, you want to get in the red tinted gap on the right. Head round and through the spinning wheel bits and go out one of the window type gaps, blink onto the ledges and aim for the balcony with the door, above where you entered the building. Look up and to the left, you�ll see another gap, just below the top. Blink in there and head out the other end on to the piping around the outside. You�ll get to a wall with a spotlight, and hear a Tallboy. Wait for him to start trotting off then blink over to the two pipes, and up and over the wall to where the Empress met her fate in the prologue. Hide behind a pillar until the two lovebirds finish chatting and wander off. Blink down the left hand side toward the tower, on the very left of the tower there is a large open doorway, head in and take out the mechanic, laying him somewhere subtle, and crank the wheel on the higher walkway. Go through the new gap and blink onto the stairs behind the guard, and into the front door to the tower.

Now for what I used to find difficult, but since discovering this way, is now ridiculously easy.  Sneak out of the doors, and blink onto the ledge above the door you come out of. Now as you can hear, the Regent is on his way from his safe room to his chambers, so we�re in a race to get there first. We want to blink onto the chandeliers to the decorated balcony high in the centre. Go into his room and enter 935 into the safe and take the audio graph, and head back onto the chandeliers (on the table is the note about you signing the guest book in the previous mission). 

From the chandelier, blink to the highest balcony the side Broadcast Tower and enter the door, evading the Arc Pylon is simple if you just use the pillars. Head down the stairs to remove the oil tank, then make your way to the very top and place the audio graph into the broadcasting machine. Now head down to the door we entered the broadcast tower from, await Regent�s arrest then head up to the perch we blinked to when first arriving in the tower and crawl through the gap in the wall and out through the hatch. 

Go down the left hand side of the yard, blinking on beams, and over the walls until you�re on a corrugated temporary ceiling around the outside. Now aim for the roof of the main building you first came through via the concrete walls and pillars. Once on here jump down through the middle into the water, and into Samuel�s boat.


Wow, I saw it coming in all honesty, but talk about between the shoulder blades, eh? Anyway, now captured by the assassins and kept captive in a formidable hole in the ground, with surely no way to escape.

Oh, a wooden cover. Throw the bricks around to break the latch and escape. Now we�re going up, as we only have blink, but we must be careful and time it perfectly to avoid the 2 patrolling assassins. When the time is right blink over to the crates, then out onto the balcony and jump down into the water below.
We�re faced with two choices, but in all honesty, I�ve used my gear about 3 times up until now so we shall be leaving it behind, so swim forward onto the wooden boards, and then to the next lot of wooden boards, (toward the �Your Gear� arrow) and you�ll see a chain, that we will climb up, to the walkway above. Head down into the next area, but beware, more assassins.  

The best route around them here is to the vent on the left (above the obvious balcony with the spotlight) and then into the building higher up. Pick up the key from the wall next to the Elixir, and proceed to the window to do a bit of scouting. Go out onto the vent ducts, across onto the rooftop and down to the large door, use the key and head through.

From here to the end, your stealth skills will be seriously tested with plenty of assassins and tight spaces. Head down the boarded walkaway until you get to the tea lights, and jump left into the water following the path round until you get to and open space. When there look up and right and blink onto the pillar, then the green area, heading around the outside of the building. 

You should now see an arrow in the window space of Daud�s base, jump into this window and wait for the guards to start talking, and blink past them onto the lightshade in the next room. In the next room blink straight onto the bookcase you can just see, and head right through the window. Now blink to your top left on to an air vent with a window next to it and climb in, careful of the assassin. Again blink onto the high bookcase to reach the next room. Once there, to the left of the large glass door there is a gap above the window, blink up to it, onto the ledge and try for the tall bookcase on the other end of the room.
From here you should see an assassin, and Daud, blubbering on. You should also see a table, so when Daud�s back is turns, blink to the table and hide underneath it. From here we can pinch Daud�s pouch, �to send him a message� and his key from the table, but time this well.

Now blink back up to that bookcase and through the window, but again you�ll have to be careful. There is only one spot here you can blink to without being seen that I believe works most times, if you first blink on the corrugated metal on the left, then look down and blink this side of the battered brick wall, then turn around and head through the window, and down the chain, all in reasonably quick succession, you�ll be good to go. Once at the bottom, use Daud�s key and head into the next area.
Head to the tunnel exit and turn left, you�ll see a cart dropping bodies, grim. Look left and blink through the gap in the metal, onto the balcony and to the skies through the buildings. Go as high as you can then out through the window, then over the rooftops. When at the end, blink to the black metal arch over the rails, and await the next cart for a ticket outta here� jump on the cart and then blink off to the left before you reach the wall of light. Remove the whale oil, then blink over the electric rail and through the window to the Old Port District Outskirts.

Head up the path and take the stairs, going in the first doorway on the left. Take note on the wall people, The Empress Jessamine was a wench.
Carry on up assassin, and through the window, follow the path until you see the hatch. Quick, the weepers are on their way. Stand on the hatch whilst turning the wheel and you�ll drop straight down. Go toward the sewer gate, stroll past the survivors (they are neutral, don�t worry) and head left through the small tunnel and use a weapon picked up earlier to smash the barricade. 

Once done you�ll see another barricade, use this as a temporary shield from the spitter bats, as you blink up onto the piping on the ceiling. (You can also swim under and fight Granny Rags, or help her kill Slackjaw, but that�ll ruin out trophies). Follow the pipes round, drop down to the walk way and head to the sewer exit. Well done!


Now with this mission there are a few objectives, the one you want to accomplish first would be to help Piero and Sokolov, as they can help you make the rest of the mission an absolute doddle. So at the start, head up stairs grab both keys and walk out the door. Head into the bush and wait for them to stop talking. Blink down the right hand side, then on to the ledge of the Hound Pits Pub. I�m assuming everyone knows their way around this place, so just use the ledges to make your way to the side entrance of Piero�s workshop.

Now to retrieve the Blueprint, go to the high walkway and into Corvo�s old bedroom window, and sneak down a level, avoiding the guards. Wait for the two guards to stop talking, then follow one into the room, choke him and take the blueprint. Timing when taking to the stairs is essential, stay crouched, and with the right timing, and blinking behind the guards, you�ll be fine. Take the blueprint back to Piero. Now he has the blueprint all that is required is for you to fill an oil tank upstairs, and place it in the pylon on the higher walkway, and return to Piero asking him to turn The Hound Pits Pub into la-la-land. 

You�re now free to make all the noise and drama you want. Free to grab Havelock�s generous clue from the bar downstairs, and Emily�s picture from your bedroom desk. Now all that remains for this level is to head over to Emily�s bedroom in the tower, where Callista is hiding and use the flare calling for Samuel to return. I�ve tried to make this level nice and precise, as after the first objective, that�s about that. Although you can discover Lydia and Wallace�s dead bodies, with an audio graph nearby, interesting.


Now for the final, arguably the most difficult mission. When dropped off by Samuel, you may notice wires attaching the buildings to some rocks in the sea. We�re going to go to the second furthest one to the right, blink our way up the rock and tight rope walk our way all the way up. (You may take a while figuring how to get up the rock, as it�s slippery and difficult, but you should notice a smaller bit of rock near the bottom with a flatter surface). This will pretty much take out the entire first section of the mission.

Once at the end of the wire, blink on top of the building in front and head left onto the building where the 3 large metal pipes head. Go round the left side and walk on top on the wall until it stops, then blink to the platform straight ahead. Head to the right hand side of this, then blink onto the balcony, turn to face the wall and blink to the top of the wall. To the right you should see a small red sign �Caution: High Winds�. Blink on this and follow the pipe up to the top, but remain cautious of the two hovering guards. The one leaning against the rail wouldn�t budge so if you blink behind him, take his key and enter the elevator, you can go on your merry way up to the lighthouse.

Now, don�t look down, we�re going higher, use the beams around to bounce up to the roof. Once here, blink to the vent box then up onto the rounded glass ceiling. From here head to the far side down onto the decking, and through the rather posh double doors. Havelock will be chatting away to himself as his dead counterparts lay in the chairs. Blink behind Havelock, choke him out and take the key to free Emily from her room.
Cue the credits, and a host of unlocked achievements/trophies.


If you find any of this guide to be at all confusing, to include mistakes or could embellish in parts where the route is not so obvious, do not hesitate to let me know. 

Twitter: @superblobby
Email: [email protected]