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Dishonored (Sony Playstation 3, 2012)

by codebreak1337

Andrew Turelli Jr.
Codebreak1337 Exclusive
[email protected]

DISHONORED )))))))))))
(((((((( DISHONORED )))))))))))
(((((((((((((( DISHONORED )))))))))))

1. Main Quest WalkThrough
2. Gadgets
3. Safes
4. Powers
5. Enhancements
6. Side Quests
7. Solokov Paintings
8. Runes
9. Bone Charms
10.Outsider Shrines

_____________ 1.MAIN QUEST_____________

1. Coldridge Prison
2. High Overseer Campell
3. House of Pleasure
4. The Royal Physician
5. Lady Boyles Last Party
6. Return to the Tower
7. The Flooded District
8. The Loyalists
9. Light at the End

          - MiSSioN OnE -          +
       !  COLD RIDGE PRISON !      +

1. Pick Up the Bread, then you will see a note.
Pick up the note then the key and escape from
the cell.

2. Pick up the city watch sword nearby.

3. There will be some enemies nearby . 
three to be exact.

4. Dispose of them, See Chaos section for more
Information on taking out enemies.

5. Go up the stairs towards the marker. There
will be some swords and pistols nearby. Pick
up the pistol, then the next one for some

6. Head to Interrogation room, pick
up coins along the way. Cooper wire,
Esseneces or perfumes all count as coins.
See items section.

7. Look for the safe via marker in the
Interrogation room. It has no combination
so just open it. Pick up the explosives.

8. Head through the prison yard and
dispose of the enemies.

9. Look for food in the booth, and hit
the switch for door control, there will
be some food nearby.

10. Head towards the marker and take down
some more enemies. Then plant the explosives,
and run away from the door. Once it explodes,
go through the door. Then finally jump off
the stones into the water.

11. Swim towards the marker which is the sewers.
You can run faster with your guard down.

- Sewers -

12. Climb up top the brown blocks and ontop
the cage, pick up some food  nearby.

13. Avoid the rats and continue to follow marker.
Swim under the gate hole towards marker.

14. Turn the Wheel, to open up the gate.
Eventually you will be in  a room with dead
bodies and bunch of rats.

15. Pick up a dead body and throw it near the
rats. Then we then go to eat the body, turn 
the wheel.

16. Continue following marker watch out for
trip wires. Open the supply case, see 
Gadgets section for more information. Open
the door with Dunwall sewer key as well.


17. See safes section for more information
The Combination is 451, it is on the wall near
the safe near the whiskey bottles.

18. Contiue onward and kill 2 more enemies
until you get near the marker and a train
passing by. You will meet Samuel, he has
an escape boat to the Loyalist. Take it
and this will complete mission one.

          - MiSSioN TwO -          +
     !  HiGh OvErSeeR CamPeLL !    +

1. You can run through the Alley way to
escape the first wall of light. OR you can 
follow the wire, take out a few enemies and
then dispose of the oil tank. 

2. For the second wall it is the same thing.
Just remember for walls of light, there is
always power comming from  an oil or fuel
tank. Best way to see where it is comming from
is following the wires.

3. Two side quests in this area, Granny Rags
and The Archive. Granny rags is worth it, the
archive is only worth it for story. See
Side quests section for more information.

4. New Enemies called Overseers will be encountered
in this area. They hold grenades. Sometimes they
come with watch hounds.

5. For Safes In this area once again see safe
section. Same for gadgets. I will only be covering
HARD parts in the walkthrough section. The reason 
for this is it is mostly marker based.

6. Saving Martin is easy as well. There is only
one guard which is an overseer watching him. Just
take out the overseer with stealth to keep things
quiet a nice choke out will do. Then pull the 
lever to release Martin.

7. Finally you may pick up a note that will
change your objective, even if you don't it
is still possible to POISON the High overseer.

8. When you make it to his room, just click his
wine glass, then choose to poison it. We want to
keep Cunrow alive as it is a favor for a lady friend
from Hound pits. You may still kill them both if you
please. This is the simpliest and quietiest way
of taking out The High Overseer. Pick up
his black mail journal off his dead body when
you get a chance then leave and head back
to marker which is Samuel this will complete the

9. If you want the Solokov paintings as well as all
Seven Runes, check the rune section. Also check painting
section. If interested in all 3 safes check safe section.
Finally if interested in outsider shrines check that 
section of this guide.

          - MiSSioN ThrEe -        +
       !  HoUsE OF PLeAsuRe !      +

1. This Time at the Pub the mission will
start after sleeping and speaking to the Admiral.

2. Go into the sewers for the main quest and 
investigate markers. Just remember there are TWO
runes here as well.

3. Go to marker and kill the two weepers. Then
pick up the note nearby. Take out the heart for
assiting you finding the TWO nearby runes.

4. Then leave Via the chain in the other room
in the sewers.

5. Head back to the bar and talk to the Admiral

6. He will tell you we have to take out the Pendleton
Brothers. Go to Samuel take boat to the distellry

7. Once there, the game takes several options for
completing side quests. Please see the rune section,
for information on gathering all the runes. As well
check out ALL sections as neccessary.

8. Basically all you have to do really is go to
golden cat via marker and kill the two brothers
by both following markers. You will also have to
Free and escape with Emily.

9. That is it for this part of the quest, the 
hard parts come within the meat of this guide in
the other contents. Read them you will find quite
a bit of information.

          - MiSSioN FouR -         +
     !  The Royal Physician !      +

1. Speak to Samuel and board the boat,
to Kaldwin's bridge.

2. The major problem here is going to
be the Archon light stations. They shoot
nasty lightning at you for tons of damage,
even on lower difficulties.

3. There will be 3 areas total in this mission.
5/5 bone charms and 5/5 runes + 1 safe, as well
as 1 Solokov painting. Also note an outsider shrine
for 100% completion see the appropriate sections.

4. Taking down the Light stations can be hard,
but to make things much easier. I suggest
having at least a level 1 BLINK power. If 
you don't your going to have to look around
everywhere and climb a ton. Where there is  a 
will there is a way though. 

5. Usually to stop the 2 archons, and one more
towards the end, is the switches and fuel stations.
The first two can be accessed by simply sneaking
or blinking to the correct fuel stations, and either
rewiring or taking out the fuel.

6. Don't hit the bridge switch up top, it will only
raise the bridge and we do NOT need to raise it.

7. There will be an optional side quest here as well.
The problem is it is useless and you will only lose
HP and solokov potions.

8. The Final archon light, will require you to climb
or blink to a switch, pull it to stop the rotating wheel.

9 After stopping the wheel you can climb or blink
through it, and defuel the last archon light, then
head to solokovs house.

10. From here it is simple, follow marker to solokov.
Talk to him then choke him unconscious. Carry him after
and use blink to speed things up to samuel who will
bring him back to the pub for interrogation. This will
start mission 5.

          - MiSSioN FiVe -         +
     !  Lady Boyles Last Party !   +

1. Piero is not availible for this mission.
His door will be locked. It says he is upstaris,
but he is no where to be found.

2. Just talk to Samuel again and head to the party.

3. You can choose to stealth your way in or just
"crash" the party like you never crashed one before.
Since i was chaos, i crashed the party. Tallboys are
a problem, but they can be dodged with blink, shot,
or shot in the back where there fuel tanks are.

4. Once inside the party your just going to have 
to assasinate lady boyle. Although there are THREE
lady boyles.

5. You can assasinate them all to make things easier.

6. Then make your way back to samuel,there will
be another tallboy outside though, so either take
him out or blink your way past him to the boat.

          - MiSSioN SiX -         +
     !  Return to the Tower !   +

1. If you don't have blink at the start of this
level at 2, your going to be annoyed. You have to
then climb up pretty high. Make your way through
some small tunnels eventually to a porch uptop with
a door. Iniside there is also a wall of light and 
a ton of guards.

2. After that it gets down hill. Dodge a tall boy
and keep blinking towards the target.

3. Once inside regents safe area, you should kill
the Lord regent face. Blink past the tall boy 
and assainste the regent. If he flees your going
to have to find a key, so better to restart mission
and just kill him, then everything else. Finally
if you want to collect everything continue item
hunting from that point.

          - MiSSioN SeVeN -         +
     !  Flooded District  !       +

1. If you want to recover your gear, and im
sure you want to. Plus not to mention
how hard it is going to be without it,
if your not good at full stealth.

2. Make your way toward the marker. Until
you reach the refinery area. Inside it looks
like your completely lost, you can't climb
or even blink your way out of the place.

3. In the same area, you may see a boat with
some oil tanks. they are all empty, you can 
take one of those are one from one of the dispensers.

4. Right around that area there will also be
an oil dispenser to fill up the oil tank.
Do so and place it in the holder, THEN 
you can flip the switch to activate the

5. The next problem is the same idea, but
easier. Another empty oil tank. This time,
just jump over the gate blocked by some breakable
planks. Pick up the empty can and fill it nearby.
SAVE your game, because this will cause a chain
that we must go down to appear. There are also tons
of weepers here.

6. Finally deal with the weepers or not, and turn
the wheel valve to open the door, after retriving
your gear of course. Then blink back to Daud

7. Only problem here is the riverkrust at the bottom
of the pit, if you fall. If not turn the nearby wheel
to open the nearby gate. on mid floor level.

8. finally there will be a sole assassin with a key
kill him and loot his corpse for the key to the entrance
to Daud.

9. Kill Daud, do it quick or he will probably end up
killing you. Best to blink then quick strike.

10. After killing him take his key, use his key
at the marker.

11.Begin your escape into the sewers. Once your in
the sewers you will need the sewer master key.

12. make your way to the sewer master key. Help
granny rags and she will give you the key.

13. Head back through the sewer drain, it
is near the furnance and under some planks.
break the planks to enter the sewer drain.

14. it will take you directly back to
the sewer gate area where you needed the key.
use it. Dodge the weepers and espeically the
river krust, blow them up with a grenade, then
blink past them. Finally enter the door to
hound pits pub to complete this long and
challenging mission.

          - MiSSioN EiGhT -        +
     !  The Loyalist  !       +    +

1. Well dishonored again I'd say. First
your going to have to get back to the hound
pits pub exactly.

2. Follow markers, until you eventually get
to piero's. Go in To his shop and except his
quest. He will then give you items, as well as
disable all of the guards in the mission.

3. When you are looking for havelock, head
to the bar it is just a note.

4. Important there will be NO marker for the 
smoke signal. It Is in emily's tower though,
where the audiograph player is. Right near
the window is the flare switch. remember
NO marker.

5. Then head to Samuel again for a ride to
mission 9 the last part of the game.

          - MiSSioN NiNe -        +
     !  Light at the End  !       + +

1. Alot of guards and a large amount
of blinking as well, if you went chaotic.

2. Everything is marker based except for
these key more difficult points.

3. The Drainage pipe, that is the marker,
to get to the lighthouse. Just go to that
marker then turn the valve jump down and 
go inside.

4. Once you make it to the marker that will
bring you inside the actually lighthouse, it
will be locked. Although without the key,
you can get inside from above the room itself.

5. Once inside make your way to emily and havelock.
Get ready for the ending which is good.

 ! THE END !

_________2. GADGETS______________

--        --
-- SWORDS --
--        --

1. City Watch Sword ....
2. Corvo's Folding Blade...

--              --
-- The Crossbow --
--              --

1. Sleep Dart
2. Regular Bolt
3. Incenidary Bolt

--         --
-- Pistols --
--         --

1. City Watch Pistol

--      --
-- MiSc  --
--      --

1. Grenades
2. Spring Razors
3. Rewire Tools
4. The Heart
5. The Optics Mask


-Mission OnE 
-MissiOn TwO
-MisSiOn ThRee
-MisSiOn FiVE
-MiSSiOn Seven
-MissiOn eighT
-MiSsiON FinAL

:::Mission One:::

Jelly's Safe :

-Combination is 451. You can find it on the wall right
near the safe, behind some whiskey bottles.

:::Mission TwO:::

: Bunker Safe :

- Combination is 203, and can be found in
the Bunks in the back yard AREA of the mission.
Once you enter the backyard, Save a good overseer
and his female friend from an evil overseer with
a mask. He will then give you the combination.

: The Kennel Safe :

- The kennel safe is a riddle. You
will need the Loot Cache note, and the Seven Strictures
to figure it out, unless you just put in 217 right now.

- If you want to solve it, first pick up the lever
in cell E, place the lever on F. then open up Cell
F. Pick up the seven stricture book. This will give
you the seven strictures in order.

- The Loot cache note which can be found, near
the back or start of the kennel pending
on which way you came in, is easier to find.
But it tells you the 3 strictures. Then all you
do is match them to the appropriate numbers.

- 217 is the combination.

: Dr Galvani's Safe :

- The Code is 287. How To get the code, you will
need Galvanis personal journal which is located in his
room. The Safe itself, is also located on the same 

- He mentions something in the journal about his
favorite day being the 28th of the 7th month. Something
similar perhaps. either way the code works and it's in
the journal if your wondering.

- Combo is 287.

::::::MiSSiOn ThRee::::::

- One safe in the Art Dealers apartment.
Problem is It is difficult to get to.

- First you must find out who the art dealer
is if you would like, by completing and meeting
Slackjaw at the Dunwall Distellry.

- You will also be able to get a key from a 
woman in the Distellry streets, IF you help
her escape from the guards.

- If you manage to get into the Apartment,
the combination also CHANGES randomly with
each game load. So you MUST find it out

- The annoying part is you must travel
to the art dealer via marker , to
The Golden Cat, look for the interrogation
room if you don't have the marker.

- Once you find him Electric shock him with
the lever about 5 times until he talks. The 5th
shock should net an option to ask him for the 
safe combination.

- Then with the combination which will be in your
notes now. Go backtrack to the art dealers apartment.
Put in the Combination for a ton of stuff !

MiSSioN FouR Safe

- This one is in the second part of the mission.
Inside Prachetts house. You can Blink or climb inside,
then get the key off one of the guards inside.

- The combination is always 473. But to get it,
you must look at all the paintings. THREE of them,
have numbers on it. Then input the combination
in order scene.

- There will be a RUNE inside. Among some gold ignots.

MisSiON SiX SaFe

- In Lord Regents Chambers

MiSSiON SeVEn Safe

- Underwater near the wooden beams and
some river krust enemies.

____4. PoWeRs _______

1. Dark Vision
2. Blink
3. Rat Swarm
4. Bend Time
5. Wind Blast
6. Possession


1. Lets you see enemies and NPC's Through
walls for a very low mana cost.

2. This skill not only lets you see people,
but it lets you see potions, keys and food 
as well at level 2.


1. This is probably the most effective
Skill in the game.

2. You can travel further distances,
with Level increases. Blink across
platforms instead of jumping.

3. Blink in combat is effective as well.
You can do better or easier drop assasinations,
utilizing blink ability. 


1. Probably my favorite and coolest ability.
Reason being is it eats enemies alive , and more
rats with level 2.

2. It stops them in there tracks, leaving room
for escape or just taking out groups of enemies
at once.

3. Use rats then fire away with a nice grenade/
pistol or spring razor in some BEND TIME !


1. At level one can possess Animals, at level
two you can control Human beings.

2. This Leaves you open to using interesting
combos and creative kills. One thing to note,
is that your soul is in the possesed creature
or human. If the body of the possesed dies, 
Corvo dies as well.


1. Slows down time, Meanwhile you are
Not slown down. Eats a large amount of 


1. Power attack that knocks enemies back.
At level two it can knock them into walls
and kill them instantly.

2. Basically A high powered wind spell,
cost a large amount of mana but can dispose
of groups at level 2. Good for chaos players.

____5. Enhancements___

1. Vitality
2. Blood Thirsty
3. Agility
4. Shadow Kill

1. Vitality

1. You could always use more health in my opinion.

2. At level 2 it regenerates health fast so I like
It because I play chaoticly.  In higher difficulties
even going ghost mode, this is probably a good one.

2.Blood Thirsty
1. This will increase your adrenaline, or fatality
capabilities. Its nice if you like one shot kills.
If you plan on going chaos its good, but i only suggest
for the harder difficulties.

3. Agility

1. Increases speed gain a double jump and take
less damage or none from falling certain heights.

2. Great ability with a ton of potential, to
speed things up, but only use this one, if 
your going to sacrifice BLINK. The reason being
is that blink can get you basically anywhere,
but since you can NOT use all skills in one 
playthrough, you may want to sacrifice blink for
something else.

4. Shadow Kill

1. For Ghost or silent type players. Use this to
have dead enemies turn to ash and make no noise
when they die. Great for sneaking. 

___ 6. SiDe QueSts__

1. Mission ONe SidE QuEsTs
2. MisSioN TwO siDe QuesTs
3. MisSion ThRee Side QuesTs
4. MisSioN FouR Side QuestS
5. MisSiON FiVe Side QueSts
6. MisSion SiX sidE QueSts
7. MisSion SeVEn Side Quests
8. MisSioN EigHT Side QuesTS
9. MiSsIoN NiNe Side QueSts

1. Mission One Side Quests - None

2. MissIon TwO SiDe QueSts -

1. Granny Rags 1.

-Doing Granny Rags sidequests will net you 2 Runes.
They are marker based and kill based.

- First just kill a gang right outside her
house. Then return for reward.

- Next one will bring you to the Distellery.
Poison it and then return to granny for another

2.Branding Archive 2.

- Nothing important really. You will actually fail
this mission if you complete the main one first.
So you can't go back and do it. It just gives information
on the Heretic brand for failure overseers.


3. MiSSiOn ThRee Side QuesTs ---

1. Slackjaw 
2. The Art Dealers safe

1. Go Meet Slackjaw in the Distellery. You must
then go to Dr galvani's office and find his informant.

2. Find the Informant dead or alive and pick up the 
evidence and bring it back to Slackjaw.

3. Once you do Slackjaw will give you a key to the 
captains hotel. This key holds a Bonecharm inside the
hotel, as well as alternate access to the golden cat !


2. Art Dealers Safe

- After helping slackjaw, the art dealer will become
a marker on your map in Golden cat area as well.

- This will make it easier finding the art dealer and
getting his safe combination.

4. MiSSiOn FouR Side QueSts :

 You will come across a Thug in the birdge area. He is being
Held in a cell. My advice is to NOT do this quest at all. Either
leave the thug there or kill him.

If you do decide to do it, this is what happens. He will lead
you to a bunch of River Crust, they are very dangerous poison
spitting plants. They will eat you alive. 

If you manage to take them all down, he will then 
have you get the key off a bunch of guards. 
After surviving that and possibly using
all your potions along the way, he will attack you and you 
get nothing.


5. MissiOn FiVe SideQuests


1. Deliver pendletons note. Make sure you don't kill the 
guy you are delivering the note to. Either way if you
do the reward is only another cutscene in the story back
at hound pits.


7. Solokov Paintings

1. MisSiOn One
2. MisSioN TwO
3. MiSSioN ThrEE
5. MiSSiON FiVe
6. MiSsIon SiX
7. MiSSiON SevEn
8. MiSsiON EiGht
9. MiSsiON NiNE

Mission One Paintings


Mission Two Paintings
1. In the overseers secret chambers.
Go through the kennel door, inside
the overseers office. Before going into
the actual Kennel there will be a head
Statue with a green eye. Activate it
and this will Open a door. Go through
the Door For A Rune and The Solokov Painting
among other items.

Mission Three Paintings

1. There are 3 paintings in this mission.
The First 2 are in the art dealers apartment, They
are rather simple to get.

2. The Third one is in the safe of the apartment,which
is much harder to get. Check the Safes section on mission
3 for more information.

Mission FouR PaInTings

1. Only one painting here. Inside the building
where the overseers with the weird device are.
Just outside is the water wooden pump. Also
there is electric fence nearby. In Solokov's

MiSSiON FiVe PaiNtiNgs

1. There are two paintings here, both inside
lady boyles house the Bedroom of lady boyle.

2. The second one is in the painting or "art hall"
type room.

MiSSioN SiX PainTings

One of the paintings you can collect in this level
are in the regents house. IN the piano room, by
the fire place.

Mission SeVen Paintings.

1. Climb uptop a chain towards the main marker.
Blink over to a house on a higer floor, it looks
like a painting of a dead man or weeper.

2. Near the :tunnel: marker, on the 2nd floor.
It is a painting of Lord regent .

3.Finally in the house that is on fire,
the 3rd painting will be right inside.

:::: PAINTINGS COMPLETE :::::::::::

1. Mission ONe
2. MiSSion TwO
3. MiSSioN ThRee
4. MisSioN FoUR
5. MiSsIon FiVe
6. MiSSioN SiX
7. MissIoN SeVen
8. MisSion EiGht
9. MiSsiON Nine
Mission One Runes :
- None

MisSiON TwO Runes : 7/7
1. Gift From Granny Rags

2. Gift From Granny Rags

3. Found On top bridge in distellery Section 
With the Heart
4. Found In Overseers secret chambers

5. Found with Heart in the backyard

6. Found with the heart in Dr galvanis office

7. Found with the heart in house in Distellery
MiSSiON ThRee Runes - 7/7

1. There are 7 runes total in this mission. BUT
Don't Forget the first TWO runes pre mission.
See MAIN QUEST if you can't find them mission 3.

2. 6 Of these runes can be EASILY found with the 
Heart Gadget. The 7th one in the art dealers safe is
difficult. SEE mission 3 safes for information.


Mission FouR Runes 5/5


Four of them are simple and can be located via 
the heart, blinking and climbing thorugh areas
via following marker.

- The Final one is in pratchets safe. The combination
is 473, see safe section for more information


Mission FiVe RunES 3/3

1. All easy follow heart and then your in a neutral zone
until after you get them all.


1. Only 2 runes here easy to find . one in each
of the 2 level locations.




1. Right on ground near where your
gear is located

2. Near Daud before you assassinate him get the key.
Then back track towards the entrance of the building.
Use the key to enter the door with the rune inside.

3. This one is hard to explain, it is inbetween
two buildings, but your heart should help you.

4. Find the room with floor boards that you 
can go underneath, use the heart to follow
your way to the rune below.

5. Final rune, you must complete mission 2 
side quests, granny rags and mission 3 side
quest slack jaw. near granny rags you will
find an outsider shrine as well as the final

9. Bone Charms-----
Status Effects List:

NOTE* All Bone Charms can be found with the heart
Gadget. It pinpoints exact locations. This is just
a list of the Bone Charm Status effects.

NOTE*** Be sure to check and USE the Heart in
every new loading area you come across. Just
because your in Mission 2, does not mean ALL
bone charm locations are shown. You must
explore every area as well.

Hard To get Charms

1. Captains Hotel Charm : 

-See sidequest Slackjaw and Art Dealer Mission 3


10. Outsider Shrines

Mission ONe
Mission Two
Mission Three
Mission Four
MissIoN FiVe
MiSsioN SiX
MisSion SeVen
MisSioN NinE

Mission One :

MiSSiOn TwO :

1. Near Granny Rags, walk outside the door
follow the purple light to the Outsider.


MiSSiOn ThreE :




1. Next to Prachetts house, on the top
floor. It is also near a room, so take out
the heart for more assistence.


- MisSiOn FiVe

1. Before you go into lady boyles mansion
look around for the purple shrine outside of
the town.





1. Right near the 4th rune after the granny rags and
slackjaw scene.

11. Schematics

Mission one- None

Mission Two- (2x) Help Griff From the thugs 

Mission Three- None

Mission Four- 1x Near the start where the CART is and the lever
controlling it.

Mission Five - Near the Start of the Mission (Sticky Grenades)