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by Shotgunnova

                             G A M E   O F   T H E   Y E A R   E D I T I O N
   _________________/}   {\_________________________________________________
  �����������������| {   } |�������������������������������������������������
 |����\  |�|  /��\ | |   | |  ,-'-.  |��\  |�|  ,-'-.  |����\  |�����| |����\
 | |�\ \ | | ( (�� | |___| | / .-. \ |   \ | | / .-. \ | |�) ) | |_��  | |�\ \
 | |  ) )| |  \ \  |  ___  |( (   ) )| (\ \) |( (   ) )|  � (  |  _|   | |  ) )
 | |_/ / | ) __) ) | |   | | \ '-' / | | \   | \ '-' / | |�\ \ | |___  | |_/ /
 |____/  (/ /___/  | |   | |  '-.-'  |_|  \__|  '-.-'  |_|  )_)|_____| |____/
  _________________| {   } |_________________________________________________
   �����������������\}   {/�������������������������������������������������
   FAQ & WALKTHROUGH -by- Shotgunnova/P. Summers (shotgunnova a+ gmail.c0m)

    I. CONTROLS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CNTR
   II. TH' BASICS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . THBS

       Story ............................................................ STRY
       Chaos Levels ..................................................... CHLV
       Tips N' Tricks ................................................... TPST

  III. WALKTHROUGH (CHAPTERS) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WLKT

       01) Dishonored ................................................... WK01
       02) High Overseer Campbell ....................................... WK02
       03) House of Pleasure ............................................ WK03
       04) The Royal Physician .......................................... WK04
       05) Lady Boyle's Last Party ...................................... WK05
       06) Return to the Tower .......................................... WK06
       07) The Flooded District ......................................... WK07
       08) The Loyalists ................................................ WK08
       09) The Light at the End ......................................... WK09

   IV. DLC  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . DWNL

       Dunwall City Trials .............................................. DLC1
       The Knife of Dunwall ............................................. DLC2
       The Brigmore Witches ............................................. DLC3

    V. APPENDICES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . APPN

       Achievements/Trophies ............................................ ACHV
       Bone Charm Overview .............................................. BNCO
       Collectibles List ................................................ CLLC
       Coin Locations ................................................... CNLC
       Gadget Overview .................................................. GDGO
       Powers Overview .................................................. PWRO
       Upgrades ......................................................... PGRD

   VI. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FAQZ
  VII. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTIONS  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . UPDT
 VIII. LEGALITY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LGLT

I. CONTROLS                                                              [CNTR]
 Here's the default ("Type A") control scheme for Dishonored. Players can go
 all the way to Type D configurations, but can't reassign buttons specifically.
  ___________ _______________________________________________________________
 | BUTTON    | FUNCTION                                                      |
 | D-Pad     | Shortcuts for assigned powers/weapons                         |
 | Start     | Toggle pause                                                  |
 | PS Button | Toggle PS3 menu overlay                                       |
 | Select    | Toggle journal                                                |
 | Circle    | Toggle stealth mode                                           |
 | Square    | "Use" button (hold to sheath currently carried weapons)       |
 | Triangle  | Hold to lean out from cover (also for Adrenaline-based kills) |
 | X-Button  | Jump button (hold to do an Agility-boosted double jump)       |
 | L1 Button | Use selected gadget/powered in left hand                      |
 | L2 Button | Hold to access gadget/power wheel                             |
 | L3 Button | Toggle sprinting                                              |
 | R1 Button | Use melee weapon                                              |
 | R2 Button | Hold to block melee attacks (only if weapon's out, of course) |
 | R3 Button | Toggle zoom (use Square to zoom further, if applicable)       |
 | L. Analog | Controls movement                                             |
 | R. Analog | Controls camera point of view                                 |

 Other options available that can be tampered with:

 � Vibration
 � X- and Y-axis sensitivity
 � Invert Y
 � Auto aim
 � Auto aim strength (only works while auto aim is enabled)
 � Aim assist
 � Aim assist strength (only works if aim assist is enabled)
 � Automatically use mana elixirs if current power is unusable
 � Kill Cam mode (normal or frequent; can't be disabled)
 � Difficulty (easy, normal, hard, very hard)
 � Auto-save in journal
 � Head bobbing amount (some find this nausea-inducing and lower it way down)
 � Chain climbing is relative to camera POV

 Additional notes:

 � Entering sneak mode (O) while running initiates a slide
 � When in low health, D-Pad Right is used for a quick healing prompt
 � Higher jumps (hold X-button) require having the first rank of Agility
 � Adrenaline Kills (Triangle) require having the Blood Thirsty power
 � Additional zoom requires having the second Mask Optics upgrade 

II. TH' BASICS                                                           [THBS]

STORY                           [STRY]
 From Steam:

 "Dishonored is set in Dunwall, an industrial whaling city where strange
 steampunk-inspired technology and otherworldly forces coexist in the shadows.
 You are the once-trusted bodyguard of the beloved Empress. Framed for her
 murder, you become an infamous assassin, known only by the disturbing mask
 that has become your calling card. In a time of uncertainty, when the city is
 besieged by plague and ruled by a corrupt government armed with industrial
 technologies, dark forces conspire to bestow upon you abilities beyond those
 of any common man �- but at what cost? The truth behind your betrayal is as
 murky as the waters surrounding the city, and the life you once had is gone

CHAOS LEVELS                    [CHLV]
 Dishonored allows players to be as bloody or virtuous as they want, and the
 representative stat is "chaos". Yes, Corvo's actions affect the plague-ridden
 city's fate. (After completing a mission, the level's chaos will be rated; if
 it isn't what one wants, the option to replay is given.)

 To start, high chaos naturally represents violence. Killing opponents and
 targets makes the rating jump, and this includes situations in which Corvo
 perform an act whose repercussions aren't felt immediately (like choosing to
 poison a certain distillery's still).

 Low chaos represents a gentle hand and kindness. Sparing targets of any type
 reduces the rating, and there are occasionally some ways to save NPCs from
 death or imprisonment. In general, players on a low-chaos path are stealthy
 and use nonlethal methods in thier travels.

 Chaos levels will affect several things. If Corvo's been raising a murderous
 hubbub, missions will contain more guards and rat swarms and NPCs may perish
 or treat Corvo hostilely. Inversely, if Corvo is a veritable saint, NPCs will
 be kinder to him, and levels will contain fewer guards. Rat swarms, which are
 a telltale sign of increased death rate, also decrease, making progression a
 bit easier.

TIPS N' TRICKS                  [TPST]
 Here's some general tips. As usual, any reader who has a good tip can write
 in and I'll probably stick it in the section (provided it's not a duplicate
 or something).

 � The game will make an autosave for each campaign chapter (it will say
   something like "MISSION - Dishonored", etc.) which can be used for clean
   restarts in case of glitchiness.

 � Blink is hands-down the most-used, most-useful power. Teleporting around
   is a shortcut to just about everything, and knowing the ins and outs of a
   level make it that much faster. Upgrade it as soon as possible. Same goes
   for Dark Vision, whose "see enemies and items through walls" function is
   almost as great.

 � Speaking of powers, remember that mana regenerates a bit when supernatural
   abilities (besides passives) are used. This is denoted in the vial icon,
   and will refill a certain degree if left alone. This means using powers in
   quick succession is immensely wasteful, and for high-cost abilities like
   Bend Time or Possession, that sloppiness eats through mana reserve quickly.
 � Part of the fun in playing Dishonored is trying out the different chaos
   levels, which change level layouts slightly and challenge oneself. Those
   pursuing particular chaos levels (or even no-kill/no-alert runs) would be
   wise to save often! The game will recap these stats at a mission's end, but
   otherwise, a player has to keep track.

 � Learn the finer techniques of the game. In runs where one kills foes, it's
   great to master parrying and drop assassinations.

 � Animal kills (hounds, river krusts, rats, hagfish) don't count as kills in
   the post-mission overview, so no-kill players can still eliminate some of
   those pesky nuisances. Same thing applies to killing gravehounds (DLC-only).

___________________________________________________/ III. WALKTHROUGH [WLKT] |_
1) DISHONORED                                                            [WK01]
 Runes ---: -
 Charms --: -
 Shrines -: -
 Paintings: -
 Coins ---: 1000

 Coins ---: 0/1000

 This first part is a tutotial level of sorts, letting one get the bearings
 for the gameplay. After landing at the tower and traversing the loch, one
 meets Emily, the empress' daughter. She'll want to play hide and seek -- feel
 free to do it, since it teaches one necessary stealth skills for later.

 Jessamine waits in the upper pavilion, an easy area to follow since most of
 the area is gated off. Deliver the letter, and prepare to fight assassins
 once Emily sounds the alarm. R1 swings and L1 uses whatever's in the left
 hand, a pistol in this case. R2 blocks, and if done when an opponent is doing
 their melee lunge, parries it. Parried opponents are disarmed and knocked off
 guard momentarily, letting one cut them down.

 After the miniature battle, simply watch the remaining scenes.
 Coins: 390 (390/1000)            |�������������������������|
         _____     ____           | *: Coins                |
    _   |  ___### |   *|          | A: Corvo's Cell (START) |
 ##| |  |___  | # |_  *|__        | B: Yard Walkway         |
 # | |___ __| | #   | �   |       | C: Interrogation Room   |
 # | |***| *__| #   |  C* |       | D: Prison Yard          |
 # | |_  |B|__  #  _|_   _|       | E: Control Room Section |
 # |         *| ##|2 _   *|       | F: River Access         |
 #  ����������    |___|  _|_      |_________________________|
 #######����|�����|         |
       |  __      |         |  The real fun begins when "a friend" gives Corvo
       |____|_   _|    D *  |  his meal: stale bread and the cell key. Snatch
            |     |         |  the table's sword and coins (25/1010) before
            |     | | |_    |  eavesdropping on the hallway guards. There's a
       _____|_   _|_|_  |___|  tutorial on how to do so, should one be unaware.
      |___    |   * |      *|
          |_        | E |���|  When they split up, it's possible to kill all
            | | | |A|      *|  three stealthily in one go. Those seeking to do
            |_|_|_|_|   |_  |  no harm/alerts will have to pick them off one
                    |   |   |  by one as their patrols loop. Make sure to hide
                    |       |  the bodies somewhere good, like Corvo's cell,
             _______|   |___|  because improper stashing may add to the "found
            |               |  bodies" tally towards the end. Two guards carry
            |        F      |  20 and 50 coins, respectively. (95/1010)
            |__        _____|  
               \   ___/        Clean out the weapons rack for a pistol/health,
             ___) |      and proceed to the ensuing maintenance passage. The
       EXIT-|_____|      stairway is locked, but luckily a small climb on the
                         pipework accomplishes the same. There's a ton of food
 and 44 coins (139/1010) in this area. The next door leads to the 2F balcony,
 where a guard may be calling for his buddies. Neutralize him for his walkway
 key, and take the coin on the bench (149/1010) before continuing on.

 Corvo's in the Yard Walkway section now. Pocket change from the apparatus
 nearby (159/1010) and head down the hallway to find a guard passing by. Take
 the pouch on the ground (169/1010) and nix the copper. There's no further
 foes spawned in the area, however, letting one approach the interrogation
 room without a fuss. Nab the bench coins (184/1010) before continuing, since
 they're easy to miss.

 Inside the room is an audiograph, letter and coins (196/1010) to inspect,
 plus a sword if one somehow missed it. The back room contains two more piles
 of coins (221/1010), plus the safe containing the clockwork explosive. Taking
 it spawns a guard in the far hallway, opening access to the main yard. If one
 is quick, he can be silently eliminated before his scripted conversation

 If the conversation starts, it's best to let the two go about their regular
 patrol. The door-opener stands by the stairway; the second guy walks around.
 It's possible to sneak around the periphery of the room in any direction,
 but is easier along the one the patroller doesn't bother with. This lets one
 quickly eliminate the inert doofus, then sneak up on his cohort. Hide bodies
 in a good place, like behind the two dumpster-like objects. One guy carries
 a pouch (241/1010) and more coins are on the bench. (256/1010)

 Creep up the stairs to hear guards chatting about the empress. Take this time
 to steal behind the metal barricades, giving prime position to snatch the 1st
 warden. That just leaves the other two watchmen, both pacing their portions of
 the guard station. Both sections have broken windows to hop through and take
 the target unwares; the longer one's door is a good observation point, too.
 Coin-wise, the guards cough up 75 total (331/1010), the crate outside the
 station's smaller section has 15 (346/1010), and the larger interior has 24
 more to find. (370/1010)

 Pull the door switch to find two guards patrolling the vestibule. When one
 patrols the upper half and is obscured by machinery, neutralize the lower guy
 who never moves. The upper guy eventually stops with his back to the stairs,
 which might as well be a "KILL ME, I SUCK" message to Corvo. There's a bin
 nearby to stash bodies, which acquires the guards' pouches in the process --
 the last bit o' jingling goodness in this prison level. (400/1010)

 Those wanting to avoid found bodies should stash them somewhere in a good
 out-of-the-way place (high pipes?) here, because when Corvo plants the bomb
 and all hell breaks loose, more guards appear out of thin air. They'll easily
 spot Corvo's sloppy stiff-stashing. Similarly, stashing corpses in the trash
 bin seems like a good idea, but often results in deaths for some reason.
 Luckily, they mostly appear back at the guard station, giving Corvo time to
 jump into the river below, more so if he climbed over the main door. (Don't
 bother descending along the cliff, unless being spotted by perimeter guards
 is the goal.)

 Swim to the other side of the dammed-up area -- hopefully far enough from the
 spanning wall where two guards wait -- and alight to the sewers. It'll be
 easy to gauge stealth here: if Corvo's disappeared properly, no pursuers will
 appear. If his high-profile idiocy has done the opposite, expect a possible
 shootout right on his tail. Either way, the only way forward...and if smells
 are anything to go by, it ain't pretty...
______________________                 ,----.      /   )_____
����������������������               ,'   * _)    / / /   * *\
PART 3: DUNWALL SEWERS              (      | (___/*/\        /
______________________              |  EXIT|I __  /**\/     /��\
����������������������              (      |_/ / /\/     (�/  _ \
 Coins: 610 (1000/1000)              \_____/  (_/  \   H  �  (=\ \
                                                    \      /\ \=\ \
                                                     '.__,'  ) )=) )
             |���������������������|                        / (=/ /
             | * - Coins           |                       /___� /
             | A - Entrance        |                      /* *G /
             | B - Sewer Proper    |                     (___  (
             | C - Door Crank 1    |                     | | | |
             | D - Rat Room        |                Safe-|* �  |
             | E - Climbable Chain |                     |F|___|
             | F - Door Crank 2    |             Hidden -|* * *|
             | G - Drop-Down Hole  |           Supplies  ) |�| )
             | H - Main Guard Area |        _______ ____/ _ � /
             | I - Wrenhaven River |       |      *|* ___/=) /
             |_____________________|       |=====|E  |====/ /
                                           |_   ___|* ���� /
          ________   ______ ___ _    ___     | |    �| |���
         |        |_|  |_* |   | |__|_  |   _| |_    | |
         |===  ==========]   C          |_,'     |   |*|
         |_ B ____|�|______|___|_  \  | |    _   |    �
           | |                   \  )_|     [D]  |
           | |                    )  ___|________|
          _| |_                   |_|_|
         |     |____
         |      __  |_    The escape is almost stifled by a locked gate right
         |_____|  |_  |   inside the passage...but quick crate climbing shows
                    |A|   the cramped way forward. It also demonstrates the
                    |_|   ravenous rat swarm's power -- pests worth avoiding.

 Past the guards' area is the first stretch of the sewers, containing another
 rat swarm. Note how their single-minded bloodthirst can be redirected with
 corpses? Something worth remembering. Use the waterway and swim onward, into
 the adjacent area, which contains a small staircase. In the shadowy corner
 under the cement eaves is a few coins on old machinery (411/1010).

 Clear the crank to open the next shutter, leading into a spacious room used
 as a sly corpse-dumping ground. The guards above can't spot Corvo, so bait
 the rat swarm with a body, and quickly open the shutter into the ensuing
 sewers. A chain here leads upward, but don't forget to grab any goodies and
 coins near the bonfire and shelf. (431/1010)

 Above, hop off the chain to find a higher sewer system. The tripwires here
 trigger deadly traps, but disarming the launchers will earn incendiary bolts
 as rewards. The chain hole has two alcoves, containing coins and copper wire,
 on either side (462/1010). With those collected, hop into the water to loot
 the poor sap caught in the storm drain (482/1010). Note the small dead-end
 tunnel nearby? Climbing the upper walkway lets one bypass the tripwire and
 get the table loot. (553/1010)

 Further along the main passage is a coin-strewn mattress (582/1010), itself
 only a stone's throw from the trunk Corvo's "friends" left behind. Its dusty
 reaches contain a slick retractable sword and a one-handed crossbow, perfect
 for stealth assassinations. The two bodies alongside this area have coins to
 take (597/1010), and the well-lit nook has some, too. (647/1010).

 The trunk's key opens the next door...leading right to a tripwire! A running
 slide gets under it, or one can bash open the boarded-up wall to jimmy the
 launcher. The locked safe's combination -- 451 -- is written behind whiskey
 bottles on a shelf on one side; it contains a jewelry box. (697/1010)

 Climb into the next area to find some junk surrounding a drop-down point
 containing chatting guards. As they talk, loot the old vehicle (737/1010) and
 oil cabinet (767/1010); the latter is easy to miss. The trooper below will
 eventually be left alone, letting one drop-assassinate or KO him as he faces
 his rat kebobs. (777/1010)

 This damp path bends around to three more guards. An ascending rock wall goes
 up to the pipework, giving a perfect overlook, though remaining unnoticed
 while dealing with the foes can be a bit harder. One guy is a lone wolf (AKA
 weak link) rarely in sight of the other two, so the hardest part of engaging
 is them. The best time I've found is when both are near the barbecue, one
 facing it, the other (somewhat behind him) facing the canal. KOing takes a
 time, so nab the water-gazer, then the hungry guy. Each of the three guards
 contains money, 35 total. (817/1010)

 That marks the end of any opposition in this level, letting one have some fun
 exploring. First order of business: breaking through the boarded-up section
 of the waterway, not far from where the sentries would walk. The bottom level
 has some loot (847/1010) and, if one climbs the crates and pipes, an extra
 bounty sits on the cement sill. (890/1010)

 In the main room, off to one side, is a sluicegate with a few items scattered
 around a sink (900/1010); a corpse nearby has some hemlock essence (920/1010).
 Next, leave this murky hellhole behind and break out into fresher air. Crack
 the dumpster (930/1010) en route to the riverside, where Samuel waits. He'll
 try to get Corvo to accompany him immediately, but hold off -- there's a
 sunken chest right nearby that contains the final goodies. (1010/1010).

 Coins: 1115

 The pub is the base of operations from now on, a pre- and post-chapter area
 from which Corvo and his gang can plot their schemes. For now, enter the F1
 bar and approach the wo men (Admiral Havelock, Lord Treavor Pendleton) for a
 scene. They'll direct one to Piero Joplin, the garage's artificer who'll act
 as the vendor and gearmaker. Help him out by fetching a fresh tank of whale
 oil from upstairs, then plugging it into the machine. This seems menial, but
 knowing the way around those tanks will be useful in the long run.

 Piero, too, suggests resting, although there's many supplies/coins to find
 before then. Sometimes the game removes minor sources of loot upon resting,
 so striking while the iron's hot is always wise. (To be fair, minor sources
 changing makes sense, especially for items owned by other NPCs, so this may
 be intentional.) All coins 1115 coins can be collected before sleeping. The
 one on the pub's exterior vent will require a running jump, though.
                   _|     |                          |���������������������|
                  |    H  |                          | *: Coins            |
               ___| |_____|___________               | A: Docks (Samuel)   |
              |  *     *              |              | B: Piero's Workshop |
              |            _         _|_             | C: Hound Pits Pub   |
              |_  *     * |*|  _____| I |            | D: Brewery          |
                | | ����������| ****|_  |            | E: Emily's Tower    |
                | | C********    D  |  _|___         | F: Samuel's Shack   |
                | |__*********|_____|   | * |_____   | G: Hound Pits       |
                |  _____��   �|          �|�|     |  | H: Abandoned Apt.   |
                | | *** |   * |_          |       |  | I: Sewer Access     |
             ___|*| *B         _          | |  G  |  |_____________________|
            |  _  |_____| | | |*F    *      (_____|____
       _____| |___  |    _| |_|*|_______,'�\___________|_
      /      _|*E*| |___|* A _ �|                        |_______
     /*       |___| |  (  /   | |          ______         _____  |
    (_______|__   __|  | (    |_|         |______|       |_____| |
     \         |_|     ( |     _                          _____  |
      \         *       \)  __/ \_                       |     | |
       �������������'.     |______)*                     |_____| |
                      '.         *                               |
 An overview of this area: The pub itself is the focal point, a four-story
 building housing the bar, NPCs' bedrooms, and Corvo's top-floor quarters.
 It's adjacent to the brewery and Piero's garage. The tower meant for Emily
 is nearer to the waterfront, accessed by the pub's top floor window and
 ramshackle ramp. The Hound Pits' dogfighting building, and the abandoned
 apartment opposite the pub, are inaccessible right now.

 Sleep upstairs when ready. After awakening, Corvo will be in an otherworldly
 dreamscape of sorts...though nightmarescape may be more fitting. Ascend to
 find the Outsider, a folkloric figure who reveals this is the Void, and he's
 got some powers to bestow.

 One can now use "Blink," a magic used to teleport short distances. It works
 best for flat, horizontal lunges, though it can be aimed upwards, too, which
 gives a distance penalty. Aiming at ledges, outcroppings, and the like will
 display the destination beacon as arrows -- this means, after teleporting,
 Corvo will climb up safely. Blink is the most basic of the basic, and has an
 trophy for purchasing/upgrading no other abilities.

 The rest of the area is a linear obstacle course to try out Blink, with a
 few chests containing Piero's Spiritual Remedies -- a.k.a. mana potions. The
 Outsider will appear once one advances past the spiral staircase region, and
 bestows "The Heart" -- a creepy device that can locate bone charms and runes,
 Outsider-related trinkets that can increase one's power. (Runes will upgrade
 abilities; charms bestow small powers when equipped.) Pointing the Heart at
 NPCs, and using L1, will reveal secrets about them.

 Equipping the rune adds extra destination markers for charms and runes; these
 disappear if unequipped. Note that the Heart only highlights their areas; it
 doesn't force them to appear. If a long-timer already knows their locations,
 for instance, they can make a beeline there without using the Outsider's gift.
 Either way, newcomers will want to make the 120-meter journey through the
 ruined tower to the shrine.

 Taking the rune ends the area, and starts the next mission immediately.

 These are in-game feats that will be listed in the after-mission screen. Many
 don't have any long-term effect -- they're just for fun.

 � unlocked Jelly's safe
 � discovered the hermit's room
 � found the sunken treasure
2) HIGH OVERSEER CAMPBELL                                                [WK02]
 Runes ---: 7
 Charms --: 5
 Shrines -: 1
 Paintings: 1
 Coins ---: 3794

 New Coins: ---

 ** NOTE ** 
 When waking up, those who have any DLC packs (Arcane Assassin, Shadow Rat,
 Acrobatic Killer, Backstreet Butcher) will find those items have appeared in
 the room. Each pack gives 500 gold, 3 bone charms and a mystical statuette
 that gives +1 bone charms equipped. Note that the latter isn't an item, per
 se; it appears in the inventory's upgrades slot.

 Those who don't have any DLC packs will be encouraged to find a riverside
 rune, which spawns for everyone. It's ~120m from Corvo's room, on a rock past
 the locked Hound Pits building. Personally, I would upgrading Dark Vision
 first, since its second ability highlights all consumables, coins/loot,
 guards, sound, etc. It's immensely useful and that's almost undersellin' it.
 Blink requires 3 runes to be upgraded, but is a good second pick, so start

 To continue, speak with Havelock in the bar to learn the first target: High
 Overseer Campbell. Samuel, now and always, will provide transport to the next
 area when ready. Callista, one of Havelock's subordinates, will plead for her
 uncle's life to be spared, as she suspects he'll be poisoned. His life is in
 Corvo's hands, too! (For those who don't remember, Geoff Curnow accompanied
 the Lord Protector in the pre-prison level.)

 Pietro will provide services once Havelock's been spoken to, so take him up
 on the offer. What one desires will probably depend on whether they're going
 to be assassinating everything in sight or stealthily coldcocking half the
 city's population. Both will benefit from crossbow improvements; don't forget
 to get Sleep Darts as well, for the gentler route.

 Talk to Samuel to leave. Be sure to get any loot sources before leaving, as
 they may change when Corvo returns. (The NPCs have interesting lines as well,
 and will as the game progresses. Exhaust their lines and use the Heart for
 their secrets.)

                      ___| |-SAMUEL/EXIT
                     |_   _|_____
                     |     |_  � |____
                     |___|   |___|    |       |���|�������������������������|
                     |    _____|      |       | � | Charm, Rune or Painting |
                     |      ___   ____|       | A | Endoria Street          |
                     |    _|   | |    |       | B | Granny Rags' Place      |
                     |   |  O  | |  P |       | C | Bottle Street           |
                     |   |_____| |  __|       | D | Distillery Entrance     |
                  ___|     |   _____  |       | E | Griff's Shop            |
        _____    |    _       |     | |       | F | Art Dealer's Apartment  |
       |     |___|  N� |   |  |     | |       | G | Distillery Building     |
       |  �  |_  |_____|      |_____| |       | H | Clavering Boulevard     |
       |_____|  ___________|___   ____|_      | I | Dr. Galvani's Offices   |
           |   |                        |     | J | Holger Square Entrance  |
           |   |     �  L  ��           |     | K | Archives Wing           |
           | | |    ____   ___          |     | L | High Overseer's Office  |
           | | |   |          |  M K    |     | M | Kennels (at B1 Level)   |
           |_  |   |          |         |     | N | Backyard: Workshop      |
            _| |___|_   __   _|_________|     | O | Backyard: Bunkhouse     |
           |                  |         |     | P | Backyard: Mess Hall     |
           |____   |_   __   _|_       _|     |___|_________________________|
                |  |________  |  _| |_|
                |__|        |___|     |-Martin
                                |_   _|
                                 _| |_     __
                                _)   (    )  )
                              _|  �   \  /  /
                             |   |�\   \/  /
                             |_  |  \     /      ________
                              _| |___)   (______|        |__________
                             |_____       ____  |        G__        |
                             |     |     |    | |__   \  |    |_  � |
                             |    I        F    |  |   )�|__|       |
                             |    _|_    |____| |__|D|_|     �������
                              ���|   |H _|___   ___    |
                               __|���    |_ E  |   |  _|
                              |__   _   _  |_ �|___|C  |
                              |      | |_    |_|       |
                       _ _____|______|  _ A _______ B _|___
                START-| | _______  ->| |->   | |   |   � � |_
                      |__/       |_|�| |�����   ���| |_____|�|
                                     | |           |  _   ___|
                                     |_|           |___|_|
________________________              �
 CHARMS : 1 (1/5)
 RUNES -: 2 (2/7)
 SHRINES: 1 (1/1)
 COINS -: 490 (490/3794)
 PNTINGS: --- 

 Samuel docks a ways from the ruined city bridge, no doubt broken to contain
 the plague. Creep forward and neutralize the lower guard, then approach the
 female survivor carrying the first coin pouch (5/3794). There's copper wire
 on the dumpster stack next to her. (15/3794)

 Ignore the bridge area for now, since it's part of Clavering Boulevard and
 that'll go in a later section. Endoria Street hits Clavering perpendicularly,
 and a dumpster near where the male NPC is walking has wire inside. (25/3794)
 There's a few health potions at the dead end near there, too.

 Go in the opposite direction, past the district map and mini blockade. There
 will be a corpse on the sidewalk with a pouch underneath (30/3794); every so
 often that man spawns alive instead. The nearby apartment is Granny Rags'
 place, and though its front door is locked, the balcony is wide open. Ignore
 entry for now and blink up to the thin, street-spanning roof. From here, one
 can spy a corpse of Slackjaw's scout, containing bolts and coin. (50/3794)

 Enter Granny's house and collect the downstairs loot: sleep bolts, a mana
 potion and 100 coins worth of souvenirs. (150/3794) The back alley accessible
 only from her house contains a rune and the level's only Outsider shrine. For
 reference, most shrines will contain a rune and have that void-colored glow,
 plus give an appearance from the Outsider himself. It's possible what he
 says is affected by one's chaos levels.

 Speak with Granny to start a small event where three "gentleman callers" --
 thugs from the Bottle Street Gang -- rap on her door. Neutralizing them will,
 after reporting to Gran, spawn another rune in the 2F boat room. Those who're
 going the stealthy route may want to use the upper balcony area with those
 sleep bolts; everyone else can gun 'em down on the stoop. They do carry some
 coins between 'em, too. (180/3794) Granny will also want the player to poison
 the gang's still with supplies stolen from Dr. Galvani...interesting...

 Continue down the road to reach Bottle Street, little more than a filthy alley
 leading to the distillery. Take the supplies from the barrelhead (200/3794),
 including sleep bolts, and go down the side alley, in Clavering's direction.
 There, one will find two thugs harassing Griff, a resident shopkeeper. One
 will carry some gold. (210/3794) Break down the barricade to save Griff and
 he'll offer his wares, though they have jacked-up prices:

 Sokolov's Elixir -------------- 200
 Guard Bullets ----------------- 50
 Blueprint: Lens Magnification - 200
 Blueprint: Sokolov's Formula -- 200
 Sleep Darts ------------------- 100
 Bolts ------------------------- 50
 Rewire Tool ------------------- 200

 Griff will then walk outside and wait in front of the stairway from now on.
 It's worth mentioning that, if Griff is never saved in this section, he'll
 appear as a weeper later, and none of his wares will be available (naturally).
 Loot his store for a few coins (225/3794), then use the old bathroom to reach
 2F, where there's a geological survey map to steal. (300/3794) Oh, and a bone

 Now it's time to loot the rest of this back-alley dump, sans the art dealer's
 apartment, which is currently locked at all entrances. Find Griff and spy the
 upper flat opposite him, only higher. Blink up there for some loot (350/3794)
 and blink to the abandoned apartment's balcony, which has far more trinkets
 and coin to appropriate, not to mention a rewire tool, sleep bolts and health
 elixirs -- 140 in all. (490/3794)

 That's all the coins in this neck of the woods. Ignore the nagging destination
 icon and head into the distillery, where easily missable loot awaits.

 CHARMS : 1 (2/5)
 RUNES -: ---
 COINS -: 342 (832/3794 Total)

 This is a hostile gang-controlled zone, and outside of the stairway thug who
 suggests Corvo scrams, will attack on sight just like normal spooked guards.
 Looting this area quietly will require using the distillery's plentiful pipe
 routes and shadows, although considering how many foes are here, it's not a
 bad idea to just get everyone out of the way at once. (Makes looting easier,
 plus there's an trophy for engaging 5 enemies and killing all of 'em. The
 inner distillery has a bootleg elixir still for healing, so feel free to
 waste some out here.)

 Only two of the yard thugs carry gold, 35 total (525/3794), however. Anyway,
 for static loot, right at the entrance, use the upward plank path to find
 herbs on the pipes. (545/3794). This upper route gives easy access to the old
 railway building's roof, which has a basket with a grenade and bullets inside.
 Blink down to level ground and nix the nearest patrollers, letting Corvo get
 the ore and pouch near the firelit sitting area (595/3794). There's three more
 copper wire deposits to find: one near the refinery entrance, one in the cell
 alongside it, and one in a garbage pile kitty-corner from the entrance. That's
 the final thirty coins in the outdoor area. (625/3794).

 The interior guards, though plentiful, only carry a pittance as well -- 40
 total! (675/3794) With them out of the way, one way or another, it's time to
 get the rest of the loot. Nearest to the entrance is the control room, which
 has lockers with wire and hemlock essence. (705/3794) The crank opens a way
 into the adjacent supply room, containing ammo, grenades, elixirs and a few
 trinkets to boost one's purse. (755/3794)

 Hop down from the control booth and find the couch nearby; there's a fiver in
 the ashtray. (760/3794) Continue to the back storage area, and be careful if
 one uses the lower route, which is booby-trapped. The 2F platform contains 10
 coins (770/3794) and hemlock essence (790/3794), while the downstairs locker
 has thirty-one coins (821/3794) to nab. Finally, in Slackjaw's noticeably
 empty office, there's 11 coins under the stairway (832/3794). Be sure to use
 the still here to make extra health elixirs, if needed.

 Finally, get the bone charm above this area's stairway -- it's on a high
 rafter, and will probably require a barrel to act as a blink stepping stone.

 CHARMS : 1 (1/5)
 RUNES -: 1 (4/7)
 COINS -: 280 (1112/3794)

 Finally, we wind back to the area's main thoroughfare, Clavering Boulevard.
 This stretches from the ruined bridge/waterfront, through the residential
 district's walls of light, and ends at the doorstep of Holger Square. Not as
 far as it seems, though all areas are guarded...

 First, the waterfront. Eliminate the guard closest to the wall of light and
 stash his body somewhere, lest a residential guard come running. (842/3794)
 Next, eliminate the three body-dumpers on the bridge in the preferred fashion,
 earning three pouches, 30 in total. (872/3794) Outside the railing the trio
 was tossing stiffs, there's a pipe running the length of the bridge. Use this
 to get around the stalled shutter, earning 100 coins (972/3794) and the third
 bone charm.

 Next, loot the guard station -- if not done already -- for a springrazor,
 rewire tool and some potions. Rewiring walls of light gives a free barrier
 from pursuers and rats, but will disintegrate the loot they carry, giving it
 a potentially major downside. The first time a guard is evaporated in this
 manner, a trophy will trigger.

 Regardless, near the guard station is a roof with kingsparrow feathers on it,
 which can be reached by blinking and climbing, avoiding the need to waste any
 resources at the Wall (982/3794). One of the watchmen in this area, often in
 spitting distance of the wall of light, holds a pouch (992/3794). When the
 coast's clear, search near the motorized carriage for a tyvian ore basket and
 a pouch on corpses, 50 in all. (1042/3794)

 Before bothering with Galvani's offices, let's clear out the rest of this
 street. Approaching the second wall of light has a small scene, ending with
 guards returning to patrol -- perfect mugging time. Do away with the final
 wall of light and perch on the neaby carriage, containing two more tyvian ore
 deposits (1082/3794). The guards here don't carry anything, so eliminating
 'em isn't too hard, with their splintered patrols and -- on high chaos -- a
 high chance rats kill a couple. The guard booth contains the fourth rune in
 the level, plus some other goodies.

 Finally, the side alley near the guard booth contains three crooks fighting
 over a dead guard's earnings. Refrain from disturbing 'em -- their row kills
 all but one, who can then be picked off. The take is thirty gold, split among
 two thugs (1112/3794). NOTE: Technically these guys are on Bottle Street, but
 since the distillery yard is isolated and the two halves aren't connected too
 well, I'm not going to do any confusing switches.

 Those who want to go to Holger Square for the main mission can do so at this
 time, while those eager to assist Granny can go to Galvani's offices.

 CHARMS : ---
 RUNES -: ---
 COINS -: 425 (1537/3794)

 Though there's two entrances into the building, the walkthrough will assume
 one went in at the front door. Three guards inhabit the 1F grounds, and all
 split up, so neutralizing them should be rather easy. This lets one acquire
 the single coin from a dresser near the entrance (1113/3794) and herbs from
 the rat-filled room by the kitchen (1133/3794). The key into the pantry is
 hanging right by the table, and said structure provides safe rat-whacking
 capabilities, too.

 Creep upstairs to the bickering lovebirds, then pick off the maid when she
 goes to clean the bedroom. Nab the pocketwatch (1183/3794) and enter the
 dining room. A table map (1258/3794) and antechamber chest pouch (1283/3794)
 are ripe for the taking, as is the safe. The combination is 2-8-7, alluded to
 in Galvani's bedroom journal and written explicitly on an upstairs blackboard.
 It contains 200 coins worth of ingots (1483/3794).

 On the third floor lab, grab the whale oil on the chem lab table (1513/3794)
 and smash a cabinet near the audiograph for more coins (1524/3794). One of
 the bookshelves here hides a secret room, and should be easily found thanks
 to the telltale drag marks underneath it. It contains the final coins in the
 level (1537/3794), plus bull rat viscera for Granny Rags' dubious scheme.

 That's all that's left in this area! Three watchmen will spawn below in this
 time, but they carry nothing of importance, so avoiding them is fine.

 ** NOTE **
 To complete Granny Rags' quest, return to the Dunwall Distillery's back
 office and operate the still. The option to infect the water with the rat
 viscera appears when inspecting the valve. Be sure to milk the valve for as
 free health elixirs before doing this! Once done, report the "good" news to
 Granny, spawning another rune in the upstairs boat room.

 CHARMS : ---
 RUNES -: ---
 COINS -: 291 (1828/3794)

 Immediately on arrival, there's a chance to coldcock a guard and rescue the
 admiral's ally, Overseer Martin, who'll return to the pub on his own. (Free
 him with the side lever.) To continue, blink over the locked gate to find
 some guards discussing the heretic's brand, used to banish people from their
 religious order. Hearing this convo gives a new destination in the archives
 building, for checking up on the tidbit.

 There's four guards in this area: two who stay outside, one who patrols in
 and out of the security checkpoint, and another who stays only in said
 checkpoint. With them out of the way, one can freely get the tyvian ore on
 the parked carriage (1557/3794) and a bit of wire under the commodity stack
 right near it (1567/3794).

 Go through the checkpoint building -- which is loaded with ammo types -- to
 reach Holger Square proper, where Campbell's office building and the Overseer
 archives are located. Only one guard patrols the street, and once he's done
 with, look for a sidewalk pouch along his route (1667/3794). Next, descend
 the stairs near the checkpoint's exit. The higher pipe can be climbed to get
 a war medal (1767/3794), while the smaller overflow passage contains 11 coins
 en route to the kennels' maintenance room (1778/3794). Ignore the kennels
 entrance for now, though.

 The main courtyard has another pouch, right under the archives-side stairway,
 immediately after exiting that maintenance room (1788/3794). If one can get
 to the office building's main entrance, there'll be two drainage chambers
 accessed by knee-high crawlspaces -- one contains 30 coins total (1818/3794);
 the other reveals Campbell's secret room, plus has an eavesdrop convo where
 one learns his black book is kept with him at all times. The coins on the
 barred window can be taken, but they'll be documented later in this section.

 Finally, the last 10 coins (1828/3794) are located on a third-floor ledge of
 the archives. It's possible to use the courtyard's barbed gate for blinking
 -- if one doesn't mind the health loss -- but potion-saving fanatics have a
 few other ways. Easiest, perhaps, is using the area's first guard booth, then
 using blinking to the ledge via the lamppost.

 The player now has access to the upper archives windows, the overseer office
 building (in same fashion, by following ledge), plus the kennels and even the
 backyard. The office and backyard are mandatory; the archives and kennels are
 optional. The latter can even be missed by inattentive players -- definitely
 did that on my first time!

 The guide will assume the player entered the archives from the upper window.

 RUNES -: 
 COINS -: 1126 (2954/3794)

 The 3F archives makes up a wing of the main building, and is rather isolated,
 with only four guards patrolling the area. One stays in the main library;
 the others walk around a bit, maybe going in the interrogation room or just
 looking out the hallway windows. For the sake of explanation, this entire
 area will be considered the "Archives".

 First, eliminate the guards. Those who don't Dark Vision LV2 to see through
 walls may want to get a bird's-eye view in the library, which provides many
 such hiding places, plus an upper chandelier route in the hallway, for quick
 ingress/getaways. The one in the library cubicle and reading aloud won't go
 anywhere, and could be left alone, if he wasn't by some loot. The others can
 be picked off as they enter/exit the archives. The empty cubicle can be a
 good stashing place, since no one goes in there. (Those using Shadow Kill to
 turn victims into ash won't have this additional problem.)

 Now, for looting. In the library itself, get the pouch under the desk where
 the branding instructions are (1853/3794), then search one of the tinier desks
 on the upper landing for fifteen more (1868/3794). The loud-mouthed overseer
 talking about Corvo stood over a desk containing an Old Coast map (1943/3794).
 In the open-windowed hall, there's 15 coins under a hallway table (1958/3794),
 some hemlock in the branding room (1978/3794), and a final pouch in the stair
 leading to the interrogation room (2003/3794). One of the guards has the key
 to said room, for those that want easy access, although it's possible to use
 pipework in the branding room to blink in as well.

 With the archives wing looted, enter the meeting room past the hall alarm.
 As Curnow and Campbell talk in the next room, quickly loot the best stuff
 from the area: 25 coins under the table (2028/3794), 25 in the nearby locker
 (2053/3794), and a rune above the fireplace. Those who want to save Curnow's
 life should inspect the wine glasses and spill them, or poison Campbell's
 instead. Doing nothing, or poisoning both, will kill Curnow (naturally).

 � The meeting room has a couple glitches. Campbell, Curnow and the overseer
   retinue may become spooked for no apparent reason, causing Curnow to flee
   the premises; Campbell goes into his B1 secret room. (This scenario saves
   Curnow, avoiding the wine event entirely.) Another glitch is Campbell and
   his guests remain locked in that lounge area and there's no way to flush
   'em out.

 If the glasses are spilled, Campbell will instead lead Curnow down to his B1
 hidden room near the kennel entrance. Left to his own devices, Campbell will
 kill Curnow, so Corvo'll have to intervene before then. Assassinate/KO the
 High Overseer as he has the captain observe the painting and the act won't
 be tattled on.

 � The walk to the secret room is much easier if Corvo eliminates incidental
   guards. This eliminates the need to deal with any who also frequent that
   well-lit stairway.

 � Note that during the "walk to the secret room" portion, Curnow's guards'll
   start searching for him. This always happens, so don't think something's
   gone wrong! When Curnow leaves, all but one should leave with him. They
   don't carry anything, so it's not worth tracking them down.

 � If Curnow is somehow knocked out (sleep dart, etc.), his safety is only
   ensured by ferrying him to a safe place -- in this case, the specially
   marked dumpster near the Backyard entrance. Once tossed in, he can't be
   taken out.

 This secret room has some goodies, too, not including the rune: the Sokolov
 painting itself (2353/3794), coins on the barred sill (2364/3794), scattered
 coins on the mattresses (2392/3794) and the decor plate within the display
 case (2542/3794).

 For the remaining goodies in this level, one must clear out 1F main hall --
 the collection box (2629/3794) and the coins beside it (2644/3794), plus
 Grafton's burial urn containing Holger's Gem (2844/3794) in one of the 1F
 display rooms. Don't forget to revisit the room Campbell and Curnow initially
 started in either, which contains a cigarette case (2944/3794) and an extra
 coin on a chair (2954/3794).

 If Campbell is killed, there's nothing else to do...but the nonlethal route
 requires a bit more fun: the Heretic's Brand! Deliver Thaddeus to the archive
 wing's interrogation room, strap him into the chair, and get the branding
 iron from the mini-office overlooking that lower area. (Those who don't have
 the key for the hallway entrance can blink through the bars' pipe opening,
 remember.) One short chemical burn later, Campbell gets a hideous facial scar
 and we get a trophy!

 Martin had said earlier he'd sent Samuel to the Backyard for extraction, and
 that's precisely where the destination is now. However, those who want to
 get all money in this mission will need to visit the isolated Kennels area
 below the archive wing.

 CHARMS : ---
 RUNES -: ---
 COINS -: 315 (3269/3794)

 First things first, neutralize the hallway enemies -- two guards and one
 guard/dog team. Use the pipes that stretch adjacent to the ceiling to get
 good vantage points. One guard contains a small pouch (2979/3794).

 Eliminate the remaining caged dogs in a preferred manner, and open all their
 cages -- "F" requires picking a kennel release lever out of the nearby empty
 cell, which is broken open. Cage A contains a pouch and wire (3039/3794) and
 has a few coins along the wall opposite its entrance (3049/3794).

 The cage between B & C is permanently locked, but can be entered via pipework
 on it ceiling, letting one get its locker goodies and pouch (3099/3794). The
 remaining cage-held items are in "F," containing bodies the game oddly marks
 as "survivors." The pouch/coins combined add up to forty-five (3144/3794).

 Next, loot the miniature guard station. The locker by the bunks contains
 whale oil (3174/3794) and hemlock essence (3194/3794), and the food tray has
 coins by it (3219/3794). A note here mentions hidden loot in the locked hound
 disposal room, its passcode being a reference to the Seven Strictures. Those
 who don't want to seek out the book (such as the one in the survivors' cage)
 can punch in the password: 2-1-7. The reward is sleep darts, some potions
 and 50 coins (3269/3794). Oh, and a rat swarm.

 If one's followed the guide, all coins in the level have been collected, save
 those in the final area. Head to the Backyard now, via the Overseer's office
 (1F exit) or Holger Square's street, not far from the dumpster Curnow can be
 dumped into.

 CHARMS : 2 (5/5)
 RUNES -: 1 (7/7)
 COINS -: 525 (3794/3794)

 Those who enter from the main building exit near the area's only alarm, while
 players coming off the street have a slightly different scenario -- overseers
 squabbling amongst themselves. If one defeats the two accosting the maskless
 overseer and his sister, he'll give a helpful hint: the bunkhouse safe code
 is 2-0-3. This would otherwise be learned from a note in the mess hall.

 Either way, there's a lot of guards in this section. Many can be found alone,
 while others patrol the small street with wolfhound companions. It's possible
 to ignore some of them, though players eager to get all coins may as well get
 rid of them all first. When tackling a man-beast duo, always go after the
 overseer first -- the dog can't ring alarms.

 With the human element removed, loot collection is much easier. By the office
 exit, there's a small shack with a pouch (3289/3794), plus another in the
 crawlspace below the alarm stairway (3339/3794). High above the exit, in an
 announcement booth, is an unlocked safe containing an ingot (3439/3794). To
 reach it, one must climb onto the connected ledge, a feat done easier further
 along the edifice (blink up some machinery).

 Next, hit up the bunkhouse. If one took care of the guards here, they'll have
 "euthanized" their friend and went their separate ways, giving time to scare
 up goodies. Lockers within hold pouches and coins, respectively (3464/3794),
 while the safe contains an extra fifty (3514/3794). There's copper wire under
 a roof sign that provides the rest (3524/3794).

 Move to the next-door workshop, connected at roof level, with an overseer
 perhaps still on duty (hopefully not!). The front door is locked, so bust in
 via the skylight. There's a ton of good stuff here: tyvian ore underneath the
 stove (3544/3794); wire, powdered crystal, ore and hemlock essence scattered
 on some shelves (3624/3794); more essence on a sink (3664/3794); and finally,
 another pouch on the door-side shelf (3669/3794). Those who want to open the
 locked cabinet need only find the "unusual bottle" on a shelf, which contains
 the key. Smash it, unlock the sucker and get the special Sokolov plans for
 an armor upgrade. (The key is visible in Dark Vision, but is so small, it's
 easy to miss at range.) Make sure to get the tabletop rune before leaving!
 The alley near the Backyard's street entrance has some goodies, too. Hop the
 fence -- a guard will have the key to pass normally -- and deal with the
 overseer altercation fight as normal. The dumpster on the landing overlooking
 the stairway they were on has a pouch nearby (3679/3794), while the well-lit
 pantry accessible along the main stair route has more goodies (3699/3794).

 Next, it's time to hit up the bone charm building, not far from the workshop.
 With the main door shuttered, one can only infiltrate through the broken
 2F window -- just watch out, 'cause it's booby-trapped. Eliminate the rats
 below in the preferred fashion, then snag the vice-held charm, plus errant
 coins sitting nearby (3729/3794).

 Almost done! Visit the mess hall, eliminate the dog here if not done yet,
 and scrounge for coins on/under a table (3744/3794). There's a note here that
 tells the bunkhouse safe password, if still uncracked. Ignore the destination
 icon leading to Samuel and instead visit the other cliffside building, which
 has half its interior barricaded. To reach that area, simply climb onto the
 roof, look for a cliff ledge to safely drop onto, and smash into the middling
 2x4 barricade. The prize: the final bone charm and coins (3769/3794). There's
 an alternate entrance involving the workshop crank and its recepticle on the
 building's opposite side, but it needn't be done.

 Finally, descend the cliff chain to find Samuel's getaway boat. There'll be
 one last coin deposit here (3794/3794) on a barrel.
 Coins: 239

 If one saved Curnow, Callista gives a 100-coin reward for the trouble. A few
 other loot sources are accessible, too: ore in Piero's upstairs trunk in the
 garage; whale oil in Pendleton's room; hemlock essence hidden behind a draped
 chair in the pub servant quarters; herbs under a bed in Emily's tower.

 The rest can't be obtained until one sleeps, which officially begins the next

 Only one Campbell-related note is attainable during the mission.

 � Rescued Griff the Scavenger
 � Helped Granny infect the Bottle Street Gang
 � Saved Captain Curnow
 � Saved Elsa from zealous Overseers
 � Branded Campbell as a heretic
 � Poisoned High Overseer Campbell

3) HOUSE OF PLEASURE                                                     [WK03]
 Runes ---: 5
 Charms --: 5
 Shrines -: -
 Paintings: 3
 Coins ---: 4084

 Coins: 239

 Speak with Havelock downstairs to get the sewers key, allowing Corvo to check
 the noise problem in the lower drains. Drop through the entrance near the
 admiral and get some wire (10), then coins in the boat (11) and along the dry
 walkway (6) halfway between the boat and the pub's door. There's another (10)
 in the water right near there.

 Further in, two plague victims -- weepers, rather -- are shambling along the
 path...which is odd, because all entrances have been locked and there's no
 way to get in. Corvo will have to incapacitate them in his preferred way.
 Afterwards, get the two runes (one in flipped cabinet, one in water right
 near it) and the remaining coins (6 along cabinet, 6 in water). To leave, use
 the waterfront gate or hop through one of the pavement sewer grates. They'll
 close after awhile, but the latch mechanism is still visible below, and can
 be triggered via simple hops.

 To really kick off the mission, meet in the pub to find Martin's arrived and
 has info: Lord Pendleton's brothers have Emily at the Golden Cat gentleman's
 club. Get anything needed from Piero (upgrades...?) before letting Sam take
 the reins down the Wrenhaven.

____________________________    ___ _
����������������������������   |   \ \____
____________________________ |____\  \    |
���������������������������� |____    )   |      |�������������������������|
                             |    /  / J  |      | � - Charm/Rune/Painting |
                             |___/        |      | A - Endoria Street      |
                         ____|__   / ���� |      | B - Bottle Street       |
                       _|   \ I(  (__   __|      | C - Clavering Boulevard |
                     _|       � )  ) ) /         | D - Griff's Shop        |
                    |   |�\   \/  / / /          | E - Whiskey Distillery  |
              Gaff -|   |  \     / / /           |_________________________|
             Street |_  |   )   ( {�{   ________
                     _| |___|   |_|H|__|       �|__________
                    |_____       ____ _|         __ E      |
                    |     |     | �� | |__   \  |    |_    |
                    | �G     C   ��F   | �|   )�|__|       |
                    |    _|     |____| |__| |_|     �������
                     ���|_______|___   ___    |<-Bloodox Way
                      __|       |_  D |   |  _|
                     |__   _   _  |_  |___|B  |  |�������������������������|
                     |      |C|_    |_|       |  | F - Art Dealer's Apt.   |
              _ _____|______|  _ A ___________|  | G - Galvani's Offices   |
       START-| | _______  ->| |->   | |   |      | H - Granny Rags' House  |
             |__/       |_|�| |�����   ���       | I - The Captain's Chair |
                            | |                  | J - The Golden Cat      |
                            | |                  |_________________________|
 CHARMS : 1 (1/5)
 RUNES -: ---
 COINS -: 240 (240/4084)

 Time for another trip through the sunny Distillery District! As before, we'll
 ignore Clavering for awhile and clear out the side areas first. Of course,
 since the bridge area now has a watchtower -- which shoots rockets when its
 spotlights find Corvo -- it's a bit harder than before.

 The player gets to see the tower in action on approach, as it uses weepers
 for target practice. Approaching the waterfront stairway cues the first guard
 to appear, who carries a few coins on his person (10/4084). Slip down Endoria
 when the watchtower's looking elsewhere to Granny Rags' old apartment; though
 it's shuttered, the exterior cabinet now has a couple goodies (30/4084). When
 one blinks up to the adjacent roof -- where a dead lookout was in the High
 Overseer mission -- there's another one! (42/4084)

 At Bottle Street's entrance, a thug mentions the gang leader Slackjaw wants
 to see Corvo, down at the distillery. Hold that thought while picking one of
 the thug's pockets (52/4084). Blink up to a nearby roof to find Bloodox Way,
 the alley Griff's shop is on, now has three visitors: assassins lying in
 wait -- highest apartment, middle apartment, and low roof alongside the art
 dealer's building. They're a bit more hearty than normal watchmen and can
 teleport a bit, so when they gang up, it's rather annoying. Take 'em out
 stealthfully, if possible. (The pouches they all carry contain bolts, not

 When the threat passes, visit Griff's store for 28 coins (80/4084) and some
 herbs by the fishmonger cart (100/4084). Note that, if Griff wasn't let out
 during the previous mission, he'll have turned into a weeper, and must be
 killed to get his 50-coin prize (150/4084). Otherwise, Griff will be in his
 usual spot, on the small landing by the entrance to the art dealer's. Finally,
 blink up to the highest apartment balcony and feast on the goodies: some wire
 (160/4084), a pouch (210/4084), and some wire and herbs in the weeper-guarded
 room (240/4084). Said weeper room also has a bone charm for the pluckin'.

 That's all in this area of side alleys. Time to go visit the distillery...
 This time the thugs won't be hostile, so it'll be easier.

 CHARMS : 1 (2/5)
 RUNES -: ---
 COINS -: 494 (734/4084)

 Outside, find the small lamplit platform along the old boarding track for
 hemlock essence and two coins (262/4084). If the still was poisoned in the
 previous mission, the exterior cell -- which contains a bone charm -- also
 contains three weepers. It isn't a bad idea to kill them here safetly, as
 they tend to escape after meeting Slackjaw.

 Before meeting the bossman, though, let's loot this place for all she's worth.
 Inside the control room, the locker has hemlock essence (282/4084). Crank or
 blink into the adjacent isolated room for more goodies: it contains oil,
 essence, powdered crystal, herbs, wire and coins -- 142 total (404/4084). Get
 the distillery reserve key and the Incandescent Paste blueprints, too.

 Next, find the cell on the distillery floor. If the still was poisoned in
 the previous mission, it'll have weepers in it; if not, it'll be empty. [The
 gangbangers in this area will help fight off weepers if they're spooked, so
 don't feel the need to waste precious ammo here.] The reward for opening the
 cage is two herbs, two pouches, a sextant, wire and hemlock essence -- 270
 total (674/4084).

 Lastly, head into the barrel storage area around Slackjaw's office. The lower
 lockers have two hemlock essences (714/4084), while the landing above the
 office has two wire deposits, on a shelf and table. (734/4084).

 Finally, speak with Slackjaw to get a proposition: if one finds out what
 happened to his cohort at Galvani's offices, he'll provide a better route
 into the Golden Cat. This dealing is completely optional, but since it's the
 only way to get one of the mission's bone charms, and it's worth going to the
 good doctor's lab anyway, it may as well be done.

 On the way out, use the distillery reserve key to get the bone charm from the
 outdoor weeper cage. There'll be 3-4 others that attack at this time, and
 they'll surely kill the exterior guards if Corvo doesn't intervene. They're
 expendible, though, so who cares, right?

 Off to Clavering!

 CHARMS : 2 (only 1 available now)
 RUNES -: ---
 COINS -: 167 (901/4084)

 Let's start at the bridge area, now cut off from the residential area with a
 big shutter. (The exit to the mission is at the waterfront, so there's no
 point in skipping it.) The most pressing matter is eliminating the automated
 watchtower, which only requires blinking to its backside platform and taking
 the oil canister out. Before doing that, though, one should clear out the
 two watchmen near the guard station, one of whom carries coins. (744/4084)
 The bridge watchman takes a long time to loop his route, leaving ample time
 to nix the tower and eliminate him afterwards.

 With opposition out of the way, one can get the coins in the ammo-filled guard
 station (751/4084), wire on the nearby commodity stack (761/4084), and the
 remaining few at the bridge's end, near the mattresses and weeper (766/4084).
 Next, visit the residential area, just past the street shutter. The longest
 way is entering Clavering through Bottle Street; the shortest is hopping the
 wall near the guard booth.

 The latter way helps, since it allows one to blink onto Galvani's balcony and
 get rid of the eagle-eyed scout surveying the street (776/4084). Three of the
 guards at street level, including the one on Galvani's stoop, contain similar
 pouches, thirty coins total (806/4084). Note that it's possible for pouches
 to drop and glitch through the sidewalk a bit, preventing Corvo from getting
 'em. Coin-hungry fiends would do well to save before this part.

 Before going into Galvani's digs, let's get the rest of Clavering's goodies.
 Take the stairs down to where Bottle Street runs perpendicularly to find some
 space-wasting weepers. Right near their position is a maintenance area where
 Granny Rags has relocated. She doesn't have any special quests this mission,
 but does have hemlock essence and wire around, 30 coins worth. (836/4084) Be
 sure to get that bone charm on the stovetop, also.

 Next, let's get rid of the remaining goons topside. Four guards -- two near
 the wall of light, two on the street beyond -- each carry 10-coin pouches.
 (876/4084) Be careful darting out into plain view, though, because there'll
 be a second watch tower mucking things up. Those looking for a good hiding
 spot should check the crate stack, almost within max blinking distance from
 the WoL -- there's a space underneath to hide and snipe from. Enemies killed
 via a reworked WoL will disintegrate loot, though, so don't go that route if
 max coinage is the goal.

 When Clavering is guard-free, get the wire on the commodity stack (886/4084)
 and loot the guard booth for a few elixirs. The final step is entering the
 small area adjacent to Clavering -- Gaff Street -- and helping the survivor
 being harassed by two watchmen. Corvo can earn the key to the art dealer's
 apartment for helping her, or loot it from her corpse, if he's slow to act.
 Regardless, that building's 2F balcony is unlocked, so doing this event isn't
 mandatory. The last coins here are near the event, couch wire (896/4084) and
 a dumpster-side coin (901/4084).

 That's all Clavering can offer for now. Off to Galvani's!

 CHARMS : ---
 RUNES -: 1 (1/5)
 COINS -: 648 (1549/4084)

 As before, a few foes appear in the ground-floor showroom -- City Watch, not
 overseers -- though only one carries a meager sum (911/4084). The bunk room
 has a fiver on a locker and a single on the desk (917/4084), while the
 storage room near the kitchen, which used to contain ravenous rats, has
 hemlock essence (937/4084). There's nothing else of interest on 1F, though
 players with high chaos will find many rats scampering about.

 Sidle up to 2F, deserted 'cept for another rodent pack. Nothing of interest
 here except the antechamber adjacent to the dining room, containing some desk
 coins (954/4084) and a 500-coin jackpot in the chest (1454/4084). As far as I
 know, the safe's contents, if ignored in the previous mission, are gone.

 Stealthfully approach the 3F lab to find two guardsmen standing over a dead
 informant -- Slackjaw's man. One of the guards carries a purse (1474/4084).
 When the opponents are out of action, loot the rest of the place: feathers on
 a stair-side table (1484/4084), balcony-exit shelf (1494/4084), table near the
 bathroom (1504) and the dissection area (1514/4084); and a pouch in that same
 dissection area (1524/4084) and bathroom (1549/4084).

 When ready to leave, take the audiograph recording from Crowley's corpse and
 the rune from the 3F secret room, then return to Clavering. Doing so spawns
 three more (penniless) patrolmen on the lower street.

 � Those who want to help Slackjaw out can return to him at this time, trading
   the recording for the Captain's Chair Hotel Key. Slacky will also offer a
   second proposition: he'll deal with the Pendletons himself in exchange for
   the art dealer's safe combination. This offer doesn't have to be taken (and
   stands if refused, assuming the Pendletons are alive) but is the only way
   to deal with the targets in a nonlethal manner.

 CHARMS : 1 (5/5)
 RUNES -: 3 (4/5)
 COINS -: 1400 (2949/4084)

 There are two accessible ways into the bathhouse's street (below). Note that
 Clavering spawns six more watchmen after meeting with Slackjaw; like the
 other three before, they don't carry anything special. The three near the
 boulevard's hotel can be ignore, if one's in a rush, since they won't be
 encountered during exfiltration.

 � Clavering Boulevard: After the wall of light, take the right fork to the
   normal entrance. This is at street level.

 � Captain's Chair Hotel: After the wall of light on Clavering, take the left
   fork and enter the locked hotel. This gives immediate roof access upon
   entering the brothel's district, and provides a bone charm along the way
   (under hotel's interior stairwell). There may be weepers in here during a
   low-chaos playthrough.

 Regardless, it's possible to reach roof level from the street, through some
 blinking and/or ventilation-box climbing. One of the alleys contains a spot
 to do this, and there's another near the street-level guards' hangout. (That
 ruined apartment adjacent to there contains a 3F rune; blink into its 2F
 balcony, then use the interior hole to reach it.)

 Before going in, let's clear out the brothel's front area. Two of the three
 guards at street level -- one being harassed by a working girl, another the
 first one the player sees when entering from lower Clavering -- each contain
 25 coins (1599/4084). There's a tenner behind the dumpster in this stairway
 area, too (1609/4084), plus another fifty from the aristocrat at the Cat's
 front door (1659/4084). Note that he eventually leaves the area, so this has
 to be done quickly. Finally, another coin-carrying guard (1684/4084) leaves
 the building eventually to hang with his buddies. He can be ambushed there
 or inside.

 Before going in, know that killing any Pendleton will spawn patrolling guards
 near in the 2F lounge. This happens for each brother. Those who want to do
 the nonlethal route but get all coins will have to KO the brothers, but do
 everything else. (Slackjaw's 2nd offer is off the table if Morgan/Custis

 Slip into the Golden Cat's first floor, via the normal entrance. There's some
 coins and a pouch behind the reception desk (1809/4084), while the adjacent
 employee-only shower room has hemlock essence and kingsparrow feathers in a
 locker and on a sink, respectively (1839/4084). There's two working girls in
 there, though, so they'll need to be dealt with first.

 Next is 2F, accessible via the interior stairway or the edifice's 2F balcony.
 Either is fine for eavesdropping on Madame Prudence; after that conversation,
 she enters her office (facing away, haha) and the other guard goes about his
 business. Coldcock the old-timer to get her master key, and loot the desk's
 hemlock essence (1859/4084). The ledger here will pinpoint the Pendletons'
 whereabouts. Morgan will be in the 2F Ivory Room or the 1F Steam Room; Custis
 will be in the 3F Gold Room or Smoking Room.

 Continue the 2F sojourn into the central stairwell area. Eliminate the guard
 who was talking with Prudence, then stash his body (if required) before one
 triggers the next two guards' girl trouble convo. While that's happening,
 get the carmine statuette (1959/4084) by the balcony entrance. Soon, the two
 guards split up -- one stops nearby, the other waits on the far balcony past
 two unconscious revelers. Both carry a pouch, 15 coins total (1974/4084). A
 rune is stuck to a wall display right nearby, too.

 Now to clear out the rest of the floor. First, kill/incapacitate any guards
 patrolling the main lounge area, a feat easiest with Dark Vision LV2. There's
 always one near the Ivory Room, plus another pouch-laden balcony officer, who
 carry 25-coin pouches (2024/4084). The girl trying to rouse the sleeping
 guard can be knocked out to get his 55-coin bounty nearby (2079/4084).

 Bunting, the art dealer, always occupies the Silver Room, which is rigged for
 his electro-torture fetish. Corvo can repeatedly administer thunderbolts of
 justice in order to learn his safe's code -- however, this can only be done
 if Corvo learned of it somehow, such as Slackjaw's request. If Corvo came
 straight here without learning of the safe, he can get the house key instead.
 Bunting won't raise alarms or flee, so there's little reason to trouble him

 The Ivory Room is one of Morgan's possible hangouts. If he's in there, he'll
 have his personal pouch with him (2179/4084), plus a lady attendant for his
 massage. It's possible to kill him from the front door or sneak in via the
 outside balcony ledges for stealth tranqs.

 Downstairs from the lounge is the steam room, and getting there may require
 tranqing the dancing girls or strategic blinking. There are two guards here
 that just stand/patrol by the central pool; they carry 25 and 50 coins,
 respectively (2254/4084). If Morgan appeared in the Ivory Room, a guard will
 be getting a massage down here instead, in the same spot Morgan normally
 shows up in. It's also possible the patrolling guy goes back upstairs instead
 of walking the pond in perpetuity.

 If Morgan does show up, he'll have his personal 100-coin pouch with him, plus
 another in the steam room, on the towels (2354/4084). To get the trophy "An
 Unfortunate Accident," one must kill a Pendleton in the steam room by turning
 up the steam in the adjacent maintenance area. Getting into said area requires
 Prudence's master key, then attaching the valve for a spin. Doing this
 normally will kill the courtesan that's with him, however. There's also a
 coin and copper wire on the maintenance cabinet (2365/4084).

 � If Morgan doesn't spawn in the Steam Room, one can still get the trophy by
   knocking him out elsewhere, dropping him in the deathtrap room and doing a
   steam kill that way. It should work with Custis, too, to my knowledge.

 � If Morgan doesn't spawn in the Steam Room, that means his 100-coin pouch is
   in the Ivory Room instead.

 Let's start in the employee-only area, which leads to Prudence's very own
 suite. There's 130 coins on her desk (2495/4084), two riverkrust pearls in
 her trunk (2595/4084) along with some tyvian ore (2615/4084). Don't forget
 to steal her mantlepiece bone charm either, the last in this mission.

 Next, visit 3F in the lounge, the highest floor available. This is easiest
 from the main staircase, although blinking to the circular hanging platform
 above the lounge's center (where the dancing girls were/are) may provide the
 best blinking access. There's four guards up here, although only two -- one
 near the smoking room and one by his lonesome on a balcony -- carry any coins
 for Corvo -- 25 each (2665/4084). The balcony guy is by the Smoking Room, so
 if Custis spawns in there, it may have to be put off awhile.

 The Gold Room contains Custis' gold pouch (2765/4084) and the empty balcony
 has copper wire (2775/4084) for the taking. The Smoking Room has a cigarette
 case (2825/4084) and extra coins (2855/4084). If Custis spawns in the Smoking
 Room, his Gold Room pouch and a courtesan are with him. As with the tier
 below, these special rooms have ledges one can use for quick entrances and
 getaways, or just a quick river tossing. The Smoking Room has a broken window
 that can provide some fun, too.

 The fourth floor is only accessible from the employee-only stairs. The first
 room available has a woman inside. Knock her out, etc. and take the 37 coins
 worth of items on her two lockers and desk (2892/4084). Next, visit the
 farthest room, empty, except for its 57 coins worth of items, also in several
 lockers and desks (2949/4084). That should be everything in this rat-infested
 hellhole, except for the middle room's prize...Emily!

 After a quick scene, she'll lead Corvo to the 1F VIP Exit, a small alley that
 leads right back to Granny Rags' new "house" under Clavering Boulevard. (This
 counts as saving Emily; she automatically appears at the waterfront exit by
 Samuel's boat now.) Prudence's master key is needed to leave the Golden Cat.

 All coins in the level should now be collected, save those at Bunting's house
 on Clavering. Those who made a deal with Slackjaw for the safe code can bring
 him that info now (if doing things nonlethal) or rob the place oneself. The
 latter must be done to get all coins, which means double-crossing Slackjaw.
 Oh well!

 CHARMS : ---
 RUNES -: 1 (5/5)
 COINS -: 1135 (4084/4084)
 PNTINGS: 3 (3/3)

 First, let's tackle 1F, accessible from Clavering or Bottle Street's alley.
 The small pantry near the boulevard entrance contains powdered crystal and
 two herb canisters, 70 total (3019/4084). Rats will run here if one visits
 the boarded-up bathroom, so avoid that outcome. Also, those who entered the
 building surreptitiously from the unlocked 2F balcony can find a house key
 here, hanging near the powdered crystal cabinet.

 Sneak up to 2F to find thugs admiring a painting. One will carry a pitiful
 sum (3024/4084), but the real prize is the Sokolov self-portrait, "Light
 Along the Inverse Curve". Like all Sokolovs, it's worth a bundle (3324/4084).
 There's nothing else here, though, so up to 3F.

 Two more thugs are trying to break into Bunting's safe with...shoulder blows.
 Eliminate them when they split up, get one's pouch (3329/4084), then start
 robbing the small bedroom. It contains a fiver (3334/4084), herbs (3354/4084)
 and a Sokolov portrait of Daud above the bed (3654/4084).

 Time for the finale: cracking the safe. The art dealer's code is randomized,
 but if it was received from him earlier, it'll be recorded in the journal's
 mission clues section. Inside, take the rune, the Boyle party invitation, a
 tenner on the desk (3664/4084), herbs in the cabinet (3684/4084), the carmine
 urn near the window (3784/4084) and finally...the Sokolov painting "Custis,
 Morgan and the Postulate Child", another 300-coin masterpiece (4084/4084).

 That's everything in the level! Return to the waterfront where one first came
 in and prepare to return to the pub. Save first, though, in case one missed a
 bone charm or rune somewhere -- this area is never revisited again! The docks
 near the boat will have a few weepers in higher chaos playthroughs.

 Oh, and don't forget to buy Griff's overprice schematics, too, if there's any
 coin left... They're only found in his shop and moderately interesting.

 Only one Pendleton-related feat can be done. Killing any Pendleton removes
 the nonlethal/Slackjaw option for the other.

 � Helped Slackjaw find Crowley
 � Steamed a Pendleton to death
 � Put the Pendletons to work in their own mines
 � Robbed the art dealer's safe

4) THE ROYAL PHYSICIAN                                                   [WK04]
 Runes ---: 5
 Charms --: 3
 Shrines -: 1
 Paintings: 1
 Coins ---: 3623

 Upon arrival, Emily will go off with Callista, and Havelock'll mention
 Pendleton wanting to have a chat -- he's at the waterfront, at the base of
 Emily's tower. He'll give his thoughts on his brothers' fates, then send one
 to Havelock for an update: immediately starting the next mission to capture
 Anton Sokolov. He was the painter dude in the very first part of the game,

 Before leaving, get any upgrades from Piero and snag any remaining coins in
 this place (the table outside the garage has ore and herbs, and Pendleton's
 left 200 coins worth of ingots in Corvo's room, if he solved his family issue
 in a nonlethal manner.)

  START__  | |___    |�������������������������|
      |_ \_| |   |   | � - Charm/Rune/Painting |
        \__ A ___|   | A - Southside Gate      |
           | |_      | B - Warehouse           |
           |  _|_    | C - Abandoned Apartment |_______________
           |     |   | D - Water Lock Area     |���������������
           |     |   | E - Drawbridge Way      | SOUTHSIDE GATE
           |___  |   | F - Pratchett's House   |_______________
          ___| B |   | G - Kaldwin's Bridge    |���������������
        _|  _____|   | H - Smuggler Apartment  | CHARMS : 1 (1/3)
    ___|   |         | I - Midrow Substation   | RUNES -: 1 (1/5)
   |  ___  |_        | J - North End Entrance  | COINS -: 335 (335/3623)
   |_|C� | | |___    | K - Sokolov's Manor     | PNTINGS: ---
    _|___|  _____|   |_________________________|
   / ____    |  _
  / / ___| |_|_| |         Corvo disembarks on an abandoned southern dock,
 (D(_|   |E      |         just off the main bridge, now closed for curfew.
  \__  � |  ___| |         Though there's four guards here, only one carries
     |___| |F� | |         any dough (20/3623), and he patrols between the
     |___| |___| |         guard booth and the warehouse entrance. The other
         |  ___  |         coins are from wire in the dumpster, situated near
         | | � | |         the alarm (40/3623). Neutralizing the force here's
         | |___| |         easier if the unblinking, unmoving booth lookout
        _| |   | |         bites it first.
       |_  |___| |
        _|_____  |_        Creep into the warehouse and, upon entry, look to
       |  _|   |   |       the immediate left -- there's a candlelit area under
      _| | |___| | |       the 2F walkway containing some coins (55/3623). The
     |___|  ___  | |  __   1F lockers near the normal exit contain two helpings
         |__   __| |_/ _|  of tyvian ore (95/3623).
            | |  |____/
           _| |_           Ignore that lower exit and reach the warehouse's 2F
          |     | -.       control room. The foreman's desk has an upgrade plan
   S      |_   _|  |       on top, while the cabinet interior has twenty-five
   |        | |    |-G     coins for the taking (120/3623).
   |       _| |_   |
E--+--W   |     |  |       Four guards stand at street-level: two patrolling,
   |      |_   _| -'       one in a booth, and the other near the footbridge
   |        | |___         connecting to the warehouse. These last two carry
   N       _| |_  |        30 coins total (150/3623). Which order one tackles
          |     | |        them in is rather irrelevant. The normal street
          |  ___| |        route gives a good shot at three of the four, while
          | | H | |        the upper mine cart route -- opened by replacing
          | |___| |        whale oil in the warehouse's 2F mine cart room, and
          |_   ___|_       riding to the street's end -- drops one right by
            |   |   |      the booth guard. That latter way works well because
            | |_| � |      both coin-carriers end up right in that area.
            |___   _|
            __|     |      When the street's swept clear, look near the booth
          _/ ___ I  |      for a below-track course leading to water's edge.
         |__/   |   |      Loot the corpse there (175/3623), then climb back
            \___|   |      onto the street and enter the 2F apartment across
              |_   _|_     from the guard booth. There's 20 coins sitting on a
              |   | � |    table (195/3623) and hemlock in the loo (215/3623).
              |_  |___|    To get the level's first rune, return to street
                |J| � |    level and find the alley that leads around to an
   _____     ___| |___|    eastern waterfront overlook. There's a hanging
  |     |   |     |  _|    chain leading up to the rune's locked bedroom.
  |     |   |_  | |_|____
  |     |    _| |        \   The remaining loot in this area is available from
  |     |___(     |  ___) )  the riverfront water lock, the entrance to which
  |  K  |  _ \____| |   |_|  is right near the area's exit. Descend the stairs,
  |  �  | |_\_____  |   |    neutralize the two guards, and steal the coins in
  |  �  |_  | |   | |___|    the control panel locker (235/3623). Don't operate
  |      _  | |___|     |    the lock, however -- blink onto it, then reach the
  |_____| |_|   |     | |_   weeper apartment. There's a bone charm here, plus
                |_____|___|  a carmine cameo (335/3623). Onto the next level!
 CHARMS : ---
 RUNES -: 2 (3/5)
 COINS -: 1296 (1631/3623)

 Now in a small neighborhood, wait for the guard and Prachett to part ways
 before continuing. If one's fast, the homeowner can be pickpocketed for his
 key before the front door's locked. The upper balconies can be used in lieu
 of that thievery. The walkabout guard has some coins (355/3623), but Prachett
 himself does not; the watchdog on the street nearby has nothing either, as
 one expects.

 On the riverfront sidewalk, look for two small alcoves: one contain two wire
 spools (375/3623) and the boarded-up one has coins (386/3623). Next, return
 to Prachett's house for plunderin'. The 1F hallway has a war medal plaque to
 take (486/3623), while the 2F living room has a mantlepiece plate (586/3623)
 and a sextant (686/3623) in a locked desk; it'll require Prachett's personal
 key. The top-floor stove has a cigarette cae (786/3623) and a safe containing
 two ingots (986/3623). To open the safe, find the reminder note nearby that
 mentions various paintings in his house -- each has a number in its frame. Of
 course, only two numbers are needed to guess the third. The safe contains a
 rune as well.

 From Prachett's top-floor balcony, blink into the cross-street apartment and
 take the hemlock essence (1006/3623) in the bathroom. Return to Prachett's
 and visit the roof, which gives access to a hostile survivor's flat. Loot the
 place for herbs (1026/3623) and coins on the desk (1036/3623), then snag the
 rune itself.

 Abutting the shrine's building is the next target -- use the exterior vents
 to reach the far side, which has both roof and 2F access points. The 3F flat
 with the corpse holds the treasure: feathers (1046/3623), coins (1066/3623)
 and hemlock (1086/3623).

 Finally, the street ends with a locked gate. The building with a 2F access
 point has a corpse-filled apartment with herbs and coins (1116/3623). More
 importantly, it gives a sneak peek at the checkpoint's nuisance: arc pylons.
 These oil-powered devices are like smaller walls of light, only they zap any
 "unfriendly" target in range. They can be jury-rigged with rewire tools or
 shut off like any oil-using device. (If one waits long enough, Slackjaw's
 men near the dumpster will put on a "how not to proceed" clinic.)

 Of the guardsmen at the checkpoint, only the two carry any coins, 30 in all
 (1146/3623); one of those two never leaves a guard booth. Stealth-oriented
 players can avoid this area entirely by using the under-bridge walkways and
 blinking onto the gangplank area along the ramp leading to the 2nd pylon (it
 can work but has disadvantages, of course). This method also lets one get in
 position to rewire the 1st pylon, which is behind a notice board. Rewiring'll
 kill all foes in the area, though, often before any can run to the alarm.
 No matter how one goes, that under-bridge area has a small dock containing
 elixirs and whale oil (1176/3623).

 Finally, Corvo can reach Kaldwin's Bridge itself. The ramp-side walkway is
 the safest manner, letting one creep into the guard station area and prey on
 whoever walks nearby (hide under a table or something). Unplug the pylon's
 fuel supply here, then take the stairway up, eliminating a couple guards as
 one goes (the highest patroller has a drawbridge key). Before doing anything
 else, keep climbing up the section, through the areas with rickety plywood
 floors. At the very top, in an area accessed by a chain, is a corpse with a
 rewire tool and benjamins (1216/3623). The achievement for climbing Kaldwin's
 Bridge's highest point should kick in here; if it doesn't, try going a little

 To continue, use the southside control room to raise the middle section up,
 letting Corvo continue north on top or (with a little finesse) the open-bottom
 section underneath. Either suffices to approach without being fried on the
 third arc pylon, which can be powered down by removing the canister situated
 at the bottom. However, the plot demands that Corvo nix the drawbridge lights
 before exfiltration -- remove the twin oil cans up top to do this.

 In-between the top and bottom of the north sections are 5 guards -- two will
 patrol the upper reaches, two the security station below, and one near the
 pylon section itself. Only one of these guards carries moolah (1226/3623),
 however. The guard at the north-side checkpoint booth has more (1246/3623).

 If one eliminated all guards in this area, plus the two at the far checkpoint,
 that's it for the City Watch! All that's left is to get the remaining coins.
 Each of the river krusts below the north-side checkpoint has a pearl to take,
 and there's five in all (1496/3623). The thug-occupied building past said
 checkpoint -- accessed only by 2F entrances -- has another 35 carried on
 their person (1531/3623), plus a 100 more in pearls (1631/3623).

 Those who want to help Alec, the imprisoned thug in the northside security
 station, will need to get the cell key (on nearby table) and let him lead the
 way. This requires clearing the river krusts and finding the pier key (booth
 at checkpoint) to continue. However, he'll double-cross Corvo and summon his
 cohorts, so letting him out is fairly pointless, though enjoyable. (It will
 count toward the post-chapter "special actions" overview, though.)

 CHARMS : 1 (2/3)
 RUNES -: 1 (4/5)
 COINS -: 490 (2121/3623)

 Immediately upon entering, get the fourth rune and observe the street -- it
 has four guards: three at lower levels, one on the factory walkway. It's not
 hard to snipe/tranq the upper guard, but remember the control booth does have
 windows, and breaking them alerts everyone! Only that upper guy carries any
 coinage (1656/3623) anyway.

 Assuming the area's clear, let's get the remaining goodies. The small dock
 near the talkative guardsmen has five river krusts, each containing a shiny
 pearl for whomever kills 'em (1906/3623). The krust hanging underneath the
 walkway will often drop right near loose coins (1918/3623) by the barbecue.
 The remaining coins are in the dumpster near the wall of light (1938/3623)
 and some wire spools in the factory building (1958/3623).

 Access the electric wall's oil box via the 2F control booth, which shuts off
 the wheel of death guarding entry. Players can also blink over it via the
 upper walkway, although it's a whole lot of finesse for little gain. There's
 no way to blink over the wall of light itself, like there was on Clavering
 Boulevard earlier.

 Before exiting the level, blink up and into the side warehouse past the wall
 of light. The 3F level has a few coins in the locker (1966/3623) while 4F's
 got two tyvian ores (2006/3623), two powdered crystals (2066/3623) and some
 corpse-held coins (2101/3623). The remaining coins are near the survivor in
 the basement. Eliminate the rats in the preferred manner, then claim the herb
 jar (2121/3623) next to her. There's also a bone charm near the corpse within
 spitting distance.

 CHARMS : 1 (3/3)
 RUNES -: 2 (5/5)
 COINS -: 1502 (3623/3623)
 PNTINGS: 1 (1/1)

 This is the final area, containing the proper end of Kaldwin's Bridge and the
 mansion Sokolov lives in. At the entrance, the multistory building holds many
 items. The 1F corpse-filled room has coins scattered in a locker (2128/3623),
 and by turning the faucet thrice, reveals a hidden room containing an urn and
 coins (2248/3623). To reach the 3F bone charm, climb the air vents over the
 main street and use projectiles to break the wooden barricade. There's also
 thirteen coins in the cabinet (2261/3623). Finally, if one uses those same
 street vents to reach the roof level, there's a corpse cache (2281/3623) by
 a note explaining the faucet secret.

 Further up the path, one finds survivors in a wall of light cage. One of the
 three guards in the area carries coins (2291/3623). Before dealing with the
 captured townsfolk, visit the building across the street from them -- the
 stairs go up to 2F and give a good vantage point to a rat-filled room. If one
 hops onto the tipped debris, they can be silently whacked, giving easy access
 to the coins (2316/3623) on the lantern-lit table. Climbing to the roof gives
 access to feathers (2326/3623) stuck in the vent, also.

 When the coast is clear, freeing the survivors earns a passcode for the
 behind-painting safe, two floors above that cage. The reward is 200 coins
 worth of ingots (2526/3623)! Note that sometimes the survivors run off or
 hit the wall of light somehow, so make sure to save before doing this part.
 Follow up the scrounging by hopping into that building's boarded-up 2F, which
 has a safe-held jewel box (2626/3623); 3F has hemlock essence (2646/3623).

 Kittie-corner to this building, and connected by the same street-spanning
 vent system, is a 4F flat overlooking Sokolov's mansion. Snag the locker's
 coins (2668/3623) and prepare to infiltrate. There's many ways to get in
 from this balcony: the front door itself, the 2F front door awning with its
 small opening, the waterwheel area underneath the front door area... It's
 even possible to blink from the balcony ledge into Sokolov's bedroom itself,
 skipping a large portion of the legwork...although that also misses loot, so
 don't do that. The walkthrough will assume the front door is taken, which is
 fine, since a door guard carries loot (2688/3623).

 The 1F interior of the mansion is spacious and is separated into a lower
 workshop and a raised 2F kitchen/lounge area. Out of all the guards, only one
 is worth looting (2708/3623). Most will be in eyeshot of the level's most
 expensive prize -- the workshop painting -- so consider tranqing all those
 guards, rather than just picking them off individually. The latter can work,
 though, and if one needs a good stashing spot, try the pipework that runs
 underneath the 2F wall of light area. (Don't just dump people in the 2F
 lounge or something, because the maids and patrollers will go in there on

 When the coast is clear, nab the painting (3008/3623) and all the wire spools
 and locker-held oil at the alarm platform (3088/3623). Of the 2F characters,
 an officer has the last pouch (3108/3623), although it's possible he's left
 the wall of light area to near the workshop stairway. Circumventing said wall
 of light is as easy as blinking over the walls or "tunneling" underneath via
 the pipework. The stairway there leads towards Sokolov's room.
 The hallway past the mini bridge has two guards camped outside Sokolov's
 room. The easiest way to neutralize them is using Dark Vision LV2, to KO the
 patroller as soon as he turns his back, then traversing the lower pipework
 to sneak up on the inert guard. One guard contains loot (3118/3623), meager
 as it is.

 Sokolov's room itself, the interior, isn't guarded. Freely take the bureau's
 Old Coast map (3193/3623), then all the laboratory's herbs, hemlock and
 powdered crystal samples (3293/3623). One instance of whale oil (3323/3623)
 is by the dispensers, plus crossbow bolts, both regular and sleepy types.

 Continue upstairs to the rooftop greenhouse. Eliminate the final balcony
 guard, then enter Sokolov's sanctum. He'll be absorbed in his work and the
 captive girl he keeps, making it easy to coldcock him. Picking him up earns
 his special house key, letting one get the desk-held ingots in his locked
 bedroom desk (3623/3623) -- that's the final loot here! (For extra fun in
 this area, consider showing oneself to Sokolov instead of just capturing him.
 He won't call the guards and instead tries bargaining with Corvo!)

 To quickly reach the waterfront, blink from the greenhouse balcony over the
 unguarded rooftops. Three street guards spawn at the wall of light that
 held/holds the survivors. Be sure to take the greenhouse's rune/blueprints
 (and free the captured girl, if one prefers) before ending the level!

 � Followed the pearl thief
 � Saved the woman from the rats
 � Freed all Sokolov's test subjects
 � Robbed Pratchett's safe

5) LADY BOYLE'S LAST PARTY                                               [WK05]
 Runes ---: 3
 Charms --: 2
 Shrines -: 1
 Paintings: 2
 Coins ---: 4915

 Like usual, Corvo can sleep immediately or explore a bit. Doesn't matter as
 some coins are inaccessible, but the ones in the pub and abandoned apartment
 (across street) are open for business. The key to said flat is underneath
 Cecilia's bunk in the 2F servant quarters, a fact she'll immediatelly tell
 Corvo in dialogue.

 After a rest, speak with Emily and visit Sokolov in the kennels. Get the
 loot here while Havelock drones on -- most in plain sight, excluding the wire
 under the 1F stairway; use Dark Vision LV2 to find it. Finally, speak with
 the bearded wonder himself, learning he won't give up any info. Corvo can now
 sic rats on the poor bastard to instantly continue, or bribe him with King
 Street Brandy, which can be purchased from Piero (150g). The lecher should be
 peeping on a maid in the upstairs bathroom.

 With the beans spilled, Corvo can now set out for the Boyles' party. If one
 robbed Slackjaw's safe a long time ago, there may already be an invitation in
 one's possession...not that it matters too much here.

             ___________                   ________________________
            |           |                  ������������������������
    ____ ___|  � � �    |                  ESTATE DISTRICT OVERVIEW
   |    |   |  J   _____|_                 ________________________
   |_  F| G |     |       |                ������������������������
     |  |___|     |  _   _|                
     |    | |     | |  I  |                
     |    | |_____| |_____|_               
     |    |         |  _____|_____         
  ___(    |    H    |    �  |     |        |�������������������������|
 |___ \___|_________| (     |     |_       | � - Charm/Rune/Painting |
 |   \__       E       \____|_____| |      | A - Starting Point      |
 | �    | |�������| |�\_____________|      | B - Barcroft Court      |
 |____  | |       | |     A         |      | C - Mintry Street       |
 |__  \_| |_______| |_______________|      | D - Greasely Boulevard  |
 |______   _____       ___________  |      | E - Ogelsby Way         |
        | |     |     |           |_|      | F - Boyle Estate Entr.  |
        |D|     |  B  |                    | G - Gatehouse           |
        | |_____|___  |                    | H - Estate Garden       |
        |   |��   | | |                    | I - Guard Quarters      |
        |   |   | |_| |                    | J - Boyle Estate        |
        |   |___|     |                    |_________________________|
        |      C      |

 CHARMS : 2 (2/2)
 RUNES -: 2 (2/3)
 COINS -: 433 (433/4915)

 ** NOTE **
 Don't delete the game's system save for this mission, because there are a
 few glitches that can occur for those who want all-coin or no-kill runs. 

 This section'll cover all parts of the town not considered part of the Boyle
 Estate. A new enemy is introduced here: the Tallboy. These are guards who
 use long-legged machines to patrol, and they fire incendiary bolts at targets
 they find trespassing. Their weakpoints are oil canisters on their backs, but
 the quickest way to deal with them is drop assassinations. (There's a trophy
 for doing this, though it's easier when they're inert.)

 Corvo begins on Samuel's boat in the canal. Before hitting dry land, swim to
 the sewer entrance underneath the nearest footbridge, finding a locked gate
 that leads into the Boyle Estate's sewers. The door is locked, but the key
 is in the river mud right beneath it. Dark Vision LV2 makes it easier to spot,
 supposing one's close enough. The hagfish won't follow through either, letting
 one surface further in and get wire near the wooden chair (10/4915).

 Okay, back to town. The stairway nearest Samuel leads up to Barcroft Court,
 a small plaza the tallboys occasionally patrol. When the coast's clear, hop
 into the drainage area beneath the apartment stoops and snag a single coin in
 eyeshot of a rat swarm (11/4915). This area, leading away from the riverside,
 approaches Mintry Street's checkpoint, where a guard and survivor are soon
 ambushed by three weepers. Let the guard kill the nuisances, then eliminate
 him and take the survivor's purse (21/4915). This lantern-lit area contains
 three wire deposits; they're on the rewire tool's table, by a crate stack,
 and on the base of the weird metal rig nearby. Thirty in all! (51/4915)

 Now on Mintry Street, enter the liquor store adjacent to the weird rigging
 and deal with the rat swarm at the stairwell. There may be a weeper around
 here who hears the noise, also. Ascend to the 4F shrine area, taking the rune
 and nearby bone charm after dealing with its hostile resident. This always
 makes the two weepers on the roof descend, so eliminate them as well. Now in
 peace, Corvo can get the remaining loot: herbs by the shrine (71/4915), two
 pouches on the shelf (121/4915) and a fiver on the floor near those pouches'
 shelf (126/4915). If Corvo goes onto the roof walkway where the two weepers
 originally started, there's another coin on the ground (127/4915).

 From the liquor store roof, one can look down on Greasely Boulevard, the road
 that goes straight across the second bridge to the Boyle Estate's gate. Use
 this roof to blink down onto the exterior ventilation, which leads right to
 an isolated 4F apartment's balcony. This area has kingsparrow feathers, whale
 oil, powdered crystal and two herbs, plus a coin by the radiator -- a grand
 total of 115 (242/4915).

 When the lower guards go off on patrol, blink down to the nearest guard booth
 and take the coins from its locker (247/4915), plus the one in the dumpster
 alongside it (248/4915). The nearest rune is in the river mud, a few feet
 past the canal staircase. Get it, then cross the bridge to the next guard
 booth, which has another coin inside (253/4915). Going to the dead end right
 nearby has another lonely coin (254/4915).

 This street running perpendicular to the Boyle Estate's main gate is Ogelsby
 Way, and always has a patrolling guard; if reinforcements were called, 1-2
 tallboys tend to congregate as well. Luckily, these can all be ignored by
 creeping along the adjacent drainage path, running the length of Ogelsby to
 an open apartment complex.

 Just inside, search the dumpster for herbs (274/4915), then get the coin on
 the ground across from it (275/4915). At the staircase's base, four weepers
 are huddling around a fire. If one can get rid of 'em, there's a fiver near
 their lantern (280/4915). Just watch out for the fifth patrolling weeper on
 the staircase and upper floors! Also, if one drops a grenade on the foursome,
 it'll kill 'em all and earn the Tempest achievement.

 Reach 3F's vacant flat to find more loot! In addition to the bone charm the
 Heart marks, there's oil on a shelf (310/4915), locker herbs (330/4915),
 feathers near the sink (340/4915), two oil canisters by the bone charm's
 shelf (400/4915), and an oil-coins combo in the back room (432/4915). The
 final coin (433/4915) is on the apartment's locked balcony; to reach it, one
 will have to enter the upper alley, blink onto one of the decorative wall
 segments, then blink again.

 CHARMS : ---
 RUNES -: ---
 COINS -: 277 (710/4915)

 There's several ways into the Boyle Estate:

 � Sewer entrance that leads into estate's B2 cellar
 � Front Gate (break through boarded-up part of drainage area)
 � Ogelsby Way apartment leads into estate's guard quarters building
 � Ogelsby Way apartment; can blink along alley wall into the garden

 However, to get all coins, one must use the front gate, because there's a
 missable scene there involving a "Mattie" and her two friends. They lose an
 invitation, eventually hang out on the street, and apparently disappear at
 some point. I've no clue what affects their despawn conditions, but it may be
 time-based, so the sooner one gets into the gate to pickpocket the friends'
 purses -- 75 coins in all (508/4915) -- the less one has to worry about it.
 I did notice that when the guests despawned, none of the tallboys were in the
 area, so perhaps the weeper disturbance at Bancroft Court affects it? (It can
 spawn even if one has Bunting's invitation from a few missions ago.)
 Anyway, if the street guests' loot is obtained properly, it doesn't matter
 which way one enters after that, technically -- the estate guards don't react
 any differently than usual. (Or shouldn't, at least.) However, to get in the
 normal way, present an invitation to the guard at the gatehouse's window. If
 one didn't snag Bunting's invitation, Mattie will drop hers, letting Corvo
 claim it at that point.

 The gatehouse itself contains two herb jars (548/4915) and blueprints, while
 the twosome talking about the party game nearby each carries a 25-coin purse
 (598/4915). The guard quarters -- the building near the outdoor alarm -- has
 wire just inside its normal entrance (608/4915) and two coins (610/4915) on
 an upstairs desk. Pickpocket a guard for the key or, if entering from Ogelsby
 Way's apartment, take a key from the wall.

 Finally, the last purse is carried by Lord Shaw (710/4915), the man Treavor
 Pendleton wanted Corvo to deliver a note to. If one does this, it turns out
 the letter tricks Corvo into being his second for a pistol duel. If one wants
 to do the event, give the letter as normal, stand at the specified spot, and
 let the bodyguards initiate the countdown. When the count hits 1, whirl around
 and kill Shaw before he can attempt the same. Note that doing the event WILL
 count as a death, and isn't necessary to get Shaw's pouch. (However, if Shaw
 dies and turns to ash, it's possible his pistol and pouch glitch into the
 ground. Word of warning!)

 When ready to continue, enter the mansion through one of the main doors. (For
 the sake of the walkthrough, we won't enter through the 2F balcony, accessed
 by climbing the guard quarters' interior and blinking up there. The 2F area's
 restricted and counts as trespassing.)

 CHARMS : ---
 RUNES -: 1 (3/3)
 COINS -: 4205 (4915/4915)
 PNTINGS: 2 (2/2)

 ** NOTE **
 There is a known glitch here where guards suddenly become hostile. This seems
 to be caused by a guest walking into the foyer's wall of light, which screws
 with the guard AI, even if Corvo's behavior was copacetic. This guest quirk
 counts as a kill and can screw up runs, so try to do this part before it can
 occur (and it may not, making this warning wholly unneeded).

 Before telling how to do the plot-related portion, I'll give a coin overview
 of each area.

 This is where the party and its guests are contained, fraternizing in the
 sitting area, dining hall, parlor and trophy lounge. Of the NPCs here,
 thirteen carry normal pouches, and can be found scattered in all corners.
 They account for 350 coins total (1060/4915), but since they're often moving
 around, it's hard to keep track. Six other guests -- the three Boyles, Lord
 Brisby in the trophy area, and Ramsey/Miss White in the sitting room -- each
 carry a 100-coin purse (1660/4915). The best part is most people can be
 pickpocketed freely with little ado.

 The F1 area also has some static items. The trophy area has a sextant to
 steal (1810/4915), the sitting area has a whale statuette (1960/4915), and
 sorta in-between the two, there's a bathroom with hemlock (1980/4915).

 There are three ways onto this floor: 

 � Staircase in the 1F dining room (guarded by one NPC)
 � Staircase in the 1F foyer (wall of light, guards)
 � Exterior balcony (blink onto it from upper guard quarters window)

 The staircase near the dining room is generally the easiest. Simply approach
 the guard to be told it's restricted, blink behind him, knock him out, dump
 him upstairs. Though 2F is off-limits and Corvo will be attacked on sight,
 many rooms -- such as Esma's bedroom, connected at the top of the stairs --
 aren't actively patrolled, making them good body-stashing places.

 Anyway, let's start the loot run in Esma's room, since it's so close. There's
 little of note here besides a bathroom pearl chest (2005/4915) and a war medal
 on the table (2155/4915). Note the crawlspace above? This connects to an old
 attic, which itself connects to Waverly's bedroom. Since her bedroom requires
 a key, even if she isn't chosen as Lord Regent's mistress, this is a good way
 to avoid the guard detail.

 Take the attic's chest full of ingots and the cameo (2505/4915), then steal
 into Waverly's room for her prizes: a chest pearl (2530/4915), a jeweled box
 on her vanity (2680/4915) and her nightstand's decor plate (2830/4915). Next,
 visit the showroom in-between Waverly and Esma's quarters, taking the egg
 statue (2980/4915) and the Sokolov painting (3280/4915). Watch out for any
 guards who often patrol this area. Some may have to be eliminated to reach
 the linen closet near Waverly's room, which contains a few coins (3300/4915).

 Past the small bridge above the foyer, one can find Lydia's chambers. Rob the
 chest full of pearls (3475/4915), her nightstand's coins (3495/4915), and the
 antechamber's pearl (3545/4915) and wardrobe goodies (3745/4915). Down the
 hall from Lydia's room, near the foyer staircase, is a bathroom containing a
 cigarette case (3895/4915).

 Finally, for whichever Boyle sister is chosen as Lord Regent's mistress, her
 room will contain the remaining Sokolov painting (4195/4915).

 This is the B1 kitchen area and the B2 wine cellar. Corvo can reach this area
 via the dining room staircase or the Estate District sewer. Unlike 2F, he's
 able to walk around here without fear of guards.

 In the kitchens, the small bunk room has 9 coins (4204/4915) spread out on
 the bunk and on both lockers. Next, descend into the wine cellar and kill the
 rat swarm near one of the casks to freely get the hemlock (4224/4915). Right
 on the ground nearby is a single coin (4225/4915) as well.

 The remaining items -- two tyvian ore, five ingots and an imperial urn -- are
 in the Boyle vault. It's only accessible by taking the key from the regent's
 mistress's room, which is randomized. However, when it's finally opened, one
 can steal the remaining 690 coins worth of loot (4915/4915).

 The goal is to identify which Boyle is the Lord Regent's mistress and take
 her out of the picture. By default, this means assassinating her, although
 if one speaks with Lord Brisby in the trophy den, he'll request Corvo simply
 place her into his loving care. Those going the nonlethal route have no
 choice but to do as he asks -- that is, luring her to the cellar, knocking
 her out, and putting her in his waiting boat.

 The Boyles are all wearing similar outfits. To find the one funding Burrows'
 war games, one can either:

 � Speak with Lord Brisby to find out immediately
 � Search the Boyles' 2F chambers. The mistress' room will have a painting of
   the spymaster and a note from him, revealing which color costume she'll be
   wearing. The mistress' room will have a Dunwall Tower Skeleton Key as well,
   which can be used in the next mission.

 Once the target is learned, Corvo can prey upon them in conversation, using
 their diaries' notes as the clincher.

 � Esma can be flirted with, and she'll lead Corvo upstairs to her room with
   little effort. (If he accompanies her closely, the stairway guard in the
   dining room won't bother him.) Her room isn't patrolled, so eliminating
   her there is simple.

 � Lydia is fond of music, and if that avenue is pursued, she'll want Corvo
   to come with to the 1F harpsichord room. However, killing her there can be
   very public, to say the least, although Shadow Kill's ash-making ability
   can help. She can go to the cellar herself, as well, which is more in line
   with the nonlethal route.

 � Waverly is paranoid and can be lured down to the cellar by saying her life
   is imperiled -- very ideal!

 Once the Boyle is eliminated and all loot obtained, exit back into the Estate
 District in one's chosen way. There's often a couple tallboys patrolling the
 area (even if the others were removed), but Corvo can swim past, as long as
 he's not in the spotlight. The hagfish will probably nag him all the way to
 where Sam's boat has moved, however...joys of the job!

 � Defeated Lord Shaw in a duel
 � Signed Lady Boyle's guest ledger
 � Discovered Lady Boyle's identity
 � Delivered Lady Boyle to her admirer, Lord Brisby

6) RETURN TO THE TOWER                                                   [WK06]
 Runes ---: 4
 Charms --: 2
 Shrines -: 1
 Paintings: 1
 Coins ---: 2175

 Upon returning, Corvo can get what meager coins have spawned this time: some
 wire in Piero's Garage 2F, herbs on the pub 1F countertop, powdered crystal
 in the pub's 3F stairwell, and pearls from the two river krusts in the sewer.

 Speak with Pendleton to get updated; if one dueled Lord Shaw in his name, he
 gives a rune as a reward. Similarly, speaking with Callista (pub 1F) about
 Emily reveals her young ward's run off for hide and seek. If Corvo finds her,
 he'll get a rune she found, too. In the times I've played, she's been in a
 couple places, like Corvo's rooftop hallway, the landing near the abandoned
 apartment across the street, etc. She shows up on Dark Vision LV2 and giggles
 if she sees Corvo, so it isn't too hard to pick 'er out. (There's also a 3rd
 rune given, in Corvo's chambers, if he finished the Boyle mission through a
 nonlethal manner.)

 After Pendleton's words, he'll send Corvo to Havelock and Martin in their 2F
 meeting room. They'll mention it's time to strike at the Lord Regent himself,
 and urge Corvo to prepare before setting off.

                _________________               ______________________
               |                 |___           ����������������������
               |    ����� F      | | |          DUNWALL TOWER OVERVIEW
               |                 | | |          ______________________
            ___|______   ________| | |          ����������������������
           |   | MOAT | |  MOAT    | |
           | E |______| |_      ___| |          � - Charm/Rune/Painting
           |___     |     |____|   | |          A - Waterlock
               |  __|_   _|    |  _| |          B - Main Grounds
               |      | |      |   | |          C - Pavilion
               |       B         D | |          D - Rampart Quarters
               |______         | � | |          E - Moat Control
               |        \_____ (___| |          F - Dunwall Tower
               |  C  _|    _/ \______|
               |____|_   ____, )
               (      | |     /    The scenery has changed a bit since Corvo
               |    __| |_ __/     last attended, and not just because it's
                \ \_      |_|      accessible in full. The waterlock bridge
                 \  |     |        has been fortified into a checkpoint, the
                  ) )  �  |        spotlight-stricken main grounds are a major
                  |_|  A  |        problem, and there's additional troops and
                    |_   _|        walls of light to deal with. Oy vey...

 CHARMS : 1 (1/2)
 RUNES -: 1 (1/4)
 COINS -: 580 (580/2175)

 Swim into the lock and disembark at the red light alcove, which begins a tiny
 climbing course to get higher in the pipework. Continue through the vents,
 dodging any rotating gears, ignoring the rat swarm, and exiting out onto a
 balcony overlook. (Corvo can overhear the upper guards' conversation at this
 point.) Using the Heart, one's about 16 meters from the first bone charm, in
 a maintenance tunnel by a corpse. There's also coins here. (16/2175)

 The small balcony from before leads into an arc pylon room, shocking any fool
 who goes in willy-nilly. Instead, blink into the room so Corvo lands with a
 pillar between him and the threat. From there, one can maneuver to a recessed
 walkway, where one can unplug the zapper. Don't bother rewiring it, since the
 locals don't patrol here. Snag the whale oil and copper wire on different
 consoles here (56/2175) before heading upstairs.

 Out in fresh air again, there'll be a guard nearby, often taking in the view
 or patrolling nearby. He carries no coins, but does have the key to the side
 door near the alarm...although Corvo can just use an open window and avoid
 the obstacle entirely, so it's not too important. Of the two guards walking
 the upper waterlock beat, only one has a fat purse (76/2175). There's herbs
 on a console here as well. (96/2175)

 The wall of light blocks entrance to the fortified bridge, but Corvo can use
 the side balcony (where a guard often stops), blinking to the far nook where
 the oil plug-in is. Eliminate the two bridge guards, then take the waterlock
 side entrance to a stairway, leading down to the mini courtyard where Emily
 once invited Corvo to do hide and seek. When the tallboy isn't looking, get
 the whale oil on the stairside crate stack (126/2175). It's not necessary to
 kill that tallboy, but those who want to can drop-assassinate it from atop
 the waterlock building. Trying to do it by the pavilion usually won't give
 enough blink distance...

 Across the bridge, there's a guard booth near where Sokolov used to paint.
 Nix the lazy guard and get the crate stack's hemlock essence (146/2175), then
 jump on the awning above to find another booth near the spotlight-stricken
 main grounds area. Though a watchtower and tallboy walk near here, if Corvo's
 careful, he can stand on the cement railing and reach in with little fear. A
 powdered crystal pack (176/2175) is inside, plus kingsparrow feathers on the
 roof (186/2175).

 Next, approach the hilltop pavilion where Corvo once met the empress. This
 can be done by climbing the new pipework on the hill's side or sneaking up
 the main path. The former method works best, as long as the tallboy's sights
 are taken into account. Eavesdrop on the maid/guard conversation, then nab
 the guardsman when she's far enough away. He has a 50-coin purse (236/2175)
 and she carries nothing.

 The next stop is the moat control room -- this is to the left of the main
 steps' wall of light. Wait until the tallboy and watchtower aren't looking,
 then double-blink over there. (Those who want a bird's-eye view can get on
 top of the pavilion by standing on the big lightpost near the edge, then
 blinking up. Also good for those who want to snipe at the tallboy for some

 The moat control room contains a friendly engineer NPC who suggests swimming
 the pond to avoid the local thugs. It's accessible by turning the overflow
 valve nearby. After cleaning out the room's hemlock, ore and herbs (296/2175),
 take that route. It's hagfish-infested, however, so Corvo can't dally too
 long! Eagle-eyed players will note three single coins under the main entrance
 footbridge (299/2175), plus two more around the far corner (301/2175). These
 are much easier to see when NOT underwater, however, so feel free to put it
 off for later, when most of the foes are kaput and time isn't an issue.

 At the end of the moat, or a little before, Corvo can get onto the ramparts
 area (right of front steps' wall of light) and start taking out the enemies
 there. Of the 2-3 guards and the sleeping quarters' maid, only one has any
 money (311/2175). When the coast's clear, rob the ramparts guard station of
 its oil, ore and hemlock (381/2175), plus the note mentioning the torturer's
 chamber. The lower walkway here is unfinished, and under its scaffolding, is
 another chunk of ore (401/2175).

 Move into the ramparts' quarters and deal with the maid, if not done already.
 Besides the under-bunk rune, there's also table coins (413/2175) and shelf
 herbs (433/2175) to nab. From atop the ramparts, blink to the edifice ledge,
 and head toward the front gate area. Along the way, there'll be a red-tinted
 ventilation area -- one of the ways inside -- containing wire (443/2175) on
 its outer lip.

 From here, Corvo can blink down behind the wall of light to get the two gate
 guards near the watchtower's base. Said tower doesn't actually swivel to see
 them, meaning Corvo need only worry about the tallboy nearby, who CAN see him
 where the patrol route is closest. The guard who always sticks near the booth
 carries a purse (493/2175), and the booth itself has oil inside (523/2175).

 Finally, it's time to infiltrate the palace. Corvo can use...

 � the front door
 � the upper ventilation entrance
 � the moat-accessed room leading into the foyer

 Even if one isn't going to do the moat route, it still pays to do it. Corvo
 will have to find the small pipe entrance, uncrank its door valve and slip
 into an isolated shower-type room. Alternately, possess a fish and squeeze
 through the bars, which avoids any hagfish fights. Either way, there's coins
 in the small drainage pool, plus herbs and powdered crystal on the sink and
 ledge -- 57 total (580/2175).

 CHARMS : 1 (2/2)
 RUNES -: 2 (3/4)
 COINS -: 1445 (2025/2175)
 PNTINGS: 1 (1/1)

 No matter what way one enters, Corvo ends up in the palace foyer, getting to
 overhear the Lord Regent talking with General Tobias. On low chaos, the Lord
 Regent himself will inhabit his 3F quarters; on high chaos, he starts in the
 rooftop safehouse. This only gives marginal changes to the guide, since one
 has to visit all parts of the tower to find loot.

 To do this properly, it's just easier to go floor by floor. Note that one's
 progress is very hampered if the skeleton key wasn't obtained in the previous
 mission -- it opens all doors of importance. Those who don't have it will
 need to take longer ways around, or utilize optional shortcuts, like rat
 tunnels. (For best effect, the guide assumes the key was missed.)

 1F AND B1
 The foyer has four guards in it: one fixed by the wall of light, one walking
 near the wall of light, another who accompanied Tobias, and the good general
 himself. The latter can be picked off when the Regent's check-in is over, and
 it's the second listed who carries any gold (630/2175). The room containing
 the wall of light's fuel is adjacent to the zapper itself -- unplug 'er.

 Neutralize the next hall's fireplace-loving patrolman and hang a right,
 into the ground floor's perimeter corridor. Neutralize the two guards (those
 on the nonlethal route can hide bodies on the passage-length vents above) and
 take the hall-end stairway, which leads to the kitchens. This starts a scene
 where the torturer is going to be brought food; two or three NPCs will ascend
 afterwards. Use this time to loot the kitchens of its herbs and copper wire

 Back upstairs, take the first left into a small bunk area, adjacent to the
 wall of light's fuel room. There's oil and feathers to be found in/on some
 lockers (700/2175), plus a coin on the bunk (705/2175). Down the perimeter
 hall is another bunk area, containing hemlock essence (725/2175) and, on each
 nightstand, a five coin (735/2175).

 Now, remember where the maid dropped food for the torturer? It's at the end
 of the perimeter hall. This stairway leads town to B1, where one can find
 the brutal torturer and his beloved mutt. If one can eliminate them, there's
 a rune shrine to loot and two 5-coins to loot, one being under the hook-hung
 victim (745/2175). Stealthy types can use the roof beams for hiding spots,
 and it's an approach worth taking, since he can take several headshots before
 dying. (Assassinations are instant, however.)

 Return to 1F, continue down the hall, past the bathroom, and into a showroom
 that houses the main staircase. There's an egg statue (895/2175) and imperial
 urn (1045/2175) on display here, though breaking their panes will undoubtedly
 alert guards. It's best to get them after eliminating the locals, something
 that'll require neutralizing the few guards in the showroom and a few in the
 storage-filled hallway adjacent to there. 3F guards may be able to hear the
 breaking as well, though usually give up before they can reach 1F.

 Said storage-filled hallway has two guards, one who seldom moves around. Try
 blinking onto a chandelier for a good view, and stick their bodies into a
 nearby alcove afterwards -- this is a little-patrolled area, after all. One
 of those fellows carries some coin (1055/2175). Past the spotlight in this
 area is a corner chamber where an overseer muses aloud to his hound. Nix 'em
 in the preferred way and loot the chest's ore (1075/2175), plus the two coins
 on the table and lectern (1090/2175).

 That should be all the enemies on the first floor. Take the showroom stairs
 up a floor! (NOTE: Those with a skeleton key can enter the broadcasting tower
 base from the foyer, avoiding an arc pylon in the meanwhile. Those without
 the key can't use this shortcut, however.)

 This floor has a similar layout to the first floor, in that there's nothing
 over the foyer and there's a long perimeter hallway. While ascending the
 staircase, take the path "right" of the wall of light, leading to the
 perimeter on that side. (It would be right over the 1F storage-filled hall.)
 We can start the walkthrough here -- be wary of roving guards, particularly
 the one with the dog! Use chandeliers when able.

 From the corner near the wall of light, peek around to see there's a guard
 with fixed detail. He's watching the lord regent's room. Adjacent to there,
 and accessible via the double doors nearby, is a music room. This contains
 the level's only painting, a portrait of the former empress (1390/2175), plus
 a moray decor plate (1440/2175). Note that two guards will often be here on
 their own, and on low chaos, the Lord Regent will make his way through with
 his own detail.

 Next, one can visit the Lord Regent's chambers by going through the fireplace
 (suffering a bit of damage) or blinking onto his foyer-overlooking balcony.
 For now, ignore the safe and take his chest-held rune; feel free to get rid
 of that door guard as well. This room makes for poor storage though, if one's
 trying for a perfect "no bodies found" statistic.

 With the wall of light hallway hopefully cleared, enter the small bathroom
 its cords run into -- there's some oil here (1470/2175). Ignore the library
 adjacent to the Lord Regent's chamber and enter Tobias' office around the
 corner. There's a watch (1620/2175) and some coins here (1640/2175), plus a
 schematic for explosive pistol shots -- don't forget 'em. Down the hall, the
 mistress' room contains powdered crystal, hemlock and a coin (1695/2175). Her
 room almost always has a maid inside, who doesn't leave. It has
 a key to the Lord Regent's chamber as well.

 At the corner of this hall, note how there's an unlit fireplace? The Heart
 mentions there's a bone charm behind it. Lo and behold, if one fiddles with
 the lantern alongside it, one finds the empress' secret room, containing an
 expensive cigarette case (1845/2175), hemlock (1865/2175) and a tenpiece coin

 Finally, head for the broadcast control station, which should already be a
 marked destination, thanks to Samuel's advice. The central arc pylon makes
 ascending annoying and descending doubly so, but the support pillars offer
 welcome refuge. I'd suggest descending first, just to unplug the sucker; the
 the broadcast tower key is also hanging on a rung by its lower door.

 Atop the tower is a friendly NPC who reveals the Lord Regent keeps damaging
 recordings in his safe, as well as its combination. For the nonlethal route,
 one must crack his safe, get the audiograph card, then return to the tower
 to play it on the amplifiers. This results in Burrows being arrested and
 essentially finishing the mission. Note that the safe contains a jeweled box
 (2025/2175), so it's worth finding anyway.

 Those who still need to access the rooftop can do so via the 2F staircase
 shaft on the opposite side of the foyer from the broadcast tower.
 CHARMS : ---
 RUNES -: 1 (4/4)
 COINS -: 150 (2175/2175)

 This is where the Lord Regent's safehouse is. Out in front, near the alarm,
 three guards usually congregate: two patrollers, one door guard. More will
 come if the alarm's pulled, too. Of the default guards, one contains a small
 pouch (2045/2175). Corvo can enter the safehouse from the main door or the
 side alley's upper window.

 However one enters, hopefully the tallboy isn't alerted. Use the library
 shelves and the shadowed gap beneath the far stair to get around, eliminating
 the instrument-wielding goofball in the back area. The shelves in this area
 contain two doses of whale oil (2105/2175), powdered crystal (2135/2175),
 herbs (2155/2175) and a coin (2165/2175). The final coin is resting in the
 side stairwell, on top of the wall of light's oil socket (2175/2175).

 The Regent, supposing he's up here, will be in his planning room, behind the
 wall of light and a locked side door. If his allies are fighting, he'll rush
 to help; if the instrument player below stops for some reason (KO, dead), he
 sends his other soldier to check on him. The former method can be used to
 draw the regent out into the open without having to bother with unplugging
 and all that rot. (The high metal wall separating the wall of light's front
 from the plug-in apparatus makes for a good drop-assassination perch on the
 tallboy, also.)

  � Killing/KOing the Lord Regent here prevents Corvo from revealing himself
    via the foyer TV screen. The audiograph can still be played to everyone,
    however, even if there's no arrest scene afterwards.

 When the coast's clear, take the final rune from the planning table and get
 the hell out of Dunwall Tower! Samuel will be waiting in the same spot as
 before, and can be reached quickly by just jumping off the upper waterlock.
 If one finished each mission through the alternate nonlethal methods (when
 available), the Poetic Justice trophy triggers here.

 There's a few coins here, notably the river krusts in sewer (100), tyvian ore
 in a dumpster near Sam's shack (20), powdered crystal in Emily's tower (30),
 and hemlock behind the vat in the distillery (20). When ready, party with the
 Loyalists in the pub. Before going upstairs, which starts the next chapter,
 make sure to get any good upgrades from Piero, like that explosive bolt shot.

 The bedroom-related feat is only possible on low chaos.

 � Revealed your identity to the Lord Regent
 � Killed the Lord Regent's torturer
 � Defeated the Lord Regent's torturer
 � Killed the Lord Regent in his bedroom
 � Exposed the Lord Regent's corruption publicly

7) THE FLOODED DISTRICT                                                  [WK07]
 Runes ---: 5
 Charms --: 8
 Shrines -: 1
 Paintings: 3
 Coins ---: 5635

FLOODED DISTRICT OVERVIEW                    |��������������������������������|
_________________________                    | � - Charm/Rune/Painting        |
�������������������������                    | # - Area Boundary              |
   _________________                         | A - Confinement Building       |
  | |�����|   [ | I |_____                   | B - Agroosh Way                |
  | | �J  |   | |   |     |___               | C - Abandoned Apartment        |
  | |_____|     |___|      _ #|    _         | D - Overseer Massacre          |
  |            _____|     | | |___/ \_       | E - Central Rudshore Station   |
  |            _____   H  | |  ______ \      | F - Ebenazar Causeway          |
 _|  �              |     | |___ G   \ \     | G - Weeper Alleys              |
|___________________|     |  ___|  __ \ \    | H - Greaves Refinery Entrance  |
                    |_   _| |     |  ) ) |_  | I - Stairway Control Room      |
                     _|#|_ _|___|_| �| |   | | J - Dumping Grounds            |
                    |     |     | |__| (___| | K - Safe Building              |
      ________      |  D  |     | |  |F \    | L - Inhabitable Building 1     |
     |   _____|_____|___  |_____|    |   \_  | M - Inhabitable Building 2     |
    _|   _____|       ->| |->              | | N - Chamber of Commerce (Base) |
   {       B         ___| |__________   ___| |________________________________|
   {  _____    _____|     |      | � | |
   {_|       \/     |_   _|______|___|_|_
     |_   _   )  C  |          |     |   |  _____   ___
     |     |__|_____(          |_____|___| |     | |   |
     |  A  |         '.              |  ___|  L  | | M |
     |_____|           '.     E      | |  _|_____|_|___|___/\
                         \______   __| | |     |_   _____  _/
                                |#|    | |  K  |_| |   |  |
___________________             | |____| |_____| __|___|__|_
�������������������             |______   _____     _   ___�\
RUDSHORE WATERFRONT              /     |_|     \___/  N��� \/
___________________         Commerce              /|_   ___|
�������������������          Street               \________|
 CHARMS : 1 (1/8)
 RUNES -: ---
 COINS -: 1190 (1190/5635)
 PNTINGS: 1 (1/3)

 Welcome to the scenic waterfront: broken buildings, puke-colored water, the
 local hagfish population... Truly a tourist's nightmare. After some scenes,
 Corvo will be stripped of all his equipment (including potions) and wind up
 in a makeshift oubliette. Those who don't want to escape by throwing bricks
 at the pallet above can possess a rat...although it's rather wasteful.

 Once out, go to the nearby desk to get some potions and a blade. There's also
 an overseer's saber and assassin blade, items to tide Corvo over until his
 retractoblade (just made up that term!) is recovered. IF it's recovered, even.
 Reclaiming one's equipment is completely optional, in which case any swords
 claimed here will be used from now on. Those who skip getting a melee weapon
 here can get duplicates scattered around the level, too. Either way, get onto
 the stairs and find the lower locker with herbs inside (20/5635).

 The top floor is guarded by two assassins, opponents with skills similar to
 Corvo's, only they will vanish and reappear a distance away when hit with
 nonfatal blows. All the more reason to use the parry instakills and, if
 possible, take one unawares before the other notices. Loot-wise, there's some
 coins in the locker (26/5635) and a few wire spools on the nearby crate stack
 (46/5635). Don't forget to get the few coins (52/5635) in the watery basement,
 too. It's possible to exit by swimming through the hole down there, a good
 choice for those on the nonlethal route.

 Either way, Corvo's likely to get wet -- this Rudshore District is one lost
 cause. The main street, Agroosh Way, is completely submerged, although to the
 game designers' credit, they didn't hide any loot down there. To begin, blink
 across the the street to the Davidson's Wax billboard. Behind it is a small
 path leading to an ore, wire and coin deposit (84/5635).

 The confinement building's next-door neighbor -- the one with wooden planks
 in front of it -- can be entered via the 2F window. Inside is a fish statue
 (134/5635), powdered crystal (164/5635) and some coins (176/5635). There's a
 rat hole here that allows one to quickly approach Central Rudshore Station,
 but we don't need to go there yet.

 Back on Agroosh, keep on this side of the street, and look for a corpse near
 more wooden planks -- this stooge has loot (182/5635). It's also within range
 of a huge river krust patch, something unarmed fighters don't want to fight
 at range. To combat this, blink across the street and climb the chain up to
 the skyway, which contains some dead overseers and -- more importantly -- a
 healthy dose of weapons (pistol, bullets, grenades, crossbow bolts).

 To get even more loot, double-jump/blink into the locked building via the
 skylight, finding the rest of the overseer massacre. Ignore the entrance to
 the Greaves Refinery for now and concentrate on scrounging more weapons. (If
 one reads a certain Refinery note and opens the crankvalve, it'll summon an
 extant assassin to check. This doesn't happen by visiting here early though.)
 Feel free to use those grenades on the clusters of river krusts below, as
 their pearls count for 150 coins in the tally (332/5635).

 Those who want to kill a few more assassins can head across the bridge to the
 Central Rudstore Station entrance, eliminating the two roof-dwellers lying in
 wait. Loot-wise, there's a balcony-accessed apartment building containing a
 Slave Routes map (407/5635) and shelf coins (420/5635), plus an extra rail
 station key. With the assassins gone, Corvo can get any remaining coins on
 the lower boxes, 16 total (436/5635) spread out in three clusters. Two are
 by the tree planter; the other's near the station stairway.

 But enough about Daud's base. Return to Agroosh Way and make an upstreet trek
 toward the huge river krust patch. There are strategic barriers Corvo can
 leapfrog from via Blink, although at least one can fall apart. The goal is
 to reach close range so most stop firing, then hit 'em with a grenade. It's
 possible to take out all seven with one grenade (or, if one adventured a ways
 in, an explosive bottle). All together, they account for 250 coins worth of
 pearls (686/5635). Just note that they fly in many directions when exploded,
 so one will want to save beforehand. Same goes for any weepers that may be
 alerted, though this rarely happens for the stealthy.

 With the Ebenazar Causeway's patch clear, get more grenades from the overseer
 corpse by the dead-end gate, then tyvian ore in the dumpster (706/5835) just
 a stone's throw away. Before heading into the weeper-filled alleys ahead,
 let's get the loot in the apartments on the opposite side of the street. If
 Corvo stands on the arch (near where overseer's corpse is) and double-jumps
 with a blink, he can get up to a weeper apartment with the level's first
 painting inside (1006/5835). The next-door apartment has a few coins on its
 stove as well (1009/5835), plus a letter giving the next level's safe code.

  � Having trouble getting up to that apartment area? If so, one may want to
    stand on the skyway roof (near the overseer massacre) and a long-distance
    blink instead. It's also possible to stand on the nearby roof's vent unit
    and do a single jump+blink combo to get up higher also, which leads to a
    walkway running right to the weeper's balcony.

 In any case, return to street level and head into the Ebenazar Causeway, the
 weird alley with the white, wispy fog rolling down it. Searching for loot's
 easier once the weeper population's under control, of course -- a simple feat
 for pistol-packing players on the lethal route, a time-consuming grind for
 the saintly types. (The latter's doable, however. May want to consider the
 campfire alley as a starting point, reached by barrier-hopping on Agroosh.)

 Anyway, that campfire area has a corpse with a pocketwatch (1059/5835) and
 coins scattered on the food cabinet (1068/5835). If one goes up the concrete
 barrier to the next campsite, the mattress has more coins (1082/5835) to nab.
 Ascending to the highest sleeping area for a cigarette case (1132/5835) and
 three easily missed coins (1135/5835).

 Next, blink to the 3F apartment right next to this area, eliminate the two
 weepers and get the level's first bone charm. There's three coin here for
 good measure (1138/5835). Climb onto this building's roof in one's preferred
 way and jump to the one adjacent. There's another ledge, slightly higher,
 one can blink to, where a cameo and coins (1190/5835) lay. If one has Dark
 Vision LV2, it'll be easy to see, since the corpse here glows yellow.

 That does it for the Waterfront's loot. Next is the refinery, which can be
 accessed easily from street level. Entering from the overseer massacre area
 offers no real advantages, but that's on the table, too, I suppose.

 CHARMS : 1 (2/8)
 RUNES -: 1 (1/5)
 COINS -: 944 (2134/5635)

 Entering via the causeway puts Corvo right near the main yard, now housing
 weepers instead of workers. If they're eliminated, one can get a small bounty
 from their shacks: a mattress pouch (1200/5635), a few groups of coins by the
 campfire (1214/5635) and wire/ore stuck on top of a vent unit (1244/5635).
 Over the main gate, near the overseer corpses, is a civvy corpse containing a
 pouch (1254/5635).

 Use the broken walkway to blink over the locked gate, finding the deserted
 main grounds. Well, deserted except for river krusts: there's a large patch
 just inside and another at the end of the broken cart track. There aren't any
 exterior assassins or weepers to deal with, so feel free to do a little 'nade
 negotiation. Between the groups, there's 375 coins worth of pearls to collect
 (1629/5635), and the tank-filled boat at ground level has some pocket change
 as well (1641/5635). There's also a muddy rune just laying nearby.

 The small building near the cart track is the stairway control room, though
 it has no juice. Get an empty tank and fill it at the pump nearby -- not
 unlike how Corvo did for Piero long ago -- to fit the bill. (If it isn't
 working, it's because only the end tank has oil left.) The stairway up to
 the dumping grounds building is now accessible. Before leaving, snag the
 Western Ocean map (1716/5635), plus the 69 coins worth of wire, oil, herbs
 and coins in the locker room (1785/5635). Said stashing area is accessible
 only from the building's skylight.

 Visiting the dumping grounds is the next target. Climb the stairs until the
 path wrap around the corner, and look for the broken section -- there's a
 bone charm hidden underneath, along with a few coins (1793/5635). Climb the
 next chain, turn around, and hop across to the dead-end pipe duct, which has
 an easily missed cache (1818/5635). The ascenion culminates in some chatty
 assassins discussing Corvo's recent breakout. They end up leaving permanently,
 so the dumping ground section's a little more pain-free.

 To start, snag the locker items: two oil canisters, herbs and wire, a 90-coin
 haul (1908/5635). If one hops onto the upper ledge near the lockers, there's
 a Whaling Territories map to steal, too (1983/5635). Around the corner, near
 the filling station, is a boarded-up section containing coins (1991/5635) and
 extra tanks. Fill one up to drop the top-floor catwalk, giving central shaft

 Descend the chain until one spots the next walkway, which has a few weepers
 to sweep. There's two doses of whale oil on this floor, each on a different
 console (2051/5635), plus the herbs and coins by the campfire (2074/5635).
 If one reaches the bottom by taking the broken stairwell route, Corvo'll end
 up in a weeper area near a bunch of whale oil tanks. Filled ones. Explosive
 ones. See where I'm going with this? It only takes a few good lobs to clear
 the chaff and reclaim the equipment Daud tossed. Nonlethal players'll have to
 be a bit more clever in neutralizing, which is no small feat since many of
 the foes don't patrol.

  � If one solved the High Overseer mission in a nonlethal manner, there'll be
    a special note here ("Campbell's Curse") near the stairwell. Good reading!

 Corvo's pack contains all the weapons, potions and ammo he had before -- a
 good thing, too, in case one splurged on Piero's store before finishing the
 last pub mission. The shaft's bottom contains the refinery's final items: oil
 and ore on the stairway shelf (2124/5635) and wire in an overturned mining
 cart (2134/5635).

 A crank-opened door on the catwalk allows egress, and one can return to the
 Rudshore Waterfront in any manner. The destination: Daud's base! If Corvo
 put the two assassins there to the sword, his return trip will have spawned
 only one extra at ground level. This one carries a rail station key as well,
 which'll be needed to exit into...

  � If you visited the overseer massacre building during the opening visit,
    and opened the interior crank door, it's possible the assassin who comes
    to check didn't spawn. In that case, it may spawn on one of the rooftops
    near the station or skyway. (I found him after revisiting the apartment
    that held the painting.)

 CHARMS : 2 (4/8)
 RUNES -: 1 (2/5)
 COINS -: 1084 (3218/5635)
 PNTINGS: 1 (2/3)

 Like the previous level, this area is similarly flooded, although Daud's
 crew has built upper walkways, giving plenty of high ground. (For reference,
 these walkways aren't reflected on the ASCII map above.) All assassins in the
 area will carry crossbow bolt pouches, rather than simple coin, so killers
 don't have to hold back.

 Proceed up the makeshift road, and when reaching the spot with many lanterns,
 look off to the side for the sunken alley. This section contains a flooded
 apartment leading to a downstairs safe room. The combination to the safe is
 mentioned in the previous area's letter (the apartment next-door to the one
 with the Sokolov portrait). The reward is a nice whale statue (2284/5635).

 Return to the alley and climb up to dry land. If one climbs all the buildings
 here, there's a vent-fed balcony leading to an apartment with some powdered
 crystal and coins (2317/5635). This route also ignores some of the assassins
 below, making it good for nonlethal players.

 The window facing away from the alley points at another empty apartment. On
 the low walkway surrounding said building, one can find hemlock (2337/5635),
 and the ruined structure within eyeshot has a box with elixirs and coins
 (2344/5635) on top. Adjacent to this building is a kitchen area containing
 a decor plate (2394/5635), and if Corvo visits the end of Commerce Street,
 he'll find a bone charm waiting.

 Next, infiltrate the base properly through the destination-marked window to
 hear chatty 'ssassins mention the tunnel -- that is, the district's exit --
 is locked and only Daud has the key. Speaking of which, remember this area,
 since it has a few containers that require said key to access. Not all loot
 is locked up, though. There's powdered crystal on an old cubicle (2424/5635),
 a coin on the hallway bench (2425/5635), a trunk containing two doses of
 hemlock (2465/5635) and coins right near there (2471/5635).

 Creep up the hall to the assassin training room. When the teacher sends his
 student to do the course, Corvo has a prime opportunity to eliminate one. On
 nonlethal routes, it's best to do in the instructor, since one has a little
 more time. Use the filing cabinet by the entryway spotlight as a perch for
 best measure, and grab the coins near the elixirs (2478/5635) when able.

 The next room is an outdoor vent unit area, giving two windows into the next
 area, the perimeter outside Daud's room/office. Approaching the location will
 spawn an assassin reporting Corvo's current tactics, which depends on the
 lethality of his tactics. Near where that reporter first spawned, there's a
 few coins on the ground (2482/5635).

 There's a couple ways to do this next section. No matter how it goes, it's
 not a bad idea to get rid of Daud's entourage, by neutralizing them as they
 patrol or (for the guy who doesn't patrol) forced leave via possession, which
 disorients them momentarily after the effect ends. On low chaos playthroughs,
 the guy who reports to Daud (high chaos only) exits into the backyard, which
 simplifies things a bit.

 � LETHAL: Corvo can sneak up on Daud and do a OHKO assassination like any
   other target. Being noticed begins a fight with Daud, any assassins in the
   area, PLUS any assassins the bossman would normally summon to help. It's a
   giant fight, one that Daud, when critically injured, runs away from, though
   he only manages to get into the backyard a ways. If one gets to this part,
   there'll be a special scene where Daud pleads for his life. Corvo can throw
   the book at him or walk away; doing the latter gives an achievement.

 � NONLETHAL: KOing Daud or his guards gives the "send a message by stealing
   his key and leaving unharmed" objective, which is accomplished by swiping
   his pouch for the tunnel key.

 In any case, continuing will require taking Daud's tunnel key, hidden in his
 pouch (2497/5635) along with a bone charm that doesn't appear on the Heart's
 radar. Daud's upper office has a few coins by his bed, too (2505/5635).

 There's also another key called "Daud's Key" -- hanging on his office desk --
 that opens other stashes in the area. Notibly, his personal chest one landing
 above (2605/5635) and the two locked drawers in the first part of the base,
 containing coins and a sextant, respectively (2733/5635). Note that Daud's
 personal chest contains the Improved Armor blueprint if it wasn't obtained
 during "High Overseer Campbell". Same goes for the Boot Stealth blueprint if
 it wasn't found in "The Royal Physician".

 The backyard area -- which is just a ruined building on what was formerly
 Jessamine Boulevard -- has a few goodies as well. Put Daud's Key to work on
 the downstairs sextant cabinet (2883/5635), the one that has hemlock & coins
 (2905/5635) beside it. The very top floor, which is almost disintegrated
 entirely, has a few coins on its desk also (2918/5635).

 That about does it for this area. All that's left is to visit the shaft that
 leads to the gateward tunnel, which is destination-marked if Daud's been
 dealt with. About halfway down is the nightcap, a Sokolov painting of the
 Dunwall Tower torturer (3218/5635). Loot the bottom-floor rune before going
 out toward...

�������������                               _____
RUDSHORE GATE                           ___(     )___ _____
_____________                          |    \   /    |  @  |
�������������                    START |  B  ) (  B� |  @  |
 CHARMS : 1 (5/8)              ____|#|_|_____| |_____|__@  |
 RUNES -: 1 (3/5)             | �   A                   @( (
 COINS -: 686 (3904/5635)     |                         @| D'.___
 PNTINGS: ---                  ��������������|�����|    @|___   _|
                                             |  C  |    @|   | |
 |�������������������������|                 |     |   _@|   ) )
 | � - Charm/Rune/Painting |            _____|_____|__| @|__/ /
 | # - Screen Boundary     |        ___|_    E   _____  @|__ (_ __
 | @ - Electric Cart Track |       |     \      |     | @|     |  |
 | A - Old Mosley Canal    |       |  F  |\   |_|     | @|  B     |
 | B - Slum Apartment      |       |_____| )    |_____| @|_____|  |_____
 | C - Mosley's Warehouse  |      _|  _____             @         |     |
 | D - Pluckebaum Avenue   |    _| | |     |            @         |     |
 | E - Thresh Street       |   |_    |  G  |            @         |  H  |
 | F - Weeper Tenement 1   |     |___|_____|   \    __  @         )     )
 | G - Weeper Tenement 2   |      /  \     \   _)  |    @        /     /
 | H - Ruined Hotel        |    Arc   \     \_|    |    @       /_____/
 | I - Sewer Access        |   Pylon   \     \          @      ______/
 | J - Submerged Tunnel    |            )     )         @     |     /
 | K - Granny & Slackjaw   |            |_____|         @     )    /
 | L - Shantytown          |                |__________ @ ___/____/
 |_________________________|                           |@|
                                    _________________  |@|
          EXIT                     |____________  _  |_|@|  _____   _____
          _| |_____________        |      _   ___/ | #_ @| |     |_|     |
         |_     _     ___  |      _| |___|     |   |_| |@| |  K   _      |
           |___|_____|  _| |_    |  I  | |  �  |        �  |_�  _| |_   _|
                      _|    �|   |_   _| |_____|   ,-------|     |_  | |
                     |  _____|     | |            /        |      �| | |
                     | |   |       | |_  One-Way /   |���|  �������  | |
                     |_  | |       | | | <------'    |�  |           | |
                       \ ' |       | | |___   ___   _|�  |  /�����|__| |
                        )  (       | |  _  |_|   |_|  _| |_/ /��|J ____|
                       ( /\ \ _____| |_| |__________________/   |_|
                       | )�) )  _  |_  |
                       | |_| | | |___| |
                       |    L     _____|
                       |  _  | |_| |
                       |_| |_______|

 The last two areas are surprisingly large, requiring their own maps separate
 from the others. Corvo begins in the slums outside Rudshore Gate itself, an
 area known (in passing) as the Old Mosley Canal. The devs pitch a softball
 here, placing a bone charm in the muck 40-odd meters away. There'll be a rat
 swarm to deal with, but it's the thought that counts.

 Climb the hill of corpses and muck (near where an NPC is trying to free his
 buddy) and enter Mosley's Warehouse adjacent to there. There's a couple of
 NPCs chatting here, and eavesdropping reveals two big facts: 

 � It's possible to ride the plague wagon to Rudshore Gate
 � Turning on the spotlight will keep the tallboys nearby occupied

 Ignore that for now and steal one of the guys' keys, which opens the nearby
 stash room -- it contains an urn, war medal and coins (3432/5635), as well as
 elixirs and a rewire tool. There's whale oil for doing the spotlight trick,
 although we can ignore those antics for now. Be sure to swipe the other NPC's
 pouch (3442/5635), as well as getting the wire on the 1F debris pile under
 the walkway (3452/5635). 

 Return to the corpse-laden hill of muck and climb up toward the warehouse's
 bridge, which has miraculously survived an industrial debris slide. On this
 path is a cameo-and-coin pile (3562/5635), and the sidewalk lean-to has wire
 nearby (3572/5635) and herbs on the mattress (3592/5635).

 Ignore the water-filled alley and climb into the nearest apartment. Corvo can
 window-hop to get between the buildings, eventually reaching the top. For now,
 get the statuette in the survivor's digs (3642/5635) and some advice: it's
 possible to leap onto the plague wagon from the rooftops.

  � Although there's a rune on one of the roofs, and coin on an upper table
    near a window (3660/5635), catching a ride to Rudshore Gate is optional,
    and in fact ignores most of the fun things to do in the level. However,
    those that want to get through as quickly as possible can scarcely find a
    better way. Use the roof to blink onto the rail's tower, then a wagon when
    it's inert. Ride it toward Rudshore Gate and be sure to leap off onto the
    exterior catwalk. Time it poorly and Corvo crashes into the wall of light,
    ending up no better than the wagon's other passengers.

 Of course, the walkthrough assumes a reader wants loot instead of the first
 ticket out, so the wagon route is ignored. From the survivor's apartment,
 advancing next-door toward the rail area finds a small flat with coins hidden
 on top of a desk (3667/5635) -- easy to miss without Dark Vision LV2. Said
 building opens up onto a landing under the rail, and the dumpster here holds
 some wire and ore for the trouble (3697/5635).

 Pluckebaum Avenue runs on the high ground along the rail, and at its end, a
 dumpster containing herbs (3717/5635). The alley stemming off runs parallel
 to the rail, giving an overlook of Thresh Street and all the tallboys on
 patrol. Before going anywhere, a table has a few coins on it. (3720/5635)

 Although it's possible to head right for the gate, using high ground to take
 out tallboys with drop assassinations, it isn't necessary. It's much better
 to put those idiots to good use, bombing the tenements once the spotlight's
 restored. However, said tenements have goodies inside, so they'll need to be
 cleared out first. For this reason, cross to Thresh Street's other side and
 prepare to enter the ground-floor entrance of the first tenement. Don't go
 further, though, lest one meet a death of arcish pylonian nature.

  � Thresh Street has two guards on foot, and while they're easily dealt with,
    one actually ends up leaving the level, heading for the gate. If Corvo's
    quick, he could actually pursue behind him as the passage opens, avoiding
    the need to deactivate the wall of light, which spawns two more tallboys
    on Thresh. Again, it would ignore both loot and common sense, but it's

 Anyway, back to the tenement ordeal. As soon as one enters, the three in the
 first area are scripted to get up and walk down the hall. This behavior will
 give Corvo time to kill the stragglers, or get most in a nonlethal manner.
 Snag the Tenement Key in the stairway and use it to get into the locked 1F
 door nearby, which holds food and coin (3733/5635). The 3F weeper room holds
 the same amount of coin (3746/5635), and the close quarters make it hard to
 get through without tangoing with its residents.

 Nevertheless, Corvo's loot run requires hopping onto the adjacent tenement's
 vents. The nonlethal sorts will have to tranq or blink behind the next (and
 only) weeper, since he doesn't patrol by default. When done, get the hound
 statue in the corpse room (3846/5635) and go onto the balcony above the twin
 pylons. Corvo can rewire them here, which kills a guard (if he's here) or
 simply lets our protagonist deactivate 'em safely. The reward: incendiary
 bolts, grenades and some elixirs.

 Those intent on using the spotlight strategy can take the pylon's fuel to do
 the trick, rather than backtracking to the warehouse. The three tallboys in
 the area will all go over there (even if the weepers are dead) and generally
 stay in that area, allowing Corvo to check the ruined hotel area at leisure.
 The 2F stairway has coins on a chair (3858/5635) and a mattress on 3F has
 even more (3874/5635). Finally, the locked door on 3F can't be opened, but
 by blinking to the side building, Corvo can circumvent the need and land on
 the hemlock/pouch twofer (3904/5635).

 That should do it for the Rudshore Gate collectibles. To exit the area, one
 will generally blink to the whale oil receptacle, remove it (may spawn two
 tallboys on Thresh St.) and blink to the next platform, which contains an
 alley entrance. That way, no one has to bother with the tallboy perpetually
 standing under the rail.

 CHARMS : 3 (8/8)
 RUNES -: 2 (5/5)
 COINS -: 1731 (5635/5635)
 PNTINGS: 1 (3/3)

 Right off the bat, Corvo can go to a deserted street-side apartment and get
 a bone charm, which also has the added effect of ignoring the boarded-up
 section of the sidewalk. Why? Breaking it alerts the four weepers in the dead
 end, although there's coins on a corpse there (3924/5635), so that's not a
 bad thing. Spooked weepers will generally rush forward and settle in the
 sewer entrance chamber a ways past.

  � Going into the sewer is the level's point of no return -- jumping alone
    won't reopen it. For that reason, those who want to get all coins would
    do well to have an extra save here, just in case they forgot something.

 Alrighty, into the sewers. Assuming one's followed the walkthrough and did
 Granny Rags' early quests, one'll find a wounded Bottle Street thug here. He
 mentions that only Slackjaw has the gate for the key ahead, and he's gone off
 to meet with his nemesis. Corvo'll have to find their battleground to venture
 forth. (Those who DIDN'T do any of Granny's quests can't go into the branch
 area and end up missing all items beyond, including the trophies relating to
 Granny and Slackjaw. Instead, the gate that would normally require the key
 is open by default.)

 Get through the pipes to the first river krust infestation, a small one that
 only relinquishes 50 coins (3974/5635). There's a second one through the
 canal's boarded-up section, giving up 125 total (4099/5635). There's also a
 two piles of coins near the shroud-covered bodies (4117/5635). There's a safe
 to rob of its ingot (4217/5635) and bone charm in the maintenance chamber on
 one side, though Corvo'll have to solve a riddle for it. The solution? Check
 which months the note to Jelly mentions, then read the month-related book
 alongside it to get which number it represents. The order the months appear
 in the note is the solution.

 Further in, past vertical pipes, is the third river krust cluster, coughing
 up only 50 coins among the three (4267/5635). This marks the beginning of a
 submerged tunnel, both long and deep. There's actually a cabinet halfway in
 that holds 40 coins (4307/5635), though it's may not be a good idea going
 for it without knowing where it is. Y'know, drowning and all that. Surfacing
 at the tunnel's end leads to an abandoned rig, which has wire (4317/5635) on
 its top walkway.

 The door leads into Granny Rags' sanctum, an old quarry of sorts. She'll ask
 the player to help kill Slackjaw, to which one can agree or not. (Disagreeing
 doesn't make Granny aggro, though she does suggest leaving. One can ask her
 again to get the same request.) Reward-minded individuals should know that
 helping Slackjaw gets all Granny's rewards, plus some coin, and is the only
 way to get all loot in the level.

  � HELP GRANNY: Agree to help kill Slackjaw, then follow up -- it only takes
    one swing. Get Granny's key to loosen his shackles, then toss the crime
    boss into the vat of bubbling goo. Mmm, whiskey-flavored.

  � HELP SLACKJAW: Speaking with Slackjaw and agreeing to help him, robbing
    Granny of her key, or putting her cameo in the incinerator starts a boss
    fight with the old lady. "Killing" Granny will spawn a swarm of rats and
    teleports her somewhere else -- there's no end to fighting in this way.
    However, if one takes her key item cameo (on upstairs bed), puts it in the
    furnace and incinerates it, killing/KOing her at any time ends the boss
    fight. (For fun, throw Granny into her own stewpot.) Slackjaw's reward for
    rescuing him is 600 coins, even if Corvo ripped him off in the Golden Cat
    chapter. (4917/5635)

 No matter where one's allegiances lie, the reward includes a master key to
 exit the area. Get the feathers and herbs by the stockade (4947/5635), the
 Sokolov painting (5247/5635) and oil (5277/5635) in Granny's house, then go
 into the locked workshop area. In addition to the rune shrine, there's also
 oil, feathers a map and a sextant to snag -- 165 total (5442/5635). Breaking
 the wooden cover on the storm drain reveals a one-way slip-n-slide path back
 to the sewers' entrance.

 After finishing the Granny/Slackjaw showdown, or if one didn't even get to
 participate, one can venture into the shantytown beyond the sewer entrance
 area. In low chaos, Corvo's kind actions make the folks here survivors; on
 high chaos, his bloodletting makes it a gigantic weeper den. Either way,
 there'll be some clearing out to do, although those suddenly doing the
 nonlethal route (or who skipped getting the equipment back) can avoid most
 fighting by hiding in the lower sewer canal. Somewhat.

 The start of the shantytown actually holds the 4th river krust cluster, which
 ignores the weepers for some reason. They account for 25 coins (5467/5635),
 and there's also coins on the couch below 'em (5480/5635); the kennel stuffed
 with a corpse has a handful as well (5500/5635). On low chaos, the kennel
 corpse's purse is instead carried by a female NPC. Round out the area by
 taking the pouch by the shantytown dwelling (5550/5635), not far from where
 a rune languishes in the canal muck.

 Venture on to the fifth and final river krust cluster room, whose deaths'll
 result in 75 more for Corvo (5625/5635). Though they don't count as kills,
 one can avoid fighting by using the upper pipes...although it makes little
 sense in the long run, since the final bone charm's in a drain next to the

 The chamber with the broken stairway holds the last ten coins, under a desk
 in the storage locker (5635/5635). From there, it's only a short walk to the
 Hound Pits Pub area.

 The survivor escape can only occur on low chaos; on high, the survivors have
 become weepers. Campbell only appear as a weeper if he was branded a heretic
 in the second mission. Finally, the Granny/Slackjaw battle, supposing one's
 done enough to initiate it, can only be done in favor of a single combatant.

 � Put Weeper Campbell out of his misery
 � Recovered your weapons and gear
 � Helped the survivors escape (low chaos only)
 � Helped Granny cook Slackjaw
 � Helped Slackjaw defeat Granny

8) THE LOYALISTS                                                         [WK08]
 Runes ---: 1 (1/1)   _|     |-ENTER                   |���������������������|
 Charms --: ---      |    H  |                         | �: Rune Location    |
 Shrines -: ---   ___| |_____|___________              | A: Docks            |
 Paintings: ---  |                       |             | B: Piero's Workshop |
 Coins ---: 360  |            _         _|_            | C: Hound Pits Pub   |
                 |_          | |  _____| I |           | D: Brewery          |
                   | | ����������|     |_  |           | E: Emily's Tower    |
                   |I| C      I     D  |  _|___        | F: Samuel's Shack   |
                   | |__         |_____|   | * |_____  | G: Hound Pits       |
                   |  _____��   �|          �|�|     | | H: Abandoned Apt.   |
                   | |     |     |_          |       | | I: Sewer Access     |
                ___| |  B� |      _          | |  G  | |_____________________|
               |  _  |_____| | | | F           (_____|__
          _____| |___  |    _| |_| |_______,'�\_________|_
         /      _| E | |___|  A _ �|    I                 |_______
        /        |___| |  (  /   | |          ______       _____  |
       (_______|__   __|  | (    |_|         |______|     |_____| |
        \         |_|     ( |     _                        _____  |
         \                 \)  __/ \_                     |     | |
          �������������'.     |______)                    |_____| |
                         '.                                       |
 ** NOTE **
 Charms and loot bestowed by the DLC weapon packs have vanished at this point,
 if Corvo's left them alone since they spawned many chapters ago. Same goes
 for the abandoned apartment's loot.

 Speak with Cecilia to learn what's gone down in Corvo's absence, and why
 there's a ton of watchmen patrolling the area. There's two ways to proceed

 � Simply beat down all the enemies as normal. Doable without enlisting help
   from anyone, and the upper pub/garage area makes a perfect spot for tallboy
   drop assasinations.

 � Get help from Piero and Sokolov, who'll be hiding in the garage no matter
   one's chaos levels. The building is locked up tight, but Corvo can still
   enter through the 2F balcony; the roof vents wind down and around to there,
   remember. Piero will mention needing a blueprint to get his arc pylon to
   work; these are found in a trash can in Havelock's room. Return it to Piero
   then ferry a (filled) whale oil canister to the garage's rooftop pylon
   rig. Doing so zaps all enemies in the level, either putting them to sleep
   like a delicate sleeper hold or utterly destroying them.

   I really don't suggest using the Piero method for two reasons: killing foes
   with a pylon disintegrates them, destroying their loot, and knocking them
   unconscious can glitch their loot into the ground textures, preventing one
   from getting 'em that way, too.

 To finish this short chapter, one needs to find out where Emily's located --
 read the note on the 1F pub countertop or the letter in Corvo's room to do
 the trick. As for signalling Samuel, one needs the key to the tower first,
 which is Callista's duty. In low chaos, she'll be in the tower; in high chaos,
 she's with Wallace and Lydia. Pop the flare, get supplies from Emily's tower
 (high chaos has weaponry), get any remaining supplies from Piero (go for broke
 on the last level!) and meet Sam on the tower beach.

 The "defeat all troops" part requires defeating them without using the pylon.

 � Found Emily's drawing
 � Rescued Sokolov and Piero by defeating Havelock's troops
 � Used the arc pylon to rescue Piero and Sokolov

9) THE LIGHT AT THE END                                                  [WK09]
 Runes ---: 1       _____    ___________________________
 Charms --: -      |     |   ���������������������������
 Shrines -: -      |  H  |   KINGSPARROW ISLAND OVERVIEW
 Paintings: -      |___  |   ___________________________
 Coins ---: 187      |  _|   ���������������������������
                    _| |_     *2F not pictured
                   |     |                      __ _____           ______
                   |  G� |      _   __       __/+ |  F  |         |      |
       _   ________|_   _|_____|+|_/  \     /    _______|_________|  __  (
     _|+|,'                    | |'. C )   /  / /                 | |  \  \
    |            1F COURTYARD          |  (  ( (    UPPER         |+|   )  )
    | D |                           |__|  |    |    RAMPARTS       �    |  |
    (         _      _| |____          |  (  ( (___________             )  )
     \___\_| | |    |+       |_| |_/   )   \  \__         +|___________/  /
           | |  �����������|   | | \__/     '._   E �������|  __   E   _,'
        _ _| |_____|�|  �|_____| |_            |_____|���|___|  |_____|
       | |     | |   | |�    |     |_
       | |  A  | |   |       |  B    |
       | |_____| |   |       |_____| |
       |___   ___|   |            ___|
           | |       |             /
           |_|       (       _____/
                      '.   ,'
                        | (

 |������������������������|  Here it is, the final level! It changes slightly
 | � - Rune               |  depending on one's chaos ranking, although the
 | + - Notable Stairway   |  gist is the same:
 | A - Harbor Entrance    |
 | B - Beach Entrance     |  � Infiltrate the fort somehow
 | C - Machine Room       |  � Get access to the gatehouse
 | D - Lifeboat Access    |  � Ascend to the lighthouse
 | E - Ramparts Room      |  � Rescue Emily
 | F - Gatehouse Control  |
 | G - Gatehouse          |  There's very few coins in this level, and they
 | H - Burrows Lighthouse |  don't matter really (no NG+ or continued play
 |________________________|  aftewards), so progress is very expedited.
 Coins: 4/187

 Samuel will put Corvo in the same spot each time the level starts, as he's
 done before. On high chaos, it will be nighttime and guards will come to
 inspect the docks after a few moments; on low chaos, it's daytime and foes
 aren't in the immediate area.

 There are two spots marked on the screen: the Beachside and Harborside walls
 of light. These block immediate access into Kingsparrow Fort, the real meat
 of the level. They're both similar in make, and it's not worth killing folks
 outside, since they will respawn ad infinitum when Corvo leaves the area. It
 does give the nonlethal approach another bonus, since reinforcements don't
 arrive for guards merely KOed.

 No matter what one does, it helps to eliminate the watchtower perched by the
 rocky starting point, since it's in view of the first destination: that sewer
 entrance between the two gate platforms. (The watchtower probably won't be
 in range for those doing the no-upgrade playthroughs, however, forcing one to
 just be more cautious.) The sewer-fed interior section has a guard and allows
 one to disable both gates, plus a few coins on a console near the beachside
 oil receptacle (2/187). Those who want the hidden trophy for unplugging five
 security systems on the island should disable both gates.

 Corvo can now tackle whichever gate he wants to pass through. Those trying
 to get through with a delicate touch can just tranq guards, while the patient
 (or didn't-get-my-equipment-back) types would do better watching the guards'
 patterns. It's best to eliminate one of the platform's three guards, then
 blink past the gate guard when he isn't looking, or when he's scripted to
 lean on the opposite side of the wall. Those who want to get all coins should
 get the two hidden in that small beach building's hatch first (4/187).

 � There are alternate ways to enter the fort, such as possessing a rat and
   sneaking in through a tunnel, or blinking onto one of the massive cables
   extending from above the beach gate (leads to upper levels).

 Coins: 80 (84/187)

 Inside at last! Blink past the closed gate's shutter to reach the main
 courtyard, with the Gatehouse at its center. One of the patrollers in this
 area holds the Control Room Key, letting one get in-between the courtyard and
 the whale oil rooms visited earlier. Not necessary, but may be helpful...or

 For old time's sake, let's get the area's coins. The ramparts are composed of
 three tiers of walkways. The middle-tier section has two "gatehouse control
 room" areas -- one adjacent to the actual Gatehouse, the other directly above
 the gates' whale oil room -- and each has 6 coins to find (16/187). Meanwhile,
 the two largest rooms atop the ramparts each hold loot, 17 coins and 50 coins,
 respectively (83/187). On high chaos, the 50-coin pouch will be held by the
 targeted NPC instead, although it's the same room each time.

 Finally, it's time to infiltrate the Gatehouse, and the front door wall of
 light makes that option a no-go. Instead, enter the 1F ramparts "Machine
 Room" (close to beachside entrance tunnel), which leads directly into the
 Gatehouse drainage area, where the game's final rune is. To enter the 'House
 through this method, use the crankvalve directly above that small chamber;
 it's on the floor.

 � The Gatehouse exterior, if one gazes at the front, has a high-up walkway
   segment that goes to nowhere. Well, on low chaos, it does nothing. However,
   on high chaos, after the building's taken structural damage, Corvo can
   simply blink in through the hole and reach part of the upper stairway. It
   circumvents the lower guards completely.

 Those playing a normal low chaos run will have to work from the basement up,
 and since there's a chain that connects to the top of the stairwell, it's
 not that hard. However there's one last coin (84/187) to get: go down one
 landing from where the chain ends and it'll be on the floor.

 To reach the lighthouse itself, one must cross an arc pylon bridge. This is
 a simple feat, done by blinking onto the parallel walkway right below it. A
 rewire panel is here, too, for the murderous types. Beyond is a final stair
 leading to the elevator. Two guards here (one on stair, one patrolling around
 it). Nonlethal players can wait for the first guard to approach the arc pylon
 bridge, then do some quick blinking to avoid the remaining watchman. Acquire
 the second guy's key (required) before ascending.

 � Once upstairs, it's impossible to return to the fort and beach areas. Those
   doing the "Lights Out" trophy need to consider their chaos levels. On high
   chaos, there'll be an extra unpluggable to get; on low chaos, that doesn't
   appear, so Corvo has to do his work in the fort (3 walls, 2 pylons). Those
   doing a nonlethal run will want to consider ignoring that long enough to
   get the trophy, then reloading.

 Coins: 103 (187/187)

 The first task is getting past the four lower guards. There's one right near
 the elevator, two more at the middle part, and a fourth at the lighthouse's
 main entrance. The second guy doesn't patrol by default either, meaning one
 must screw with his AI (easiest way is a gunshot) to get him moving. There's
 also little to no hiding spots here, 'sides atop the lift, making it a chore
 of sorts.

 Luckily, Corvo can avoid all these annoyances by blinking up the elevator
 shaft's girters until he gets on the roof. From there, he can continue onto
 the glass-encrusted structure. This leads to the back stairway, leading back
 inside to the lighthouse interior. On high chaos, no one will be here, and
 Corvo can get the remaining coins in the antechamber (87/187) and the pouch
 by the audiograph (187/187) easily.

 Emily's adventure will change depending on Corvo's actions so far.

 � LOW CHAOS: The boss will be in the planning room. He isn't aggro by default
   and even freely gives the key to Emily's cell, which has already spawned on
   the end table. However, at some point in the speech, taking the key DOES
   make him aggro, which means it counts as an alert. Those doing no-alert
   playthroughs will want to knock him out before then. Emily is kept nearby,
   and taking her ends the game. Note this confrontation is optional: if
   Corvo takes the key and frees Emily before dealing with the boss, the game
   ends as normal.

 � HIGH CHAOS: The boss and Emily will be at the top of the lighthouse during
   a storm. If Corvo approaches normally, she'll be taken hostage, and Corvo
   will have to resolve the situation. Shooting the attacker successfully, or
   blinking closer, has the fiend fall to his death, but Emily manages to hang
   on. Corvo can then choose to help her up; if he waits too long, she falls
   as well. (Those doing a
   nonlethal playthrough can, before approaching the top, unplug the canister
   below that platform, which stops the spinning gear. Corvo can infiltrate
   underneath the walkway, blink onto the spot behind the boss and KO him like
   a badass. I believe tranqing the boss after he's taken a hostage results in
   a death, so don't let the situation get that far.)

 The ending credits will change depending on the chaos level. Will Dunwall
 become a rat-infested hellhole with a dead would-be Empress, or will Corvo's
 kind actions result in a plague cure and new golden age? Hmm...

                                    THE END
 � Killed Overseer Martin
 � Killed Lord Pendleton
 � Killed Lord Havelock
 � Read Havelock's journal
 � Rescued Emily



|����\ |�����|�������|_________________________________________________________
| |�\ \| |�|_|��| |������������������������������������������������������������
| |  ) ) |  _   | |  DUNWALL CITY TRIALS                                 [DLC1]
| |_/ /| |_| |__| |____________________________________________________________
|____/ |_____|��|_|������������������������������������������������������������

 Dunwall City Trials was Dishonored's first DLC pack, released on December 11,
 2012 for 400 MSP (now $4.99). It contains ten challenges that use abilities
 and harness skills from the campaign, often to a humorous, fun or annoying
 degree. The DLC includes its own trophies/achievements and a worldwide
 leaderboard to track progress. Challenges can be played in any order.

 Each challenge is rated out of three stars, with 1 star being given for each
 10,000 points earned. (Thus, a 3-star run would be 30,000+ points.) Six of
 the challenges have Expert-level variations, unlocked by scoring 20,000+ in
 their Normal-difficulty counterparts: 

 � Mystery Foe
 � Burglar
 � Back Alley Brawl
 � Bonfires
 � Train Runner
 � Kill Cascade

 The other four (Assassin's Run, Oil Drop, Bend Time Massacre, Kill Chain)
 only have Normal modes. Some would say a few of 'em are hard enough without
 extra distractions!

 Reaching certain scores will also unlock art selections in the main menu's
 Gallery tab. One will have to break 30,000+ in all games (Normal and Expert)
 to get everything.

|����\ |�����|�������|______________
| |�\ \| |�|_|��| |�����������������| 
| |  ) ) |  _   | |  ASSASSIN'S RUN |==========================================
| |_/ /| |_| |__| |_________________|
|____/ |_____|��|_|�����������������

 Corvo, armed with an infinite-ammo crossbow, is tasked with clearing baddies
 out from rooms (structure based off the Rudshore base). Each room is sealed
 until the foes inside are slain. The only powers allowed are Dark Vision and
 Blink, both at their max levels. Corvo comes with both zoom-in upgrades, too,
 but forgot his melee weapon. D'oh!

 Clearing rooms and kills earn points, and there are bonuses for headshots,
 kills on unaware assassins, multi-shots on one target and quick kills in
 succession. Killing civilians (masked noble NPCs) counts as a misstep and
 alerts nearby foes, even if it was done stealthily.

 Points are only tallied at the challenge's end; dying doesn't save anything
 pertinent (like unlocks) for that particular run. The game WILL remember if
 Mrs. Pilsen was saved, however. Pilsen is love, Pilsen is life.

 Here's just some tips from me.

 � ROOM 1: 3 foes, 1 civilian. The best starting formation is two assassins
   in the first hallway. Snipe the one that has its back to Corvo, then get
   the one looking at the wall. The third will be searching a desk or moving
   to observe a painting. (Note that sniping a foe too close to another will
   cause alerts all around, so be quick with that 1st headshot.)

 � ROOM 2: 3 foes, 1 civilian. This is the between-area hallway, and differs
   from the campaign in that there's several business cabinets that serve as
   hiding spots. Personally, I like shooting into this area from the first
   one, particularly from above a cubicle divider that gives a nice sightline
   into that hallway. This usually allows one to take out the assassin who
   rummages in the nearby desk, then the inevitable helper who stumble on the
   corpse. Players can always sneak into Room 2 and eliminate foes from a
   slightly better trajectory, but I always liked this one (particularly when
   doing the Headhunter trophy.)

 � ROOM 3: 5 foes, 1 civilian. In the campaign, the third room was where the
   assassins' shadowy training room; now, it's considerably brighter and has
   an open antechamber. (The civilian runs into plain view at the start, so
   no need to look for her.) Blink behind the nearest debris to bait weepers
   into storming the area, then blink onto the high bookcase near the entrance
   to systematically -- and safely -- eliminate them.

 � ROOM 4: 2 foes, 1 civilian. Immediately upon entering the room, Corvo will
   be locked in with two assassins who are aware of his presence. The foes'll
   always enter from the end shutters, allowing Corvo time to quickly headshot
   one before the other becomes aware.

 � ROOM 5: 2 foes, 1 civilian. This is an empty room, but the windows open to
   show two far-off assassins, one with a civilian hostage. Corvo'll need to
   get some sniping done here. They're far apart and won't be aware of each
   other. (The one on the stairway has a constant, looped walking animation,
   making headshots very hard.)

 � ROOM 6: 2 foes, 0 civilians. Corvo will now be in the hallway outside what
   used to be Daud's office, only there's several pillars now.

 � ROOM 7: 3 foes, 0 civilians. In Daud's office, three foes (two lower, one
   on balcony) will be aware of the player's presence and attack. The suction
   attack actually makes for a good headshot opportunity, but one doesn't want
   the battle to lag too much, since there's no defense without a sword.

 Enter the void to leave.

 � Quick config selections aren't saved. If you like having Dark Vision be
   "up" and Blink be "right," they'll default each time one dies. It's quite a
   disappointment, considering other challenges DO save 'em.

 � Civilians pose no threat, don't get alarmed or notify enemies inherently,
   and generally are "just there". Shooting them robs one of bonus points at
   the challenge's end, so do NOT kill them!

 � Target positions are roughly the same each time, just with the players
   changed. For instance, the first room begins with: (1) a target with its
   back to Corvo's starting room (2) a target in the main hallway (3) two in
   the cubicle areas. The civilian can occupy any of those four spots. This
   is the same thing for each area, and those small changes can either help or
   hinder proceedings.

 Mrs. Pilsen is in the third, weeper-filled room, in the chamber those foes
 ran out of; on a lantern-lit shelf.

 Complete the challenge with 100% accuracy and all kills being headshots. This
 doesn't require stealth per se, but is about a thousand times easier with it,
 although it may affect the score. Note that 100% accuracy requires HEADSHOTS
 ONLY. Shooting a foe in the knee and executing them in the head doesn't help!
 Twenty foes, twenty headshots, twenty bolts used. Very theory.

 General tips:

 � Room 1/2: It's possible headshots don't register when assassins rummage in
   desks. Only shoot them (while they're doing that) if one has a good shot
   while in a very close, preferably elevated, proximity.

 � Room 3: Weepers are fidgety types. Get to elevation and only shoot when
   they've completed their coughing animations. Also, they only creep closer
   when Corvo crouches...not sure why that happens. (Maybe to avoid any stealth
   possibilities in their AI scripts?)

 � Room 4: The assasins and civilian's positions are randomized, but Dark
   Vision'll reveal who's behind which. Immediately snipe one as the shutter
   rises. The other'll have to be taken out from a good position. The only
   one available is within the room they start in -- hide atop something to
   narrow its AI possibilities, wait for it to throw bolts and hopefully back
   into a corner/against something.

 � Room 5: This is the sniping portion. The hostage taker part is rather easy,
   but the stairway guard is too far away to be a gimme. The looped animation
   ensures it doesn't stop, but at the same time, it never deviates either. A
   player can find a spot where the head 100% passes by, wait for it (get a
   feel for the shot by letting it loop a few times) and eliminate carefully
   when the time's right. Generally, one wants to aim a little higher than
   where the head's at.

 � Room 6: Just two guys, and the far-off guy who paces back and forth may
   not even notice his dead comrade. Pretty easy compared to the sniping bit.

 � Room 7: The same AI-narrowing strategy used in Room 4 applies here. See
   the video below for more details.

 Here's a video of everything in action. It may not be 100% useful depending
 on one's console of choice, but it's helpful. (For instance, on PS3, players
 can't hop onto the sill in the sniping portion, making the shot just that
 much further away.)

|����\ |�����|�������|________________
| |�\ \| |�|_|��| |�������������������| 
| |  ) ) |  _   | |  BACK ALLEY BRAWL |========================================
| |_/ /| |_| |__| |___________________|
|____/ |_____|��|_|�������������������

 Corvo find enemy, Corvo kill enemy! This is just a straight-up battle, and
 unlike Kill Chain, it ends if one dies.

 Points are gained for each enemy slain, and special actions give extra, like:

 � Brutal Streak (3-kill mixed streak of headshots, assassinations, etc...?)
 � Counterattacking (parrying)
 � Dismemberment (cutting off head or limbs in some fashion)
 � Drop Assassination (self-explanitory)
 � Explosion (score kill/s with a grenade, oil canister, etc.)
 � Fast Killer (2+ kill in quick succession)
 � Fencing (multiple kills in succession with sword)
 � Fatalities (anything leading to an execution animation)
 � Ghost (kills while undetected by anyone)
 � Headshot (killing, not just damaging, someone by shooting their head)
 � Invincible (killing multiple foes without being damaged/needing to heal?)
 � Kill Streak (killing foes in quick succession, like with Blood Thirsty 2)
 � Multiple Factions (killing foes of different factions at once?)
 � No Elixir (killing foes after not having used an elixir in a long time?)
 � Novelty (not sure, but it's the most common bonus given)
 � Power Combo (three kills in a row while a power is active...?)
 � Stealthy Streak (deal damage 3 times consecutively while undetected?)
 � Vanished (was detected but became hidden)

 � As the game itself says, there are special offers to take advantage of.
   A golden merchant may appear for 0:30 -- hitting him gives ammo, killing
   him earns gear upgrades. Runes can randomly appear between rounds and give
   new powers. Rival factions may also fight amongst themselves, giving Corvo
   a chance to capitalize (although non-Corvo kills don't increase the point

 � Don't forget that enemies commonly drop ammo associated with them! Guards
   drop pistols, assassins drop bolts, overseers drop grenades. Collect them
   between rounds, before the rats can gnaw 'em to pieces.

 � Runes can spawn on certain rooftops, so it's good to know one's way around
   this place. It's also helpful since tallboys can appear in later rounds,
   and they're annoying to fight without retreating to high ground.

 � Always take out overseer instrument-carriers as soon as they arrive. Few
   things in this challenge are as lame as doing well, then trying to take on
   a tallboy (etc.)...only to find an organ grinder was nearby, and his notes
   lead to an early grave. They can be OHKO'd if shot in the back of the head,
   like all overseers.

 � Drop assassinations give about 400 points per kill, plus any extra bonuses
   that may aply. It's always a good idea to work 1-2 into each round, since
   the opportunities almost always present themselves (and in the case of
   tallboys/Torturer/etc., are welcome time-savers).

 � The vanishing bonus (+80 pts.) can be done repeatedly, simply by showing
   oneself and finding a hiding spot. Naturally, this works best on foes who
   can't follow onto the rooftops and who don't do high amounts of damage to
   waste supplies. Something to remember in case one's a bit short of a goal.

 � Tallboys are undoubtedly the most annoying foe to face here. They tend to
   only patrol two areas, and rarely go elsewhere (except when enemy AI draws
   them away). It's possible to destroy their oil tanks and all that, but it's
   not a bad idea to do Bend Time drop assassinations to ensure one doesn't
   blow opportunities to kill 'em.

 � Crossbow sniping is a great asset, but assassins don't appear all that
   often, meaning bolts can be in short supply. Always remember where those
   foes fall at (each carries 2 bolts). Veteran players can even watch where
   assassins' fired bolts land and potentially collect them later, too.

 Pretty basic stuff. Each round has 3-4 foes, and the difficulty increases as
 the rounds progress. For instance, the early rounds have lower guards, weepers
 Bottle Street thugs and/or overseers; middle-tier rounds have assassins, elite
 guards, hounds and watch officers; later rounds have tallboys, elite guards
 and some special units.

 Starting after round 2, a rune randomly spawns somewhere on the field, and
 instantly bestows a power to Daud. These powers are fixed in the order given
 below. If a rune isn't picked up, it carries over into the next rounds.

 Similarly, Griff, the Bottle Street merchant, appears every three rounds or
 so, cloaked in a golden aura. Attacking him gives health/mana elixirs, and if
 he's killed, he gives up gear upgrades (automatically equipped). He disappears
 after thirty seconds. He can appear several times in the final round, if the
 clock draws on enough.

 GRIFF -> 3, 6, 9, 13
 RUNE --> 2, 5, 8, 11
       -> Devouring Swarm 2
       ----> Bend Time
       ---------> Windblast 2
       -------------> Bloodthirsty 2

 Here's a general overview of how the rounds go:      

 � 01: 3 foes
 � 02: 3 foes
 � 03: 3 foes
 � 04: 4 foes
 � 05: 4 foes
 � 06: 4 foes
 � 07: 4 foes
 � 08: 4 foes (includes overseer instrument-carrier; no in-fighting)
 � 09: 5 foes (includes 1 Torturer)
 � 10: 5 foes (includes 1 Tallboy; low chance they thin themselves out)
 � 11: 5 foes (includes 1 Tallboy; high chance they thin themselves out)
 � 12: 5 foes (includes 2 Tallboys; low chance they thin themselves out)
 � 13: Infinite foes (including Daud)

 The final round consists of a mandatory fight with Daud in time-frozen space,
 then an infinite battlefield scenario. It starts with 2 tallboys and some
 usual rabble, and each time one's killed, another (of any type previously
 faced) spawns nearby. For instance, killing a tallboy may spawn another on
 the map's other side, or an assassin could spawn. The spawned foes carry the
 same AI and allegiances (so assassins would fight non-assassins, B.S. thugs
 would fight the City Watch, etc.)

 Combat difficulty is upped to "very hard" and enemies become aware of one's
 position as soon as they spawn (although one can eventually vanish; it's just
 an extra annoyance).

 Mrs. Pilsen is watching the carnage from an unused crane/pulley, high atop
 the level. To get her, look for the rooftop where "number 13 is a lie" is
 written on a wall. Blink onto a chain, walk to its length, then blink onto
 Pilsen's pulley. (There's two chains, but it should be obvious which one
 leads to the interior alley pulley...)

 Kill every target oneself, rather than letting 'em pick themselves off. This
 requires players to:

 - know spawn positions and how rounds are affected
 - identify targets who'll fight among themselves and the rounds they occur in
 - know where tallboys spawn
 - know when Griff spawns (he must be manually killed each time)

 Bend Time (obtainable after Round 5) is great for many reasons: it can stop
 in-fighting enough that Corvo can pick off aggressors, it allows one perfect
 opportunities to kill tallboys, it lets one do normal kill chains (duh) and
 it can be used to quickly get to Griff, who'll run around like a chicken with
 its head cut off.

|����\ |�����|�������|_________________
| |�\ \| |�|_|��| |��������������������| 
| |  ) ) |  _   | | BEND TIME MASSACRE |=======================================
| |_/ /| |_| |__| |____________________|
|____/ |_____|��|_|��������������������

 Break the glass panes to start the Bend Time effect, killing the requisite
 amount of foes listed. There are no game overs, so failing allows one to just
 repeat until successful. (However, only the first round-winning score will be
 kept.) Like Kill Chain, there's a one-time bonus round after each main round.
 The game finishes after 5 main rounds.

 Points are awarded for completing the objective. Extra points are awarded for
 killing with flair (like air assassinations), eliminating all enemies, and
 any successful bonus round.

 � Once the glass is broken, the timer won't stop, even for menu pauses.

 � In any level with Blink, Corvo can use exterior ledges to infiltrate the
   party scene with a bird's-eye view. As long as he doesn't drop down into
   the gathering, the time-stop effect won't activate. Use this to get things
   precisely where they're needed, like ensuring X foes are beneath a speaker
   or everyone's broken off in Y groups, enough to match one's own explosive

 � Make good use of weaponry and when to start the time-stop effect. For
   instance, if five enemies walk near each other, one could eliminate them
   all with a single springrazor, grenade, etc. Time-stopped bullets will
   hit their targets after time resumes, making a good way to hit far-off

 � As with Chain Kill, scoring up many kills via explosions is a great way to
   rack up points. Many challenges will give weapons of mass destruction (like
   regular and sticky grenades, springrazors, oil tanks) so tossing them into
   mass groups is smart. Corvo can also destroy hanging speakers for an extra

 Examples of what may occur:

 � "X seconds to kill Y and save Z". For instance, killing an elite while
   saving an art dealer. Weapons are often removed for this challenge, so
   rely on powers for unconventional wins. For instance, possessing the killer
   and suiciding off a cliff.

 � "X seconds to kill Y enemies with street speaker fall". 

 � "X seconds to hit Y with Z shots, each breaking a pane of glass". AKA the
   Pincushion challenge. Walk around the perimeter to find the panes and the
   right trajectories. This challenge often has an ample 0:30 clock.

 � "X seconds to kill 3 Pendletons without letting any guard see them die or
   discover their bodies". This is just about killing them in good spots and
   hiding the bodies, which become un-time-stopped when slain personally. The
   challenge fails if guards are killed, so the "explode everything" strategy
   doesn't apply.

 � "X seconds to kill Y with whale oil tank" AKA the Hot Potato Bonus. The
   oil bomb' fuse begins as soon as one picks it up, forcing one to sprint
   through the house to find the target and chuck it at him/her. Weapons are
   often removed for this, so shortcutting to the target via the exterior
   walkway is a crapshoot (no way to break glass while carrying tank).

 � "X seconds to kill Y foes with just Blink and a sword". AKA the Process of
   Elimination Bonus. Sword kills work, although kills that result from sword
   swings (like speaker explosions) count as well.

 The doll's on a floating piece of wood within the greenhouse interior. It
 can be found without starting a round by blinking onto some high-up exterior
 beams, moving inside (overlooking the guests' positioning below) and moving
 to where the floating wood pathway is.
 Complete Time Bend Massacre without failing a round, including bonus rounds.

|����\ |�����|�������|________
| |�\ \| |�|_|��| |�����������| 
| |  ) ) |  _   | |  BONFIRES |================================================
| |_/ /| |_| |__| |___________|
|____/ |_____|��|_|�����������

 Corvo must find red pillars of light ("bonfires") randomly appearing through
 the map and capture them by entering their proximity. Each one he finds
 increases his score and time limit. During this challenge, mana refills at a
 very high rate (no elixirs required) and fall damage won't occur.

 Each pillar gives 1000 points by default, and Corvo can get extra points.

 � +500 for a fast capture (from previous pillar)
 � +1000 for a very fast capture (from previous pillar)
 � +1000 for a tricky jump (see Daredevil section for list)

 Each pillar gives 1000 points. It's possible to get 500- and 1000-point bonus
 for "fast" and "very fast" point captures, but the random nature of the game
 makes these a bit unreliable. However, knowing the level's layout and where
 the shortcuts are helps immensely, which is why players will have to just
 do old-fashioned trial and error for many things.

 There are seven possible locations, and players will have to familiarize
 themselves with reaching any point from any other!

                   #____  |�����| |�����|�����|   #
                  #  4  | |     | |     |     |    #
                 #|_____|_|_____|_|_____|_____|___  #
                 #   |_______ _____   ____ _____  |  #
                 #     |     |     | |    |     | |   #
                 #    _|     |  3  | |____|  2  | |    #
                 # __| |_____|_____|____  |_____| |_____#
                 #|________________   _______   ______  |#
                 #           |     | |       ) |      | |#
                 #            '.   | |     ,'|_|     ,' |#
                  #             '. | |___,'         (   |#
                   #      ,-.    |_| |     ,-.      | 5 )#
                    #    ( 6 )     |_|    ( 1 )     |__/#
                     #    '-'       _      '-'         #
                      #            |_|                #
                       ########## _____###############
                                 |_) )_|
                                 |7 /
 1: The interior pit island is a low pillar point and always the first one to
    be taken. It can be easily reached from many points (7,5,2), thanks to
    their height advantage. (1) can be reached from (6) via the under-street
    path between them; vice versa, too. The furthest point (4) can barely reach
    it in two blinks by using the doll island.

 2: We'll call this the downtown interior building, since the point spawns in
    a windowed, albeit open-roofed. apartment. It's most easily accessed from
    the similarly elevated (3), and since (4) is higher than (3), it can get
    the same benefit. Any lower point tends to have trouble, since blinking
    will require climbing the exterior vents and such. From street level, just
    two regular jumps can reach it, and may be preferable to awkward upward-
    -aimed blinks.

 3: This is a downtown building's roof, a middle-height area that's easily
    accessible from anything the same height (2) or higher (5). Easy access
    from the lower island points (1,6) are blocked by ruined buildings, that
    tend to impede blinks instead of assisting. This tends to be an awkward
    point to reach from the start (7) since it faces the street and climbing
    higher requires entering those building husks. Practice can allow one to
    enter a broken building -- I use the one by the interior pit (1) -- and
    hop out a window, blinking onto the roof in the meantime.

 4: This is the tipped building. It's awkward to reach from any point other
    than high downtown pillars (2,3), and especially awkward to reach from
    the pit islnds. However, (4) is the only point that can access the doll
    island, letting it quickly reach the lowest pillars (1,6) and the starting
    point (7). Players should practice reaching (4) from (6), which requires
    blinking to street level, then the broken stairway alongside it, then
    running the metal ramp up onto it. Those trying to reach (4) from (1)
    should reach street level, jump on the awning alongside (2)'s building
    and blink to (4), which provides the normal route.

 5: This is the end-of-street building in downtown, which borders several
    pillar points but isn't accessed easily by any of them, honestly. (1) is
    too low and requires an extra step, the red-marked ledge, to reach its
    window. (2) and (3) can't reach it in one go, and generally blink through
    its window from street level. The debris belt under (7) flows toward (5),
    and is the only shortcut available from this point.

 6: This is the exterior pit island, a low point reached in 1-2 jumps from
    any higher point (2,3,4,7) but can't easily access any point itself, other
    than the interior pit (1) via the under-street path. It can, however, use
    the debris flow under (7) to potentially reach the starting cliffs, though
    it's quite dangerous.

 7: The starting platform. It can reach the pit islands (1,6) in one blink and
    can use the debris flow to reach the end-of-street husk (5), but lacks
    other useful options. Since it's at a lower elevation and far away from
    downtown, those (2,3,4) tend to be the more annoying ones to reach, often
    taking 3+ blinks.

 The map's weird elevation and bottomless pits make traveling rather annoying,
 but shortcuts do exist. (Some of these were already stated above, but just
 in case they were missed...)

 � There's a bunch of debris that flows under the starting point (7) and goes
   toward the ruined building (5). A well-timed blink can land on one of the
   floating walls and save heaps of time. This is part of the Daredevil trophy

 � The broken building near the garbage flow (5) has open windows, letting
   one quickly reach it from the downtown area without using the sidewalk.
   The interior pit's platform (1) is too low for a single action, but can do
   it in two by using the empty ledge -- it has four red markings on it -- a
   little below and off to the window's side.

 � To reach the starting point (7) from the tipped building (4), consider
   using the high floating island -- i.e. the doll's island -- in-between the
   two. It's only accessible from (4) and allows the gap to be cleared in two

 � From the exterior pit island (6), players can do a single jump-blink onto
   the rocky structure outside the starting point (7). With a bit of practice,
   this is far more reliable than using the level's moving debris ring.

 There's not too much to say on this level, besides some obvious points:

 � Luck factors heavily into the pillar spawning. There are several easy ones
   (7-to-1, 2-to-3), some that get easier once one knows the layout and can
   make well-placed jumps (6-to-1, 2-to-5) and some only useful via
   shortcuts (4-to-1, 7-to-5). However, there are some spawns that are always
   time-wasters and that players don't want. For instance: a 7-to-4 requires
   leaving the starting point to reach the far-off tipped building. One would
   have to chance jumping in the downtown husks or use the exterior pit island
   for the usual climbing course. Both, at best, will only lose a few seconds.

 � Get into the habit of doing far-off blinks as often as possible. This would
   be mana-wasting in the campaign, but with mana practically infinite, it's
   necessary to save time in the challenge.

 � Some blinks can be made without jumping. For instance, a 7-to-6 (starting
   point to exterior pit island) can be done in one blink by simply running
   off the platform edge and blinking at the right moment. However, jumping to
   ensure Corvo makes it causes him to do the "fall damage" animation when he
   lands, which wastes time. If possible, find a good rhythm that allows one
   to avoid those pointless time wastes. If that requires jumping down a bit
   lower first (like in doing a 2-to-5 jump), go ahead. Remember that time
   spent in freefall also wastes time, even if it's unavoidable!

 As if the game couldn't get more annoying, there are now assassins prowling
 the area and Corvo must collect elixirs to restore mana. Naturally, these two
 factors will affect player patterns.

 Mrs. Pilson is on a floating island in-between the isolated building (6)
 and the toppled building (4). Corvo will need to do a long jump + blink combo
 to reach it from the latter. The doll's leaning against a tree.


 Daredevil requires performing six special "combination jumps" in the course
 of a single round. For those thinking "hey, I'll just do the jumps right away
 and get this easily": no. A jump only counts if one blinks into a pillar at
 the end of it, so some are going to be random.

 These can be done in any order, technically, although since the challenge's
 first two pillars are fixed, the first two in this list can always be done
 also (if one prefers).

 � From the exterior pit island (6) metal balcony, blink to the street-level
   building husk's doorless entrance, then quickly onto the interior pit
   island's checkpoint. This counts as a tricky jump despite being a two-part
   technique. Trying this from anywhere other than the exterior pit balcony
   doesn't work, and it doesn't work in reverse either.

 � The debris flow under the starting point is good for eaching the downtown
   outskirt building (5), but for this, Corvo will need to use the flow to
   reach (2). To do this, start at (7) and use the debris flow's numerous li'l
   orbiting platforms, which will take one into the downtown area. Once near
   (2), blink through a fallen building wall/window onto the point.

 The other four are just luck of the draw in terms of ordering. The best-case
 scenario is having them all toward the first few pillars, since those give a
 higher time bonus. However, with all the combinations, good luck getting the
 game to give a suitable order.

 � Between (3) and (6) is a broken building husk, the same one players are
   recommended to jump through at the beginning. From the top floor of this
   structure, do a single jump-blink onto (6)'s pillar.

 � Similar to the debris flow maneuver above, but much shorter. Simply blink
   onto it from the starting point at (7) and, in a single jump, blink through
   the window of (5) onto its pillar.

 � Right at the start, if Corvo continues toward downtown, there's a miniscule
   street "island" that has a rock structure and tree on it, but nothing else.
   Run up this rock and blink onto the exterior pit island (6) point.

 � Reach the interior pit island (1) in a single jump from the doll island,
   which is only accessible from the tipped building (4).

 Although the achievement/trophy is nice, Daredevil is important because it
 not only teaches point-gain methods, but refines one's playstyle. No one who
 gets this trophy can be considered a greenhorn -- Expert is just that much
 THAN ONCE FOR THE EXTRA POINTS, but the roundabout methods for some won't be
 offset by the time boosts, making them a bit unwieldy.

|����\ |�����|�������|_______
| |�\ \| |�|_|��| |����������| 
| |  ) ) |  _   | |  BURGLAR |=================================================
| |_/ /| |_| |__| |__________|
|____/ |_____|��|_|����������

 This is a "ghost" test set in a jacked-up version of Dr. Galvani's mansion.
 The goal is to steal certain egg statues -- and whatever other valuables are
 inside -- while drawing as little attention to oneself. Getting caught three
 times by guards results in a game over; dying in other fashions, like taking
 a tumble into the Void, resets one at the last platform.

 Collecting eggs and valuables (coins, paintings, ingots, etc.) gives points.
 Each item is subject to a "stealth bonus" as well, meaning a good thief will
 benefit greatly, while poor thieves can't break 20,000+ points if their lives
 depended on it. 

      BONUS LOWERS BY...                BONUS RAISES BY...
      ������������������                ������������������
      � Guard head-tracks player        � Finding clockwork eggs
      � Guard turned to face player     � Enemies unaware of player
      � Guard actively searching
      � Guard found ("busted") player
      � Guard found a body/corpse
      � Player killed a guard
      � Player tranqed a guard

 This means the score caps out by finding all eggs first, maintaining perfect
 stealth to keep the bonus high, then finding all 3500 coins worth of loot.
 Each separate coin is subject to the bonus.

 From what I've seen, the penalty for tranquilizing a guard is less severe
 than killing, though neither's preferable. Luckily, many guards are scripted
 to stay on their own levels, so there's little chance of, say, all guards
 running upstairs for no reason. In this respect, it's about the same as one'd
 expect in the campaign. 

 � PATIENCEEEEEEEEE. Just like a ghost playthrough in the campaign, it takes
   quite a bit of effort, planning, waiting and (sometimes) luck to really
   take advantage of the situation. There, it was pride and trophies; here,
   it's point-based. Find good hiding spots to survey the area, learn the AI
   routines, abuse Dark Vision and Bend Time when need be.

 � This bizarro version of Galvani's lab is four storeys, with two eggs on
   each floor besides 3F. (The eggs themselves are randomized, but this
   doesn't matter a whit.) 1F has them on two main-hall pedestals; 2F, a
   stairway-area display case and den pedestal; 4F by a bedside and a small

 � The game assumes players will start from the ground floor and work up, and
   the objective-marking icons follow suit. For instance, eggs on 3F won't be
   map-marked if there's one remaining on 1F. (This annoyance can be overcome
   by knowing where they spawn, but still...)

 � We're talking about finding handfuls of coins on cabinets, mantles, baskets
   and the like -- Dark Vision is amazing.

 � Loot is mostly just sitting on counters and hanging on walls. Some guards
   will carry pouches, though.

 I'll just go floor by floor.

 � 1F is the simplest, since it just has two guards to bother with. One will
   patrol the main hallway, going from the entrance area to the stairway's
   painting, then repeat. The other sweeps the perimeter (bunk area, kitchens,
   storeroom area, etc.) and takes a long smoke break in the latrine. Dark
   Vision and the multi-entrance layout to the area make avoiding them very

   The eggs are both in the main hall, opposite each other. Players who enter
   from the side entrance can lie in wait, creep from the kitchens to get the
   first egg, then blink to the second, before rushing back into hiding.

 � 2F has three guards. The first and least important is the 2F balcony guy,
   who constantly survey the exterior grounds. As long as one doesn't startle
   him, he doesn't affect much. The next guy is the stairway-area guard, who
   mostly idles in that lobby. The final watchman patrols the perimeter areas,
   passes through the 2F stairway landing, then back into the den where he'll
   eventually repeat the process.

   To safely get the eggs, one must watch the patrolling foes' routines. The
   landing display case can be robbed when the stairway guard is distracted
   by a painting (in front of bedroom entrance). This doesn't happen right
   away, usually, but does last quite awhile. Egg #4 is in the den itself, on
   a countertop in plain sight. If the stairway guard is out of sight and the
   patrolman's elsewhere, it can be taken with little effort.

   Good hiding places in this area? The den has the best ones, like atop the
   double doors, upper light fixtures, the grandfather clock, etc. Hiding
   beneath the meeting table works, too. The stairway area isn't as great,
   having a small table along the balcony for hiding. It's surprisingly good,
   which is odd, since the light fixture are surprisingly terrible (Corvo'll
   be spotted without much trouble).

 � 3F is just the portrait and secret room in the stairwell -- guards don't
   travel through here normally.

 � 4F has, like 2F, three guards.

   - One mostly walks around the stairway area.
   - One cycles through the stairway area, den, and back rooms.
   - One cycles through the den, and balcony.

   Avoiding them isn't that hard, but the stairway guard often stands around
   near the den entrance. It's possible to peek out, blink and enter, then
   hide before anyone notices. The final two eggs are in the bedchamber
   opposite the main desk and the corner antechamber (where the hidden room
   would be if this had Galvani's mansion layout from the campaign).

 Assuming one has the six eggs and no other loot, here's a few tips:

 � 4F: The egg antechamber, bedchamber and bathroom are safe zones that won't
   be patrolled. The balcony guard often takes long "breaks" outside, meaning
   the desk area and den (if the stairway door is closed) are reasonably safe
   for a short while. The den library and bedchamber canopy make for great
   hiding spots if the going gets tough. Note that the stairway door won't be
   closed if Corvo opened it himself; if an NPC does, it will be.

 � 3F: This'll still be clear, although if one was caught earlier and made a
   loud ruckus, exterior guards (from mansion doorstep) have been known to
   infiltrate at least this far. Those with perfect stealth don't have to
   worry about this fate.

 � 2F: The bedchamber and its creepy, hidden shrine are safe zones. Constant
   presence in the stairwell means exploration can be a bit annoying, since
   the "distracted by painting" script doesn't always kick in. (It may be a
   smart idea to hide in the 1F-2F stairwell until an opportunity arises, if
   one doesn't just Bend Time instead.)

   There are hiding places in the 3-ingot safe room, the den (dining table,
   divider by fireplace) and the back-corridor coin area (under table).

 � 1F: Same as before. The 1F-2F stairwell is a crappy place to be caught with
   roving guards, but that won't happen on a perfect stealth playthrough. Some
   of the best loot in the area is right by the stairwell, thankfully, allowing
   one extra points before leaving via the kitchen storeroom.

 By collecting all six eggs first, and having perfect stealth, one can break
 30,000 points by collecting about 3000/3500 of the loot. That's just on my
 descent from 4F, though -- it can change a bit, I suppose. (This took about
 twenty minutes of careful watching.)

 There's several major changes:

 � Enemy perception is increased and they deal more damage
 � All supernatural powers (Dark Vision, Blink, etc.) are disabled
 � The placement of valuables has changed
 � There are now 16 collectibles to steal
 � Some doors and chests will be locked; some keys are held by NPCs
   - 1F front door locked
   - 2F stairway display chest
   - 2F safe room (combo #s written by 3F windows; below, through and above)
   - 2F storeroom chest
   - 2F guest room chest
   - 4F closet containing an egg (key on den table)
   - 4F closet chest (key in upside-down ashtray on same closet's bookshelf)

 Corvo retains his crossbow ammo (8 normal, 8 sleep) and his mask's zoom-in
 function. Passive abilities like Agility-boosted jumping is gone with the
 rest. Other notes:

 � The usual 6 eggs are still map-marked
 � Same enemy formations and AI patterns exist
 � Same general mansion layout exists
 Go up the interior staircase to 3F and find the weird lamp (highlighted in
 blue with Dark Vision) that denotes a secret entrance. Enter the alcove that
 it leads to, turn around to find the room's suddenly changed, then proceed
 to the other end again to find it's changed a third time -- the doll will be
 here. One may need to take the items (ingot, coins, etc.) that appear here
 to force the room change.

 Find all 16 collectible figurines on Expert. These are small golden statues
 of the Spymaster that spawn in fixed areas throughout the level. However,
 unlike normal loot, they only glow when the "grab" icon is over them and
 don't give extra points. One needn't use a stealthful/point-minded approach
 when getting these. Their locations:

 � 1F: bunkroom, on a bunk
 � 1F: bunkroom, in desk-side locker
 � 1F: kitchen storeroom; by side entrance, on interior barrel
 � 1F: kitchen storeroom; in cabinet, behind whale oil
 � 1F: kitchen by stairwell; cabinet w/ empty bottles on it, in shadowed part
 � 2F: guest bedroom, on dark table behind bedside divider
 � 2F: safe room; on crate next to all the Spymaster busts
 � 2F: storeroom adjacent to safe room, in a desk
 � 2F: dining room, on floor behind fireplace divider (left side)
 � 3F: stairwell with Empress painting; floating in-between broken windows
 � 4F: on stairwell-area bookshelf, near bannister
 � 4F: upper part of stairwell fireplace (stand on pig head to have clearance)
 � 4F: on den fireplace mantle, next to Outsider painting
 � 4F: on top of bookshelf closest to den fireplace
 � 4F: on washroom sink
 � 4F: on floor at base of bedchamber cabinet

 Here's a video link for those having trouble finding the li'l buggers:

|����\ |�����|�������|___________
| |�\ \| |�|_|��| |��������������| 
| |  ) ) |  _   | | KILL CASCADE |=============================================
| |_/ /| |_| |__| |______________|
|____/ |_____|��|_|��������������

 A race to the final goal with drop assassinations in-between! Foes are marked
 by colored light pillars, fall damage is disabled and leaving the default path
 is allowed (in order to find good assassination points). There are no game
 overs in this challenge -- the timer constantly rolls and falling into the
 void restarts one at the last foe's platform.

 Only drop assassinations give points. The more Corvo does in succession, and
 the higher they are, the more points one receives. Red-pillar targets are
 typically the hardest and may have obstacles in the way that prevent clean,
 fluid jump-blinks to them.

 � Light pillars' colors are clues to their meaning. Green means sprinting and
   falling (no jump/blink), yellow means make an Agility-boosted jump (no
   blink) and red means sprint, Agility-jump and blink to the target.

 � If Corvo falls X distance, lands on an enemy in the course of his fall, and
   continues falling Y distance to the next assassination, the height will be
   X + Y. Only touching the ground/stopping seems to reset that. Unimportant,
   but something interesting to note.

 � There are two major points of interest that allow for high assassinations:

   - At the 1st yellow target, rather than descending, blink onto the cliff's
     lip -- there'll be an isolated, overturned boat floating nearby. Doing a
     drop assassination from this onto the far-off red target will give about
     7500 points.

   - The final red target can 20,000+ points if one tackles it from really
     high. Generally this means the broken building husk in front of the
     only tallboy's platform. This is done for the challenge-specific trophy
     (see below) but is just smart in general.

 Extra obstacles are added between some platforms. Examples:

 - One yellow target has debris overhead with a narrowed gap
 - Tallboy has a bunch of debris above it, making super high drops harder

 Fall damage is also enabled, and there are ample chances to succumb in this
 fashion. Dying from fall damage ends the game, but falling into the void has
 the same forgiveness as before. If possible, blink into the void before one
 hits a major obstacle. (Health isn't restored in any fashion by respawning,

 Even with those additions, the enemies, layout and general strategy remains
 the same. Many players forego killing EVERY foe in favor of high-risk,
 high-reward targets. Doing the two major points listed in the "normal notes"
 section is the basic strategy, since they alone can give enough to break the
 30,000-point barrier.

 Right before the final red target in the large shaft. Follow the course as
 one normally would and stop at the area above the shaft where all the train
 tracks converge. Off to the upper left is a small structure that looks like
 a bus stop or guard station. The doll's in there.

 Perform a drop assassination from 150 meters or higher. Naturally, it's best
 to do this on the final jump into the Empress' massive pit. However, to get
 the proper height, one must go outside the course a bit. Continue until the
 tallboy is slain, and instead of descending, blink to the railway bridge with
 a skull mark on it. From there, blink into the next bridge along a building.
 Enter said building, blink to its top-floor ledge, and climb to its highest
 point. This assassination alone tends to give 18-19K points.

|����\ |�����|�������|_________
| |�\ \| |�|_|��| |������������| 
| |  ) ) |  _   | | KILL CHAIN |===============================================
| |_/ /| |_| |__| |____________|
|____/ |_____|��|_|������������

 As its name suggests, the game encourages players to kill foes in quick
 succession. The 4-second timer starts only after the first death; before that
 is time to observe the field and plan accordingly. If a round fails, it's
 restarted, so there aren't any game overs. (Corvo start with 1 crossbow bolt
 and bullet, plus Windblast, Blink, Bend Time and Possession powers. Other
 challenges will give extra ammo)

 Points are earned for kills and following the time limit. Spectacular deaths,
 like air assassinations and group kills, earn extra points. In-between rounds
 are one-time-only bonus rounds with special objectives (like "kill 3 foes
 using the street speakers") for extra points. Bonus rounds are optional,

 In general, scoring isn't too hard to deal with. For instance, I once got to
 30,000+ points by the third round, even after failing a couple bonus rounds,
 because multiple bonuses stacked. (I killed one group with an oil tank, then
 6 more with another, and sniped the last guy.)

 � As mentioned, observe and plan. The enemies are basically time-frozen props
   and time isn't a factor. Try to put flashy executions (air assassinations)
   into the routine for extra points.

 � Deaths of any type count. This includes the old-fashioned shoot-in-the-face
   strategy, fall damage accidents (Windblast, Possession), stabbing, grenades
   and oil tanks, 

 � The menu's "restart challenge" option RESETS THE CHALLENGE. Don't get to a
   high round and accidentally pick that, thinking it'll be a quick reset.

 � Basic questions players should be asking themselves are "how many foes can
   I kill in a row just by running around?" and "how many foes do I need to
   possess to get into position?" Foes that are off on their own can be sniped
   to start rounds or possessed to make easier for other reasons. The basic
   "on-foot chain kills" are the easiest ones to do, so the closer foes are
   together and at the same elevation, the better it'll likely go.

 � Killing groups can be tackled in several ways. On high platforms, Windblast
   will kill all of them, saving weapons for others. However, Windblast won't
   generally cause deaths unless its targets hit walls or some other factor
   occurs (oil tanks, etc.)

 Bonus rounds occur using the foe positioning from the previous round, so it
 has the same numbers, just with different weapons/props. This means weapons
 can be TAKEN AWAY, so long-range tank detonations (for instance) could be
 a no-go. Examples:

 � "Kill X characters in Y seconds". Not altogether different from the normal
   rounds, but the time limit is usually much shorter. Possess foes to get
   them closer and then use explosions (or regular assassinations) to deal
   with them. For instance, "kill 3 in 1 second" doesn't mean everyone in 1
   second -- the just needs to be 1 second between kills.

 � "Kill X characters without a physical weapon". Basically, environmental
   deaths only. Arc pylons, whale tank explosions, Windblasting, Walls of
   Light and Possession-related falls all count toward this. Always check the
   weapons given for this challenge in order to avoid wasting mana positioning
   for naught.

 Mrs. Pilsen is underneath some train tracks in the starting area. Locate the
 nearest mine cart, then look at the tracks alongside it -- they break at the
 cliff nearby. Jump down onto the lower cliff and find the lantern-lit cement
 passage containing the fair maiden.

 Finish Kill Chain or Bend Time Massacre without failing any rounds, including
 bonus rounds.

|����\ |�����|�������|___________
| |�\ \| |�|_|��| |��������������| 
| |  ) ) |  _   | |  MYSTERY FOE |=============================================
| |_/ /| |_| |__| |______________|
|____/ |_____|��|_|��������������
    _________________|H|_______   |������������������| |������������������|
   |   _   _   _   _     E �   |  | A - Lounge       | | E - Music Room   |
   |  |     | |     |  |______ |  | B - Dining Area  | | F - Bedchamber   |
   |  | A |�| |  A  |  |    |  |  | C - Storage Room | | G - Kitchens     |
  _|  |___|_| |_____|  | F  [_ |  | D - Restroom     | | H - Exit Portal  |
 |      B___  | A�         �   |  |__________________| |__________________|
 |_    _____   _   _   |_______|  
   |  |     | |   |D|  | |  G  |  Mystery Foe is like a reverse whodunit:
   |    A�  | | C |�   |  ___  |  rather than finding a corpse and solving who
  _|  |_   _| |  _|_|    |C�   |  did the crime, Corvo's finding clues to his
 |  .________________  |_|_____|  foe's whereabouts and creating a victim. It
 (   )               |H|          can be very fun...and very frustrating, as
  \_/-START           �           one soon sees.

 Corvo must creep throughout a mansion party, find clues to who the mystery
 foe is, then assassinate them. Clues will reveal the target's sex, clothing
 color, and whether they're a guest or guard. If Corvo's spotted by guards or
 guests, they attack and flee, respectively. The game ends successfully when
 the right target is killed; it fails if the target escapes or an innocent's

 Points are earned by finding clues, remaining undetected in various fashions,
 leaving guards undisturbed and assassinating the proper target. There's a
 "lucky guess" bonus for killing the target with only 0-3 clues found, which
 will be necessary to break 20,000 points. Points are lost by killing/KO-ing
 guards and innocents, being detected and letting bodies be detected. Time can
 obviously factor into the equation, too, with "very fast" bonuses given

 Though the clues and assassin are randomized, there's a few basic tips to

 � The guests' positions are not randomized and they are often positioned in
   advantageous ways, such as staring at objects (narrows FoV) and not walking
   around. For instance, the female, masked, blue-clothed guest always stands
   near a banquet table. Guards, however, DO walk around, so if they're the
   target, it can complicate matters a bit.

 � Just play repeatedly to learn the level's layout. The most useful technique
   to learn is where the rafter-height walkway network goes. Since Corvo gets
   more points from leaving most NPCs alone, use the rafters to infiltrate
   rooms quickly. Chandeliers in the perimeter corridor help get around, too.

 � Corvo starts the level with 2 springrazors and 10 sleep darts, plus several
   useful powers (Dark Vision, Blink, Bend Time, Possession). Those who want a
   higher score should consider using Possession to make NPCs enter isolated
   areas, then stabbing 'em when they're momentarily disoriented.

 � To unlock Expert mode, one MUST get the "lucky guess" bonus. How does one
   do this? Collect clues, narrow down the search and kill targets who match
   the profiling. Part of this is luck, however. Some who want a high score
   may just want to keep killing the hallway guard who always passes by when
   a new challenge is started. (For reference, killing a target with no clues,
   but with ghost/lucky guess/very fast bonuses, and completely unnoticed by
   other NPCs, gives 26880 points. If one wants to break 30,000+ points, one
   needs to collect a few clues first while doing the above.)

 The same things as above apply, only some clues are now on NPCs' belts, which
 naturally ups the stealth difficulty.

 Mrs. Pilsen is in the bedchamber. One of the walls near the canopy bed itself
 is warped to have a rock coming through -- the missus is on said rock.

 � Make good use of the rafter-height doorways which allow Corvo to sneak
   into rooms without having to open the main doors.

 � The perimeter has many shadowed alcoves, making for a quick retreat or as a
   body-stashing site. Sometimes, if Corvo's alerted the locals and guards
   approach while he's inside, they will fight somewhat but won't count as a
   true "alert," since they can't get past the drapery. Corvo can tranq them,
   drag them inside and continue like normal.

 Finish a round of Mystery Foe without using any supernatural powers. Doing a
 simple stealth-based, guard-removing playthrough can do the trick. Without
 Dark Vision, though, one must be extra vigilant.

|����\ |�����|�������|________
| |�\ \| |�|_|��| |�����������| 
| |  ) ) |  _   | |  OIL DROP |================================================
| |_/ /| |_| |__| |___________|
|____/ |_____|��|_|�����������

 This is a shooting gallery. Corvo has a pistol with unlimited ammo and just
 has to destroy explosive oil tanks. Bonus rounds occur after each normal one,
 which is sounded by a horn. The game continues until Corvo dies.

 In addition to destroying tanks themselves, bonuses are given for general
 accuracy (shooting often without missing), destroying all tanks in a round,
 and destroying multiple tanks at once. For instance, a normal tank is 250
 points; if one chains it to another, one gets an extra 100 points.

 Tanks, outside of the normal white ones, have special effects:

 � Gold: grants Bend Time (to Corvo) for 2 seconds
 � Pink: restores 35% of health
 � Green: grants Dark Vision for 15 seconds
 � Purple: creates smoke cloud when shot

 There's little strategy to speak of besides blowing up gold tanks, tactical
 reloading (ammo is infinite but clip size ain't) and grabbing pink tanks as
 often as possible. The pistol isn't super accurate in general, so mastering
 this challenge is an exercise in frustration. Have fun!

 This is hidden in a bush on the tiny starting platform. If one can break a
 green tank, it'll be highlighted.

|����\ |�����|�������|___________
| |�\ \| |�|_|��| |��������������| 
| |  ) ) |  _   | | TRAIN RUNNER |=============================================
| |_/ /| |_| |__| |______________|
|____/ |_____|��|_|��������������

 This is little more than "cross the map to reach the finish line". Of course,
 there are tons of obstacles in the way, including rotating gears, assassins,
 weepers, locked gates, overhead structures (like the blocked-off rails) and
 one's meager mana levels. Oh, and the bottomless pit. Dying in any fashion
 give a game over.

 The scoring is rather simple here, factoring in the overall completion time,
 health/mana reserves remaining and any minor bonuses (typically "fast" and
 "very fast").

 The easiest path to three-starring this challenge is by riding on the train
 itself. Continue through the level until reaching an exterior (gated) stairway
 by a purple-tinged room. Stand on that gate, hop onto the train, and let it
 approach the station. When it's almost near, blink onto the tracks and slide
 (or duck) through the hole at the tracks' end. From there, quickly blink to
 the exit.

 Same as before, except mana is severely limited (only one blink before it has
 to recharge), assassins are found in select areas (they can use their suction
 move to waste one's time) and weepers show up, too. Some obstacles are also
 added, such as preventing one from blinking onto the train.

 A ways into the level, there's a purple-colored room containing a weeper and
 maybe (after awhile) assassins. A painting hangs above a table here; the doll
 is on the other, flatter side of the frame, facing the interior corner.

 Unlock this by reaching the finish line before the train comes to a halt. The
 easiest way to do this is by blinking onto the train itself, and that method
 is listed in the "normal notes" section above. It isn't the ONLY way, of
 course, but it is the easiest. It's doable on Expert Mode, too, for those who
 want the extra gallery unlocks.

|�| )�)�����|����\____________________________________________________/ DLC2 |_
| (/ /| |�| | |�\ \������������������������������������������������������������
|   ( | | | | |  ) ) A CAPTAIN OF INDUSTRY               [THE KNIFE OF DUNWALL]
| (\ \| |_| | |_/ /____________________________________________________________
|_| )_)_____|____/�������������������������������������������������������������

 The Knife of Dunwall (TKOD) is Dishonored's second add-on, first released on
 April 16, 2013 for 800 MSP ($9.99 now). The pack follows Daud through three
 special missions, while adding new locations, powers and bone charms. Progress
 in TKOD will be transferred to the third add-on, The Brigmore Witches.


 Before the main mission, there's a small prologue portion ("None Like Her")
 in the form of a blink obstacle course. Meet the Outsider at the palace to
 learn the name "Delilah". This leads to a pre-mission vendor screen where
 Daud can call upon his spy network for goods and favors.

 Favors are special purchases that make the level easier, whether it's finding
 a safe code scrawled on the wall or a friend of a friend leaving a found rune
 behind for Daud. There's a trophy for buying all favors.

 � Wristbow Bolt (20)      � Wristbow Accuracy (300)    � Safe Code (125)
 � Sleep Dart (30)         � Wristbow Range (450)       � Stolen Rune (150)
 � Grenade (70)            � Wristbow Reload (450)      � Silent Sabotage (100)
 � Chokedust (50)          � Combat Sleep Dart (600)
 � Piero's Remedy (100)    � Bolt Capacity 1 (300)
 � Sokolov's Elixir (200)  � Sleep Dart Capacity 1 (300) -> (600)
 � Rewire Tool (100)       � Grenade Capacity (450)
                           � Chokedust Capacity (450)
                           � Bone Charm Capacity 1 (250) -> (250) -> (250)

 As usual, the walkthrough will tell how to find all loot. Note that getting
 all runes in the chapter is impossible without buying the rune-related favor;
 this will continue through the DLC, even in The Brigmore Witches. It's not
 necessary to get the safe code or sabotage -- they can still be done without
 favors, just in a differet manner.

 Daud's starting abilities: Void Gaze, Blink and Arcane Bond (all LV1). Blink
 needs no introduction, I'd hope -- it's short-range teleportation, and time
 stops as Daud aims, something Corvo never got. Void Gaze is almost identical
 to Corvo's Dark Vision, only it anything the Heart would normally highlight
 (runes, charms)...but only within range. Arcane Bond shares abilities with
 his "Summon Assassin" cronies; those doing low-chaos runs can probably skip
     |    N      |_____________               |�������������������������|
     |  �����| � |    _     I  |              | � - Rune/Charm          |
     | |_ L _|       |   |     |              | # - Water Boundary      |
     |N<-| |<-_  |   | J |_   _|              | A - Slaughterhouse Row  |
  ___| |�M�| |�K |_| |___|_   _|              | B - City Watch Apts.    |
 |     |___| |___        |     |##########    | C - Ritual Chamber      |
 | NH �  |     |   HN�   |  �  |  _____  #    | D - Safe Building       |
 |_______|_____|_________|  ___| |  _  | #    | E - Break Room          |
   ###|      _____   _____  �  | |F| | | #    | F - Loading Bay         |
   #  | �   |  G  | |  E  |    |_| |_| | #    | G - Boat Storage        |
   #  |__   |_____| |_____|     _______| #    | H - Killing Floor       |
   #     ) _______________     | |       #    | I - Meat Packing Area   |
   #    ( |_____          | |  | |       #    | J - Interrogation Room  |
   #    | |               | |  | |       #    | K - Locker Room/Canteen |
   #    | |  D  |    _____| |  |_|       #    | L - Bookkeeping Office  |
   ##   |_|_____|  _________|__|##########    | M - Rothwild's Office   |
    ####  |     |GATE  |  |                   | N - Oil Release Valve   |
          | �C  |  _______|                   |_________________________|
          |_____| |     |
                | |_____|_       __________________________________
                |  ____   |      ����������������������������������
                | |    \__|      ROTHWILD SLAUGHTERHOUSE (EXTERIOR)
                |    B� ) |      __________________________________
                | |_____| |      ����������������������������������
                | |_  ____|       CHARMS : 2 (2/6)
                | |     |         RUNES -: 3 (3/5; one unobtainable now)
                |    B  |         COINS -: 918 (918/2053)
                | |_____| 
                )   |             Billie Lurk, Daud's aide-de-camp, is present
               /    |_            at the start, surveying Slaughterhouse Row,
              /  A   �|-START     the streets leading up to the factory. She
              \_____|�            gives a free rune at the beginning.

 The area's first coins are on a mattress, not far from the electric carriage
 where the worker and butcher's spat is (10/2053). However, the street's got
 an arc pylon, so maintain high ground -- use the 2F vents, lean out and blink
 onto the 2F apartment platform the watch officer occupies. Nix him, then grab
 the coin (15/2053) and wire (25/2053) on the tables. 3F has a roving guard
 and a locker coin (35/2053).

 The roofs here can get around the second Watch-inhabited apartment, but that
 won't be necessary. Instead, blink down to the next street-spanning bridge
 and knockout the guard carrying a purse (60/2053). The second floor contains
 below-table herbs (80/2053) and coins on the staircase (90/2053). Eliminate
 the 1F butcher to freely get the bone charm and remaining loot: countertop
 herbs (110/2053), a desk pouch (160/2053) and the two coins on the desks
 below the staircase (170/2053).

 Power down the arc pylon from the 1F entrance and grab the coins on the crate
 beside it (180/2053). Next, move into the 2nd apartment's adjacent, corpse-
 -filled alley. The body by the mattresses has hemlock and coins (205/2053),
 and the lowest roof opposite it has a wire by its gutter (215/2053). If Daud
 climbs higher, he can jump onto the next street-spanning roof where a bird's
 left some feathers (225/2053). Reaching the highest roof overlooking the
 gate has Billie mention a stranger in a boat, watching the place... Hmm...

 From the upper walkways, blink into the red-tinted "ritual chamber" area
 along the factory's main gate. In addition to two 10-piece coins scattered
 around (245/2053), there's a note from Granny Rags. Her cryptic mutterings
 result in an optional objective which, when completed, create a rune. Daud
 can't do it now, however -- it'll probably be the last one obtained.

 Not a bad idea to eliminate the door guard and the butcher walking near the
 dumpsters; there's whale oil (275/2053) on the cart near the latter. Bypass
 the gate through Granny's place -- or most places on the gate wall -- to
 bypass into the main yard. The former works best, since it's adjacent to the
 gate office, accessible from the riverside balcony. The watchman inside has
 a 50-piece pouch (325/2053) and the table has a coin, too (335/2053). The
 safe's contents can't be opened right now, although if Daud purchased the
 related favor, its location is marked.

 � The weirdo in the rowboat Billie mentioned is adjacent to the gate office,
   and Daud can go meet him. He reveals that Abigail Ames, a mole for a rival
   company, knows all about the Delilah. More importantly, he mentions she'll
   give a reward for assistance (to get all coins in the level, it must be

 If the front gate foes are removed, and so is the guy in the gate building,
 it just leaves one watchman patrolling the area (maybe a butcher if one finds
 him early enough, but he doesn't return). The main descending route will lead
 to the main entrance and its alarm; be sure to get the coins sitting on the
 ground before the first corner (345/2053). They're on some rocks.

 The guard always walking near the main entrance has a small sum (370/2053),
 and the sheltered area by the alarm has whale oil (400/2053). The nearest
 building is the break room, patrolled by one moneyless guard. What he lacks,
 the lounge makes up for: hemlock in the locker (420/2053), and two coins on
 the mattress and table crate, respectively (435/2053). Additionally, Daud can
 get the laborer lockup key from the wall, free arc mines on a table, and arc
 amplifier blueprints on the main table.

 Before bothering with the other buildings, let's clear out the area between
 there and the loading bay docks. The electric carriage nearby has a few coins
 below its chassis (445/2053), and the filling station behind it has oil on
 its console (475/2053). Once one eliminates the knife-wielding butchers on
 the docks, Daud can snag the lower table's coins (482/2053) and the pearl on
 the harbor's broken cement pylon, one blink away (507/2053).

 � If Daud didn't buy the safe-related favor, he can find a scrap of paper
   in a pouch (under loading bay boat, riverbed) that reveals the combination.
   If the combination was purchased, the note will be written on a wall behind
   the boat storage building -- break the wooden pallet to uncover it. The
   reward is an ingot (607/2053) and mine refinement blueprints. If the safe
   favor was purchased, there'll be a time card in there, too.

 � Above the main entrance is a small balcony, blink-accessible from the side
   structure. There's a rune up here, plus (if done before entering) a convo
   with Billie mentioning the laborer lockup, and how the wronged workers'd
   probably assist Daud...if he freed 'em.

 Continue the loot run by the break room. Between that and the boat storage
 building is a piece of wire (617/2053). It's not a bad idea to get rid of any
 remaining guards at this point: there's two butchers who patrol near the arc
 pylon and the laborer lockup, plus another watchman on the building sidewalk,
 if he wasn't removed earlier.

 Laborer lockup is between the front gate area and the boat storage, slightly
 under the cliff. A nearby oil tower has a canister beneath it (647/2053) and
 the metal half-pipe on its side has a pearl inside (672/2053). Proceed to the
 jail cell and get the table's coin (677/2053), plus the console's upper wire
 (687/2053) and the remaining coin (692/2053). Corvo can blink over the rail
 to enter, or unlock the main door for the workers. Doing the latter, and
 informing the worker the front gate's WoL is down, earns a time card.

 Next, the boat storage building, i.e. where the arc pylon plugs into. Daud
 can disable the sucker by taking one of the butchers' keys; a duplicate can
 be found in the boat storage's upper rowboat as well. With the nuisance down,
 there's the locker's items: a coin in one locker, a pouch in the other, plus
 another coin on the life preserver stack -- 111 in all (803/2053). The boat
 next to the one with the key contains a small pearl also (828/2053).

 All that's left is the miscellaneous coins of the arc pylon area. There's two
 fivers near the sewer control lever (838/2053), herbs in the rowboat near
 there (858/2053), and wire by the dock's cable spools (868/2053). Underneath
 the riverside tower is yet another pearl (893/2053), plus a coin by the bench
 not far from the dead whale (903/2053). Finally, there's a wire/coin twofer
 on top of the riverside tower (918/2053).

 With the area looted, players can decide how to infiltrate. There's three
 possible ways: 

 � MAIN ENTRANCE: Next to the break building. Daud will need a time card to
   get in, either from the gatehouse's safe or the incarcerated worker. It's
   possible to blink over the lockup's rails and steal the card from its owner,
   but this makes them hostile-ish and they'll yell for the guards.

 � SEWERS: Once the dock arc pylon is disabled, hit the switch on the console
   next to it -- this lowers the grate underneath the area. Hop in the water
   and voila! There may or may not be a rat swarm inside. There's a bone charm
   inside, so even if one's choosing another way, it's not a bad idea to get
   this far.

 � LOADING BAY: The docks closest to the main entrance have a workable crane,
   though it's out of juice. Get an empty cannister (like by carriage), fill
   it at the rail-side station, then plug 'er in. Operate the red-tinted panel
   to move the crane's chain, leading to the upper entrance.

 The main entrance and loading bay enter into the same room, while the sewers
 put Corvo on the opposite side of the building. For ease of progression, the
 walkthrough will assume one of the former methods were taken. (Those looking
 to speed through, however, will want to take the sewers, since it puts Daud
 close to Rothwild's Office.)

 CHARMS : 4 (6/6)
 RUNES -: 2 (5/5)
 COINS -: 1135 (2053/2053)

 ** NOTE **
 Butcher saws are worth 20 coins apiece, but don't count toward the overall
 statistics. They can be ignored if one chooses.

 The main entrance/loading bay's first area is part of the meat-packing wing.
 After Billie checks in, blink to the top of the room and get the hidden rune
 by the corpse. The lower level has two butchers; one holds a bonesaw that can
 be a mean melee weapon or a projectile-spitting annoyance. It's always best
 to avoid direct confrontation with these guys. There's three more butchers in
 the back hallways, next to the meat locker repurposed as an interrogation
 room. One of the crate stacks at the entrance has ore on it (938/2053) while
 a roof beam above the cutting tables has wire (948/2053).

 Proceed past this area's conveyor belt to the first killing floor, with a
 whale carcass and its carvers already present. With the residents removed,
 Daud can get all the goodies: oil on a countertop (978/2053), ore on the
 grenade table (998/2053), and wire on a cabinet (1008/2053). Next to the
 carcass is an empty platform; underneath is a console with whale oil and,
 under the gears themselves, more wire (1048/2053). Be sure to get the bone
 charm in this area, too.

 Raiding the 1F locker room next to the killing floor should give two pouches,
 oil, and (under the sink) tyvian ore -- 85 total (1133/2053). Additionally,
 there's a bone charm hidden in one of the shower stalls, atop an apparatus.
 Visiting the 2F canteen directly above the locker room earns oil on a table
 (1163/2053), though there's two butchers to deal with first.

 The locker room leads into, and the canteen overlooks, the processing area --
 a 1F series of walkways, in a square, that contains several oil tanks. It
 connects to the meat-packing area, too. The maintenance area at the beginning
 has wire on hallway planks (1173/2053), while the equipment cage contains oil
 and wire (1213/2053). Descending into the maintenance tunnels leads to a li'l
 overflow chamber, containing ore under the pipe cover (1233/2053) and, if the
 related favor was purchased, a rune.

 Return to the 1F processing area and find the row of tanks, often guarded by
 a saw-carrier. There's three pieces of wire to get here: one on a high beam
 near the stairway, one at the shadowed base of a tank, one on a crate along
 the walkway (1263/2053). The other stairway leads up toward the bookkeeping
 office -- currently locked -- and the second killing floor. Eliminate the
 door guard, then loot the workbench (1283/2053) and wire next to a console
 (1293/2053). There's also a locker holding more ore and wire (1323/2053), and
 if one ventures into the 1F dead-end chamber between the killing floors, more
 wire! (1333/2053).

 Visit the second killing floor and eliminate its three butchers. Those who
 want a clean "bodies found" statistic will want to hide them well (like the
 pipes below the whale) for later. The lower consoles have sleep darts, an
 elixir and ore (1353/2053); in the back, near the whale's tail end, is a
 console with oil (1383/2053) and a covered crate's wire (1393/2053). There's
 also wire near the shuttered door (1403/2053) and a rune by the electrode

 ** NOTE **
 Those wanting to get all runes should put find two more tanks and put 'em in
 the whale's electrode machine. That's enough voltage to safely euthanize it,
 allowing Daud to take its remaining eye for Granny's recipe.

 Finally, it's time to go meet Rothwild himself. Corvo can blink into his
 office in the whale harvesting room or go back to the processing passages,
 using the mid-level pipes to get around the locked front door. Either way,
 enter the accounting offices to find Bundry and Abigail's spat. Corvo has
 three options for proceeding.

 � INTERROGATE BUNDRY: Knock him out, take him to the interrogation room and
   fry him until he gives up the dirt on Barrister Timsh and Delilah. He can
   then be killed, left or prepared for transport. The latter route is the
   fun nonlethal method -- simply carry Bundry to the open crate in the first
   room (where the main entrance and loading bay meet).

 � INTERROGATE ABIGAIL: Knock Bundry and Abigail out, then use the shock
   treatment method on her instead. It gives up the same dirt, although she
   can't be shipped off.

 � CONSPIRE WITH ABIGAIL: Knock Bundry out and strike a deal with Abigail to
   destroy the factory. Daud will have to use his newly-received Valve Wrench
   at 4 specially marked locations: two tanks in the processing area, one in
   each killing floor. A few butchers will have respawned in the meantime, as
   normally happens. This method earns a 500-coin reward from Abigail when
   completed (1903/2053), although if Bundry is left in the accounting office
   with her, he ends up having a screwdriver accident.

 ** NOTE **
 Conspiring with Abigail is required to get a bone charm in "The Brigmore
 Witches" DLC, if one plans on playing that eventually. This isn't crucially
 important, but it does prevent one from getting all charms in that particular
 level. (Abigail must also survive for it to count -- don't forget!)

 Note that Daud can reveal himself to Bundry, but he'll eventually run off to
 the nearest killing floor, shouting for backup. Abigail is never hostile from
 the get-go, however. In any case, the accounting office holds two 25-coin
 pouches (1953/2053) and the "injury report code" on a desk is really the safe
 password for Bundry's office. The reward: an ingot (2053/2053) and bone charm.

 After exiting the building in any preferred manner, the goal will be finding
 Billie Lurk. She's currently being accosted by three overseers in the Row's
 corpse alley, not far from the main gate. Nonlethal types can tranq the trio
 from the alley's entrance (lean into shooting range for best effect), or use
 the upper area for a spectacular ambush. Either way, meet Billie on the high
 roof, follow her back to the starting point and choose to leave. However,
 the final rune still awaits at Granny's ritual chamber:

 With the whale's eye obtained in the interior harvesting room, put it in the
 pot. The second and final step is locating a weeper (there's one in the
 alley where the overseers were, and another under the loading bay docks) to
 toss in the magic circle. Doing so creates the sixth rune.

 Okay, NOW it's time to leave.

 � Freed the detained laborers
 � Looted the watch officer's safe
 � Put down the captive whale
 � Shipped Bundry Rothwild to a remote island
 � Destroyed the Rothwild Slaughterhouse
 � Completed the Granny Rags recipe

|�| )�)�����|����\_____________________________________________________________
| (/ /| |�| | |�\ \������������������������������������������������������������
|   ( | | | | |  ) ) EMINENT DOMAIN                      [THE KNIFE OF DUNWALL]
| (\ \| |_| | |_/ /____________________________________________________________
|_| )_)_____|____/�������������������������������������������������������������

 � none           � Explosive Bolt Capacity 1 (450)  � Rune Drop-off (150)
                  � Explosive Bolt Capacity 2 (600)  � Whale Oil Delivery (100)
                  � Arc Mine Capacity (450)
                  � Stun Mine Capacity (450)
                  � Stun Mine Extra Charge (600)
                  � Arc Mine Extra Charge (600)

 If one got all the blueprints in the previous mission, there'll be a bunch
 more upgrades to get. (Note that the "Stun Mine Extra Charge" may not appear
 until one is purchased in the store.) As before, Daud must purchase the rune
 favor in order to get all runes in the ensuing level. The whale oil delivery
 favor is almost entirely pointless, however, so don't buy it.

                  _____ _ _____       _____#########
                 |     | |     |     |     |  _  __#
                 |_____|    �  |     |     |_|    �|
                 |     | |_____|_____|_____| |�����
                _|     |H ___________ D ___  |_____ 
               | |_____| |     |     | |   | |     |
               | |     | |     |_____| |___|    E  |
               | (  K  ) |_____|     | | � | |_   _|_
              _| |\___/  | I�  |_____| |   | |___    |_
             |�| | <-  L |_____|     | |___| | �G|___  |
             | |  �����| |     |  F        | |___| |   |
             |    _   _  |_____|_____|     | |_____| B |  _
             |_| | � � | |     |     |____   |___   ___| | |___
               | | �M� | |  J     �  |    \ C(   | |_    ) |___|####
               | |_   _| |_____|_____|     )  \__|  _|__/  |�  |   #
               |_______|_|                 |  __________ A  �|_|   #
                                           |_|          \   _|_    #
                                                         ) |   |   #
  |�����������������������|������������������������|     | |___|   #
  | � - Rune/Charm        | G - Ritual Chamber     |     |   |___  #
  | # - Water Boundary    | H - Pudding Street     |     |   |   | #
  | A - Bloodox Way       | I - Roland's Apartment |     |___    | #
  | B - Treavor's Close   | J - Apartment 10       |         | |�| #
  | C - Lackrow Boulevard | K - Whaler Outpost     |         |   | #
  | D - Smoke Street      | L - Legal Plaza        |  START  ) ) ) #
  | E - The Black Friar   | M - Timsh Law Offices  |     _\_/ /_/  #
  | F - Watch Apartment   |________________________|    |____/     #
  |_______________________|                                  #######

 Charms : 2 (2/5)
 Runes -: 2 (2/7)
 Coins -: 762 (762/3169)

 Daud starts in a waterfront canal with Billie, who eliminates a guard down
 the way. The goal is to meet Thalia Timsh in Treaver's Close, an alley a bit
 further in. For now, get the rowboat's wire (10/3169) and the coin on the
 canal's opposite-side debris pile (15/3169). Near the stairway is a larger
 boat docked; it has a coin inside and, on the crate opposite it, there's one
 more (25/3169).

 The stairway leads to a small landing containing two guards. Once they're
 gone, get crate's wire (35/3169) and the coin by the stairway (40/3169) that
 goes up to street level. Right as Daud does, on his right side is a small
 bus stop -- it looks like a two-door guard post, honestly -- that contains a
 lone coin (45/3169). The dumpster across the street has another (50/3169).

 Bloodox Way begins at the crossroads and continues through the wall of light.
 There's still a few things to collect here now, once the three or so guards
 are nixed; there's one beyond the wall of light who often ventures into range,
 too. If Daud bought the rune favor, it'll be along the low waterside near the
 broken bridge.

 First, there's wire on the low-roofed building near the bus stop (60/3169),
 tyvian ore on the broken waterfront bridge supports (80/3169) and a coin in
 the guard booth (90/3169). Daud can stand on the booth's roof and do a midair
 blink onto the wall of light archway, where an easily missable coin rests
 (95/3169). Blink down to street level and get the coin behind the crate stack
 in the spotlight's sights (96/3169).

 Treaver's Close, a dank alleyway, is accessible from the right-hand stairway.
 Daud will find Thalia being harassed by a Hatter (local gangmember), though
 she holds her own in amusing fashion. Note there's two more Hatters hiding
 on the low roof near there, so those wanting to do a no-alerts run will want
 to tranq from afar.

 Eliminate the rabble and get info from Thalia: she wants her uncle out of the
 picture, plus his mother's will. She'll despawn from the area after awhile,
 and needn't be protected further. Get the remaining coins here: one on the
 ground by the "Treaver's Close" sign, one in the flipped rowboat, and third
 in the dead end past the dumpster -- 16 total (112/3169).

 Bloodox Way runs smack dab into Lackrow Boulevard, the area's main street,
 which runs all the way to Smoke Street. In the process, it goes by a small
 Watch-patrolled square, an Outsider shrine apartment, and a Hatter-controlled
 almshouse. Hatters don't patrol the streets however, so things become easier
 once Daud gets rid of the 5-6 outdoor patrolmen (not counting the Smoke St.
 gate guards). They can be baited into killing the Hatters by destroying the
 boarded-up alley barricade, note. Either way, the walkthrough assumes the
 streets are all clear.

 Near where Lackrow meets Bloodox Way, there's a refuse cart containing a coin
 (117/3169), and another tipped cart in the middle of Lackrow further up; it
 holds similar loot (118/3169). The Outsider shrine apartment is accessed via
 a 2F balcony on the side of Lackrow opposite the Watch apartment. There's a
 coin on said overlook (123/3169), but the real loot is the bone charm inside.
 There's also a note relating to a Granny Rags recipe, whose completion earns
 the chapter's final coin.

 Visit the small square in front of the Watch apartment. Both cabinets set
 against the buildings contain a prize (coin/wire) and there's whale oil on
 the stove -- a 50-coin haul total (173/3169). Move into the Watch Apartment
 by the alarm next. There's usually at least 2-3 foes here spread out among
 the floors; only the 1F guy tends to actually leave, albeit temporarily.

 The first floor has two pouches for 45 coins (218/3169) and oil under the
 stairs for another 30 (248/3169). The next two floors have only one find per:
 2F has powdered crystal in a bedroom locker (278/3169), 3F has whale oil on
 a shelf (308/3169). 4F comes through: a stairwell desk coin (313/3169), shelf
 wire (323/3169), a desk pouch (348/3169), crystal in the bathroom (378/3169),
 and two ingots in the surprisingly unlocked safe (578/3169).

 The upper rooftops have goodies as well. From the 4F balcony, climbing higher
 to the adjacent building (via ducts) can put him onto a high balcony -- it
 has shelf oil for the trouble (608/3169). Meanwhile, if one exits the Watch
 apartment via the 4F window, Daud can get into the lone officer's lookout
 spot, which has 3 coins on a desk (611/3169). Finally, Daud can simply run
 to the opposite rooftop and climb higher up to the bone charm's chamber. A
 bit of powdered crystal's there, too (641/3169).

 Anyway, the Legal District entrance on Smoke Street is always locked, but
 Daud's chaos levels determine the key's location. (Trying the exit without
 the key adds the objective.)

 � HIGH CHAOS: Watch Apartment's 4F.
 � LOW CHAOS: Black Friar Almshouse (2F) on opposite side of Lackrow, in the
   same room containing the dead Hatter Chauncey.

 The Friar's front door is locked however, so Daud will have to infiltrate
 from the upper balcony or via the back alley (either by blinking over the
 wooden barricade area or the Treaver's Alley roof path). In all cases, the
 Hatters will be hostile.

 There's not much loot-wise. The back alley has 25 coins on a stairway railing
 (666/3169) along with the main door's key, and there's another coin under the
 1F stairwell (671/3169). 2F has oil near a cabinet (701/3169) and the 3F's
 hallway has one coin in the cubby hole (702/3169).

 Finally, the section can end with Smoke Street itself, which is basically
 the end of Lackrow Boulevard to where it hits the exit gate. Near the corner
 of the two routes, there's a cement platform with whale oil (732/3169), near
 the climbable chain that leads down to the waterfront rune area. The final
 loot, some whale oil (762/3169), is in the street-ending guard booth.

 Charms : 3 (5/5)
 Runes -: 5 (7/7)
 Coins -: 2407 (3169/3169)

 Smoke Street ends on Pudding Street, which is blocked by a wall of light and
 its two guardsman, one of whom carries a pouch (787/3169). Once Daud unplugs
 the barrier from the isolated stoop above, he can get the wire on the crate
 nearby (797/3169) as well. The 2F balcony above said crate contains a coin
 as well (807/3169).

 The other copper carries a key to the next-door apartment where Roland, a
 local noble, has been locked up. He reveals his desire for Barrister Timsh to
 meet the fate of his victims, mentioning his apartment has more details on
 the plot. Jump into the broken 2F tier and get the bone charm and feathers
 (817/3169) before leaving.

 Hop over Smoke Street to reach the rooftop path leading into Roland's digs.
 Besides the mattress pouch (837/3169), there's notes on the plot, a key to
 Apartment 10 down the block, and fake eviction papers for the good barrister.
 Be sure to get the rune behind the fireplace painting! From Roland's balcony,
 Daud can leapfrog a few apartments down, until reaching Apt. 10 alongside
 Timsh's estate. (Be mindful of an upper guard who may be lazing on the patio
 and can see intruders easily.)

 Inside the destination, get the coins on the cabinet (839/3169) and, if in a
 nonlethal mind, grab the key item "odorous sack" on a mattress. The flat's
 second half is blocked by a suspicious cabinet, which reveals an Outsider
 shrine (with bone charm) in the dining room. There's also an alternate exit
 onto Lackrow Boulevard, requiring the Apartment 10 key to use. It can be
 ignored for now.

 For now, get down to the Legal Plaza -- that is, the area between Pudding
 Street and the office interior, where all the guards are patrolling. Two of
 the guards here carry 25-coin purses (889/3169), and there's wire and coins
 in the respective guard booths, 30 total (919/3169). Daud can clean out this
 area by gettings under a railing crate stack (930/3169) and the wire on the
 walkway crate stack behind the building, near the back entrance (940/3169).

 � When one entered the Legal District, Billie mentioned doing recon work in
   this area. Daud can find the fruits of her labor by climbing the building
   directly opposite Timsh's estate, near the billboard. There's a supply
   cache here, not to mention Timsh himself will often walk onto the veranda,
   giving a special opportunity to snipe him (Billie's reaction changes based
   on the lethality). Those doing the nonlethal route as per Roland's method
   will want to skip the shooting portion, however, and just take the basement
   key collected. There's another in a guard booth below, too, for reference.

 It makes sense to clean this place out floor by floor, so let's start with
 the basement -- easily accessed from the shadowed back alley. Eliminate the
 lone maid and prepare for loot! The storage area has a couch pouch (960/3169),
 oil on a barrel (990/3169), oil and wire by the bone charm (1030/3169) and
 coins within the air circulator (1041/3169). The candlelit table also has a
 coin on it (1051/3169).

 � NOTE: Putting the bag in the air circulator IMMEDIATELY starts the arrival
   of General Turnbull. Naturally, it's much easier to do this part without a
   bunch of extra NPCs hanging around, so save this for later.

 The kitchen contains two herb canisters (1091/3169) and coins scattered on a
 table (1106/3169). Creep upstairs to the 1F foyer, finding two talkative
 lawyers, each carrying 75 coins between them (1181/3169). Be mindful of the
 2F overlook guard while creeping around here, since he's got a good view of
 any overt actions. This means saving the foyer's hound statue (1281/3169) for
 later, or at least until 2F is cleared.

 Each side of the foyer has an office. The one nearest the B1 stairway has a
 pouch (1306/3169) and leads into the archives, which has another cabinet with
 feathers and a pouch (1336/3169). The will Daud needs to steal is here, but
 it requires Timsh's personal key to snag...shucks. Looting the Thompson's
 office on the opposite side gives a pouch and coin (1371/3169), and holds the
 72-card Nancy deck. If Daud read Granny's recipe in the Lackrow Boulevard
 ritual room, he can take "The World" from it for later. The hallway cabinet
 near the restroom has oil (1401/3169), the last loot on this floor.

 When the overlook guard isn't watching, creep onto the hall opposite him and
 get the table's coins (1407/3169). This leads into the fireplace library; a
 single coin (1408/3169) is on the floor in front of a bookcase. The adjacent
 library is more fruitful, holding a cigarette box (1508/3169). Hide bodies
 well, like behind the sitting area screen, so that when one opens the door to
 cue the maid/guard dialogue, they don't immediately spot it. Let the maid go
 off, get the sentry's purse (1518/3169), then the coin underneath the stair
 (1528/3169). NOTE: Hiding bodies under the stair is a good idea, since a big
 stack of them will eventually despawn the others.

 Alright, up to 3F, which is just the Barrister's personal office. He's in a
 meeting with his guard, but it techically doesn't start until Daud draws
 near. Use this to fact to get rid of a guard/maid or two, and snag coins on
 the fancy bureau (1538/3169). The reason for this is, after Timsh's speech,
 he'll retire to his room. Captain Blossom is scripted to follow him at all
 times, making nonlethal playthroughs a bit more annoying. The exception is
 immediately after Timsh leaves the office; Blossom will hang around shortly
 before remembering his duty, running off after Timsh. If a player can nix
 him and the other patrolman silently, things are much easier. There's 150
 coins spread out between the two (1688/3169).

 Timsh will hang around upstairs for awhile, letting Daud neatly ransack his
 stuff. There's a war medal (1788/3169) and display case urn (1938/3169) here,
 plus a pouch in the dumbwaiter antechamber's cabinet (1963/3169). If Timsh's
 key was looted before he went upstairs, one can snag the locked chest's rune
 and ingot (2063/3169) as well. If not, time to head upstairs, although one
 should get the oil beneath the Tyvia ship painting (2093/3169) first.

 4F is the Barrister's personal quarters, and unlike some key targets in the
 past, he is hostile if Daud appears. Get the stairway's display case whale
 statue (2243/3169), the coin on his bathroom sink (2244/3169), and the cameo
 in Delilah's painting studio (2344/3169). If Daud "speaks" to the statue, it
 triggers a special trophy; there's a rune here, too. If one can sneak around
 in the area Timsh usually occupies, there's an urn on the dining room's
 fireplace (2444/3169) and a fancy cigarette case (2544/3169) on the drawer as
 well. Timsh's bedroom holds only a simple desk pouch (2569/3169).

 That's all the current loot. Players can now decide how they want to proceed
 in the game.

 � NONLETHAL: Place the "odorous sack" from Apartment 10 into the basement's
   air circulator -- this will start the general's arrival outside the plaza.
   If Timsh's papers were switched with the ones in Roland's apartment, he
   will end up fainting, while the general goes to leave. If not, the two will
   simply idle outside the premises, thanks to the smell.

 � LETHAL: Kill the Timsh from anywhere. However, to get the will for Thalia,
   one must loot his papers, so close-range assassinations make more sense. If
   Timsh is slain, the general still arrives.

 Turnbull carries a 100-coin pouch (2669/3169), but leaves if Timsh gives him
 the wrong papers, so be prepared for a tactical blink (Bend Time?) for it.
 The only remaining thing in the area is finishing Granny Rags' rune recipe.
 If Daud obtained "The World" from the downstairs deck, take it to the shrine
 in Apartment 10, bleed on it, then burn it in Timsh's 4F fireplace. Voila!

 All that's left is returning to Thalia near the waterfront's sewer entrance,
 earning payment for a job well done (3169/3169). It's possible three Rothwild
 butchers will appear on the street before this, however, depending on how one
 handled Bundry in the previous mission. They're no-shows if Bundry got a trip
 to some remote island, however.

 Find Billie in the sewer to exit.

 Turnbull always appears, but Timsh can't be arrested AND sniped. The Delilah
 in question is the statue in the top-floor studio.

 � Sniped Timsh with Billie Lurk watching
 � Spoke with "Delilah"
 � Had Barrister Timsh arrested
 � Killed General Turnbull
 � Raided all of Timsh's chests
 � Completed Granny Rags' recipe

|�| )�)�����|����\_____________________________________________________________
| (/ /| |�| | |�\ \������������������������������������������������������������
|   ( | | | | |  ) ) THE SURGE                           [THE KNIFE OF DUNWALL]
| (\ \| |_| | |_/ /____________________________________________________________
|_| )_)_____|____/�������������������������������������������������������������

 � none                    � Improved Armor (450)       � none

 This is a reasonably short level that takes place in Daud's base, in the
 Flooded District's Central Rudshore area. Since it was already visited in
 the campaign, a map shouldn't be necessary -- it's almost the exact same
 layout, sans the water on 

 Upon return, Daud's informed that overseers have attacked in his absence,
 capturing several of his allies. Overseer Hume, the raid leader, awaits in
 the boss' chamber.

 The plan is to free the assassins in order to foil this no-knock attack.
 There's four locations containing a person to free, though they may not all
 appear on the map simultaneously. An assassin is freed when Daud cuts the
 hand restraints.

 � Inside Daud's base, in the training room with the big spotlight. There's
   three guards (including an instrument-carrier) but the assassin's life
   isn't on a timer. However, he can be killed by any thrown grenades, so
   be careful if they're spooked.
 � The ruined building behind the main base has an assassin on the top floor,
   guarded by five overseers (3 on top, 2 below). Only one has a magic-jammer
   accordion, however. It's possible to take out 2-3 of them before initiating
   the interrogation dialogue, which culminates in the captive's death. Bend
   Time (or a stealthy spot far away, like the base balcony) can eliminate the
   rest in short order.

 � Close to Central Rudshore's entrance, on the lower dirt area. The assassin
   isn't in any mortal danger, and there's only two guards on watch. However,
   several other overseers patrol the area, so any ruckus is liable to bring
   their aid.

 � Close to Central Rudshore's entrance, in the alleyway. There's three guards
   here, one who is scripted to blow up the captive when the dialogue ends.
   Those doing no-alert runs need only tranq him before then and hide; the
   others won't retaliate against the assassin. Also, instead of starting the
   showdown portion from the lower alley, try using the rooftops above them,
   which provides clearer trajectories.

 Nonlethal players should be careful where they stash bodies. The lower road
 has a few places where rat swarms gather, and they can ruin a no-kill run
 without much effort. Same goes for overseers who were previously damaged and
 encounter the swarms on their own. (Since they call allies to help fight
 rats, they often win if they arrive at full health.)

 Note that there's a special trophy for performing a drop assassination from
 atop the Jessamine statue, on the building's fa�ade. A patrolman will walk
 near there on occasion, but Daud may have to fire a bolt (etc.) to make them
 stop and investigate there. Bend Time can help, but isn't needed.

 As far as loot goes, there's no coins, only runes and charms.

 � CHARM 1/3: in base training room, on desk
 � CHARM 2/3: backyard area, locked mid-tier cabinet
 � CHARM 3/3: in front of base, held by dead assassin on ramshackle walkway
 � RUNE 1/2 : Temporary Overseer headquarters, opposite main base entrance
 � RUNE 2/2 : in Daud's base office, locked chest next to his bed

 ...let's go meet with Overseer Hume! The bank cubicles around Daud's office
 have three guards in them, while the office itself has 5 (including Hume).
 Daud can actually pick all of them off as they either walk in-between the
 two areas (both organ grinders do) or as they drift onto the bedroom balcony,
 out of Hume's sights. A stealthy person can pare the ranks down to just the
 Unlike the main campaign's meeting with Daud, Hume has no special AI if one
 is revealed -- he simply goes aggro like the other overseers. He doesn't
 patrol the premises either, meaning nonlethal players can simply blink behind
 him for a KO, among other options. Even if one pickpockets his plans, though,
 he still needs to be dealt with. No "leave him be to send a message" option
 like last time one visited Central Rudshore.

 Acquiring his pouch destination-marks the overseers' temporary headquarters
 in the building across from the base. Daud'll have to go there and look at
 their assault plans. (If this was done earlier, one needn't do it again).
 Finish up by meeting with Billie near the base's front. One can order the
 remaining oversers to be captured or killed -- low and high chaos actions,
 respectively. (This ends any hostilities with remaining overseers, should
 there be any still on patrol.) Regroup in front of the base after.

 At this point, a fellow assassin is revealed as a traitor. The final steps
 are chaos-related.

 � HIGH CHAOS: The assassin isn't contrite and must be fought, though after,
   Daud can choose whether to spare/execute his opponent. Compared to normal
   foes, the betrayer has boosted health and a few immunities (sleep poison,
   fire, parry instakills), plus some other assassin powers (blinking). In
   short, it's a battle of attrition, so hopefully Daud has some potions on

 � LOW CHAOS: Daud has the option to spare the assassin or do an execution
   from the get-go. No ending fight occurs.

 This ends the DLC. Any trophies of note trigger at this time.

 Only one traitor-related part can be done.

 � Rescued all your assassins
 � Eliminated all overseers armed with music boxes
 � Killed the traitor
 � Spared the traitor

THE BRIGMORE WITCHES [DLC3] \______________________|�������|����\|�| |�|_______
������������������������������������������������������| |��| |�) | | | |�������
01) A STAY OF EXECUTION FOR LIZZY                     | |  | |( (| |�| | [TBW1]
______________________________________________________| |__| |_) )     |_______

 The Brigmore Witches (TBW) is the third and final add-on for Dishonored, and
 was released August 13, 2013 for 800 MSP (now $9.99). It finishes the Daud's
 redemptive tale as he searches for his mystery woman. TBW adds in a new power
 (TKOD powers carry over) and debuts "corrupted charms," special bone charms
 that give great effects in exchange for a drawback.

 Starting a new game will search for any finished "Knife of Dunwall" saves.
 If any are found, one can start TBW at the finished save's chaos level (low,
 high) and with retained powers/equipment/coins. Starting TBW in this way is
 wholly optional, however.

 Before the real missions begin, Daud has a short dream sequence where he
 fights Corvo. The outcome is pointless, although there's a hidden trophy if
 Daud manages to win. (Winning is only possible in low chaos, however.) When
 the boss comes to, he'll be in his base -- for real this time.

 The chest at the foot of his bed contains 2 ingots and a corrupted charm. If
 Daud spared the traitor at the end of "The Knife of Dunwall," there'll be an
 extra note in there regarding his generosity. There's 2 more ingots in the
 locker in the main office below, along with blueprints for Improved Armor and
 Boot Stealth. The remaining coins are in two pouches: one under a bench in
 the hallway, another on a desk in the far office. That's 500 total.

 � If "The Knife of Dunwall" was finished in high chaos, the corrupted charm
   will be on a hallway shrine instead. Both can't exist at the same time.

 To continue, speak with Thomas, the assassin waiting for Daud. He'll mention
 infamous pirate Lizzy Stride has been stuck in Coldridge -- busting her out
 will be the perfect chance to force a favor.

 NORMAL ITEMS              FAVORS                       UPGRADES
 � Wristbow Bolt (20)      � Overseer Daud (100)        � The same ones from
 � Explosive Bolt (20)     � Misplaced Rune (200)         "Knife of Dunwall"
 � Bullet (30)             � Forged Requisition (100)     appear here, plus
 � Sleep Dart (30)                                        Improved Armor and
 � Arc Mine (50)                                          Boot Stealth (450
 � Stun Mine (50)                                         per) if those plans
 � Grenade (70)                                           were taken.
 � Chokedust (50)
 � Piero's Remedy (100)
 � Sokolov's Elixir (200)
 � Rewire Tool (100)

 Not much has changed since the Knife of Dunwall DLC, with most of the older
 upgrades and all regular items on sale. As far as favors go, the benefits of
 another rune are obvious, and the overseer disguise can be very helpful for
 low-chaos playthroughs. The forged requisition 

                     |     |             |�����������������������|
                     |  F� |             | � - Rune/Charm        |
                    _|_   _|_________    | A - Starting Area     |
               ####|  _              |   | B - Main Entrance     |
               #   |___|  _|_    I   |   | C - Execution Grounds |
               #   |�        |       |   | D - Arc Pylon Area    |
               #   |         |    ___|   | E - Main Courtyard    |
               #   |    E    |   | H |   | F - Interrogation Rm. |
              | |  |         |   |___|   | G - Cell Control Room |
           ___| |  | | |_    |       |   | H - Guardpost         |
          |  _  |  |_|_  |___|       |   | I - Lizzy's Cellblock |
          | |_|_|    |           I�  |   |_______________________|
          |  G|      |   |���|_______|
           ���       | D     |  
              _______|   |_  |  PART 1: GETTING IN
             |  ___  |   |   |  ������������������
             | |___| |       |  If Daud purchased the disguise favor, he'll
             |       |   |___|  start on the prison's bridge in full regalia.
             |  �C        ___|  He's considered a friendly to all guards and
             |       |   |   |  can go through all authorized areas -- between
             |_______|    ___|  the interrogation room and the entrance --
             |   |  _  B |   |  without interference. If witnessed committing
             |   |  �|   |   |  a crime or a suspicious act, the jig is up!
             |     ->|   |-> |  Those who didn't purchase the favor begin at
             |_   ___|   |___|  the lower sewer entrance instead, and will
               |A|   | A |      have to climb up the cliff face.

 Speaking of cliff faces, the misplaced rune -- if its favor was purchased --
 spawns at the muddy bottom, near the broken stairway. Regardless of how the
 level begins, all outdoor areas have that annoying power-preventing overseer
 music. The guard just inside the main gate carries the first pouch (50/1655),
 and can be nabbed on any chaos level, though a disguise helps.

 � Unlike Corvo, Daud can visit the Execution Yard, an off-limits area. It's
   accessible by the cliff area (there'll be a concrete "ladder" where the
   concertina wire ends) and the interior door, but the best way is the pipes
   above its main entrance. The latter allows Daud to slip in and slip out
   with nary a peep. Entering the yard begins the scripted execution of chaps
   who helped Corvo. If Daud saves the officer from death, he'll hide nearby
   and reveal Lizzy Stride's cell number. (The scripted gunfire won't alert
   anyone, but this is considered an outdoor area, so powers still don't work.
   Try tranqing the two guards from atop the pipes. Note that interfering with
   one, even if silent, will alert the other.) Furthermore, there's a bone
   charm under the execution platform, and two pouches, one on a guard and a
   second on a viewing area seat -- 75 total (125/1655).

 Back on the main path, one can see the reception area now has an arc pylon,
 though it's thankfully deactivated. As a disguised Daud comments, the machine
 will see his true colors well enough -- he'll need to avoid them like the
 plague. Pickpocket the lone guard in this area (175/1655) and get some oil
 in the pylon's adjacent station (205/1655). Said station also has compact
 arc mine blueprints for the taking. Without the disguise, the arc pylon is
 active by default, so use the upper pipes to avoid a nasty zap.

 The main yard has a watchman's purse (255/1655) and a corner bone charm, but
 little besides. Next, visit the wrecked interrogation room and listen to the
 recording to learn what happened...well, kinda. In addition to the spilled
 crate's 5 ingots (755/1655) and the heavy desk pouch (855/1655), there's a
 second rune to pocket.

 Next, begin backtracking from the interrogation area to the old cellblock
 where Corvo was kept. (This area is considered restricted, so watch out for
 its lone patrolman.) Said cellblock is actually closed off, and the upper
 yard overlook transformed into a cell control room. There's a pouch opposite
 the controls (880/1655), and if Daud jumps onto the area's roof -- use the
 hallway's open-panel ceiling -- he can find a 500-coin stash of a pouch, 
 ingot and royal medal, presumably meant for Corvo (1380/1655).

 Now with the matter of finding and busting Lizzy out... Her current abode is
 randomized each mission, but its location can be found by:

 � Saving the watchman from being executed
 � Finding the logbook in the off-limits cellblock
 � Finding Lizzy before the other two options (easiest with Void Gaze LV2)

 To start, Daud needs to infiltrate that forbidden area, which was unavailable
 during Corvo's mission. Each lower entrance has a permanent guard, so try
 blinking over the top. The one near the interrogation room is easiest, thanks
 to the nearby mid-level walkway, while entry near the reception area requires
 hopping on the upper-level pipes. The latter method will often be near a
 patrolman and a mouthy inmate who shouts for guards, so be prepared.

 Those who don't want to manually check every cell should try for the logbook
 route, which is in the guardpost housing the between-block staircase and the
 1F weapons lockers. Several entrances are locked, though C- and A-Block guards
 have the key -- one on 1F has a pouch instead (1430/1655) -- and Corvo can
 always just blink through the bottom-floor windows, if need be.

 A few other areas are notable, too, and worth unlocking when Corvo returns to
 the cell control room:

 � Cellblock D main floor, wire (2) on 1F crate ------> 1450/1655
 � Cellblock D main floor, wire on table by 1F cells -> 1460/1655
 � Cell A10/D21, corrupted charm in toilet -----------> ----/---- (locked)
 � Cell A13, whale oil and feathers by bunk ----------> 1530/1655 (locked)
 � Cell A14, coins/pouch by bunk ---------------------> 1575/1655 (locked)
 � Cell A20, coins/pouch on poker table --------------> 1645/1655 (unlocked)
 � Cell A25, feathers on bed -------------------------> 1655/1655 (locked)

 In essence, all coins can be gotten before finding Lizzy! A25 also contains
 the Baffle Dust blueprints. However, the area with the copper wire has
 several guards, few who ever leave, so it can quite annoying to get. Make use
 of patrols and hiding spots, like under the table. (After opening Lizzy's
 cell, one of the inmates in A-Block can be "alerted" to Daud, even though it
 does nothing guard-wise. It still counts as an alert, though!)

 Take out any guards in the immediate area around Lizzy's cell, because when
 one finally looses her from the stockade...she passes out! Daud must finish
 the level while carrying her. The easiest way out is the same way one got in:
 use the pipes above the front reception area, then duck into the execution
 yard. Once the event is over (if it hasn't been done), the prisoners die and
 the guards leave, letting Daud hop over the wall onto the cliff path.

 Assuming no one on the main bridge spots Daud, all that's left is scurrying
 into the sewers. One can hand off Lizzy to a helper, then get an option to

 � Stopped the execution of the guard who helped Corvo
 � Learn about the Brigmore Witch's interrogation
 � Maintained overseer disguise, leaving no evidence behind

|�������|����\|�| |�|__________________________________________________________
 ��| |��| |�) | | | |����������������������������������������������������������
   | |  | |( (| |�| | THE DEAD EELS                      [THE BRIGMORE WITCHES]
   | |  | |_) )     |__________________________________________________________
   |_|  |____/|_/�\_|����������������������������������������������������������

 � Wristbow Bolt (20)      � Baffle Dust (300)   � The Sunken Crate (100)
 � Explosive Bolt (20)                           � The Hidden Rune (200)
 � Bullet (30)                                   � Rothwild Laborer (75)
 � Sleep Dart (30)                               � Gift from Abigail Ames (100)
 � Arc Mine (50)           
 � Stun Mine (50)          The Baffle Dust upgrade changes chokedust into a
 � Grenade (70)            aerosol mickey -- not only does it cause confusion
 � Chokedust (50)          among its victims, but they don't become hostile 
 � Piero's Remedy (100)    afterwards either. Favor-wise, the sunken crate
 � Sokolov's Elixir (200)  contains supplies (including an ingot); the rune
 � Rewire Tool (100)       is of self-evident use. There's not much reason to
                           buy the laborer perk, honestly.

 As for Abigail's favor, this is a bone charm -- and yes, it counts toward the
 level's maximum amount! However, it only appears if (1) Daud blew up Rothwild
 Slaughterhouse as part of Abby's deal (2) Abigail survived that ordeal (3) the
 favor was bought, naturally. If Daud finished "A Captain of Industry" in some
 other way, Abigail's favor won't appear as an option.

                         /'.                 |�������������������������|
                        /L /'.               | � - Rune/Charm          |
                       /� /   '.             | # - Water Boundary      |
                      /  /'.  K '.           | A - Ward Entrance       |
                     /__/   '.   /�|         | B - Ritual Room         |
                    /         './  |         | C - Pylon Crossroads    |
                _  (    ___        |         | D - Millenary Canal     |
          TO ->| |_/   |           |         | E - Jerome's Shop       |
      ENGINE   |  __/\_|___|___   _|         | F - Rooftop Lookouts    |
        ROOM   | |             | | |         | G - Dressmaker's Studio |
           ____| |_____        |_  |         | H - The Undine          |
          |  ________  |         |_|         | I - Wrenhaven Shipping  |
       ___| |  | |  _| |_         |          | J - Sunken Crate        |
      |    O|  | |_/     \        |          | K - Textile Factory     |
     _|  _|�|  )  _   M   )       |          | L - Dry Storage         |
    |     |�  /  | \_   _/        |          | M - Witch Chamber #1    |
    |  N   ���   |   |�|          |          | N - Witch Chamber #2    |
    |_____|���\  |   |_|     TO   |          | O - Maintenance Room    |
               )_)  _       MILL  |          |_________________________|
                   | |----->--->--'
                   | |    _ ____ _ _________ ___   _____
              _____| |___| |    | |      _  |_  |_| ( � |      ___
             |  ___ C   �  |____|  ___  | |_______   \__|_____|�  |____
             | |   | |���|  ____  |�G | |     |   |    ___     ��      |###
             | |___| |___| |    | |___| |     |___|   |    ___     ____|  #
             ) | B�| |   | | D  | | F | |         (   (  _|   |_  |  I |  #
            /  |___| |___| |    | |___| |         #\ ��\/ | H | \ |_ � |  #
           /      _   ___  |_   |  ___  |         # \__/  |   |  \  |__|  #
          / _______|___  |   |  | | E�| |         #       (   )   \    )  #
         /A/           |_  | |  ] |___| |         #        \_/     \__/ J #
        (_/            |_  | | [   _____|         #                       #
                       |   |_| |  |               #########################
                       | ) |�  |  |
____________________   |/   ���   |
��������������������    ����������
 Charms --: 2 (2/5)
 C. Charms: 1 (1/3)
 Runes ---: 3 (3/7)
 Coins ---: 1032 (only 1022 available in first sweep)

 As an assassin mentions, the Dead Eels and the Hatters -- rival gangs -- are
 fighting in the streets. Both are currently hostile to Daud, which hampers
 progression somewhat. The Hatters' base in the Textile Mill is closed off for
 now as well, meaning the riverfront destination is the first target. There's
 plenty of loot to get in-between there and here, however!

 Near the beginning, let the gangbangers fight amongst themselves, then pick
 off the stragglers. When the coast's clear, get the whale oil sitting near
 the tracks (30/3520), wire in a yard'd dumpster (40/3520) and a coin on a
 balcony overlooking the rails (50/3520). Said balcony is right across from
 the P. Oliver sign. The apartment right alongside this track -- the one with
 a 2F wire balcony entrance -- is the level's ritual room, containing both a
 a 3F war medal (150/3520) and one of Granny's recipes. The wire in the locked
 cabinet can't be obtained now.

 To complete this sidequest, bring the body of a man and woman -- dead or
 alive -- to the floor's red summoning circle. Once a wedding band is found
 in some grasses by the dressmaker's apartment, one can place it on the silver
 platter to create the whale-bone trinket. The apartment is across the level,
 so just keep this progression in mind for now. (Body parts belonging to a man
 or woman are suitable stand-ins for whole corpses, also.)

 For now, move up the tracks until Daud uncovers a sheltered mall crossroads
 with an arc pylon. Of the two guards, only one carries a pouch (175/3520);
 the other has the pylon box key. For this reason, it's best to coldcock one,
 take his body somewhere safe, then get the other when his patrol winds back
 around toward the Textile Mill's entrance -- which is out of the pylon's zap

 With the device deactivated/rewired, Daud can snatch all the goodies in this
 area. First, the wire and coin at the base of the pylon itself (195/3520),
 then the oil and wire on separate crates near it (235/3520). Around the 1F
 corner, near a 'for sale' sign, is another coin (245/3520), while right above
 it -- on the 3F exterior vents of P. Oliver's shop -- is wire (255/3520). One
 can also get a corrupted charm by blinking onto the plaza's glass roof; it's
 near the edge overlooking the canal.

 The plaza entrance opposite the rails opens up into the main area of this
 level: the Millenary Canal, a gang-disputed territory. Approaching it for the
 first time starts a fight on its lone bridge, causing casualties on both sides
 (the amount differs depending on who falls off, who the acid cloud hits, and
 so on). Either way, Daud will have a few less threats to worry about.

 Four coins sit near the sluice gate, by the autumn-colored tree (275/3520),
 though the other two items in this area are up a bit higher. Nearby, find the
 really tall, red-colored tree -- there's a small platform attached to a wall,
 about level with its height, containing feathers on a lamp (285/3520). Around
 the corner, at the plaza entrance nearest the apartments, there's a lengthy
 red "welcome to Drapers Ward" billboard; there's wire on it. (295/3520)

 The apartment sidewalk by the other end of the canal hold few treasure: a
 coin by a front stoop (296/352) and wire in its attendant yard (306/3520).
 By now, Daud should be able to hear two Hatters talking about a locked safe
 on the canal's dock. At the canal's end, there's a street-level sitting area
 with two coins (316/3520), making a good spot to tranq/kill the guards from.

 With them out of the way, look for an X-shaped bracket on the wall just below
 the sitting area -- there's a coin (321/3520) on top, annoyingly, plus another
 (326/3520) right below it. The small enclosed area has two pearls (401/3520),
 and will house a rune, if the appropriate favor was purchased.

 To open the safe, simply get the vault key from the muddy grasses off to its
 side -- it's within a single blink's distance. The reward: 1 ingot (501/3520).
 Move up the canal a short ways and find the enclosed sewer area with a "no
 trespassing" sign above. There's oil here (531/3520) and 20 coins (551/3520)
 worth of...well, coins: 2 near the storm drain, 5 on the dry platform above.

 Next stop: Jerome's shop, the building right above this storm drain area. The
 Hatter with an injured Eel in its back alley has moolah (571/3520), but the
 rest of the loot is inside the 2F flat itself. Jerome is a friendly NPC who'll
 provide shop services, with the following changes:

 � Explosive Bolt - 50 (+30)
 � Sokolov's Elixir - 150 (-50)
 � Oxrush Fower - 50 (one-time-only; don't buy this)
 � Bone Charm - 100 (one-time-only)

 Jerome also a second bone charm in his safe, if Daud purchased the Abigail
 Ames favor -- it only appears as an option if he finished that TKOD mission
 by colluding with her, then letting her live afterwards. In normal cases, the
 safe will just contain a pouch (621/3520); it requires Jerome's personal key
 to get. The living room also holds a jewel box (721/3520), oil and p. crystal
 on a shelf (781/3520) and a desk coin near an alley window (782/3520).

 Speaking to Jerome a second time will allow the opportunity for Daud to take
 an optional quest: killing Skinflint, a vagrant in the sewers beneath Jerome's
 apartment. This is the same sewer area where all the scattered coins were. It
 pays 50 coins (832/3520), but requires killing the target, meaning no-kill
 players are out of luck. If Daud refuses the first time, it's never offered

 Now, to the next-door building. The alleyway between Jerome's house and the
 target has a ventilation system Daud can use to reach roof heights, although
 there's a Dead Eel duo keeping perpetual watch here. If Daud can take them
 out silently (peeking out from the lip near the broken balcony nearby works),
 he can get three coins (862/3520) on a crate. The guardpost is rather bare
 besides, though.

 Finally, use the aforementioned balcony to reach the dressmaker's apartment.
 He'll provide some interesting details about Delilah, and is a friendly NPC in
 the same vein as Jerome. There's a rune nailed to the wall, two coins under
 it (872/3520), five more on a table (897/3520), and a cigarette case on the
 covered chair (997/3520).

 There's three more coin deposits to find, although one -- the locked cabinet
 in the ritual room -- is unobtainable for now. Instead, search an alleyway
 bush bordering the dressmaker's building to find a wedding band and two coins
 (1012/3520), plus an extra key for the canal safe. There's also a coin stuck
 between the canal bridge's planks (1022/3520), though there'll still be some
 Eels to eliminate before it's clear to do so. Well, probably...

 When done with the area, onward to the riverfront! Don't worry about leaving
 Eels alive here -- they'll be neutral after the next section.

 Charms --: 1 (3/5)
 C. Charms: 1 (2/3)
 Runes ---: 2 (5/7)
 Coins ---: 900

 Snatch ore off the barrelhead (1042/3520) while approaching the talkative
 twosome on guard duty. There's oil on a cabinet near one of 'em (1072/3520);
 a nearby dumpster has more ore (1092/3520). Above said cabinet is a small 2F
 apartment containing a cameo and powdered crystal (1222/3520), plus recon
 notes from an assassin. 

 Out the next window, Daud can spy the full dock area. The immediate area has
 two Eels -- one who carries a pouch (1242/3520) -- and a rooftop spy, who soon
 disappears, leaving behind a corrupted charm. The third Eel, at the end of the
 docks, stands near a fishmonger cart with ore inside (1262/3520).

 Players should consider dealing with Wakefield as soon as possible, since
 finishing those events makes the Eels neutral, which really aids in searching.
 There's a few ways to do this:

 � Make a ruckus and just kill the Eels. Wakefield will come from belowdecks
   to join in, and can be dealt with in the preferred manner.

 � Enter Wakefield's cargo hold from underwater. If Daud can surreptitiously
   enter the harbor and swim 'neath the Undine, there's a special hatch that
   can be accessed. This provides easy access to Wakefield without bothering
   with his guard detail. (There's also an underwater bone charm near a body,
   if one wants to get it at this time.)

 � Slip into the cargo hold from the upper deck. This is doable, but a little
   harder than the swimming option, since it requires getting out of view of
   the dock guards. This usually means getting onto the far side of the Undine
   (close to belowdecks stair) and going that route.

 Regardless, once Wakefield is killed/KO'd and his pouch obtained (1287/3520),
 maneuver to the bridge and blow the horn to signal Lizzy. This starts a small
 cutscene, allowing her to regain control of this ragtag band. Daud will be
 neutral to all Eels at this time, even the ones in the Streets section. The
 walkthrough will assume that Wakefield was eliminated early on, just for the
 loot list's sake.

 Anyway, let's start the looting with the Undine! Lizzy carries a pittance
 (1312/3520) and so does another boat patrolman (1322/3520). There's wire on a
 topdeck crate (1332/3520), oil and a coin on the bridge (1372/3520), wire on
 top of the bridge (1382/3520); oil alongside the engine, opposite the rails
 (1412/3520); oil and an ingot in Edgar's belowdecks area (1542/3520). The
 ingot is half-hidden near a blanket, right near the oil, so don't miss 'em!
 The mini-barge alongside the Undine has two tyvian ore samples (1582/3520).

 Okay, back to dry land. There's wire near both of the spotlights mounted by
 the Undine -- one right next to the ship, another by the dumpster (1602/3520).
 Next, look for the railway tunnel that houses a rune -- its entrance is marked
 by a boxcar that's crashed into a divider. There's wire on a crate stack here

 Next, move to the Wrenhaven Shipping building near the Undine, the one with
 all its doors shuttered. There's feathers atop this structure (1622/3520),
 and 40 coins worth of wire, pouch and loose change in the rowboat alongside
 it (1662/3520). Should Daud swim underneath the boat, there'll be two more
 coins on the riverbed (1672/3520), near the entrance to the secret tunnel that
 leads into the shipping building. Pick up the tunnel's pearl (1722/3520) and
 surface in the rune shrine room. In addition to that trinket, there's also an
 urn (1822/3520) in a debris pile.

 Finally, if Daud purchased the sunken crate favor, he can find that offshore
 a little ways, not far from the shipping building itself. It'll contain some
 variable meds and ammo, plus an ingot (1922/3520) to offset the favor's cost.


 To continue the plot, Lizzy will mention her ship's engine coil was stolen by
 the Hatters. She has the door password, but Daud may have to make a deal for
 it. The mill's accessed from the Streets section's arc pylon plaza, which'll
 have spawned a few more Hatters in the meantime.

 Charms --: 1 (4/5)
 C. Charms: ---
 Runes ---: 1 (6/7)
 Coins ---: 730

 An assassin immediately reports that the mill can be flooded with toxic gas,
 and that bargaining with the Geezer may be wise.

 At the level's beginning, there's some wire (1932/3520) in the spool dumpster
 and another (1942/3520) on the small landing along the stairway. By now, Daud
 can hear two Hatters talking at the gatehouse, wondering who's entered. One
 will go check, allowing both to be removed rather easily.

 The gatehouse is packed, with a decor plate (2042/3520), wire on a console
 (2052/3520), table coins (2067/3520) and herbs near a desk (2087/3520). It's
 not a bad idea to take out the exterior patrolman before, since he may be
 able to peek inside from his route. When the gatehouse is cleared, snag the
 bone charm at the nearby campsite, plus the ore and oil in the depressed area
 alongside it (2137/3520).

 Once Daud takes the ore near the wall of light's hack panel (2157/3520), all
 remaining loot will be inside the factory buildings themselves. There's quite
 a few ways inside:

 � The locker room's boarded-up 1F window, near the bone charm booth
 � underneath the wall of light, via the canal
 � a roof near the rail car tracks, which has an open skylight
 � a high, boarded-up window above the wall with all the pipes sticking out

 Loot fiends will want to start sweeping the area from 1F on up. However, it
 may be wiser to simply do the latter option and visit Trimble (who's nearby),
 as striking a deal with him turns all Hatters neutral. Very expedient.

 For loot purposes, the walkthrough will just start at the locker room, which
 Daud can easily break into. An NPC walks the nearby halls, though, so take
 care not to alert her with any ruckus! Get the lockers' hemlock essence and
 coins (2192/3520) and eliminate the NPC outside the door. There's also two
 guards around here to be mindful of.

 If the area's clear, get the herbs on the mattress outside the locker room's
 door (2212/3520), and make to the opposite end of the factory building, where
 the rune indicator marks. There's an archer cameo here (2312/3520), plus a
 bull rat fetus that may see use later. Other than that, nada.

 Near the 1F storage area is the factory's main staircase. Use this to reach
 3F, a floor that contains a pair of guards and workers. There's often a fifth
 guard on the balcony above, watching the proceedings, if he hasn't descended
 during his patrol. The latter guy is best removed first. When the others fall,
 Daud can pillage a locker for herbs (2332/3520), get oil on a back console
 (2362/3520), and find herbs/hemlock by a stove (2402/3520). The metallic
 salts found near the other loot may be necessary for later. Those having
 trouble in this area should know it's possible to blink to the upper levels
 while in the stairwell, and the 3F factory floor has lateral pipework Daud
 can hide on.

 Using the stairway to reach 4F is rather fruitless, although it has herbs by
 some blueprints (2422/3520), which allow purchase of explosive bolts. Return
 to the 3F factory and blink -- or jump, I suppose -- onto the balcony nearest
 the main office marker.

 Before entering, head upstairs to the other part of 4F, Trimble's lab. This
 area has herbs (2442/3520), powdered crystal (2472/3520) and 3 coins on his
 desk (2492/3520). If Daud gets the note card under Trimble's bed's pillow,
 and puts it in the lab's player, he can get a hidden ingot, too. (2592/3520).
 There's a key near the main stairway entrance, in case one wants to revisit
 that area quickly.

 Return to the main office door and save. Nurse Trimble and the Geezer are
 both inside, neither being hostile if Daud reveals himself. Daud has a few
 ways of doing this:

 � SPEAK WITH TRIMBLE: As long as Trimble's in the room with the Geezer, this
   is the option that occurs. The nurse will be interested in striking a deal
   with Daud, provided he gets the canal's waterwheel working again. (Doing
   this makes all Hatters neutral to Daud, as long as he commits no heinous
   acts or repeatedly tries speaking with the Geezer.) To continue, Daud will
   have to enter the sewers, restore power, then return and get the coil.

 � SPEAK WITH GEEZER: This is only possible if Trimble is killed, KO'd, or if
   Daud screws with the upper lab's experiment timer, drawing Trimble out of
   the room. The Geezer (a.k.a. Mr. Hat) says he'll give the engine coil in
   exchange for Daud killing him...but there's a snag: the mill will instantly
   flood with toxic gas on his death, killing everyone, assassins included. To
   avoid this fate, one must concoct an antitoxin in the 4F lab's still. The
   ingredient list is hidden with the ingot behind the blackboard.

   - Oxrush Flower (in Millenary Canal or bought from Jerome)
   - Bull Rat Fetus (1F factory storage room)
   - Metallic Salts (3F factory area, on a countertop)

   Use an empty vial to make the antitoxin, which is consumed automatically.
   Speak with the Geezer and pull his machine's oil tank; this gives the first
   two digits to the engine room's code (aww!) and starts a small countdown
   for Daud to escape. Once outside, the gas does nothing. The engine room's
   at the bottom of the factory stairwell.

 � DON'T COOPERATE WITH EITHER: This requires obtaining Trimble's key to the
   sewers (without asking or assisting him) and without speaking to the Geezer.
   Daud can obtain the engine room password by finding the mechanic's corpse
   in the sewers, taking his key, unlocking his house's cabinet in the Streets
   section (above ritual room), and using the memo there for the combination.
   This is definitely the most roundabout method, though, and has nothing to
   recommend it, really.

 � CHEAT: To my knowledge, the passcode is always 984. Just put that into the
   engine without doing any important talks, swipe the coil and go. Premature
   coil theft makes all Hatters hostile (if Trimble made them neutral before).

 Gassing the Geezer removes the need to visit the sewers quest-wise, although
 there's still goodies there worth taking. For remaining loot, the Geezer's
 room has herbs (2612/3520) and the engine room has wire/oil (2652/3520). If
 the engine room isn't accessible now, it will be after sewers events.

 Those going into the sewers will need to follow the outdoor canal. It'll be
 locked unless one has received Trimble's key (he freely gives it if a deal's
 been struck).

 Charms --: 1 (5/5)
 C. Charms: 1 (3/3)
 Runes ---: 1 (7/7)
 Coins ---: 585

 Ah, the final stretch. Near the starting walkway is a fish statuette in plain
 sight (2752/3520), and the river krusts nearby will drop 3 coins upon death
 (2877/3520). There's also a bit of wire near the engine room's alternate
 entrance (2887/3520) and oil under a pipe, near where the lone river krust
 was attached (2917/3520).

 The long stairway nearby leads to a locked maintenance chamber, currently of
 no use besides tyvian ore near the "main pumping station" sign (2937/3520).
 The opposite route, which requires breaking through 2x4s, leads to a chamber
 with oil & powdered crystal (2997/3520).

 An NPC's voice should be heard from the adjacent area, although if Daud tries
 to help her, she'll reveal herself as a Brigmore witch, not to mention having
 a few cronies join in the fight. Knock her out, get the herbs on the console
 by her (3017/3520), then look for a pearl down in the muck below, near the
 corrupted charm's rat-filled opening (3042/3520). To get said charm, Daud'll
 have to enter the 2F route with another witch/Delilah shrine -- itself having
 more herbs (3062/3520) -- and break through the feeble floor.

 Use the witch room's lower crank to open the remaining part of the sewers.
 Two more Brigmore bimbos are hiding right above, and will spot anyone who
 tromps into view. Other than that, they never move and can often be ignored.
 The corpse one saw earlier near the sewer gate is the missing mechanic: he
 has a key and oil (3092/3520) beside him.

 Forty meters in the opposite direction leads to a bone charm in a sunlit
 patch. The area around this charm (the bridge and the canal branch) contains
 two tyvian ore, a pearl and a coin -- 66 in all (3158/3520). Finding items in
 this area can be hard with Void Gaze, so search thoroughly!

 The route leads to the main pumping station, now inhabited by two witches and
 weepers. Taking out the latter enemies is easiest; the witches aren't too
 hard either, although they can teleport and will do so while patrolling, which
 may throw unaware players off.

 With the enemies routed, it's time to loot! The weeper area below the main
 floor has ore under a pipe near two chairs (3178/3520); wire by a pipe near
 a stairway (3188/3520); and oil near a glowing garden, in a blind corner under
 the waterwheel controls (3218/3520).

 The remaining items are on the main floor. There's wire and oil under two
 inert gears opposite each other (3258/3520), plus herbs/oil in a brightly-lit
 space along the water control platform (3308/3520). There's powdered crystal
 on the valve control panel itself (3338/3520), and oil on a walkway level
 with that area (3368/3520).

 � If exploring the sewers at Trimble's behest, Daud will have to reactivate
   the waterworks. This is done by taking the valve wrench in the lower weeper
   area and operating a console on a high platform, after slashing the roots
   that entangle the gears. Doing this act spawns 25 various coins in the
   previous bone charm canal (3480/3520). Finding them all is a rather hard
   task, so again, be thorough! Some are hidden on the rocks near where the
   bone charm itself was.

 With power restored, take a whale oil tank from the weeper area and enter the
 adjacent maintenance area. Restore power, operate the upper controls, and
 watch as a ventilation fan narrowly avoids julienning Daud. This leads into
 an isolated chamber with wire (3490/3520), hemlock essence (3510/3520) and
 the level's final rune. To get the latter, blink over the upper partition to
 find the shrine. The maintenance key on the table opens the door back to the
 starting area.
 The final notable acts in this chapter:

 � Those cooperating with Trimble will need to get into the engine room. If
   water is restored, he'll freely give the combination, allowing passage from
   the sewers or the factory itself. This area contains the coil plus 40 coins
   worth of loot (already mentioned and accounted for).

 � If one obtained the mechanic's apartment key in the sewers, Daud can use
   this to open the top-floor locker in the Streets section's ritual room. The
   reward: a piece of wire, the final loot in this level. (3520/3520)

 � Return to the Undine and place the coil in the engine's socket. If Daud
   eliminated all witches in the sewers, operate the bridge controls to exit
   the level. If any witches were left alive, they attack as soon as the coil
   is placed. Though the Eels can take care of them, often with a high casualty
   rate, their sudden appearance can screw up no-alerts runs. Quickly blinking
   out of sight, or using Bend Time, can avoid any nasty outcomes.

 Note that Lizzy Stride can die in the witch fight, though it doesn't affect
 anything storywise.

 Abigail's revenge refers to her bomb, which only appears if one interrogated
 her in "The Knife of Dunwall" and left her alive, then bought the appropriate
 favor here. Whole lot of work for something so pointless...

 � Completed Granny's wedding recreation
 � Survived Abigail's revenge
 � Dealt with the Brigmore witch scout
 � Restored water to the canal
 � Helped the Geezer end his life

|�������|����\|�| |�|__________________________________________________________
 ��| |��| |�) | | | |����������������������������������������������������������
   | |  | |( (| |�| | DELILAH'S MASTERWORK               [THE BRIGMORE WITCHES]
   | |  | |_) )     |__________________________________________________________
   |_|  |____/|_/�\_|����������������������������������������������������������

 NEW NORMAL ITEMS      UPGRADES                       FAVORS
 � Explosive Bolt (50) � Explosive Bolt Cap. 1 (450)  � Hole in the Fence (200)
                       � Explosive Bolt Cap. 2 (600)  � Thieving Butler (75)
                                                      � Turncoat (50)

 Favor-wise, the fence hole gives a rune and extra mana, plus an easier route
 of ingress. The butler favor digs up a rivershore cache, while "Turncoat" has
 an opportunity to speak with a red-jacketed witch in the backyard for info.
 This is the last level in the DLC, so those going for any achievements may
 want to consider holding off.
                      |I\_________________          |��������������������|
                     _|_                  |         | � - Rune/Charm     |
                    |  _      ___| |_     |         | # - Water Boundary |
                    | |      |            |         | A - Starting Point |
                    | |      |   _ _   ___|         | B - Graveyard      |
                    | |     |�| |   | |   |\        | C - Front Entrance |
                    | | |_   J    K     L | )       | D - Butler Chest   |
                    |�|     |_| |___| |___| |       | E - Fence Hole     |
                    |_|_ _|__|__|   |_____  |       | F - Rooftop Path   |
                      |   |               | |       | G - Greenhouse     |
                      | H |            �  | |       | H - Granny Recipe  |
                      |_ _|_____     _____| |       | I - Waterfall      |
                      |   |     |___|  F    |       | J - Storage Shed 1 |
                      | G         C       � (       | K - Fountain       |
                      |___|                  \      | L - Storage Shed 2 |
                      |      ____   ____      )     |____________________|
                      |  B  /           \_ E _|    
                      |    (                  |
                      |_  _|                  |
                      |       _               )    _______________
                      |_     |�|             /#    ���������������
                      | |     �            ,' #    BRIGMORE ESTATE
                      | |_                |D  #    _______________
                      |   |        ______,'   #    ���������������
                      |_| |      ,'           #     Charms --: 2 (2/4)
                      |         (     �       #     C. Charms: 2 (2/3)
                      (  A      /             #     Runes ---: 3 (3/4)
                       '._____,'###############     Coins ---: 970 (970/2030)

 The mission begins far from the estate, near the riverbank. As an assassin
 helper says, the witches are coming and going in an unnoticed manner. Statues
 of Delilah also pock-mark the estate. (If one of these spots Daud, local foes
 will come check. Being noticed by the statue itself doesn't count as an alert,

 Right near the starting point is a gravehound flower circle. These undead
 dogs will continuously revive when slain, until their skulls are crushed. A
 quick crossbow bolt (or sword slash) can eliminate them without much ado.

 Climb the broken cliff stairway nearby and look for tyvian ore by an upper
 rockslide (20/2030). Descend and approach the booby-trapped graveyard. We'll
 come back later, but for now, get another piece of ore (40/2030) near a tree
 near the tripwire. The tiny building nearby -- also booby-trapped -- contains
 herbs inside (60/2030) and wire on its roof (70/2030), plus a rune up top if
 the particular favor was purchased. Reading the lookout memo inside spawns a
 patrolling witch.

 Opposite the building, on the shore, is a lone river krust (95/2030). If the
 butler favor was purchased, the sunken chest right nearby will contain a
 Brigmore urn (245/2030) instead of just an elixir. Regardless of favors, a
 sunken corrupted charm will be in the water about 30 meters away.

 Purchasing the "hole in the wall" favor will reveal a big...well, hole, in
 the front fence, which abuts the flooded shore area. (If it wasn't purchased,
 Daud can still blink up the flat cement part to avoid tined injuries. This
 can be done elsewhere in the estate also.) Nearby should be a tree with two
 river krusts (295/2030), plus a safe-held rune in the swampy lawn.

 Otherwise, there's the rest of the front yard to explore! Entering from the
 shore area, as opposed to the graveyard, has an advantage of scaffolding that
 can act to get onto balconies and generally survey the area. Naturally, this
 opens up extra sniping opportunities, especially above the front entrance,
 and is a good place to hide the knocked-out witches. The balcony nearest the
 swamp has feathers on it (305/2030).

 � There's an easily missable rooftop path, accessible by blinking via the
   top of the scaffold. (A similar method in the backyard can get one up to
   the area as well, although it'll put one right in witches' sights.) This
   area, besides the aforementioned witches, has a corrupted charm, hemlock
   essence (325/2030) and a coin against a sunlit wall (330/2030) in the area
   before the charm's attic.

 The front stoop's witches all hang out around the swamp, and can be picked
 off one by one, given enough time. That just leaves the three gravehounds in
 the area. Those who don't want to waste ammo can shoot a distraction off in
 the distance (such as the graveyard) and then move at leisure for awhile. The
 statue of Delilah has wire on it (340/2030), while the suspicious tomb in
 the graveyard has oil (370/2030).

 Move to the Greenhouse to the mansion's left side, and take out the lone
 sentry. This area has a few items to get. For the first, stand on the metal
 lip (where the staircase entrance should be) and look to the gap between the
 greenhouse and the mansion -- there's some wooden beams stuffing it up. Daud
 can blink over this to get a tenner (380/2030). By comparison, the wire on
 the interior's highest girder (390/2030) and the powdered crystal by a lower
 planter (420/2030) are child's play.

 The interior adjacent to the greenhouse has a broken roof; in that attic is
 more powdered crystal (450/2030) and one of Granny Rags' recipes.

 � To complete the recipe, Daud will first need to collect three river krust
   pearls (from anywhere) and visit the sink in the big, backyard storage shed.
   This will spawn a rune, as it always does, and can't be done without first
   reading the recipe! Commit all this to memory...

 Approach the window opening into the backyard and wait a moment, since the
 cliff spawns a witch lookout. When her back's turned, knock her block off,
 then get the bone charm and the coin (460/2030) beside its chair. When the
 coast's clear below, jump into the fountain below the recipe room's window
 for three coins (475/2030). The only remaining coins in this half of the
 backyard is oil near the statue's gazebo (505/2030).

 Separating the gazebo area from the fountain area is a locked storage shed.
 It needs a key, but crafty players will just blink up and through its wrecked
 roof. Inside is the door key, herbs (525/2030) and a pocketwatch (675/2030).
 Later, when Daud eliminates all hostiles, he can search the thicket between
 this shed and the waterfall to find wire on some old stone blocks (685/2030).

 Speaking of hostiles, the fountain area has a river krust (710/2030) and a
 trio of witches. They speak for awhile before patrolling, and will actually
 respawn when Daud enters the backyard from the front. Purchasing the turncoat
 favor will spawn a "friendly" red-jacketed witch here, who'll take Daud into
 a deserted corner to give information. The most important bit: the graveyard
 has a secret entrance that requires a lever from the big storage shed.

 Before entering said shed, get the other two items in this area: a coin in
 the covered fountain walkway (720/2030) and ore in a puddle adjacent to the
 shed (740/2030). Said puddle is far away from the waterfall, and its bounty
 can be hard to find without Void Gaze LV2.

 When done, avoid the shed's trap, kill the interior river krust (765/2030)
 and get that grave lever. Those who want to enter the mansion through the
 front door can instead get its key from (1) the serving plate sitting on the
 fountain's lip (2) the butler's corpse floating in the waterfall's pool. Note
 that taking a lever/key will respawn enemies in the front yard, plus extras
 in the greenhouse area.

 This time, let's return to the front yard through the mansion's right-hand
 alley. Finish Granny's recipe if not done already, then look for a gnarled
 cliff tree behind the big shed -- there's ore there (785/2030). Blink into
 the alleyway and prepare to kill the river krust (810/2030) before nabbing
 wire on the ledge above it (820/2030). Note that the krust may not open up
 properly unless approached from the front yard side.

 All that's left is to enter the mansion through one's preferred way. Going
 in through the front door is easiest, but repairing the graveyard switch'll
 accomplish the same thing, plus lets one get a corrupted charm and a jewel
 box (970/2030). To approach the graveyard easily, use the greenhouse's outer
 lip and blink right in.

 Charms --: 2 (4/4)
 C. Charms: 1 (3/3)
 Runes ---: 1 (4/4)
 Coins ---: 1060 (2030/2030)

 No matter how Daud enters, he'll be near the foyer, which contains a few
 gravehounds (dormant) and a witch, who quickly leaves the room. The corridor
 coming from the graveyard has a shelf pouch (995/2030), and there's oil in
 the main area's display case (1025/2030). Directly above the foyer entrance,
 at 2F, is another witch; there's hemlock (1045/2030) on a food table.

 For now, ignore the adjacent/upper east-wing areas since clearing out the
 west wing takes priority. The 2F room containing the half-dead overseer has
 a bone charm, although speaking with the poor fellow eventually spawns two
 witches -- best to avoid that. Continue down the half-crumbled west hallway
 to find another corrupted charm, and in the empty area beyond, a sextant on
 the floor (1195/2030).

 The door into the library is locked, forcing westward travellers to visit a
 booby-trapped bedroom. Said room has feathers on the floor (1205/2030) and
 leads to Delilah's 3F studio, which has similar traps. Carefully disarm their
 launchers/tripwires and take the purple lantern, a key item we'll need to find
 the head witch. This area also contains oil (1235/2030), a coin on the lantern
 table (1245/2030), a cigarette case (1395/2030) and a floor coin near said
 said case (1400/2030).

 Drop down the other side of the studio to an isolated 2F den, which has a
 witch-gravehound duo outside. Eliminate them if possible, then claim the
 fish statuette (1550/2030) and table coins (1565/2030). There's two more 
 witches in the library down the hall, an area containing herbs (1585/2030)
 and wire outside an empty fireplace (1595/2030). The 2F hole leads down to
 the flooded 1F area, although it has several dormant gravehounds, so going
 that way isn't needed.

 Time to clear out the east wing now. One of the library witches has a key to
 exit the room, so return to the 2F foyer balcony area -- it's adjacent to a
 dark bedroom/garden. There's two herb canisters inside (1635/2030), and the
 floor above -- which may have a witch or two -- contains a rune, charm and a
 few other goodies. The charm requires the "Brigmore Chest Key," carried by
 one of the witches who originates on 3F.

 Next, reach the east wing's flooded 1F area in any chosen manner. The cabinet
 near the main-entrance boobytrap has powdered crystal (1665/2030), while a
 second shelf in eyeshot has herbs (1685/2030). An adjacent antechamber has
 two chatting witches; when they leave, get the oil inside (1715/2030). Where
 the watery main corridor bends, there's some display cabinets and tables,
 containing herbs (1735/2030) and oil (1765/2030). This area has a very high
 witch concentration, however, so alerting them can be very bad news.

 By the witch-filled end of this main corridor, a stairway can take Daud up to
 3F -- there's only a single witch who patrols here. Locate and take the floor
 war medal (1915/2030), then blink to an isolated 3F ledge to collect a lone
 coin (1920/2030). This upper route can actually avoid all interaction with 1F
 foes, letting Daud round the corner and blink past the final sentry at the
 gallery's 2F approach ramp.

 The corridor, once displaying art, now displays explosive canisters and some
 launchers. Get the herbs on a table (1940/2030) and blink into the gallery
 itself, avoiding any explosions. The two witches here soon take to patrolling
 both floors, so Daud must take care. Three oil jars (2030/2030) mark the last
 loot in this level. 
 Finally, Delilah can be approached. Use the lantern on the blank painting to
 reveal a portal, which leads to an Outsider greeting and a leap of faith into
 the enemy's strange world, which isn't altogether different from previous
 sojourns in the Void.

 Delilah can be found in a sanctum nearby, painfully unaware of her assassin's
 presence. Her sentry statues can quickly tip those scales, however! There's
 two ways to complete the proceedings.

 � HIGH CHAOS (LETHAL): There are many chances to take Delilah unawares, but
   stealth-assassinating her will actually not work the first time -- she'll
   just respawn nearby, with her statues reanimating as clones. Daud will have
   to slay them all, with the last being the "true" one, fallen against the
   painting. Other than that, the final boss has typical witch abilities: fast
   teleportation, a trio of plant projectiles, summoning the strangling tree
   root, etc. (If Daud remains hidden, he can eliminate some clones with

 � LOW CHAOS (NONLETHAL): While Delilah distracts herself with musings, blink
   to the far "island" that contains a tree painting. Pocket it, return to
   Delilah's area and wait for her to start the ritual, which distracts her
   from seeing the painting. Blink down there, switch Emily's portrait with
   that of the stygian ecological nightmare, and then blink back into hiding.
   Delilah will continue with her ritual to slightly different results...

 Finishing the game via a method listed above ends the DLC. Letting Delilah's
 ritual run to its planned end leads to a game over instead -- no bodyjacking
 allowed! (Let's be honest, though: that would be a pretty fun joke ending.)
 Any ending-related achievements will trigger during the credits.

 � Completed Granny's recipe
 � Found the Brigmore Crypt
 � Avoided triggering any traps
 � Trapped Delilah Copperspoon

______________________________________________________/ V. APPENDICES [APND] |_
ACHIEVEMENTS/TROPHIES                                                    [ACHV]

 Here's the game's PS3 trophies. Be aware it may not be possible to get the
 regular campaign trophies in the DLC, and vice versa, of course. Trophies
 aren't tied to difficulty, thankfully.

  __________________________________ ___ ____________________________________
 | MAIN GAME ACHIEVEMENTS           | T | UNLOCK METHOD                      |
 | Alive Without Breath             | B | Possess a fish                     |
 | An Unfortunate Accident          | B | Kill a Pendleton in the Steam Room |
 | Art Dealer                       | S | Acquire all Sokolov paintings      |
 | Back Home                        | B | Kill a grenade-throwing enemy with |
 |                                  |   | its own grenade                    |
 | Bodyguard                        | B | Save Geoff Curnow's life           |
 | Capturing Genius and Madness     | B | Complete "The Royal Physician"     |
 | Child Care                       | B | Find Emily in "House of Pleasure"  |
 | Clean Hands                      | G | Complete the game with zero kills  |
 | Cleaner                          | B | Fight 5+ foes at once and kill 'em |
 | Creepy Crawly                    | B | Possess a rat and use a rat tunnel |
 | Dishonored                       | B | Complete "Dishonored"              |
 | Dunwall in Chaos                 | B | Complete the game in high chaos    |
 | Excommunication                  | B | Eliminate High Overseer Campbell   |
 | Faceless                         | B | Post-Coldridge, complete a mission |
 |                                  |   | with no alerts                     |
 | Food Chain                       | B | Assassinate an assassin            |
 | Gentleman Caller                 | B | Complete all Granny Rags missions  |
 | Ghost                            | S | Complete missions 2-9 alerting or  |
 |                                  |   | killing no one but key targets     |
 | Harm's Way                       | B | Cause 5 unintentional suicides     |
 | Hornets' Nest                    | B | Get 4 crossbow kills in under 1s   |
 | Inhabitant                       | B | Have 3+ minutes of possession use  |
 | Just Dark Enough                 | B | Complete the game in low chaos     |
 | King of the World                | B | Reach the top of Kaldwin's Bridge  |
 | Lights Out                       | B | Deactivate 5 security systems in   |
 |                                  |   | "The Light at the End"             |
 | Long Live the Empress            | B | Complete "The Light at the End"    |
 | Manipulator                      | B | Make others kill 5 of their allies |
 | Merchant of Disorder             | B | Acquire 15 equipment upgrades      |
 | Mercy is the Mark                | B | Spare Daud in Mission 7            |
 | Mostly Flesh and Steel           | S | Beat the game w/o spending runes   |
 | Occultist                        | B | Collect 10 bone charms             |
 | Platinum Blades and Dark Corners | P | Acquire all other trophies         |
 | Poetic Justice                   | G | In Missions 2-6, deal with all key |
 |                                  |   | targets via indirect means         |
 | Political Suicide                | B | Publicize the Lord Regent's fall   |
 |                                  |   | from grace via the broadcast tower |
 | Razor Rain                       | B | Perform 5 drop assassinate         |
 | Regicide                         | B | Assassinate Hiram Burrows          |
 | Resolution                       | G | Complete the game (any difficulty) |
 | Rogue                            | B | Assasinate 10 unaware enemies      |
 | Shadow                           | S | Complete all missions past the     |
 |                                  |   | prologue with no alerts            |
 | Specter                          | B | Post-prologue, complete a mission  |
 |                                  |   | with no alerts and under 5 kills   |
 | Speed of Darkness                | B | Travel 30 meters in under 1 second |
 | Street Conspiracy                | B | Complete all Slackjaw side jobs    |
 | Surgical                         | S | Complete the first four missions   |
 |                                  |   | with under 10 kills                |
 | Tempest                          | B | Kill 6 enemies in less than 1 sec. |
 | The Art of the Steal             | B | In Mission 4, rob the safe before  |
 |                                  |   | giving Slackjaw its combination    |
 | The Escapist                     | B | Post-prologue, successfully hide   |
 |                                  |   | from five active pursuers          |
 | Thief                            | B | Pickpocket 200 coins               |
 | This is Mine                     | B | Recover Corvo's gear in Mission 7  |
 | Vanished                         | B | Finish the first mission without   |
 |                                  |   | being detected                     |
 | Versatile                        | B | Get a kill w/ every weapon type    |
 | Wall of Sparks                   | B | Kill a foe with a Wall of Light    |
 | Well Mannered                    | B | Complete "Lady Boyle's Last Party" |
 |                                  |   | without spoiling the party         |

 � BACK HOME: This is done easier with Bend Time, in which Corvo doesn't have
   to crapshoot with a live grenade. Overseers will commonly throw grenades
   in their attack pattern.

 � GENTLEMAN CALLER: Granny Rags has three missions. The first two (deal with
   the gangbangers on her doorstep, poisoning the distillery) occur during
   the "High Overseer Campbell" mission. If both are done, part of the sewer
   at the end of "The Flooded District" will open, letting one find Granny's
   final confrontation with Slackjaw. Follow her final instructions and grab
   her rune reward to finish.

 � HARM'S WAY: The key word here is "unintentional" -- Corvo can't just
   possess someone, walk off a building, then unpossess mid-fall. Possession
   can certainly help, though, such as bodyjacking someone near a wall of
   light that will kill them, going dangerously close to it, then deactivating
   the power. This causes them to stumble momentarily, often into the wall.
   Possessing guards and letting them stagger into a rewired Wall of Light or
   pylon won't count, though.

   One can also wait for someone to fire a projectile, stop time, possess
   the person firing, maneuver them in front of the projectile, then unfreeze
   time. This kills the user, and is probably the intended method, since the
   trophy icon features a guard pointing a gun at his own head. Most methods
   will require heavy mana consumption, so it's best to do this trophy with a
   high reserve.

 � HORNETS' NEST: Use an upgraded form of Bend Time to kill four pursuers at
   once. Normal bolts will work. If a kill occurs during the time-stopped
   portion (by being too close), it'll still count. Just go for headshots in
   a place where many foes have gathered.

 � INHABITANT: The possession time is cumulative. It's also very expensive,
   which is why players often cheese the trophy by staying in a rat tunnel
   until it pops. (The effect doesn't auto-deactivate while in tunnels.) The
   trophy doesn't trigger until Corvo gets the requisite amount and exits the
   possession, however.

 � KING OF THE WORLD: Kaldwin's Bridge only appears in "The Royal Physician,"
   and must be climbed as high as possible (read: blink) in order to get the
   trophy. The southern tower, past the first arc pylon, can work.

 � LIGHTS OUT: Deactivation in this case means removing the whale oil powering
   them (rewiring doesn't count). There's five in the fort area: 3 walls of
   light, two arc pylons. On high chaos, there's an extra atop the lighthouse.
   Note that visiting the top prevents one from going back down the elevator,
   so those on low-chaos runs'll have to take care.

 � MANIPULATOR: The five kills only count if one type of enemy (overseer, city
   watchman, etc.) kills another of the same. It's possible for city guards to
   commit friendly fire, and overseers can throw grenades, but usually Corvo
   will have to stage a scene. For instance, knocking out five of a type and
   baiting the other into an attack. Bottle Street thugs are good for this
   purpose, since their ranged flame attack is rather scattershot.

 � MOSTLY FLESH AND STEEL: The trophy description's framed so that it seems
   Blink can be upgraded but nothing else -- wrong! Spending any rune on a
   supernatural power, even Blink, screws one over. Bone Charm usage is fine,

 � POETIC JUSTICE: Indirect means getting the key targets out of Corvo's hair
   without killing them. The trophy will trigger if Campbell is branded, the
   Pendletons are eliminated via Slackjaw's offer, Lady Boyle is kidnapped
   and given to Lord Brisby, and the Lord Regent's confession is broadcast to
   the entire city.

 � SPEED OF DARKNESS: A combination of Blink LV2 and Bend Time LV2, which
   allows increased blink distance while time is stopped.

 � STREET CONSPIRACY: One needs to save Slackjaw during his confrontation with
   Granny Rags during "The Flooded District". To get the chance, one must have
   completed done at least one mission for Granny ("High Overseer Campbell")
   and both of Slackjaw's ("House of Pleasure").

 � TEMPEST: Stack six unconscious bodies somewhere and throw a grenade -- it's
   rather simple. I think I got it accidentally in "Lady Boyle's Last Party"
   by tossing a grenade into the Ogelsby Way weeper apartment.

 � VERSATILE: Kills require at least one in the following categories: melee,
   pistol (regular bullet and explosive), grenade (regular and sticky), bolts
   (regular and incendiary), and springrazor. The Explosive/Sticky/Incendiary
   ammo types require blueprints, however, and they're missable, so be sure
   to plan ahead.

  _______________________ ___ _______________________________________________
 | DUNWALL CITY TRIALS   | T | UNLOCK METHOD                                 |
 | Assassin Vs. Machine  | B | Beat "Train Runner" before the train arrives  |
 | By My Hand Alone      | B | Reach wave 13 in "Back Alley Brawl," having   |
 |                       |   | personally killed all combatants              |
 | Daredevil             | B | In "Bonfires," perform all special jumps in a |
 |                       |   | single round                                  |
 | Headhunter            | B | Complete "Assassin's Run" with 100% accuracy  |
 |                       |   | and only headshots                            |
 | Long Way Down         | B | In "Kill Cascade," drop-assassinate a target  |
 |                       |   | after falling 150+ meters                     |
 | Mrs. Pilsen's Remorse | S | Find Emily's doll in all 10 challenges        |
 | Natural Talent        | B | Finish "Mystery Foe" w/o using any powers     |
 | Rare Collector        | B | Find all collectibles in "Burglar" on Expert  |
 | Time Management       | B | Finish "Chain Kill" or "Bend Time Massacre"   |
 |                       |   | w/o failing any wave, including bonuses       |
 | Void Star             | S | Complete all Normal & Expert challenges with  |
 |                       |   | a three-star rating                           |

 Most of TKOD's achievements are pretty self-explanitory. "Rats and Ashes"
 requires getting a human kill by sticking an arc mine on a rat, so Bend Time
 hijinx work best.
  __________________________ ___ ____________________________________________
 | THE KNIFE OF DUNWALL     | T | UNLOCK METHOD                              |
 | Cleaner Hands            | B | Complete TKOD with zero kills              |
 | Just Business            | B | Complete "A Captain of Industry"           |
 | Message from the Empress | B | Perform a drop assassination from atop the |
 |                          |   | Jessamine statue in the Flooded District   |
 | Missing Pieces           | B | Complete "Eminent Domain"                  |
 | No Regrets               | S | Complete TKOD in high chaos                |
 | Rats and Ashes           | B | Cause a death using an arc mine and a rat  |
 | Redemptive Path          | S | Complete TKOD in low chaos                 |
 | Stone Cold Heart         | B | Find the Delilah statue ("Eminent Domain") |
 | Well Connected           | B | Purchase all favors                        |
 | Whisper Ways             | S | Complete TKOD with no alerts               |

  __________________________ ___ ____________________________________________
 | THE BRIGMORE WITCHES     | T | UNLOCK METHOD                              |
 | All Come to Ruin         | S | Complete TBW in high chaos                 |
 | Breakout                 | B | Complete "A Stay of Execution for Lizzy"   |
 | Changes Ways             | S | Complete TBW in low chaos                  |
 | Cleanest Hands           | B | Complete TBW with no kills                 |
 | Deal Maker               | B | Purchase 8+ favors                         |
 | Enough Coin to Disappear | S | Complete TBW in low chaos & 10,000+ coins  |
 | Gangs of Dunwall         | B | Complete "The Dead Eels"                   |
 | Parting Shot             | B | Attempt a killing blow on Corvo            |
 | Silence is Golden        | B | Complete "Delilah's Masterwork"            |
 | Wall of Flesh            | B | Use a Pull-ed enemy as a human shield      |

 � ENOUGH COIN TO DISAPPEAR: This challenge is easier if one carries over from
   The Knife of Dunwall, which gives 7-8K. Playing TBW without importing a
   save starts Daud with 3,000 coins. This means, altogether, he can only miss
   about 700 coins in TBW to barely break the requisite amount.

BONE CHARM OVERVIEW                                                      [BNCO]
 Bone charms are little trinkets that give special effects. The main campaign
 has 35 possible charms, although which ones are received are randomized in
 most cases.

 Charms are equipped from the interior menu tab. Corvo can boost his maximum
 slots by purchasing upgrades from Piero. Each pack in "Voidwalker's Arsenal"
 gives a special statuette that permanently boosts max slots by one.

  _______________________ ___________________________________________________
 | CAMPAIGN BONE CHARMS  | FUNCTION                                          |
 | Acrobat               | Climb slightly faster                             |
 | Albinos               | Increased chance of white rats spawning           |
 | Blood Ox Heart        | Maximum mana slightly increased                   |
 | Carrion Killer        | Killing rats increases the Adrenaline gauge       |
 | Clockwork Malfunction | Enemy grenades detonate slower                    |
 | Falling Star          | Drop assassinations grant mana                    |
 | Fleet Fighter         | Movement speed unaffected when weapons are drawn  |
 | Healthy Appetite I    | Food restores slightly more health                |
 | Healthy Appetite II   | Food restores even more health                    |
 | Plague Affinity       | Damage from weepers restores mana                 |
 | Plague Resistant      | Weepers deal less damage                          |
 | Rat Scent             | Rat swarm only attack when in close proximity     |
 | Reinforced Bolts      | Increases chance to recover spent bolts in bodies |
 | Robust I              | Health potions give slightly more health          |
 | Robust II             | Health potions give moderately more health        |
 | Scavenger             | Increased chance to get extra ammo from pickups   |
 | Spirited I            | Mana potions give slightly more mana              |
 | Spirited II           | Mana potions give moderately more mana            |
 | Spiritual Pool        | Mana regenerates slightly faster                  |
 | Spirit Water          | Drinking from faucets restores mana               |
 | Strong Arms           | Choke opponents much faster                       |
 | Sustained Rage        | Adrenaline takes longer to cool down              |
 | Swift Shadow          | Stealth-mode movement speed increased             |
 | Throwing Hand         | Thrown objects travel a bit farther               |
 | Tough Skin            | Maximum health increased                          |
 | Twist of Fortune I    | Potions have rare chance to fully restore mana    |
 | Twist of Fortune II   | Potions have average chance to fully restore mana |
 | Undertaker            | Increased movement speed while carrying bodies    |
 | Unnerving Target I    | Enemies have moderate chance to miss w/ firearms  |
 | Unnerving Target II   | Enemies have a high chance to miss with firearms  |
 | Vengeance             | Taking damage increases Adrenaline                |
 | Water of Life         | Drinking from fountains restores health           |
 | Welcoming Host        | Possession lasts longer when using white rats     |
 | Whirlwind I           | Melee weapons swing slightly faster               |
 | Whirlwind II          | Melee weapons swing moderately faster             |

 The Voidwalker's Arsenal is a collection of 4 preorder packs: Acrobatic
 Killer, Arcane Assassin, Backstreet Butcher and Shadow Rat. These bone charms
 can't be found randomly like the campaign ones; instead, they spawn in Corvo's
 room after a few campaign chapters.
  _______________________ ___________________________________________________
 | VOIDWALKER CHARMS     | FUNCTION                                          |
 | Blast Resistant       | BB: Reduced explosive damage                      |
 | Delicate Touch        | SR: greatly muffles noise from breaking glass     |
 | Fencer                | BB: Gain advantage in sword-vs.-sword clashes     |
 | Fire Water            | BB: Explosive bottles have higher blast radius    |
 | Good Lungs            | SR: can swim underwater longer                    |
 | Gutter Feast          | AA: Eating white rats restores mana               |
 | Quick Dodge           | AK: high chance to dodge bolts and arrows         |
 | Raven                 | AK: drop assassinations give health               |
 | River Affinity        | AK: faster swimming speed                         |
 | Void Channel          | AA: ups power durations; Blink/Windblast farther  |
 | Voyeur                | SR: Grants zoom when peeping through keyholes     |
 | White Rat Friend      | AA: White rats are always friendly                |

 The Knife of Dunwall adds in five extras:
  _______________________ ___________________________________________________
 | TKOD CHARMS           | FUNCTION                                          |
 | Bird of Prey          | Drop assassinations restore health                |
 | Hearty Crew           | Summoned assassins do more damage                 |
 | Light as a Shadow     | Reduces fall damage                               |
 | Overpowering          | Gives advantage in sword-vs-sword clashes         |
 | Swift Stalker         | Boosts movement speed when no weapons are drawn   |

 The Brigmore Witches DLC adds only 2 normal charms, but also gives "corrupted
 charms," useful charms that have drawbacks.
  _______________________ ___________________________________________________
 | TBW CHARMS            | FUNCTION                                          |
 | Submariner            | Health restores when underwater                   |
 | Void Surge            | Sometimes, using a power expends no mana          |

  _______________________ ___________________________________________________
 | CORRUPTED CHARMS      | FUNCTION                                          |
 | Leverage              | Increases Pull's speed, distance and mana cost    | 
 | Power Slash           | Sword damage is increased, swing speed decreased  |
 | Shivering Silhouette  | Ranged attacks have higher chance of missing, but |
 |                       | Daud is more visible to enemies                   |
 | Splintering Bolts     | Bolts do more damage but often break on impact    |
 | Statuesque            | When immobile and outside of combat, Daud can't   |
 |                       | be spotted by enemies. Mana does not regenerate.  |
 | Tank                  | Daud moves slower but takes less damage as well   |
 | Vengeance             | Adrenaline builds, and cools down, faster         |
 | Witch's Skin          | Mana does not regenerate. The mana gauge will be  |
 |                       | considered a 2nd health bar, and when damage is   |
 |                       | taken, it drains before the 1st health bar        |
 | Zephyr                | Daud moves faster but takes more damage as well   |

COLLECTIBLES LOCATIONS                                                   [CLLC]
 This section will give a checklist of all levels' charms and runes in rough
 order of first appearance. Some items, particularly in the DLC, may only be
 available by progressing in certain ways or buying certain favors.

 |_| RUNE 1/1: After sleeping at the Hound Pits Pub, complete the Outsider's
     strange frolic through the Void. At the end is a rune, taken mandatorily
     to continue.

 |_| RUNE 0/7: Hound Pits Pub area: after awakening at chapter's beginning,
     use the heart to find the trinket along the riverside, past the locked
     dogfighting building. NOTE: This rune doesn't contribute to the mission's
 |_| RUNE 1/7: Dead-end alley connected to Granny Rags' apartment. Must climb
     through 2F balcony and descend to get it. [SHRINE 1/1 also.]
 |_| RUNE 2/7: Talk to Granny Rags to start a small event where three Bottle
     Street "gentleman" callers start knocking on her door. Neutralize them,
     speak to Granny again, and get her reward: a rune that appears upstairs,
     underneath the weird boat.
 |_| BONE CHARM 1/5: John Clavering Boulevard is the street that goes right
     through the level's first wall of light. Past the bridge's body-dumping
     goons is the bone charm, on the other side of a wrecked shutter. There's
     a few ways to get it, but easiest is pipework running along the rail,
     which the bodies are dumped over.
 |_| BONE CHARM 2/5: Once in Griff's shop, use the bathroom to climb into the
     isolated 2F room immediately above. Charm's on a table by the geological
     survey map.
 |_| BONE CHARM 3/5: Dunwall Whiskey Distillery, interior. In the back area
     where Slackjaw's office and the main storage is, there's a stair between
     the first and second floors. The charm is on a beam high above this; it'll
     probably require hopping on a loose barrel first.
 |_| RUNE 3/7: John Clavering Boulevard. It's in the guard station in front of
     the doorway to Holger Square. Since there's only one way into the square,
     it's almost impossible for attentive players to miss this. (The game will
     even give a reminder to equip the Heart when near.)
 |_| RUNE 4/7: Granny Rags' Place. After finishing Gran's first event to clear
     out her gentleman callers, she'll ask one to poison the Bottle Street
     Gang's still -- this is done by getting rat viscera from Dr. Galvani's
     3F lab on Clavering Street, then returning to the Dunwall Distillery's
     back office for tampering. Doing so, and reporting to Gran, spawns a rune
     in her boat room.
     Square, Office Building. Locate the building's main entrance and hang a
     right into the brightly lit staircase area. Descend the side stair and,
     instead of entering the kennels, look opposite the door -- there's an odd
     bust with a green eye. Press the eye (a button) to find the secret chamber
     containing the painting, among other things.
 |_| RUNE 5/7: Holger Square Office Building. This is inside the overseer's
     secret B1 love nest, accessed via the green-eyed bust opposite the
     office building's (interior) kennel entrance. Break the display case once
     to reap the rewards!
 |_| RUNE 6/7: Holger Square Office Building. This is in the 3F meeting room
     one must visit to continue the Curnow/Campbell scenes. It's located on a
     display plaque above the fireplace.
 |_| RUNE 7/7: Office Building's Backyard area. This is in the workshop, which
     is easiest entered by smashing a window on the roof and dropping in. The
     rune is on a table.
 |_| BONE CHARM 4/5: Office Building's Backyard area. If one enters from the
     street instead of the overseer's office, you'll enter the main backyard
     area near a dead-end warehouse with a closed shutter. It can be entered
     from the adjacent structures' roofs and a broken window. Descend, kill
     the rats and take the bone charm from its vice.
 |_| BONE CHARM 5/5: Office Building's Backyard area. If one heads toward
     Samuel's position, instead of descending the chain, go to the cliffside
     building nearby. Half of it is closed off, but that room is accessible if
     one climbs onto the roof and drops down along the cliffside awning, which
     hides a boarded-up entrance. Smash in and take the charm near the dead

 |_| RUNE 0/5: Hounds Pit Pub Sewers. Near the weepers' platform is a flipped
     cabinet containing this rune.
 |_| RUNE 0/5: Hounds Pit Pub Sewers: Near the rune on the weepers' platform
     is another, sunken in the water along the grate. The Heart will find it
     in a jiff.
 |_| BONE CHARM 1/5: Bottle Street. In the alleyway leading to Griff's store,
     climb up to the highest-floor apartment -- the charm is in a back room,
     now containing a weeper. There's three assassins camping out in this
     area, so take them out silently to avoid annoyances.
 |_| BONE CHARM 2/5: Clavering Boulevard. In the residential area, take the
     stairway down to where Bottle Street runs perpendicularly. Clear out the
     weepers and enter the tiny maintenance area that's opened, where Granny
     Rags has relocated. The bone charm's on her stove.
 |_| PAINTING 1/3 (LIGHT ALONG THE INVERSE CURVE): Art Dealer's Apartment,
     accessible between Clavering and Bottle Street, once one gets the key
     from Slackjaw or the female survivor being harassed in a nearby alley.
     The painting is on 2F.
     Apartment. This painting is in the top-floor bedroom.
 |_| BONE CHARM 3/5: Dunwall Whiskey Distillery. This is in the outdoor cage
     area, on a couch. If one poisoned the bootleg operation in the second
     mission, there will be three weepers in here; if one didn't, it'll be
 |_| RUNE 1/5: Dr. Galvani's Offices. This is inside the 3F secret room hidden
     by the fake bookshelf. It's opened via the bright red book.
 |_| BONE CHARM 4/5: Captain's Chair Hotel. This is near Clavering Street,
     in-between the street entrances to Holger Square and the Golden Cat's
     area. The only way to get in is to deal with Slackjaw: finding out what
     happened to his man at Galvani's offices, then bringing the audiograph
     message back in exchange for the key. The bone charm is underneath the 1F
     stairway, by a mattress.
 |_| RUNE 2/5: The Golden Cat Bathhouse. This is in the broken apartment near
     where (at the beginning) a street guard is hitting on a working girl. To
     get it, blink to the 2F balcony, then blink through the interior to reach
     the 3F shrine area.
 |_| RUNE 3/5: The Golden Cat Bathhouse. This is on the 2F level, attached to
     a plaque. Wait for the nearest guards (arguing over girls) to split up,
     eliminate the hallway one, and take the prize without extra effort.
 |_| BONE CHARM 5/5: The Golden Cat Batthouse. This is on a fixture above the
     fireplace in Madame Prudence's 3F bedroom. One must steal/loot her key
     from where she is on 2F in order to enter.
 |_| RUNE 4/5: The Golden Cat Bathhouse. This is on a desk in one of the
     courtesan's room on the 4F. The room's occupied, though...
     Apartment. Once one gets the safe password from Bunting at the Golden
     Cat, return to his apartment and fish the painting out of its holding.
 |_| RUNE 5/5: Art Dealer's Apartment: After squeezing Bunting for the safe
     password at the Golden Cat, crack his safe for the rune.

 |_| RUNE 1/5: Southside Gate. Near the end of the level, near the 2nd guard
     booth, is a red-brick apartment. The rune is in the bedroom, but can't be
     accessed unless one visits the eastern waterfront overlook, just off the
     street. There'll be a hanging chain leading up to the bedroom's balcony.
 |_| BONE CHARM 1/3: Southside Gate. Before exiting into the second part of
     the level, descend a side stair to reach the water lock area. Past the
     two guards is the lock control panel. Instead of lowering it, blink up
     onto the sucker, then infiltrate the red-tinted apartment nearby -- the
     charm's inside, plus a weeper guarding 'er.
 |_| RUNE 2/5: Drawbridge Way. This is in Prachett's apartment at the area's
     beginning, in a top-floor safe. The clue to the combination is written
     on a note nearby: three specific paintings in the house have a digit on
     them. As with all safes, only two numbers are needed to guess the third.
 |_| RUNE 3/5: Drawbridge Way. Next door to Prachett's apartment, facing the
     waterfront, is a top-floor apartment containing the rune shrine. The best
     way to get in is getting onto Prachett's roof and blinking onto the open
     balcony. There's a hostile inside. [SHRINE 1/1]
 |_| RUNE 4/5: Midrow Substation. Immediately after entering from the bridge
     section, it'll be right on the apartment's table.
 |_| BONE CHARM 2/3: Midrow Substation. After disabling the wall of light,
     enter the warehouse right past it. In the basement, where the survivor's
     located, is a corpse with the charm.
 |_| BONE CHARM 3/3: North End. As soon as one enters the level, look up and
     spot the vents over the street. Blink up to them, then smash through the
     3F wooden barricade -- bolts work well, since they're silent -- to reach
     the apartment's isolated area.
     Mansion. This is located in the 1F arc pylon workshop, in eyeshot of most
 |_| RUNE 5/5: North End, Sokolov's Mansion. This is found in the mansion's
     rooftop greenhouse, the same place Sokolov himself resides.

 |_| RUNE 1/3: This is on the fourth floor of the weeper-infested liquor shop,
     on the level's only shrine.
 |_| BONE CHARM 1/2: This too is on the fourth floor of the liquor shop, only
     on a mattress in the adjacent room.
 |_| RUNE 2/3: This is near the Greasely Boulevard bridge, leading right up
     to the Boyle estate's locked gate. The rune is in the water, a mere hop
     from the riverside walkway.
 |_| BONE CHARM 2/2: Found in the Ogelby Way apartment building's deserted 3F
     flat. (Ogelby Way is the street perpendicular to the one running in front
     of the Boyle Estate's main gate.) The charm is in room by the balcony.
 |_| RUNE 3/3: Boyle Estate B2. The rune is within the Boyles' vault, and its
     key is within the bedroom of the Boyle woman randomly chosen as the
     Lord Regent's mistress. In whichever case, it should be near the diary,
     not hidden anywhere in particular.
     This is in the showroom between Esma and Waverly's rooms, occasionally
     patrolled by guards. It is forbidden to be here, after all!
     will be in the room of the Boyle woman chosen as his mistress, a random

 |_| RUNE 0/0: The Hound Pits Pub. If Corvo dueled Lord Shaw in the previous
     mission and won, this will be Pendleton's reward for duping him.
 |_| RUNE 0/0: The Hound Pits Pub. If Corvo speaks with Callista to learn the
     future empress has run off to play hide and see, he can go find her. In
     doing so, she will give a rune she found earlier.
 |_| BONE CHARM 1/2: Dunwall Tower Waterlock. There's a corpse near the first
     charm that has some coins near it. It can usually be reached by blinking
     from one side of the shaft to another, or at least from the arc pylon
     room's balcony.
 |_| RUNE 1/4: Dunwall Tower Grounds. This rune is in the servants' quarters
     to the right of the palace's main watchtower, underneath a bunk.
 |_| RUNE 2/4: Dunwall Tower Interior. One can find this in the B1 Torturer's
     chamber, accessed from the ground floor. (It'll be destination-marked if
     one found a letter in the exterior ramparts post explaining to stay away
     from the torturer.) The rune is on the level's only shrine.
 |_| PAINTING 1/1 (THE EMPRESS AND THE EMPTY SET): Dunwall Tower Interior, 2F.
     This hangs above the mantle in the music room, adjacent to the regent's
 |_| RUNE 3/4: Dunwall Tower Interior, 2F. This is in a chest in the regent's
     own chamber. The easiest way to reach here is by infiltrating through the
     exterior's upper vent, which allows one to blink across the chandeliers
     and into the chamber, avoiding all guards in the process.
 |_| BONE CHARM 2/2: Dunwall Tower Interior, 2F. If one follows the Heart's
     guidance, they'll be lead to a dead-end fireplace in the corner of the
     tier. This is actually a secret entrance, accessed via the wall lantern
     nearby; the charm is on a filing cabinet within.
 |_| RUNE 4/4: Dunwall Tower Rooftop. The final rune is resting on the Lord
     Regent's planning table in the safehouse. The only way to get to it is
     deactivating the wall of light. The Regent will be here himself on high
     chaos playthroughs, or if he's spooked (alarm'd) in low chaos runs.

 |_| BONE CHARM 1/8: Rudshore Waterfront. This is in an apartment near the
     Ebenazar Causeway river krust patch. The easiest way to reach it is going
     into the weeper alleys, using the upper stairway, and getting into the 3F
     apartment with a simple blink. Two weepers are inside, however.
     There's an apartment that overlooks the Ebenazar Causeway river krust
     patch, and one can occasionally see a weeper walk out onto the balcony.
 |_| RUNE 1/5: Greaves Lighting Oil Refinery. This is just found in some mud
     not far from the base of the dumping grounds building (where Corvo's gear
     was tossed). Shouldn't be too hard to get, as long as one avoids copious
     amounts of river krusts...
 |_| BONE CHARM 2/8: Greaves Lighting Oil Refinery. Once Corvo activates the
     retractable stairway, he can start ascending the exterior of the dumping
     grounds building. When one encounters the broken part of the stairway,
     ducking underneath reveals the charm on some pipework.
 |_| BONE CHARM 3/8: Central Rudshore. This is at the end of the main street
     going parallel to Daud's base. The charm is in an overturned cart with a
     corpse inside.
 |_| BONE CHARM 4/8: Central Rudshore. This is within the pouch carried by
     Daud himself; it can be collected indoors if one surprises him or outside
     if he puts up a fight and flees. I don't believe this one appears on the
     Heart's "radar"...
     is in the old Chamber of Commerce building Daud uses as his base. Once
     one acquires his key, or manages to get into the back area, find the hole
 |_| RUNE 2/5: Central Rudshore. This is on a table at the deepest basement of
     Daud's base, near the entrance to the Gateward Tunnel.
 |_| BONE CHARM 5/8: Rudshore Gate slums. As soon as one enters the area from
     Central Rudshore, the charm's in a refuse pile off to one side.
 |_| RUNE 3/5: Rudshore Gate slums. Near the start are two apartment buildings
     Corvo can ascend by hopping from one window to the next-highest. The rune
     is on the roof of the building with the chatty survivor.
 |_| BONE CHARM 6/8: Old Port District Outskirts. This is toward the start of
     the area, in an abandoned street-side apartment, on a 2F desk.
 |_| BONE CHARM 7/8: Old Port District Sewers. In the side tunnel containing
     all the river krusts, there's a small maintenance area with a safe that
     contains this item. To get the combination, check the note beside it to
     get the clues (months). The book beside it lists the 13 months, which'll
     determine the order.
     Sewers, specifically the section where Granny Rags and Slackjaw are. The
     creepy portrait is in Granny's modest housing. This is the final painting
     in the game, and gives the "Art Dealer" trophy if one found the others.
 |_| RUNE 4/5: Old Port District Sewers, on the final Outsider shrine, which
     one accesses after helping Granny with her Slackjaw problem.
 |_| RUNE 5/5: Old Port District Sewers. In the weeper/survivor shantytown at
     the end, the rune is underneath the floorboards. It's accessible from
     both sides of the canal.
 |_| BONE CHARM 8/8: Old Port District Sewers. This is by the fifth and final
     river krust group, in a room past the weeper/survivor shantytown. It can
     be grabbed through a small drainage gate.

 |_| RUNE 1/1: Piero's Workshop, 2F table. Normally one would get it by going
     through the 2F balcony, whose vents connect all the way to the rooftop.

 |_| RUNE 1/1: Kingsparrow Fort. After infiltrating the fort past the walls of
     light, find the Machine Room on the lower right-hand side. At the end is
     a turnable crank, opening the pipe above. Corvo can use this to get under
     the Gatehouse, where the rune apparently fell through the floor grate.

 |_| RUNE 1/6: Slaughterhouse Row. Billie gives to Daud at the start, free!
 |_| BONE CHARM 1/5: Slaughterhouse Row, in the building the butcher (who had
     earlier accosted the street worker) walks into. The charm's in the 1F
     dead end with the corpses.
 |_| BONE CHARM 2/5: Slaughterhouse Main Grounds. This is in the chamber right
     below the arc pylon on the docks. To get below, one must activate the
     sewer control lever (by pylon), hop in the water and find the grate that
 |_| RUNE 2/6: Slaughterhouse Main Grounds. The rune is on a dead-end balcony
     above the main entrance.
 |_| RUNE 3/6: Rothwild Slaughterhouse interior. The rune is at the top of
     the chamber accessed immediately from the main entrance or loading bay.
     Going the former route puts Daud closer; from there, it's just one blink
     to the crossbar and into the small corpse alcove.
 |_| BONE CHARM 3/5: Rothwild Slaughterhouse interior. This is located in the
     abattoir adjacent to the main entrance, known as the "Killing Floor," by
     the whale carcass itself.
 |_| BONE CHARM 4/5: Rothwild Slaughterhouse interior, in the 1F locker room
     next to the Killing Floor (the one with the carcass). The charm's on top
     of one of the shower apparatuses, next to the stall that has the "out of
     order" sign.
 |_| RUNE 4/6: Rothwild Slaughterhouse interior, in the B1 area accessed from
     the office block's maintenance hatch. This only appears if Daud purchased
     the pre-mission favor for it, however.
 |_| RUNE 5/6: Rothwild Slaughterhouse interior, in the Killing Floor chamber
     containing the living whale. The rune's on a table near the powerbox that
     controls the whale's electrodes.
 |_| BONE CHARM 5/5: Rothwild Slaughterhouse interior, Bundry's Office. The
     charm's actually in the locked safe, so Daud'll have to get a combination
     somewhere. It's actually hidden in the bookkeeping office's "Injury Report
     Code" file: 5-1-2.
 |_| RUNE 6/6: Slaughterhouse Main Grounds, Granny Rags' ritual chamber. Daud
     can create a rune by bringing a whale's eye (from the living whale inside
     the abattoir; can be claimed after killing it) and then dumping a weeper
     corpse on the magic circles. There's a weeper corpse under the loading
     bay dock, plus another in the spotlit alley nearby; only one needs to be
     thrown into the ritual area to make it work, however.

 |_| RUNE 1/7: Bloodox Way Waterfront. If Daud purchased the rune-related
     favor, it'll be at water level near the waterfront's broken bridge.
 |_| BONE CHARM 1/5: Lackrow Boulevard. There's a 2F balcony one can blink to
     containing the charm's shrine. This is also where the notes for Granny's
     ritual lie.
 |_| BONE CHARM 2/5: Lackrow Boulevard. The giant building on the corner of
     Lackrow Blvd and Smoke Street can be climbed to its 5-6F balcony, which
     houses a small chamber with the charm. It can be reached from the Watch
     apartment or from the smaller roofs/climbables on Lackrow itself.
 |_| RUNE 2/7: Lackrow Boulevard Waterfront. At the end of the boulevard,
     where it meets the water, Daud can climb down a chain to water level. If
     he goes around the corner, there's a small interior chamber accessible;
     the rune's hidden behind some junk.
 |_| BONE CHARM 3/5: Legal District proper. The first building on Pudding
     Street, where the wall of light is, has an incarcerated noble (Roland)
     and a 2F bone charm.
 |_| RUNE 3/7: Legal District proper. Roland's high apartment on Pudding
     Street has a rune hidden behind the fireplace's spymaster painting.
 |_| RUNE 4/7: Legal Plaza, in the balcony-accessed Apartment 10. Roland's
     apartment has a key next to his plans, while the rune itself's in a room
     blocked by a large cabinet.
 |_| BONE CHARM 4/5: Legal Plaza. If one follows Pudding Street, it winds past
     Timsh's estate, goes under a rail bridge and stops at a dead end. There's
     a charm in the debris at that dead end.
 |_| BONE CHARM 5/5: Timsh Estate. The charm is on a table in the basement,
     the key to which is at the rooftop Whaler outpost (overlooking the law
     office) or carried by a guard patrolling the exterior grounds.
 |_| RUNE 5/7: Timsh Estate. The rune's in the 3F chest in Timsh's office, but
     can't be opened without his personal key.
 |_| RUNE 6/7: Timsh Estate. This is in the top-floor room with the Delilah
     statue, on a pedestal off to one side.
 |_| RUNE 7/7: Timsh Estate. This is part of an old Granny Rags ritual recipe,
     first acquired from a shrine on Lackrow Boulevard. For the first step,
     enter Timsh's law building and find the 1F office containing the 72-card
     Nancy deck. Take "The World" from it, bring it to one of the outsider's
     shrines (the one in Apartment 10 works), then bleed on it. Finally, burn
     the card in Timsh's 4F dining room fireplace, creating the rune.

 |_| BONE CHARM 1/3: Central Rudshore. This is in the "backyard" area behind
     the base, at the broken building containing a captured assassin. The bone
     charm is in a mid-tier cupboard requiring Daud's Key.

 |_| CORRUPTED BONE CHARM 1/1: Daud's Base. This is in the chest at the foot
     of his bed, after doing the dream duel with Corvo. If Daud executed the
     traitor at the end of "The Knife of Dunwall," it will be on a shrine in
     the hallway instead.
 |_| RUNE 1/2: Daud's Base. Using the equipment chest one floor below Daud's
     bed will automatically acquire this.
 |_| RUNE 2/2: Daud's Base. This is in the accounting office adjacent to the
     main room, atop a shelf near the assassins who're skeptical of Daud.

 |_| RUNE 1/2: Coldridge Prison, exterior. This'll be in the mud not far from
     the sewer entrance, behind a broken stairway fragment. This only appears
     if the misplaced rune favor was purchased, however.
 |_| BONE CHARM 1/2: Coldridge Prison, execution grounds. This is underneath
     the platform the prisoners and their headsman start on.
 |_| BONE CHARM 2/2: Coldridge Prison interior, main yard. This is in a refuse
     pile in one of the corners.
 |_| RUNE 2/2: Coldridge Prison interior, interrogation room. This is on the
     floor next to the crate with spilled ingots.
 |_| CORRUPTED CHARM 1/1: Coldridge Prison interior, Cell A10. This is in a
     clogged toilet, easily obtainable once Daud opens the cell from the
     control room mechanism.

 |_| RUNE 1/7: Drapers Ward, Ritual Room. As per Granny's instructions, Daud
     can recreate her wedding by bringing a man and woman (dead or alive) and
     dropping them in the magic circle. Daud will also need to find a wedding
     band for the final step: there's one 
 |_| CORRUPTED CHARM 1/3: Drapers Ward's first area, at the pylon-guarded
     crossroad that leads to the textile mill. The charm is far above the
     area, on the broken cusp of the glass roofing. (The rooftop outpost
     across the canal has a letter making note of this object, for reference.)
 |_| RUNE 2/7: Drapers Ward. If Daud purchased the favor, this rune will be
     at the very end of the dried-up Millenary Canal, not far from the locked
     safe. Of course, like usual, it doesn't appear without buying the favor.
 |_| BONE CHARM 1/5: Drapers Ward. This can be bought from Jerome at his flat
     overlooking the Millenary Canal (100g). There's only one for sale, and if
     he's killed or kayoed, it can't be obtained.
 |_| BONE CHARM 2/5: Drapers Ward. This is found in Jerome's safe, if Daud
     purchased Abigail Ames' favor (and that only appears if one completed "A
     Captain of Industry" by blowing up by being in cahoots with Abigail, and
     she survived as well). This is far and away the easiest bone charm to miss
     in the DLC, if not the entire game.
 |_| RUNE 3/7: Drapers Ward, on a wall in the Dressmaker's Studio. Said room
     is located on the far side of the Millenary Canal, the nearest building
     to the waterfront entrance. Typically, one reaches it by using the alley
     vents near Jerome's building, then skirting across the rooftop outpost to
     the broken balcony.
 |_| CORRUPTED CHARM 2/3: Drapers Ward Riverfront. This is near the start, on
     a dock area roof, easily accessible. An eavesdropping witch spawns here
     the first time one enters the area, but leaves before any hostilities.
 |_| BONE CHARM 3/5: Drapers Ward Riverfront. This underwater charm is found
     near a riverbed corpse, alongside the Undine itself.
 |_| RUNE 4/7: Drapers Ward Riverfront. At the dock area, look for the rail
     cart that's smashed through a tunnel shutter. The rune's in that small
     space with a weeper.
 |_| RUNE 5/7: Drapers Ward Riverfront. This is in the building alongside the
     Undine, accessible only via an underwater tunnel on the side with the
     rowboat. [SHRINE 1/2]
 |_| BONE CHARM 4/5: Drapers Ward Textile Mill. Near the start of the area, in
     a disused guard booth alongside the main factory building.
 |_| RUNE 6/7: Drapers Ward Textile Mill, in a dead-end 1F storage area (in
     the small building adjacent to the main factory). It's sitting on a desk
     in plain view.
 |_| CORRUPTED CHARM 3/3: Drapers Ward Sewers. In the first witch chamber (has
     the woman pretending to be injured), there's a 2F room with a Delilah
     statue. Break the plywood floor, kill the rat swarm below, and pick the
     sucker up. Note that plywood may obscure the grab icon, forcing Daud to
     waste a grenade (etc.) to clear the debris.
 |_| BONE CHARM 5/5: Drapers Ward Sewers. After exiting the 1st witch chamber
     and avoiding the witch ambush immediately following, Daud can find the
     charm in a sunlit dead end area nearby.
 |_| RUNE 7/7: Drapers Ward Sewers. Towards the end of the level's progression,
     after breaking the fan in the maintenance duct, Daud can enter a room with
     a weeper corpse. Blink/jump up to a small opening in the room separator
     to find the level's final rune. [SHRINE 2/2]
 |_| CORRUPTED CHARM 1/3: Brigmore Estate. This is in the shoreline shallows,
     not far from the small hill where the favor-related butler chest is.
 |_| RUNE 1/4: Brigmore Estate. Along the path that leads to the mansion's
     gates is a one-room building. The rune's in a box on the roof.
 |_| RUNE 2/4: Brigmore Estate. If Daud bought the rune favor, it will be in a
     box in the front yard's flooded/swampy section, not far from where the
     river krust tree is.
 |_| CORRUPTED CHARM 2/3: Brigmore Estate. The scaffolding in the front yard
     leads to a rooftop passage connecting to the backyard's high balcony. A
     charm is in-between those two locations.
 |_| BONE CHARM 1/4: Brigmore Estate. After exiting the greenhouse area to
     enter the backyard, there's a cliff above the fountain landing (a witch
     periodically patrols here). The charm is sitting on a chair.
 |_| RUNE 3/4: Brigmore Estate. Find Granny's recipe in the attic near the
     greenhouse, which requires three river krust pearls -- there's several
     around the estate to plunder. Get any three and return to the backyard
     shed containing the lever; drink from the old sink to spawn the rune.
 |_| BONE CHARM 2/4: Brigmore Estate. After finding the grave lever in the
     backyard storage shed, return to the front lawn's graveyard. Use the new
     item to enter the tomb passage, then pick up the charm in front of the
     Delilah statue.
 |_| BONE CHARM 3/4: Brigmore Manor. This is on a table in the 2F (west half)
     fireplace room, the one containing the barely-alive overseer.
 |_| CORRUPTED CHARM 3/3: Brigmore Manor. This is on a partially collapsed 2F
     hallway, on the route between the main hall and Delilah's studio.
 |_| BONE CHARM 4/4: Brigmore Manor. By the 2F balcony overlooking the foyer,
     there's a broken roof leading to 3F. The charm's in a locked chest here,
     and requires the Brigmore Chest Key to unlock. One of the nearby witches
     will carry said key if Daud didn't get from another source.
 |_| RUNE 4/4: Brigmore Manor. In the same 3F area as the bone charm above,
     there's another chest (no key required) containing the rune.

_____________________________________________________/ COIN LOCATIONS [CNLC] |_
1) DISHONORED                                                            [CL01]
 Runes ---: -
 Charms --: -
 Shrines -: -
 Paintings: -
 Coins ---: 1000

 The first part (Wrenhaven River & Dunwall Tower) contains no coins. Coldridge
 Prison is a one-time-only

  _____ ___________                                      __________________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |____________________________________/ COLDRIDGE PRISON |_
 |  25 |   25/1010 | Table outside of Corvo's cell*                          |
 |  50 |   75/1010 | GUARD LOOT (hallway by Corvo's cells)                   |
 |  20 |   95/1010 | GUARD LOOT (hallway by Corvo's cells)                   |
 |  20 |  115/1010 | After climbing ledges, on weapons rack*                 |
 |  20 |  135/1010 | After climbing ledges, in food cabinet*                 |
 |   4 |  139/1010 | After climbing ledges, atop nearby console*             |
 |  10 |  149/1010 | After climbing ledges, 2F walkway; on bench by guard    |
 |  10 |  159/1010 | Yard Walkway; console right as one enters*              |
 |  10 |  169/1010 | Yard Walkway; on the ground                             |
 |  15 |  184/1010 | Bench in front of interrogation room*                   |
 |  12 |  196/1010 | Interrogation room table*                               |
 |  10 |  206/1010 | Interrogation room antechamber, on a wooden table*      |
 |  15 |  221/1010 | Interrogation room antechamber, in front of safe*       |
 |  20 |  241/1010 | GUARD LOOT (Prison Yard)                                |
 |  15 |  256/1010 | Prison Yard, on bench*                                  |
 |  50 |  306/1010 | GUARD LOOT (Control Room Section, hallway patroller)    |
 |  25 |  331/1010 | GUARD LOOT (Control Room Section, in booth)             |
 |  15 |  346/1010 | Control Room Section, on crate outside control booth*   |
 |  20 |  366/1010 | Control Room Section, door switch console*              |
 |   4 |  370/1010 | Control Room Section, desk*                             |
 |  10 |  380/1010 | GUARD LOOT (prison's entrance where bomb's planted)     |
 |  20 |  400/1010 | GUARD LOOT (prison's entrance where bomb's planted)     |

  _____ ___________                                        ________________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |______________________________________/ DUNWALL SEWERS |_
 |  11 |  411/1010 | Near crank with body on it; under pipe by stairway*     |
 |  20 |  431/1010 | Climbable chain area; shelf near barbecue               |
 |  16 |  447/1010 | Upper chain area; alcove with copper wire & coins       |
 |  15 |  462/1010 | Upper chain area; alcove #2 with wire & coin            |
 |  20 |  482/1010 | Upper chain area; corpse in water                       |
 |  71 |  553/1010 | Upper chain area; on crate behind boobytrap*            |
 |  29 |  582/1010 | Upper chain area; mattress on walkway*                  |
 |   5 |  587/1010 | Upper chain area; corpse by crank door                  |
 |  10 |  597/1010 | Upper chain area; corpse by crank door                  |
 |  50 |  647/1010 | Upper chain area; fire by crank door, hemlock & coins*  |
 |  50 |  697/1010 | Upper chain area; jewel box in safe                     |
 |  40 |  737/1010 | Above guards' drop-down hole; car with herbs/pouch      |
 |  30 |  767/1010 | Above guards' drop-down hole; nearby cabinet w/ oil     |
 |  10 |  777/1010 | GUARD LOOT (1st guard by barrel fire)                   |
 |   5 |  782/1010 | GUARD LOOT (2nd guard by 2nd barrel fire)               |
 |  25 |  807/1010 | GUARD LOOT (3rd guard by 2nd barrel fire)               |
 |  10 |  817/1010 | GUARD LOOT (4th guard)                                  |
 |  30 |  847/1010 | Guard area; behind boarded-up alcove in the waterway    |
 |  43 |  890/1010 | Boarded-up alcove; upper rim, accessed by stack/pipes   |
 |  10 |  900/1010 | Guard area, by corpse; sink area, copper wire           |
 |  20 |  920/1010 | Guard area, by corpse; hemlock essence                  |
 |  10 |  930/1010 | Outdoor area; copper wire in trash bin                  |
 |  80 | 1010/1010 | Outdoor area; sunken chest near Samuel's boat           |

 All coins can be collected before sleeping. Having Blink may help with the
 expediency, though.
  _____ ___________                                        ________________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |______________________________________/ HOUND PITS PUB |_
 |  75 |   75/1115 | Piero's Workshop, star chart                            |
 |  20 |   95/1115 | Piero's Workshop, herbs on 1F shelf                     |
 |  20 |  115/1115 | Piero's Workshop, h. essence on 2F table                |
 |  10 |  125/1115 | Piero's Workshop, coin on 2F window sill                |
 |  10 |  135/1115 | Piero's Workshop, copper wire behind building           |
 |  75 |  210/1115 | Samuel's Shack, Cape of Teeth map                       |
 |  10 |  220/1115 | Samuel's Shack, coin by mattress                        |
 |  20 |  240/1115 | Hounds Pit Pub; 1F, hemlock essence behind bar          |
 |  30 |  270/1115 | Hounds Pit Pub; 1F, powdered crystal behind bar         |
 |  10 |  280/1115 | Hounds Pit Pub; 1F, coin under hanging drink rack       |
 |  15 |  295/1115 | Hounds Pit Pub; 1F, coins on booth floor                |
 |   1 |  296/1115 | Hounds Pit Pub; 1F, behind door near brewery            |
 |  20 |  316/1115 | Hounds Pit Pub; tyvian ore on sidewalk table            |
 |   5 |  321/1115 | Hounds Pit Pub; coin lying by sidewalk                  |
 |  60 |  381/1115 | Hounds Pit Pub; B1, via staircase chain; two whale oils |
 | 100 |  481/1115 | Hounds Pit Pub; 2F, Pendleton's bedroom; decor plate    |
 |  50 |  531/1115 | Hounds Pit Pub; 2F, Pendleton's bedroom; trunk pouch    |
 |  30 |  561/1115 | Hounds Pit Pub; 2F, Pendleton's bedroom; powdered crys. |
 |  25 |  586/1115 | Hounds Pit Pub; 2F, Havelock's bedroom; pouch by bed    |
 |  30 |  616/1115 | Hounds Pit Pub; 2F, Havelock's bedroom; trunk whale oil |
 |   5 |  621/1115 | Hounds Pit Pub; 2F, servant quarters; pouch on bunk     |
 |   5 |  626/1115 | Hounds Pit Pub; 2F, servant quarters; coin on shoe rack |
 |  35 |  661/1115 | Hounds Pit Pub; 2F, bathroom; coin and powdered crystal |
 |  10 |  671/1115 | Hounds Pit Pub; Corvo's room; coin by bed               |
 |  10 |  681/1115 | Hounds Pit Pub; Corvo's room; coin on chair             |
 |  20 |  701/1115 | Hounds Pit Pub; Corvo's room; herbs in hallway          |
 |  10 |  711/1115 | Emily's Tower; coin on high outer walkway               |
 |  30 |  741/1115 | Emily's Tower; powdered crystal on shelf                |
 |   7 |  748/1115 | Brewery; coins on 1F barrel                             |
 |   1 |  749/1115 | Brewery; coin next to 1F barrel that had 7 coins on it  |
 |   1 |  750/1115 | Brewery; coin at base of large vat, by stairway         |
 |  20 |  770/1115 | Brewery; 2F, herbs on metal rick                        |
 |  20 |  790/1115 | Outside; tyvian ore in tipped cart by garage entrance   |
 |  20 |  810/1115 | Outside; tyvian ore in tipped cart by Samuel's shack    |
 |  10 |  820/1115 | Outside; copper wire on low roof by Hound Pits building |
 |  50 |  870/1115 | Outside; perth cameo near docks bush, by cement wall    |
 | 100 |  970/1115 | Outside; inchmouth sextant in grounded boat near docks  |
 |  50 | 1020/1115 | Outside; large pearl in water alongside grounded boat   |
 |  30 | 1050/1115 | Outside; whale oil sunken in river by Emily's Tower     |
 |  20 | 1070/1115 | Outside; tyvian ore on lonely beach near Emily's Tower  |
 |  10 | 1080/1115 | Outside; kingsparrow feathers in a street dumpster      |
 |  30 | 1110/1115 | Outside; oil on street-side vent; use runningjump/Blink |
 |   5 | 1115/1115 | Outside; street sidewalk opposite pub (under awning)    |

2) HIGH OVERSEER CAMPBELL                                                [CL02]
 Endoria Street runs paralell to the Clavering Boulevard, and Bottle Street
 runs from Granny Rags' apartment to the distillery yard's entrance.
  _____ ___________                               _________________________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |_____________________________/ ENDORIA & BOTTLE STREET |_
 |   5 |    5/3794 | NPC LOOT: carried by female survivor near lower bridge  |
 |  10 |   15/3794 | Copper wire on display thrown by dumpsters and survivor |
 |  10 |   25/3794 | Dumpster almost underneath bridge (near waterfront)     |
 |   5 |   30/3794 | Pouch on sidewalk (may be underneath carryable corpse)  |
 | 100 |  130/3794 | Granny Rags' Place; B1, cabinet urn and moray medal     |
 |  20 |  150/3794 | Granny Rags' Place; loot on a gentleman caller          |
 |  10 |  160/3794 | Granny Rags' Place; loot on a gentleman caller          |
 |  20 |  180/3794 | Pouch by scout's corpse, roof above Granny Rags' place  |
 |  20 |  200/3794 | Herbs on barrel by Dunwall Distillery District entrance |
 |  10 |  210/3794 | NPC LOOT: Thug threatening Griff in an alleyway         |
 |  15 |  225/3794 | Griff's Shop; 1F, coins on display case                 |
 |  75 |  300/3794 | Griff's Shop; 2F, West Pandyssian Basin survey map      |
 |  50 |  350/3794 | 3F apartment adjacent to Griff's; oil and h. essence    |
 | 140 |  490/3794 | 4F apartment near Griff's; oil, coins, jewelry box      |

  _____ ___________                            ____________________________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |__________________________/ DUNWALL WHISKEY DISTILLERY |_
 |  20 |  510/3794 | Outside; at entrance, up plank-built path; herbs        |
 |  40 |  550/3794 | Outside; Two tyvian ore by firelit sitting area         |
 |  20 |  570/3794 | Outside; herbs by firelit sitting area                  |
 |  10 |  580/3794 | Outside; table in front of distillery entrance; wire    |
 |  10 |  590/3794 | Outside; small cell near refinery entrance; wire        |
 |  10 |  600/3794 | Outside; near refinery entrance, wire in garbage pile   |
 |  25 |  625/3794 | NPC LOOT: carried by outdoor thug                       |
 |  10 |  635/3794 | NPC LOOT: carried by outdoor thug                       |
 |  20 |  655/3794 | NPC LOOT: carried by indoor thug                        |
 |  20 |  675/3794 | NPC LOOT: carried by indoor thug                        |
 |  20 |  695/3794 | Indoors; crank room, locker pouch                       |
 |  30 |  725/3794 | Indoors; crank room, locker whale oil                   |
 |  20 |  745/3794 | Indoors; control booth, hemlock essence                 |
 |  10 |  755/3794 | Indoors; control booth; copper wire in locker           |
 |   5 |  760/3794 | Indoors; by couch near control booth; in ashtray        |
 |  10 |  770/3794 | Indoors; barrel storage area, wire on shelf             |
 |  20 |  790/3794 | Indoors; barrel storage area, hemlock essence at locker |
 |  11 |  801/3794 | Indoors; back office w/ elixir still; coins under stair |
 |  31 |  832/3794 | Indoors; back office area; coins in locker              |

 Clavering Boulevard extends from the ruined bridge, through the residential
 area and its two walls of light, all the way to the Holger Square entrance.
 Technically the lootable thugs are part of Bottle Street -- it's just easier
 to put it in this section (it doesn't change anything, technically).
  _____ ___________                              __________________________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |____________________________/ JOHN CLAVERING BOULEVARD |_
 |   5 |  837/3794 | GUARD LOOT: Body-throwing guard on bridge               |
 |   5 |  842/3794 | GUARD LOOT: Body-throwing guard on bridge               |
 |  20 |  862/3794 | GUARD LOOT: Boss of body-throwing guards (near them)    |
 |  10 |  872/3794 | GUARD LOOT: guard walking near Wall of Light            |
 | 100 |  972/3794 | End of boulevard's bridge; pouch by bone charm          |
 |  10 |  982/3794 | Roof above blvd guard booth; kingsparrow feathers       |
 |  10 |  992/3794 | GUARD LOOT: patrollman beyond 1st wall of light         |
 |  10 | 1002/3794 | Residence area; pouch in pile of corpses                |
 |  40 | 1042/3794 | Residence area; two tyvian ore in basket near trolley   |
 |  40 | 1082/3794 | Hotel area past second wall of light; 2x ore on trolley |
 |   5 | 1087/3794 | NPC LOOT: thug in alley adjacent to Clavering           |
 |  25 | 1112/3794 | NPC LOOT: thug in alley adjacent to Clavering           |

 Galvani's offices are accessed from Clavering Boulevard, either from the
 front door or the second-floor balcony. The code for the safe is 287, and
 the rat viscera for Granny Rags is in the 3F lab's secret room, accessed by
 pulling the red book (from shelf that has drag marks on floor). Enemies will
 spawn below after doing this, but don't carry anything.
  _____ ___________                                 _______________________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |_______________________________/ DR. GALVANI'S OFFICES |_
 |   1 | 1113/3794 | 1F; on entry, immediately to left, on desk; by bldg key |
 |  20 | 1133/3794 | 1F, rat-filled room by kitchen; herbs on shelf          |
 |  25 | 1158/3794 | 2F, pouch in open chest                                 |
 |  75 | 1233/3794 | 2F, Canker Mouth Gulf map on table                      |
 |  50 | 1283/3794 | 2F, bedroom; pocketwatch on dresser                     |
 | 200 | 1483/3794 | 2F, dining room; ingots in safe                         |
 |  30 | 1513/3794 | 3F lab; whale oil on table                              |
 |  13 | 1526/3794 | 3F lab; coins on table behind false bookshelf           |
 |  11 | 1537/3794 | 3F lab; coins behind glass cabinet, near audiograph     |

  _____ ___________                                         _______________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |_______________________________________/ HOLGER SQUARE |_
 |  20 | 1557/3794 | Outside, street level; tyvian ore in motorized carriage |
 |  10 | 1567/3794 | Outside, street level; wire in pile near guard station  |
 | 100 | 1667/3794 | Outside, street level; war medal on substreet pipe      |
 |  11 | 1678/3794 | Outside, street level; coins in substreet overflow pipe |
 | 100 | 1778/3794 | Outside, street level; sidewalk pouch by archive gates  |
 |  10 | 1788/3794 | Outside, office courtyard; wire under archive steps     |
 |  30 | 1818/3794 | Outside, office courtyard; drainage room by main steps  |
 |  10 | 1828/3794 | Outside, office courtyard; 3F archive ledge, feathers   |

  _____ ___________                        ________________________________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |______________________/ OVERSEER'S OFFICE AND ARCHIVES |_
 |  25 | 1853/3794 | Archives wing; library, under a lower desk              |
 |  15 | 1868/3794 | Archives wing; library, coins on upper desk             |
 |  75 | 1943/3794 | Archives wing; library, Old Coast map on upper desk     |
 |  15 | 1958/3794 | Archives wing; coins under hallway table                |
 |  20 | 1978/3794 | Archives wing; hemlock essence in branding room         |
 |  25 | 2003/3794 | Archives wing; interrogation room stair, locker pouch   |
 |  25 | 2028/3794 | Offices, 3F; meeting room, locker pouch                 |
 |  25 | 2053/3794 | Offices, 3F; meeting room, coins under table            |
 |  10 | 2063/3794 | Offices, 3F; meeting room lounge area, coin on chair    |
 | 100 | 2163/3794 | Offices, 3F; meeting room lounge area, cigarette case   |
 | 300 | 2463/3794 | Offices, B1; overseer's hidden room, painting           |
 |  11 | 2474/3794 | Offices, B1; overseer's hidden room, coins on sill      |
 |  28 | 2502/3794 | Offices, B1; overseer's hidden room, coins by mattress  |
 | 150 | 2652/3794 | Offices, B1; overseer's hidden room, display case plate |
 |  87 | 2739/3794 | Offices, 1F; inside collection box                      |
 |  15 | 2754/3794 | Offices, 1F; coins by main hall collection box          |
 | 200 | 2954/3794 | Offices, 1F; Holger's Gem in Grafton's burial urn       |

 The Kennels is a small area beneath the archives, connecting the office's
 outer courtyard to the office's main hall. The Hound Disposal Room's code is
 2-1-7, referenced by a guard note in the sitting area.
  _____ ___________                                           _____________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |_________________________________________/ THE KENNELS |_
 |  25 | 2979/3794 | GUARD LOOT: carried by overseer who begins by Cage D    |
 |  10 | 2989/3794 | Cage A, coins along wall opposite cage                  |
 |  50 | 3039/3794 | Cage A, money pouch                                     |
 |  10 | 3049/3794 | Cage A, copper wire                                     |
 |  50 | 3099/3794 | Cage between B & C; pouch (climb into via ceiling)      |
 |  25 | 3124/3794 | Cage F, pouch by corpse                                 |
 |  20 | 3144/3794 | Cage F, coins by corpse                                 |
 |  30 | 3174/3794 | Guard sitting area, whale oil on locker                 |
 |  20 | 3194/3794 | Guard sitting area, hemlock essence in locker           |
 |  25 | 3219/3794 | Guard sitting area, coins by food tray                  |
 |  50 | 3269/3794 | Hound disposal room, pouch by corpses                   |

 The Backyard, the mission's final area, is accessed from the overseer office
 (1F main hall) or the Holger Square street.
  _____ ___________                                              __________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |____________________________________________/ BACKYARD |_
 |  20 | 3289/3794 | Small guard booth by alarm stairway; pouch              |
 |  50 | 3339/3794 | Crawlspace below alarm stairway; pouch                  |
 | 100 | 3439/3794 | 2F room above office entrance; ingot in safe            |
 |  10 | 3449/3794 | Bunkhouse, copper wire underneath roof sign             |
 |  10 | 3459/3794 | Bunkhouse, locker pouch                                 |
 |  15 | 3474/3794 | Bunkhouse, locker coins                                 |
 |  50 | 3524/3794 | Bunkhouse, pouch in safe                                |
 |  20 | 3544/3794 | Workshop, tyvian ore under stove                        |
 |  10 | 3554/3794 | Workshop, copper wire on shelf                          |
 |  30 | 3584/3794 | Workshop, powdered crystal on shelf                     |
 |  20 | 3604/3794 | Workshop, herbs on shelf                                |
 |  20 | 3624/3794 | Workshop, tyvian ore on shelf                           |
 |  20 | 3644/3794 | Workshop, hemlock essence on sink                       |
 |  25 | 3669/3794 | Workshop, pouch on cabinet by workshop entrance         |
 |  15 | 3684/3794 | Mess Hall, coins on and below table                     |
 |  10 | 3694/3794 | Alley accessed from Holger St.; pouch by upper trashbin |
 |  20 | 3714/3794 | Alley accessed from Holger St.; food cellar, pouch      |
 |  30 | 3744/3794 | Bone charm warehouse; pouch/coins by grindstone table   |
 |  25 | 3769/3794 | Cliffside building, hidden room with bone charm; pouch  |
 |  25 | 3794/3794 | Backside dock, coins on barrel by Samuel                |

HOUSE OF PLEASURE                                                        [CL03]

 The pub is visited directly after the overseer mission. Sleeping begins the
 "House of Pleasure" mission, which contains the other half of the items here.
  _____ ___________                                   _____________________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |_________________________________/ HOUND PITS PUB [II] |_
 | 100 |   100/239 | Callista's reward if her uncle Geoff Curnow as saved    |
 |  20 |   120/239 | Piero's garage, 2F; ore in trunk                        |
 |  30 |   150/239 | Hound Pits Pub, 2F; Lord Pendleton's room, whale oil    |
 |  20 |   170/239 | Hound Pits Pub, 2F; servant quarters, h.e. behind chair |
 |  20 |   190/239 | Emily's Tower; herbs under bed                          |
 |  10 |   200/239 | Pub sewers; wire near sewer drain entrance by Havelock  |
 |  11 |   211/239 | Pub sewers; coins in rowboat against sewer grate        |
 |   6 |   217/239 | Pub sewers; coins on walkway between boat and pub door  |
 |  10 |   227/239 | Pub sewers; coin in water near door to pub basement     |
 |   6 |   233/239 | Pub sewers; weeper area, coins on floor by rune cabinet |
 |   6 |   239/239 | Pub sewers; weeper area, coins in water by rune cabinet |

  _____ ___________                               _________________________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |_____________________________/ ENDORIA & BOTTLE STREET |_
 |  10 |   10/4084 | GUARD LOOT: 1st waterfront guard                        |
 |  10 |   20/4084 | Endoria St.; Granny Rags' place, outdoor cabinet pouch  |
 |  10 |   30/4084 | Endoria St.; Granny Rags' place, outdoor cabinet wire   |
 |  12 |   42/4084 | Endoria St.; Granny Rags' place, outdoor roof lookout   |
 |  10 |   52/4084 | Bottle St.; carried by a thug near distillery entrance  |
 |  28 |   80/4084 | Bottle St.; Griff's store, coins on countertop          |
 |  20 |  100/4084 | Bottle St.; Griff's store, herbs on fishmonger cart     |
 |  10 |  110/4084 | Bottle St.; highest apartment, wire on shelf            |
 |  50 |  160/4084 | Bottle St.; highest apartment, pouch on shelf           |
 |  10 |  170/4084 | Bottle St.; highest apartment, wire by bone charm       |
 |  20 |  190/4084 | Bottle St.; highest apartment, herbs near bone charm    |
 |  50 |  240/4084 | Bottle St.; carried by Griff himself                    |

  _____ ___________                            ____________________________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |__________________________/ DUNWALL WHISKEY DISTILLERY |_
 |  20 |  260/4084 | Outdoors; hemlock essence on table near cart track      |
 |   2 |  262/4084 | Outdoors; next to the hemlock essence                   |
 |  20 |  282/4084 | Interior; control room, hemlock essence on locker       |
 |  20 |  302/4084 | Interior; crank-opened room, hemlock essence            |
 |  20 |  322/4084 | Interior; crank-opened room, herbs on locker            |
 |  10 |  332/4084 | Interior; crank-opened room, wire on locker             |
 |  30 |  362/4084 | Interior; crank-opened room, powdered crystal           |
 |  30 |  392/4084 | Interior; crank-opened room, whale oil in locker        |
 |  12 |  404/4084 | Interior; crank-opened room, pouch + coins on locker    |
 |  20 |  424/4084 | Interior; weeper cell, herbs on barrel                  |
 |  50 |  474/4084 | Interior; weeper cell, moray sextant on table           |
 |  20 |  494/4084 | Interior; weeper cell, herbs on table                   |
 |  50 |  544/4084 | Interior; weeper cell, pouch on table                   |
 | 100 |  644/4084 | Interior; weeper cell, pouch in locker                  |
 |  20 |  664/4084 | Interior; weeper cell, hemlock essence in locker        |
 |  10 |  674/4084 | Interior; weeper cell, wire on locker                   |
 |  20 |  694/4084 | Interior; barrel storage, hemlock essence in locker     |
 |  20 |  714/4084 | Interior; barrel storage, hemlock essence in locker     |
 |  10 |  724/4084 | Interior; barrel storage, wire on 2F shelf              |
 |  10 |  734/4084 | Interior; barrel storage, wire on 2F table              |

  _____ ___________                              __________________________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |____________________________/ JOHN CLAVERING BOULEVARD |_
 |  10 |  744/4084 | GUARD LOOT: patrolman by guard station                  |
 |  10 |  754/4084 | By watchtower, copper wire on commodity stack           |
 |   7 |  761/4084 | By watchtower, coins in guard station                   |
 |   5 |  766/4084 | End of bridge, pouch by mattress                        |
 |  10 |  776/4084 | GUARD LOOT: residential area patrol (paired-up guy)     |
 |  10 |  786/4084 | GUARD LOOT: residential area patrol (paired-up guy)     |
 |  10 |  796/4084 | GUARD LOOT: residential area patrol (Galvani's stoop)   |
 |  10 |  806/4084 | GUARD LOOT: residential area patrol (Galvani's balcony) |
 |  10 |  816/4084 | Granny Rags' new place; wire on shelf                   |
 |  20 |  836/4084 | Granny Rags' new place; hemlock essence on a shelf      |
 |  10 |  846/4084 | GUARD LOOT: residential area patrol (by wall of light)  |
 |  10 |  856/4084 | GUARD LOOT: residential area patrol (by wall of light)  |
 |  10 |  866/4084 | GUARD LOOT: past wall of light                          |
 |  10 |  876/4084 | GUARD LOOT: past wall of light                          |
 |  10 |  886/4084 | Gaff Street; wire on couch                              |
 |   5 |  891/4084 | Gaff Street; pouch beside dumpster                      |
 |  10 |  901/4084 | Past wall of light; wire on street commodity stack      |

  _____ ___________                                 _______________________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |_______________________________/ DR. GALVANI'S OFFICES |_
 |  10 |  911/4084 | GUARD LOOT: 1F patrolman                                |
 |  20 |  931/4084 | 1F room near pantry; hemlock essence in locker          |
 |   5 |  936/4084 | 1F bunk room; coin on locker                            |
 |   1 |  937/4084 | 1F bunk room; coin on table                             |
 |  17 |  954/4084 | 2F room near dining room; coins on desk                 |
 | 500 | 1454/4084 | 2F room near dining room; pouch in chest                |
 |  10 | 1464/4084 | 3F stairway balcony; kingsparrow feathers on table      |
 |  10 | 1474/4084 | 3F lab; kingsparrow feathers on shelf by secret room    |
 |  10 | 1484/4084 | 3F lab; kingsparrow feathers on table near big desk     |
 |  10 | 1494/4084 | 3F room adjacent to lab; feathers on table              |
 |  10 | 1504/4084 | 3F room adjacent to lab; pouch on shelf                 |
 |  25 | 1529/4084 | 3F bathroom; pouch on table                             |
 |  20 | 1549/4084 | GUARD LOOT: 3F patrolman                                |

  _____ ___________                              __________________________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |____________________________/ THE GOLDEN CAT BATHHOUSE |_
 |  25 | 1574/4084 | GUARD LOOT: Street patrolman (near rune building)       |
 |  25 | 1599/4084 | GUARD LOOT: Street patrolman (near rune building)       |
 |  25 | 1624/4084 | GUARD LOOT: Street patrolman (near rune building)       |
 |  10 | 1634/4084 | Exterior; coin behind dumpster near bathhouse entrance  |
 |  50 | 1684/4084 | Exterior; carried by noble at entrance (missable)       |
 | 100 | 1784/4084 | Interior 1F; pouch behind front desk                    |
 |  25 | 1809/4084 | Interior 1F; pouch and coins behind front desk          |
 |  20 | 1829/4084 | Interior 1F; shower room, hemlock essence on sink       |
 |  10 | 1839/4084 | Interior 1F; shower room, feathers in locker            |
 |  20 | 1859/4084 | Interior 2F; Prudence's office, essence on desk         |
 | 100 | 1959/4084 | Interior 2F; carmine statuette near balcony entrance    |
 |   5 | 1964/4084 | GUARD LOOT: 2F patrolman (argues with friend over girl) |
 |  10 | 1974/4084 | GUARD LOOT: 2F patrolman (argues with friend over girl) |
 |  25 | 1999/4084 | GUARD LOOT: 2F patrolman (interior balcony area)        |
 |  25 | 2024/4084 | GUARD LOOT: 2F patrolman (balcony overlooking street)   |
 |  55 | 2079/4084 | Interior 2F; pouch/coins by sleeping guardsman          |
 |  50 | 2129/4084 | GUARD LOOT: Steam Room guard                            |
 |  25 | 2154/4084 | GUARD LOOT: Steam Room guard                            |
 |   1 | 2155/4084 | Steam Room area; maintenance area, coin in cabinet      |
 |  10 | 2165/4084 | Steam Room area; maintenance area, wire on cabinet      |
 | 100 | 2265/4084 | Steam Room area; carried by Morgan Pendleton            |
 | 100 | 2365/4084 | Steam Room area; on towels in Morgan's steam room       |
 |  25 | 2390/4084 | GUARD LOOT: 3F interior balcony                         |
 | 130 | 2520/4084 | 3F Prudence's bedroom; coins on desk                    |
 | 100 | 2620/4084 | 3F Prudence's bedroom; pearls in trunk                  |
 |  20 | 2640/4084 | 3F Prudence's bedroom; tyvian ore in trunk              |
 |  50 | 2690/4084 | 3F Smoking Room; cigarette case on table                |
 |  30 | 2720/4084 | 3F Smoking Room; coins on table                         |
 |  10 | 2730/4084 | 3F outer balcony; wire on small table                   |
 |  25 | 2755/4084 | GUARD LOOT: 3F outer balcony                            |
 | 100 | 2855/4084 | 3F Gold Room; carried by Custis Pendleton               |
 |  10 | 2865/4084 | 4F Dormitory; feathers on desk                          |
 |   2 | 2867/4084 | 4F Dormitory; coins on desk                             |
 |  20 | 2887/4084 | 4F Dormitory; herbs in locker                           |
 |   5 | 2892/4084 | 4F Dormitory; pouch locker                              |
 |  20 | 2912/4084 | 4F Dormitory, far room; herbs in locker                 |
 |   1 | 2913/4084 | 4F Dormitory, far room; coin in locker                  |
 |  10 | 2923/4084 | 4F Dormitory, far room, pouch in locker                 |
 |  20 | 2943/4084 | 4F Dormitory, far room; herbs in locker                 |
 |   6 | 2949/4084 | 4F Dormitory, far room; coins on desk                   |

 The dealer's apartment is available between Clavering and Bottle Street, and
 requires a key to get in via the ground-floor entrances -- this is received
 from Slackjaw as part of his first task or from the harassed survivor on Gaff
 Street (adjacent to Clavering). The 2F balcony entrance facing Clavering is
 unlocked, however. The 3F safe's code can be learned from Bunting, found at
 the Golden Cat. Stealing the safe's contents, and giving Slackjaw the code
 afterwards (if doing his 2nd deal), has its own double-crossing trophy.
  _____ ___________                                ________________________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |______________________________/ ART DEALER'S APARTMENT |_
 |   5 | 2954/4084 | GUARD LOOT: Art Dealer's Apartment, 2F                  |
 |   5 | 2959/4084 | GUARD LOOT: Art Dealer's Apartment, 3F                  |
 |  20 | 2979/4084 | 1F pantry, herbs                                        |
 |  20 | 2999/4084 | 1F pantry, herbs                                        |
 |  30 | 3029/4084 | 1F pantry, powdered crystal                             |
 | 300 | 3329/4084 | 2F painting of Sokolov                                  |
 |   5 | 3334/4084 | 3F, coin in bedroom                                     |
 |  20 | 3354/4084 | 3F, herbs in bedroom                                    |
 | 300 | 3654/4084 | 3F, Daud painting in bedroom                            |
 | 300 | 3954/4084 | 3F, Pendleton painting (in safe room)                   |
 | 100 | 4054/4084 | 3F, carmine urn (in safe room)                          |
 |  10 | 4064/4084 | 3F, coins on desk (in safe room)                        |
 |  20 | 4084/4084 | 3F, cabinet herbs (in safe room)                        |

THE ROYAL PHYSICIAN                                                      [CL04]
  _____ ___________                                  ______________________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |________________________________/ HOUND PITS PUB [III] |_
 |  20 | ----/---- | Herbs on table outside Piero's garage                   |
 |  20 | ----/---- | Tyvian ore on table outside Piero's garage              |
 | 200 | ----/---- | On Corvo's nightstand (if Pendleton bros weren't slain) |

  _____ ___________                                   _____________________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |_________________________________/ SOUTHSIDE BRIDGEWAY |_
 |  20 |   20/3623 | GUARD LOOT: Patrolman near alarm                        |
 |  20 |   40/3623 | Copper wire (2) in dumpster near alarm                  |
 |  15 |   55/3623 | Warehouse; coins under 2F walkway                       |
 |  40 |   95/3623 | Warehouse; Tyvian ore (2) in locker area                |
 |  25 |  120/3623 | Warehouse; coins in 2F control room cabinet             |
 |  10 |  130/3623 | GUARD LOOT: sentry near warehouse/street footbridge     |
 |  20 |  150/3623 | GUARD LOOT: sentry in second guard station encountered  |
 |  25 |  175/3623 | On corpse near second guard station (at water level)    |
 |  20 |  195/3623 | Abandoned apartment; coins on desk                      |
 |  20 |  215/3623 | Abandoned apartment; hemlock essence in bathroom        |
 |  20 |  235/3623 | Water lock area; locker by control panel                |
 | 100 |  335/3623 | Water lock area; 2F weeper apartment, carmine cameo     |

  _____ ___________                     ___________________________________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |___________________/ DRAWBRIDGE WAY & KALDWIN'S BRIDGE |_
 |  20 |  355/3623 | GUARD LOOT: watchman talking with Pratchett at entrance |
 |  20 |  375/3623 | Waterside walkway; copper wire (2) on shadowed shelf    |
 |  11 |  386/3623 | Waterside walkway; shelf coins in boarded-up alcove     |
 | 100 |  486/3623 | Pratchett's house, 1F; war medal framed on wall         |
 | 100 |  586/3623 | Pratchett's house, 2F; decor plate on fireplace mantle  |
 | 100 |  686/3623 | Pratchett's house, 2F; sextant in locked desk           |
 | 100 |  786/3623 | Pratchett's house, 3F; cigarette case on stove          |
 | 200 |  986/3623 | Pratchett's house, 3F; ingot (2) in safe                |
 |  10 |  996/3623 | Rune shrine abutting Pratchett's; 4F, coins on table    |
 |  20 | 1016/3623 | Rune shrine abutting Pratchett's; 4F, herbs on shelf    |
 |  20 | 1036/3623 | 2F apartment opposite Pratchett's; hemlock essence      |
 |  20 | 1056/3623 | Apartment abutting rune shrine; 4F, hemlock by corpse   |
 |  10 | 1066/3623 | Apartment abutting rune shrine; feathers on desk        |
 |  20 | 1086/3623 | Apartment abutting rune shrine; coins on desk           |
 |  20 | 1106/3623 | 2F apartment nearest arc pylon; herbs on shelf          |
 |  10 | 1116/3623 | 2F apartment nearest arc pylon; coins on table          |
 |  10 | 1126/3623 | GUARD LOOT: by level's first arc pylon                  |
 |  20 | 1146/3623 | GUARD LOOT: by level's first arc pylon (in guard booth) |
 |  30 | 1176/3623 | Arc pylon area; waterside, whale oil near rowboat       |
 |  40 | 1216/3623 | Kaldwin's Bridge, south side; by corpse high atop area  |
 |  10 | 1226/3623 | GUARD LOOT: Kaldwin's Bridge, north side                |
 |  20 | 1246/3623 | GUARD LOOT: Kaldwin's Bridge, north side (guard booth)  |
 | 250 | 1496/3623 | Kaldwin's Bridge, north side; river krusts (50/per)     |
 |  10 | 1506/3623 | Kaldwin's Bridge, north side; carried by 2F thug        |
 |  25 | 1531/3623 | Kaldwin's Bridge, north side; carried by 2F thug        |
 | 100 | 1631/3623 | Kaldwin's Bridge, north side; apartment krust pearls x3 |

  _____ ___________                                     ___________________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |___________________________________/ MIDROW SUBSTATION |_
 |  25 | 1656/3623 | GUARD LOOT: upper factory walkway by control booth      |
 | 250 | 1906/3623 | Waterside; 5 river krusts (50/per)                      |
 |  12 | 1918/3623 | Waterside campfire; coins underneath river krust        |
 |  20 | 1938/3623 | Dumpster near wall of light; copper wire and coins      |
 |  20 | 1958/3623 | Factory interior; copper wire (2) on shelf              |
 |   8 | 1966/3623 | Bone charm warehouse, 3F; coins in locker               |
 |  40 | 2006/3623 | Bone charm warehouse, 4F; tyvian ore (2) on shelf       |
 |  60 | 2066/3623 | Bone charm warehouse, 4F; p. crystal (2) on shelf       |
 |  35 | 2101/3623 | Bone charm warehouse, 4F; coins by corpse               |
 |  20 | 2121/3623 | Bone charm warehouse, 1F; herbs by survivor             |

  _____ ___________                                         _______________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |_______________________________________/ THE NORTH END |_
 |   7 | 2128/3623 | Bone charm apt. by entrance, 1F; coins in locker        |
 | 120 | 2248/3623 | Bone charm apt. by entrance, 1F; inchmouth urn & coins  |
 |  13 | 2261/3623 | Bone charm apt. by entrance, 3F; coins in cabinet       |
 |  20 | 2281/3623 | Bone charm apt. by entrance, roof; corpse loot          |
 |  10 | 2291/3623 | GUARD LOOT: street-level patroller by survivors' cage   |
 |  25 | 2316/3623 | Rat-infested crank wheel room, 1F; coins on table       |
 |  10 | 2326/3623 | Rat-infested crank wheel bldg., roof; feathers in vent  |
 | 100 | 2426/3623 | Survivor cage building, 2F; jewel box in safe           |
 |  20 | 2446/3623 | Survivor cage building, 2F; hemlock essence on desk     |
 | 200 | 2646/3623 | Survivor cage building, 3F; safe behind painting        |
 |  22 | 2668/3623 | Flat overlooking Sokolov bldg alarm, 4F; coins in desk  |
 |  20 | 2688/3623 | GUARD LOOT: sentry in front of Sokolov's, by alarm      |
 |  20 | 2708/3623 | GUARD LOOT: Sokolov's Mansion, 1F overseer              |
 | 300 | 3008/3623 | Sokolov's Mansion, 1F; Lady Boyle painting              |
 |  20 | 3028/3623 | Sokolov's Mansion, 2F; wire (2) by alarm walkway        |
 |  60 | 3088/3623 | Sokolov's Mansion, 2F; oil (2) lockers by alarm walkway |
 |  20 | 3108/3623 | GUARD LOOT: patrolman near 2F kitchens/wall of light    |
 |  10 | 3118/3623 | GUARD LOOT: 3F lab/bedroom hallway guard                |
 |  75 | 3193/3623 | Sokolov's Mansion, 3F; Old Coast map in bedroom         |
 | 300 | 3493/3623 | Sokolov's Mansion, 3F; ingots in locked bedroom desk    |
 |  20 | 3513/3623 | Sokolov's Mansion, 3F; hemlock essence on lab table     |
 |  20 | 3533/3623 | Sokolov's Mansion, 3F; herbs on lab table               |
 |  60 | 3593/3623 | Sokolov's Mansion, 3F; powdered crystal (2) on tables   |
 |  30 | 3623/3623 | Sokolov's Mansion, 3F; whale oil by dispenser           |

LADY BOYLE'S LAST PARTY                                                  [CL05]
 Like usual, the Hound Pits segment bridges the two ongoing missions. Corvo
 can get the first portion before sleeping, and the kennel stuff after a nap.
 Note that the wire under the kennel stairway is almost completely buried and
 nigh impossible to notice without Dark Vision LV2. Also, the key to the old
 apartment across the street is under Cecilia's bunk in the servant quarters;
 she'll direct Corvo to it when spoken to.
  _____ ___________                                        ________________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |______________________________________/ HOUND PITS PUB |_
 |  10 | ----/---- | Outside; wire along Piero's garage, near pub entrance   |
 |  20 | ----/---- | Pub 2F; hemlock essence in Pendleton's quarters         |
 |  50 | ----/---- | Pub 2F; herbs & powdered crystal in servant quarters    |
 |  20 | ----/---- | Emily's Tower; tyvian ore on interior table             |
 |  20 | ----/---- | Abandoned Apartment; hemlock on shelf near entrance     |
 | 150 | ----/---- | Abandoned Apartment; cameo on top shelf (by food)       |
 |  30 | ----/---- | Abandoned Apartment; whale oil in sitting area          |
 |  10 | ----/---- | Kennels; wire in debris underneath stairway             |
 |  20 | ----/---- | Kennels; hemlock essence on unused kennel in back       |
 |  20 | ----/---- | Kennels 2F; herbs on shelf                              |
 |  20 | ----/---- | Kennels 2F; tyvian ore on shelf                         |
 |  20 | ----/---- | Kennels 2F; tyvian ore on opposite shelf                |

 The entrance to the sewers running beneath the Boyle Estate is accessible
 from the river itself. The key to the locked gate is in the river mud right
 nearby, though it's hard to spot without Dark Vision's highlighting. This
 provides an alternate route into the party, through the B2 cellar. Similarly,
 those who can't find the key for some reason can leave the party through the
 same route, using the turncrank to reach Samuel and foregoing the need for a
  _____ ___________                                       _________________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |_____________________________________/ ESTATE DISTRICT |_
 |  10 |   10/4915 | Sewers beneath Boyle Estate; wire by a chair            |
 |   1 |   11/4915 | Barcroft Court, low space by apts; coin in gutter       |
 |  10 |   21/4915 | Barcroft Court, carried by survivor at checkpoint       |
 |  10 |   31/4915 | Barcroft Court, wire by lantern crate                   |
 |  10 |   41/4915 | Barcroft Court, wire by table with rewire tool on it    |
 |  10 |   51/4915 | Barcroft Court, wire by big scaffolding thing (on base) |
 |  20 |   71/4915 | Mintry St. liquor store, 4F; shrine room, herbs by rune |
 |  50 |  121/4915 | Mintry St. liquor store; shrine room, hemlock & crystal |
 |   5 |  126/4915 | Mintry St. liquor store; shrine room, coin on the floor |
 |   1 |  127/4915 | Mintry St. liquor store; walkway by rooftop entrance    |
 |  10 |  137/4915 | Greasely Boulevard apartment; feathers on table         |
 |  30 |  167/4915 | Greasely Boulevard apartment; whale oil by the feathers |
 |  30 |  197/4915 | Greasely Boulevard apartment; powdered crystal on table |
 |  40 |  237/4915 | Greasely Boulevard apartment; herbs (2) by table        |
 |   5 |  242/4915 | Greasely Boulevard apartment; coin by radiator          |
 |   5 |  247/4915 | Greasely Boulevard guard booth #1; on locker            |
 |   1 |  248/4915 | Greasely Boulevard; in dumpster by guard booth #1       |
 |   5 |  253/4915 | Greasely Boulevard guard booth #2, coin inside          |
 |   1 |  254/4915 | Greasely Boulevard; coin at dead end past guard booth   |
 |  20 |  274/4915 | Ogelsby Way apartment, 1F; herbs in dumpster            |
 |   1 |  275/4915 | Ogelsby Way apartment, 1F; coin opposite dumpster       |
 |   5 |  280/4915 | Ogelsby Way apartment, 1F; coin by weeper group         |
 |  30 |  310/4915 | Ogelsby Way apartment, 3F; whale oil on shelf           |
 |  20 |  330/4915 | Ogelsby Way apartment, 3F; herbs in locker              |
 |  10 |  340/4915 | Ogelsby Way apartment, 3F; feathers on low shelf        |
 |  60 |  400/4915 | Ogelsby Way apartment, 3F; oil (2) by bone charm shelf  |
 |  32 |  432/4915 | Ogelsby Way apartment, 3F; oil + coins in back room     |
 |   1 |  433/4915 | Ogelsby Way Apartment, 3F; coin on locked balcony       |

 The exterior contains the street entrance, the gatehouse, the twin entrances
 to the party, plus the guard quarters building. If one climbs to the top of
 the latter, they can blink onto the 2F balcony, getting quick access to the
 forbidden wings. As for loot, note that the guests who appear on the street
 may not spawn at all if Corvo sneaks in through Ogelsby Way (etc.), resulting
 in a 75-coin loss. Those NPCs don't appear again, probably because they've
 lost their invitation.
  _____ ___________                                  ______________________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |________________________________/ BOYLE ESTATE GROUNDS |_
 |  50 |  483/4915 | Street entrance; carried by male guest                  |
 |  25 |  508/4915 | Street entrance; carried by female guest                |
 |  25 |  533/4915 | Front Gate area; carried by female guest                |
 |  25 |  558/4915 | Front Gate area; carried by male guest                  |
 |  40 |  598/4915 | Gatehouse; herb (2) canisters on table and shelf        |
 |  10 |  608/4915 | Guard Quarters 1F; wire just inside entrance            |
 |   2 |  610/4915 | Guard Quarters 2F; coins on desk                        |
 | 100 |  710/4915 | Garden area; carried by Lord Shaw                       |

 Loot-wise, the first floor causes the most problems, since the sought-after
 purses are carried by guests, and they move around a bit. Dark Vision LV2'll
 fix most of those problems. The upper floor is empty except for guards, so
 it's far easier to find its secrets. One of the bedrooms upstairs -- of the
 woman chosen as Lord Regent's mistress -- contains the basement vault's key.
  _____ ___________                            ____________________________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |__________________________/ BOYLE ESTATE 1F & BASEMENT |_
 | 100 |  810/4915 | GUEST LOOT: carried by Lady Boyle in White              |
 | 100 |  910/4915 | GUEST LOOT: carried by Lady Boyle in Black              |
 | 100 | 1010/4915 | GUEST LOOT: carried by Lady Boyle in Red                |
 | 100 | 1110/4915 | GUEST LOOT: carried by Ramsey in the library area       |
 | 100 | 1210/4915 | GUEST LOOT: carried by Miss White in the library area   |
 | 100 | 1310/4915 | GUEST LOOT: carried by Lord Brisby in the trophy den    |
 |  20 | 1330/4915 | GUEST LOOT: Male guest in dining area                   |
 |  50 | 1380/4915 | GUEST LOOT: Male guest in dining area                   |
 |  25 | 1405/4915 | GUEST LOOT: Male guest in dining area                   |
 |  20 | 1425/4915 | GUEST LOOT: Female guest in hallway                     |
 |  20 | 1445/4915 | GUEST LOOT: Male guest in hallway                       |
 |  10 | 1455/4915 | GUEST LOOT: Male guest in trophy den                    |
 |  20 | 1475/4915 | GUEST LOOT: Male guest in trophy den                    |
 |  50 | 1525/4915 | GUEST LOOT: Male guest in trophy den                    |
 |  25 | 1550/4915 | GUEST LOOT: Patrolling watch officer                    |
 |  20 | 1570/4915 | GUEST LOOT: Patrolling female guest                     |
 |  20 | 1590/4915 | GUEST LOOT: Male guest in foyer gaming parlor           |
 |  50 | 1640/4915 | GUEST LOOT: Male guest in foyer gaming parlor           |
 |  20 | 1660/4915 | GUEST LOOT: Female guest in foyer gaming parlor         |
 |  20 | 1680/4915 | 1F bathroom, hemlock essence on sink                    |
 | 150 | 1830/4915 | 1F lounge, sextant on table                             |
 | 150 | 1980/4915 | 1F library/sitting area, whale statuette on table       |
 |   9 | 1989/4915 | B1 kitchens; coins (5) on bunk and both lockers         |
 |  20 | 2009/4915 | B2 cellar; hemlock on wine cask                         |
 |   1 | 2010/4915 | B2 cellar; coin near cask that has hemlock essence      |
 |  40 | 2050/4915 | B2 cellar; tyvian ore (2) in vault                      |
 | 150 | 2200/4915 | B2 cellar; imperial urn in vault                        |
 | 500 | 2700/4915 | B2 cellar; ingots (5) in vault                          |

 The 2F area has guards and this whole area is off-limits. There's little in
 the way of secret passages, except for the attic crawlspace connecting Esma
 and Waverly's rooms (which sidesteps the need to pickpocket/loot a particular
 key to the latter's chamber).
  _____ ___________                                 _______________________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |_______________________________/ BOYLE ESTATE UPSTAIRS |_
 |  25 | 2725/4915 | Esma's chambers; pearl in bathroom chest                |
 | 150 | 2875/4915 | Esma's chambers; war medal on bedroom table             |
 |  25 | 2900/4915 | Waverly's chambers; pearl in chest                      |
 | 150 | 3050/4915 | Waverly's chambers; jewelbox on vanity                  |
 | 150 | 3200/4915 | Waverly's chambers; decor plate on nightstand           |
 | 175 | 3375/4915 | Lydia's chambers; chest full of pearls                  |
 |  50 | 3425/4915 | Lydia's chambers; pearl in antechamber                  |
 | 200 | 3625/4915 | Lydia's chambers; pearl and pocketwatch in wardrobe     |
 |  20 | 3645/4915 | Lydia's chambers; coins on nightstand                   |
 | 150 | 3795/4915 | Showroom; Boyle Egg on display                          |
 | 300 | 4095/4915 | Showroom; Sokolov painting                              |
 | 300 | 4395/4915 | One of the bedrooms; Sokolov painting                   |
 |  20 | 4415/4915 | Linen closet between Esma & Waverly's rooms; coins      |
 | 150 | 4565/4915 | Bathroom near Lydia's chambers; cigarette case          |
 | 350 | 4915/4915 | 3F attic; ingots and cameo in chest                     |

RETURN TO THE TOWER                                                      [CL06]
  _____ ___________                                        ________________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |______________________________________/ HOUND PITS PUB |_
 |  10 | ----/---- | Piero's Garage 2F; wire on top of trunk                 |
 |  20 | ----/---- | Hound Pits Pub 1F; herbs on bar counter                 |
 |  30 | ----/---- | Hound Pits Pub 3F; powdered crystal on stairway table   |
 | 100 | ----/---- | Hound Pits Sewer; river krust (2) pearls                |

  _____ ___________                               _________________________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |_____________________________/ DUNWALL TOWER WATERLOCK |_
 |  16 |   16/2175 | Waterlock shaft, corpse coins by bone charm             |
 |  20 |   36/2175 | GUARD LOOT: Patroller at top of waterlock               |
 |  30 |   66/2175 | Arc pylon room, whale oil on console                    |
 |  10 |   76/2175 | Arc pylon room, wire on back console                    |
 |  20 |   96/2175 | Top of waterlock, herbs on console near wall of light   |

  _____ ___________                                ________________________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |______________________________/ DUNWALL TOWER EXTERIOR |_
 |  30 |  126/2175 | Lower bridge area; oil on crate near waterlock bldg     |
 |  20 |  146/2175 | Guard booth past bridge; hemlock on nearby crate        |
 |  30 |  176/2175 | Guard booth in watchtower's sights; powdered crystal    |
 |  10 |  186/2175 | Guard booth in watchtower's sights; feathers on roof    |
 |  50 |  236/2175 | GUARD LOOT: patrolman with maid at pavilion             |
 |  20 |  256/2175 | Moat Control Room; hemlock essence on shelf             |
 |  20 |  276/2175 | Moat Control Room; tyvian ore on table                  |
 |  20 |  296/2175 | Moat Control Room; herbs on shelf                       |
 |   3 |  299/2175 | Moat; underneath small bridge leading into palace       |
 |   2 |  301/2175 | Moat; around corner farthest from moat control room     |
 |  30 |  331/2175 | Moat-accessed drainage area; powdered crystal on ledge  |
 |  20 |  351/2175 | Moat-accessed drainage area; herbs by sink              |
 |   7 |  358/2175 | Moat-accessed drainage area; sunken coins by moat entr. |
 |  20 |  378/2175 | Rampart servant Quarters; herbs on shelf                |
 |  12 |  390/2175 | Rampart servant Quarters; coins on table                |
 |  10 |  400/2175 | GUARD LOOT: watchman on ramparts along palace           |
 |  30 |  430/2175 | Wall guard station nearest watchtower; oil on shelf     |
 |  20 |  450/2175 | Wall guard station nearest watchtower; ore on shelf     |
 |  20 |  470/2175 | Wall guard station nearest watchtower; locker's hemlock |
 |  20 |  490/2175 | Wall guard station; tyvian ore underneath station       |
 |  50 |  540/2175 | GUARD LOOT: Palace guard on front steps                 |
 |  30 |  570/2175 | Guard booth by palace steps; whale oil inside           |
 |  10 |  580/2175 | Upper edifice vent entrance; wire by opening            |

  _____ ___________                                ________________________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |______________________________/ DUNWALL TOWER INTERIOR |_
 |  50 |  630/2175 | GUARD LOOT: F1 patrolman near foyer wall of light       |
 |  10 |  640/2175 | GUARD LOOT: F1 patrolman in storage-filled corridor     |
 |  20 |  660/2175 | Tower F1, kitchen; herbs on table                       |
 |  10 |  670/2175 | Tower F1, kitchen; copper wire on back shelf            |
 |  30 |  700/2175 | Tower F1, sleeping quarters #1; oil on locker           |
 |  10 |  710/2175 | Tower F1, sleeping quarters #1; feathers in locker      |
 |   5 |  715/2175 | Tower F1, sleeping quarters #1; coin on bunk            |
 |  20 |  735/2175 | Tower F1, sleeping quarters #2; hemlock on shelf        |
 |  10 |  745/2175 | Tower F1, sleeping quarters #2; coin (2) on bedstands   |
 |  20 |  765/2175 | Tower F1, Seven Strictures chamber; tyvian ore in chest |
 |  15 |  780/2175 | Tower F1, Seven Strictures chamber; table/lectern coins |
 | 150 |  930/2175 | Tower F1, stairway showroom area; egg in display case   |
 | 150 | 1080/2175 | Tower F1, stairway showroom area; urn in display case   |
 |  10 | 1090/2175 | Tower B1, torturer's room; coin on table & under victim |
 |  50 | 1140/2175 | Tower F2, music room; moray decor plate on table        |
 | 300 | 1440/2175 | Tower F2, music room; Empress painting above fireplace  |
 | 150 | 1590/2175 | Tower F2, Lord Regent's room; jewel box in safe         |
 |  30 | 1620/2175 | Tower F2, bathroom by Lord Regent's room; oil by toilet |
 | 150 | 1770/2175 | Tower F2, Gen. Tobias' room; watch on desk              |
 |  20 | 1790/2175 | Tower F2, Gen. Tobias' room; coins on desk              |
 |  30 | 1820/2175 | Tower F2, Mistress' room; powdered crystal on bureau    |
 |  20 | 1840/2175 | Tower F2, Mistress' room; hemlock essence by bedside    |
 |   5 | 1845/2175 | Tower F2, Mistress' room; coin on bureau                |
 | 150 | 1995/2175 | Tower F2, fireplace hideaway; cigarette case by desk    |
 |  10 | 2005/2175 | Tower F2, fireplace hideaway; coin on desk              |
 |  20 | 2025/2175 | Tower F2, fireplace hideaway; hemlock essence on desk   |

 The rooftop is accessed only from the interior 2F stairwell, on the opposite
 side of the foyer from the broadcasting tower.
  _____ ___________                                 _______________________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |_______________________________/ DUNWALL TOWER ROOFTOP |_
 |  20 | 2045/2175 | GUARD LOOT: Patrolman in front of safehouse             |
 |  60 | 2105/2175 | Lord Regent's safehouse; oil (2) in 1F storage room     |
 |  30 | 2135/2175 | Lord Regent's safehouse; p. crystal in 1F storage room  |
 |  20 | 2155/2175 | Lord Regent's safehouse; herbs in 1F storage room       |
 |  10 | 2165/2175 | Lord Regent's safehouse; shelf coin in 1F storage room  |
 |  10 | 2175/2175 | Lord Regent's safehouse; coin atop whale oil socket     |

 These Hound Pit items must be collected before going to sleep, which ends the
  _____ ___________                                        ________________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |______________________________________/ HOUND PITS PUB |_
 |  20 | ----/---- | tyvian ore in a dumpster near Samuel's shack            |
 |  20 | ----/---- | Pub 1F, distillery; hemlock behind the vat              |
 |  30 | ----/---- | Emily's Tower; powdered crystal on shelf                |
 | 100 | ----/---- | Pub Sewers; river krusts (2) that hold pearls           |

THE FLOODED DISTRICT                                                     [CL07]
  _____ ___________                                   _____________________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |_________________________________/ RUDSHORE WATERFRONT |_
 |  20 |   20/5635 | Confinement building; herbs in staircase locker         |
 |   6 |   26/5635 | Confinement building; coins in top-floor locker         |
 |  20 |   46/5635 | Confinement building; wire (2) on top-floor crates      |
 |   6 |   52/5635 | Confinement building; coins in watery basement of area  |
 |  32 |   84/5635 | Agroosh Way; wire, coins and ore behind billboard       |
 |  50 |  134/5635 | Agroosh Way; apartment by wooden walkways; fish statue  |
 |  30 |  164/5635 | Agroosh Way; apartment by wooden walkways; p. crystal   |
 |  12 |  176/5635 | Agroosh Way; apartment by wooden walkways; locker coins |
 |   6 |  182/5635 | Agroosh Way; waterside corpse coins nearly under skyway |
 | 150 |  332/5635 | Overseer Massacre bldg; 4 of 6 river krusts have pearls |
 |  75 |  407/5635 | Cen. Rudshore Station area, apt.; Slave Routes map      |
 |  13 |  420/5635 | Cen. Rudshore Station area, apt.; coins on shelf        |
 |   6 |  426/5635 | Cen. Rudshore Station area; coins on box by tree        |
 |   3 |  429/5635 | Cen. Rudshore Station area; coins on box by tree        |
 |   7 |  436/5635 | Cen. Rudshore Station area; coins on box by base entr.  |
 |  20 |  456/5635 | Ebenazar Causeway river krust area; ore in dumpster     |
 | 250 |  706/5635 | Ebenazar Causeway river krust area; krusts' pearls (7)  |
 | 300 | 1006/5635 | Ebenazar Causeway apartment; rat/weeper painting        |
 |   3 | 1009/5635 | Ebenazar Causeway apartment, next door; coins on stove  |
 |  50 | 1059/5635 | Weeper alley area; pocketwatch by corpse                |
 |   9 | 1068/5635 | Weeper alley area; coins on food stand                  |
 |  14 | 1082/5635 | Weeper alley area; pouch and coins on campsite mattress |
 |  50 | 1132/5635 | Weeper alley area; cigarette case by upper mattresses   |
 |   3 | 1135/5635 | Weeper alley area; coins by upper mattresses            |
 |   3 | 1138/5635 | Weeper alley area; coins in bone charm apartment        |
 |  52 | 1190/5635 | Weeper alley area; rooftop corpse w/ cameo and coins    |

  _____ ___________                                       _________________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |_____________________________________/ GREAVES FACTORY |_
 |  10 | 1200/5635 | 1st weeper area; pouch by mattress                      |
 |  30 | 1230/5635 | 1st weeper area; wire and tyvian ore on vent system     |
 |  14 | 1244/5635 | 1st weeper area; coins by campfire (two clusters)       |
 |  10 | 1254/5635 | Civilian corpse by dead overseers (behind tall gate)    |
 | 175 | 1429/5635 | River krusts just inside refinery grounds               |
 |  12 | 1441/5635 | Tank-filled boat by 1st river crust patch; boat coins   |
 | 200 | 1641/5635 | River krusts at foot of dumping grounds building        |
 |  75 | 1716/5635 | Stairway control room; Western Ocean map by table       |
 |   9 | 1725/5635 | Stairway control room; coins in lockers (two groups)    |
 |  10 | 1735/5635 | Stairway control room; wire in locker                   |
 |  20 | 1755/5635 | Stairway control room; herbs in locker                  |
 |  30 | 1785/5635 | Stairway control room; whale oil on locker              |
 |   8 | 1793/5635 | Dumping Grounds, exterior; coins by bone charm          |
 |  25 | 1818/5635 | Dumping Grounds, exterior; coins on pipes by 1st chain  |
 |  60 | 1878/5635 | Dumping Grounds, interior; oil (2) in top-floor lockers |
 |  20 | 1898/5635 | Dumping Grounds, interior; herbs in top-floor locker    |
 |  10 | 1908/5635 | Dumping Grounds, interior; wire in top-floor locker     |
 |  75 | 1983/5635 | Dumping Grounds, interior; Whaling Territories map      | 
 |   8 | 1991/5635 | Dumping Grounds, interior; coins in boarded-up area     |
 |  23 | 2014/5635 | Dumping Grounds, interior; coins+herbs by weeper camp   |
 |  60 | 2074/5635 | Dumping Grounds, interior; oil (2) on midlevel consoles |
 |  10 | 2084/5635 | Dumping Grounds, interior bottom; wire in flipped cart  |
 |  20 | 2104/5635 | Dumping Grounds, interior bottom; tyvian ore on shelf   |
 |  30 | 2134/5635 | Dumping Grounds, interior bottom; whale oil on shelf    |

  _____ ___________                                      __________________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |____________________________________/ CENTRAL RUDSHORE |_
 | 150 | 2284/5635 | Base Exterior, safe building; whale statue in safe      |
 |  33 | 2317/5635 | Base Exterior, Inhabitable Bldg 1; crystal and coins    |
 |  20 | 2337/5635 | Base Exterior, Inhabitable Bldg 2; hemlock on walkway   |
 |  50 | 2387/5635 | Base Exterior, outdoor kitchen; perth plate on stove    |
 |   7 | 2394/5635 | Base Exterior, broken bldg by base entrance; box coins  |
 |   1 | 2395/5635 | Base Interior, cubicle area; coin on bench              |
 |  30 | 2425/5635 | Base Interior, cubicle area; powdered crystal on a desk |
 |  40 | 2465/5635 | Base Interior, cubicle area; hemlock (2) in back trunk  |
 |   6 | 2471/5635 | Base Interior, cubicle area; coins on desk by trunk     |
 |   7 | 2478/5635 | Base Interior, training room; coins by elixirs          |
 |   4 | 2482/5635 | Base Interior, outside Daud's room; coins on floor      |
 |  15 | 2497/5635 | Base Interior, Daud's room; pouch carried by Daud       |
 |   8 | 2505/5635 | Base Interior, Daud's room; coins on shelf by his bed   |
 | 100 | 2605/5635 | Base Interior, Daud's room; jewel box in locked trunk   |
 |  28 | 2633/5635 | Base Interior, cubicle area; coins in locked drawer     |
 | 100 | 2733/5635 | Base Interior, cubicle area; watch in locked drawer     |
 |  13 | 2746/5635 | Base Exterior, back area; coins on top-floor desk       |
 |  22 | 2768/5635 | Base Exterior, back area; hemlock and coins by food     |
 | 150 | 2918/5635 | Base Exterior, back area; sextant in locked cabinet     |
 | 300 | 3218/5635 | Base Interior, basement shaft; Torturer painting        |

  _____ ___________                                         _______________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |_______________________________________/ RUDSHORE GATE |_
 | 110 | 3328/5635 | Old Mosley Canal; cameo and coins on bridge             |
 |  10 | 3338/5635 | Old Mosley Canal; wire on ground by apt. sidewalk       |
 |  20 | 3358/5635 | Old Mosley Canal; herbs in makeshift sidewalk camp      |
 |  10 | 3368/5635 | Mosley's Warehouse; wire on debris pile between 1F & 2F |
 |  10 | 3378/5635 | Mosley's Warehouse; NPC-carried pouch                   |
 |  50 | 3428/5635 | Mosley's Warehouse; urn in locked stash room            |
 | 150 | 3578/5635 | Mosley's Warehouse; war medal in locked stash room      |
 |  14 | 3592/5635 | Mosley's Warehouse; table coins in locked stash room    |
 |  50 | 3642/5635 | Slum apartment w/ survivor; statuette in cabinet        |
 |  18 | 3660/5635 | Slum apartment w/o survivor; coins on upper floor table |
 |   7 | 3667/5635 | Slum apartment area; apt under survivor's, desk coins   |
 |  30 | 3697/5635 | Slum apartment area; ore & wire in dumpster under rail  |
 |  20 | 3717/5635 | Pluckebaum Avenue; herbs in dumpster                    |
 |   3 | 3720/5635 | Pluckebaum Avenue alley; coins on table by ruined bldg. |
 |  13 | 3733/5635 | 1st Weeper Tenement, 1F; coins in locked room           |
 |  13 | 3746/5635 | 1st Weeper Tenement, 3F; weeper room, wire and coins    |
 | 100 | 3846/5635 | 2nd Weeper Tenement, 3F; hound statue in corpse room    |
 |  12 | 3858/5635 | Ruined Hotel, 2F; coins by stairway, on chair           |
 |  16 | 3874/5635 | Ruined Hotel, 3F; coins on old mattress                 |
 |  30 | 3904/5635 | Ruined Hotel, 3F; behind locked door, pouch & hemlock   |

 Slackjaw's 600-coin reward -- the largest single source in the game, to my
 knowledge -- is missable if one assists Granny Rags instead. Of course, one
 can't even get reach that arena without first having done a sidequest for
 each in the early chapters.
  _____ ___________                                     ___________________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |___________________________________/ OLD PORT DISTRICT |_
 |  20 | 3924/5635 | Dead-end street, by weeper campfire; corpse's pouch     |
 |  50 | 3974/5635 | Sewers, 1st river krust group                           |
 |  18 | 3992/5635 | Sewers, coins by 1st river krust group (two piles)      |
 | 125 | 4117/5635 | Sewers, 2nd river krust group                           |
 | 100 | 4217/5635 | Sewers, ingot in the bone charm safe                    |
 |  50 | 5267/5635 | Sewers, 3rd river krust group                           |
 |  40 | 4307/5635 | Sewers, sunken tunnel; coin (4) on cabinet toward end   |
 |  10 | 4317/5635 | Sewers, platform behind long underwater section; wire   |
 |  30 | 4347/5635 | Sewers, feathers and herbs by Slackjaw's stockade       |
 | 300 | 4647/5635 | Sewers, Granny Rags' house; Outsider painting above bed |
 |  30 | 4677/5635 | Sewers, Granny Rags' house; whale oil beside bed        |
 | 600 | 5277/5635 | Sewers, Granny Rags' area; reward for saving Slackjaw   |
 |  30 | 5307/5635 | Sewers, Granny Rags' back room; whale oil on cabinet    |
 |  75 | 5382/5635 | Sewers, Granny Rags' back room; Continent Pandyssa map  |
 |  50 | 5432/5635 | Sewers, Granny Rags' back room; sextant on table        |
 |  10 | 5442/5635 | Sewers, Granny Rags' back room; feathers on table       |
 |  25 | 5467/5635 | Sewers, shantytown area; 4th river krust group          |
 |  13 | 5480/5635 | Sewers, shantytown area; coins below 4th r.k. group     |
 |  20 | 5500/5635 | Sewers, shantytown area; kennel-stuffed weeper corpe    |
 |  50 | 5550/5635 | Sewers, shantytown area; pouch on table by shack        |
 |  75 | 5625/5635 | Sewers, post-shantytown area; 5th river krust group     |
 |  10 | 5635/5635 | Sewers, post-shantytown area; desk coins by exit stair  |

THE LOYALISTS                                                            [CL08]
 Note that using the arc pylon method can be doubly annoying: disintegrating
 foes naturally destroys their loot, while KOing them can still glitch their
 loot into the ground. Coin fiends will want to eliminate the ranks piecemeal
 instead, just to be safe.
  _____ ___________                                        ________________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |______________________________________/ HOUND PITS PUB |_
 |   5 |    5/360  | GUARD LOOT: Street patrolman                            |
 | 100 |  ---/360  | GUARD LOOT: Patrolman who wanders between pub/backyard  |
 |  25 |  ---/360  | GUARD LOOT: Patrolman in backyard                       |
 |  10 |  ---/360  | GUARD LOOT: Patrolman in backyard                       |
 |  10 |  ---/360  | GUARD LOOT: Patrolman at base of Emily's tower          |
 |  10 |  ---/360  | GUARD LOOT: Patrolman in Corvo's quarters               |
 | 100 |  ---/360  | Pub sewers, river krust (2) pearls                      |
 | 100 |  ---/360  | Pub sewers, cameo by audiograph player                  |

THE LIGHT AT THE END                                                     [CL09]
 In high chaos playthroughs, the 50-coin purse is carried by Martin instead.
  _____ ___________                                ________________________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |______________________________/ KINGSPARROW LIGHTHOUSE |_
 |   2 |    2/187  | Lighthouse beach; coins in li'l bunker by beachside en. |
 |   2 |    4/187  | Kingsparrow Fort; beach gate power room, coins on panel |
 |   6 |   10/187  | Kingsparrow Fort; control room above gates' cntrl room  |
 |  50 |   60/187  | Kingsparrow Fort, upper rampart room; on table          |
 |  17 |   77/187  | Kingsparrow Fort, upper rampart room; on table          |
 |   6 |   83/187  | Kingsparrow Fort, upper ramparts; gatehouse control rm. |
 |   1 |   84/187  | Kingsparrow Fort, Gatehouse; floor, 2F above entrance   |
 |   3 |   87/187  | Burrows Lighthouse, antechamber coins (by big map room) |
 | 100 |  187/187  | Burrows Lighthouse, on table near audiograph player     |

____________________________________________________|�| )�)�����|����\_________
����������������������������������������������������| (/ /| |�| | |�\ \��������
A CAPTAIN OF INDUSTRY                               |   ( | | | | |  ) ) [KOD1]
____________________________________________________| (\ \| |_| | |_/ /________
����������������������������������������������������|_| )_)_____|____/���������

  _____ ___________                                    ____________________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |__________________________________/ SLAUGHTERHOUSE ROW |_
 |  10 |   10/2053 | Street, mattress coins by electric carriage             |
 |   5 |   15/2053 | 1st Watch Apt. 2F; coin on table                        |
 |  10 |   25/2053 | 1st Watch Apt. 2F; wire on table                        |
 |  10 |   35/2053 | 1st Watch Apt. 3F; coin in locker                       |
 |  25 |   60/2053 | GUARD LOOT: Slaughterhouse Row, 2nd apt. bridge guard   |
 |  20 |   80/2053 | 2nd Watch Apt. 1F; herbs on counter                     |
 |  50 |  130/2053 | 2nd Watch Apt. 1F; pouch on desk                        |
 |  10 |  140/2053 | 2nd Watch Apt. 1F; coins by stairway desks              |
 |  10 |  150/2053 | 2nd Watch Apt. 2F; coins on stairs                      |
 |  20 |  170/2053 | 2nd Watch Apt. 2F; herbs under desk                     |
 |  10 |  180/2053 | Street; coins by crate alongside arc pylon              |
 |  25 |  205/2053 | alley by 2nd Watch Apt.; hemlock & coins by corpses     |
 |  10 |  215/2053 | alley by 2nd Watch Apt.; wire on lowest roof, by pipes  |
 |  10 |  225/2053 | thin roof above main street by alley; feathers on top   |
 |  20 |  245/2053 | Granny Rags' ritual chamber; coins on desk and chair    |
 |  30 |  275/2053 | Front gate area; whale oil by cart track buffer stops   |
 |  50 |  325/2053 | GUARD LOOT: Patrolman in safe building                  |
 |  10 |  335/2053 | Main Grounds; table coin in safe building               |
 |  10 |  345/2053 | Main Grounds; coins on path leading down to alarm area  |
 |  25 |  370/2053 | GUARD LOOT: Patrolman near slaughterhouse main entrance |
 |  30 |  400/2053 | Main Grounds; oil by leaking pipe, by main entr. alarm  |
 |  20 |  420/2053 | Main Grounds, lounge; hemlock in locker                 |
 |  15 |  435/2053 | Main Grounds, lounge; coins by mattress and table crate |
 |  10 |  445/2053 | Main Grounds, under electric carriage by main entrance  |
 |  30 |  475/2053 | Main Grounds, cart filling station; whale oil on panel  |
 |   7 |  482/2053 | Main Grounds, loading bay; coins on waterside table     |
 |  25 |  507/2053 | Main Grounds, loading bay; pearl on pylon in water      |
 | 100 |  607/2053 | Main Grounds, safe building; ingot in safe              |
 |  10 |  617/2053 | Main Grounds; wire between lounge & pylon control bldgs |
 |  25 |  642/2053 | Main Grounds, laborer lockup; pearl under halfpipe      |
 |  30 |  672/2053 | Main Grounds; laborer lockup; oil under leaking tower   |
 |   5 |  677/2053 | Main Grounds, laborer lockup; ground coin by desk       |
 |   5 |  682/2053 | Main Grounds, laborer lockup; ground coin (in cell)     |
 |  10 |  692/2053 | Main Grounds, laborer lockup; wire on console (in cell) |
 |  20 |  712/2053 | Main Grounds, arc pylon dock; herbs in dock rowboat     |
 |  10 |  722/2053 | Main Grounds, arc pylon dock; wire on dock, by crates   |
 |  10 |  732/2053 | Main Grounds, boat storage; coin in locker              |
 | 100 |  832/2053 | Main Grounds, boat storage; pouch in locker             |
 |   1 |  833/2053 | Main Grounds, boat storage; coin by locker              |
 |  25 |  858/2053 | Main Grounds, boat storage; pearl in boat               |
 |  10 |  868/2053 | Main Grounds, arc pylon area; coins by sewer cntrl lvr  |
 |  25 |  893/2053 | Main Grounds, arc pylon area; pearl under dock tower    |
 |  15 |  908/2053 | Main Grounds, arc pylon area; coin/pouch on dock tower  |
 |  10 |  918/2053 | Main Grounds, arc pylon area; coin by waterside bench   |

  _____ ___________                               _________________________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |_____________________________/ ROTHWILD SLAUGHTERHOUSE |_
 |  20 |  938/2053 | Meat Packing area; ore on crate stack                   |
 |  10 |  948/2053 | Meat Packing area; wire on roof beam                    |
 |  30 |  978/2053 | Killing Floor w/ dead whale; oil on countertop          |
 |  10 |  988/2053 | Killing Floor w/ dead whale; wire on cabinet            |
 |  20 | 1008/2053 | Killing Floor w/ dead whale; tyvian ore on table        |
 |  30 | 1038/2053 | Killing Floor w/ dead whale; oil under rail platform    |
 |  10 | 1048/2053 | Killing Floor w/ dead whale; wire underneath machinery  |
 |  25 | 1073/2053 | Locker Room; pouch in locker                            |
 |  30 | 1103/2053 | Locker Room; oil on locker                              |
 |  10 | 1113/2053 | Locker Room; pouch on cabinet                           |
 |  20 | 1133/2053 | Locker Room; tyvian ore under sink                      |
 |  30 | 1163/2053 | Canteen; whale oil on table                             |
 |  10 | 1173/2053 | Processing Area; wire on planks by main. hatch          |
 |  10 | 1183/2053 | Processing Area; wire by maintenance hatch              |
 |  30 | 1213/2053 | Processing Area; oil by maintenance hatch               |
 |  20 | 1233/2053 | B1 maintenance hatch area; ore under pipe valve cover   |
 |  10 | 1243/2053 | Processing Area; wire on a high beam, by stairway       |
 |  10 | 1253/2053 | Processing Area; wire by tank                           |
 |  10 | 1263/2053 | Processing Area; wire on crates opposite tank           |
 |  20 | 1283/2053 | Processing Area; ore on workbench                       |
 |  10 | 1293/2053 | Processing Area; wire by tanks                          |
 |  30 | 1323/2053 | Processing Area; ore+wire in locker                     |
 |  10 | 1333/2053 | 1F area between killing floor chambers; wire on crate   |
 |  10 | 1343/2053 | Killing Floor w/ live whale; wire on 1F stack           |
 |  10 | 1353/2053 | Killing Floor w/ live whale; wire near shuttered door   |
 |  30 | 1383/2053 | Killing Floor w/ live whale; oil on console under wlkwy |
 |  20 | 1403/2053 | Killing Floor w/ live whale; ore on console near tanks  |
 |  25 | 1428/2053 | Bookkeeping Office; pouch on desk                       |
 |  25 | 1453/2053 | Bookkeeping Office; pouch on desk                       |
 | 100 | 1553/2053 | Bundry's Office; ingot in safe                          |
 | 500 | 2053/2053 | Abigail Ames' reward for blowing up the whale oil tanks |

____________________________________________________|�| )�)�����|����\_________
����������������������������������������������������| (/ /| |�| | |�\ \��������
EMINENT DOMAIN                                      |   ( | | | | |  ) ) [KOD2]
____________________________________________________| (\ \| |_| | |_/ /________
����������������������������������������������������|_| )_)_____|____/���������

  _____ ___________                             ___________________________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |___________________________/ LEGAL DISTRICT WATERFRONT |_
 |   5 |    5/3169 | Waterfront entry canal; coin by overturned chair        |
 |  10 |   15/3169 | Waterfront entry canal; wire in tipped rowboat          |
 |  10 |   25/3169 | Waterfront; coins in docked boat & by nearby crate      |
 |  10 |   35/3169 | Waterfront; wire on crate in area w/ 2 guards           |
 |   5 |   40/3169 | Waterfront: coin by stairway in area w/ 2 guards        |
 |   5 |   45/3169 | Waterfront; coin in empty bus stop                      |
 |   5 |   50/3169 | Waterfront; coin in dumpster by bus stop                |
 |  10 |   60/3169 | Bloodox Way; wire on small roof of waterfront bridge    |
 |  20 |   80/3169 | Bloodox Way; tyvian ore on broken part of waterfront    |
 |  10 |   90/3169 | Bloodox Way; coin in wall of light guard booth          |
 |   5 |   95/3169 | Bloodox Way; coin on roof above archway wall of light   |
 |   1 |   96/3169 | Bloodox Way; coin behind street stack in spotlight      |
 |   1 |   97/3169 | Treaver's Close; on ground by "Treaver's Close" sign    |
 |   5 |  102/3169 | Treaver's Close; coin in boat by dumpster               |
 |  10 |  112/3169 | Treaver's Close; coin in dead end past dumpster         |
 |   5 |  117/3169 | Lackrow Boulevard; coin in dead end's refuse cart       |
 |   1 |  118/3169 | Lackrow Boulevard; coin by tipped cart in street        |
 |   5 |  123/3169 | Lackrow Boulevard; coin on balcony of bone charm apt.   |
 |  10 |  133/3169 | Lackrow Boulevard square; coin on cabinet               |
 |  30 |  163/3169 | Lackrow Boulevard square; whale oil on stove            |
 |  10 |  173/3169 | Lackrow Boulevard square; wire on cabinet by alarm      |
 |  25 |  198/3169 | City Watch Apartment, 1F; pouch on countertop           |
 |  20 |  218/3169 | City Watch Apartment, 1F; pouch on table                |
 |  30 |  248/3169 | City Watch Apartment, 1F; oil under stairway            |
 |  30 |  278/3169 | City Watch Apartment, 2F; p. crystal in bedroom locker  |
 |  30 |  308/3169 | City Watch Apartment, 3F; oil on shelf                  |
 |   5 |  313/3169 | City Watch Apartment, 4F; coin on stairwell desk        |
 |  10 |  323/3169 | City Watch Apartment, 4F; wire on shelf                 |
 |  25 |  348/3169 | City Watch Apartment, 4F; pouch on desk                 |
 |  30 |  378/3169 | City Watch Apartment, 4F; p. crystal in bathroom        |
 | 200 |  578/3169 | City Watch Apartment, 4F; ingot (2) in safe             |
 |  30 |  608/3169 | Bldg w/ 5F balcony adjacent to watch bldg; oil on shelf |
 |   3 |  611/3169 | Bldg w/ 4F balcony watchman; coins on interior desk     |
 |  30 |  641/3169 | Lackrow Blvd apt.; powdered crystal in high charm room  |
 |   5 |  646/3169 | The Black Friar 1F; coin on chair beneath stairway      |
 |  25 |  671/3169 | The Black Friar 1F; coins on alley's stone stair rail   |
 |  30 |  701/3169 | The Black Friar 2F; oil by cabinet                      |
 |   1 |  702/3169 | The Black Friar 3F; coin in stairwell shelf             |
 |  30 |  732/3169 | Smoke Street; oil by stairway (near climbable chain)    |
 |  30 |  762/3169 | Smoke Street; oil in guard booth                        |

 Note that after the general's visit on the nonlethal route, he immediately
 gets into his vehicle and leaves. Daud will have to work quickly to swipe
 his pouch (Bend Time?) before he or his cohort notices.
  _____ ___________                                    ____________________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |__________________________________/ THE LEGAL DISTRICT |_
 |  10 |  772/3169 | Pudding Street lockup bldg; feathers by bone charm      |
 |  10 |  782/3169 | Pudding Street; wire on crate by wall of light          |
 |  25 |  807/3169 | GUARD LOOT: Pudding Street watchman by wall of light    |
 |  10 |  817/3169 | Pudding Street, 2F crate balcony; coin on stack         |
 |  20 |  837/3169 | Pudding Street, Roland's apartment; pouch on mattress   |
 |   2 |  839/3169 | Legal Plaza, Apartment 10; coins in cabinet             |
 |  25 |  864/3169 | GUARD LOOT: Outdoor patrolman around Timsh Law Offices  |
 |  25 |  889/3169 | GUARD LOOT: Outdoor patrolman around Timsh Law Offices  |
 |  20 |  909/3169 | Legal Plaza; pouch in lower guard booth                 |
 |  11 |  920/3169 | Legal Plaza; coins under crate stack near by railing    |
 |  10 |  930/3169 | Legal Plaza; wire in upper guard booth                  |
 |  10 |  940/3169 | Legal Plaza; wire on crate behind bldg.                 |
 |  20 |  960/3169 | Timsh Estate, B1; pouch on couch                        |
 |  30 |  990/3169 | Timsh Estate, B1; whale oil on barrelhead               |
 |  40 | 1030/3169 | Timsh Estate, B1; whale oil & wire on bone charm table  |
 |  11 | 1041/3169 | Timsh Estate, B1; coins within air circulator           |
 |  10 | 1051/3169 | Timsh Estate, B1; coin on candlelit table               |
 |  15 | 1066/3169 | Timsh Estate, B1; coins on kitchen table                |
 |  40 | 1106/3169 | Timsh Estate, B1; herbs (2) on kitchen shelf & table    |
 |  25 | 1131/3169 | NPC LOOT: Lawyer in law office foyer                    |
 |  50 | 1181/3169 | NPC LOOT: Lawyer in law office foyer                    |
 | 100 | 1281/3169 | Timsh Estate, 1F; foyer hound statue in display case    |
 |  25 | 1306/3169 | Timsh Estate, 1F; pouch in B. Gerwin's office           |
 |  25 | 1331/3169 | Timsh Estate, 1F; pouch in A. Thompson's office         |
 |  10 | 1341/3169 | Timsh Estate, 1F; coin in A. Thompson's office          |
 |  30 | 1371/3169 | Timsh Estate, 1F; oil in hallway cabinet, by bathroom   |
 |  30 | 1401/3169 | Timsh Estate, 1F; feathers & pouch in archives cabinet  |
 |  10 | 1411/3169 | GUARD LOOT: 2F watchman on foyer overlook               |
 |   6 | 1417/3169 | Timsh Estate, 2F; hallway table coins (by fir. library) |
 |   1 | 1418/3169 | Timsh Estate, 2F; coin in fireplace library, by shelf   |
 | 100 | 1518/3169 | Timsh Estate, 2F; cigarette case in smoking room        |
 |  10 | 1528/3169 | Timsh Estate, 2F; coin under stairway to 3F             |
 |  10 | 1538/3169 | Timsh Estate, 3F; coins under fancy hallway dresser     |
 | 100 | 1638/3169 | GUARD LOOT: 3F watchman near Timsh's office/hallway     |
 | 100 | 1738/3169 | Timsh Estate, 3F; ingot in locked chest                 |
 | 100 | 1838/3169 | Timsh Estate, 3F; war medal on Timsh's office desk      |
 | 150 | 1988/3169 | Timsh Estate, 3F; Brigmore urn in office display case   |
 |  25 | 2013/3169 | Timsh Estate, 3F; pouch in office antechamber cabinet   |
 |  30 | 2043/3169 | Timsh Estate, 3F; oil under Tyvia painting in hallway   |
 | 150 | 2193/3169 | Timsh Estate, 4F; whale statue in stairway display case |
 |   1 | 2194/3169 | Timsh Estate, 4F; coin on bathroom sink                 |
 | 100 | 2294/3169 | Timsh Estate, 4F; cameo in Delilah's painting studio    |
 | 100 | 2394/3169 | Timsh Estate, 4F; urn on dining room fireplace mantle   |
 | 100 | 2494/3169 | Timsh Estate, 4F; jewel box on dining room cabinet      |
 |  50 | 2544/3169 | GUARD LOOT: Timsh's personal guard (always follows him) |
 |  25 | 2569/3169 | Timsh Estate, 4F; pouch on Timsh's bedroom desk         |
 | 100 | 2669/3169 | GUARD LOOT: General Turnbull's pouch in the plaza       |
 | 500 | 3169/3169 | Thalia's reward (at L. Dist. Waterfront) for the will   |

 The third mission (The Surge) has no coins, so it won't be listed.

___________________________________________________|�������|����\|�| |�|_______
������������������������������������������������������| |��| |�) | | | |�������
01) A STAY OF EXECUTION FOR LIZZY                     | |  | |( (| |�| | [TBW1]
______________________________________________________| |__| |_) )     |_______

  _____ ___________                                      __________________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |____________________________________/ COLDRIDGE PRISON |_
 |  50 |   50/1655 | GUARD LOOT: Main Gate (interior) guard                  |
 |  50 |  100/1655 | GUARD LOOT: Guard at the Execution Grounds yard         |
 |  25 |  125/1655 | Execution Grounds; pouch on chair in sitting area       |
 |  50 |  175/1655 | GUARD LOOT: Patrolman near the arc pylon                |
 |  30 |  205/1655 | Interior; oil in arc pylon guard station                |
 |  50 |  255/1655 | GUARD LOOT: Watchman in main yard                       |
 | 100 |  355/1655 | Interior; pouch on interrogation room table             |
 | 500 |  855/1655 | Interior; ingot (5) in interrogation room, broken crate |
 | 300 | 1155/1655 | Interior; atop cell control rm., naval commendation     |
 | 200 | 1355/1655 | Interior; atop cell control rm., ingot/pouch by crate   |
 |  25 | 1380/1655 | Interior; cell control room, pouch on table             |
 |  20 | 1400/1655 | Interior; Cellblock D, wire (2) on crate by 1F cells    |
 |  10 | 1410/1655 | Interior; Cellblock D, wire on table by 1F cells        |
 |  70 | 1480/1655 | Interior: Cell A13, whale oil (2) and feathers by bunk  |
 |  45 | 1525/1655 | Interior; Cell A14, coins/pouch on bunk                 |
 |  10 | 1535/1655 | Interior; Cell A25, feathers on bed                     |
 |  50 | 1585/1655 | GUARD LOOT: Cellblock A, 1F patrolman                   |
 |  70 | 1655/1655 | Interior; Cellblock A, upper cell w/ poker table antes  |

___________________________________________________|�������|����\|�| |�|_______
������������������������������������������������������| |��| |�) | | | |�������
02) THE DEAD EELS                                     | |  | |( (| |�| | [TBW2]
______________________________________________________| |__| |_) )     |_______

 All items can be found during the first sweep, except for the wire in the
 mechanic's locker -- Daud must first find its key in the Textile Mill sewers.
  _____ ___________                                  ______________________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |________________________________/ DRAPERS WARD STREETS |_
 |  30 |   30/3520 | Near Eels-Hatters rail track fight; oil on ground       |
 |  10 |   40/3520 | Near Eels-Hatters rail track fight; wire in dumpster    |
 |  10 |   50/3520 | Near Eels-Hatters rail track fight; coin on 2F balcony  |
 | 100 |  150/3520 | Ritual room; war medal in 3F locker                     |
 |  25 |  175/3520 | NPC LOOT: Hatter at the arc pylon crossroads            |
 |  10 |  185/3520 | Arc pylon crossroads; wire on upper vent system         |
 |  30 |  215/3520 | Arc pylon crossroads; oil on crate                      |
 |  10 |  225/3520 | Arc pylon crossroads; wire on crate                     |
 |  20 |  245/3520 | Arc pylon crossroads; wire/coin at base of pylon itself |
 |  10 |  255/3520 | Arc pylon crossroads; coin in front of 'for rent' sign  |
 |  10 |  265/3520 | Millenary Canal; feather on really high billboard light |
 |  10 |  275/3520 | Millenary Canal; wire on 'welcome to Drapers Ward' sign |
 |  20 |  295/3520 | Millenary Canal; coin (4) on upper left-hand dead end   |
 |   1 |  296/3520 | Millenary Canal; coin by apartment steps (near safe)    |
 |  10 |  306/3520 | Millenary Canal; wire in apartment front yard           |
 |  10 |  316/3520 | Millenary Canal; coin (2) by sitting area (near safe)   |
 |   5 |  321/3520 | Millenary Canal; on X-shaped wall bracket by sit. area  |
 |   5 |  326/3520 | Millenary Canal; coin in muck (near Oxrush Flower)      |
 |  75 |  401/3520 | Millenary Canal; pearl (2) near canal's end (near safe) |
 | 100 |  501/3520 | Millenary Canal; ingot in safe                          |
 |  30 |  531/3520 | Millenary Canal; oil in canal drain underneath Jerome's |
 |   6 |  537/3520 | Millenary Canal; coin (2) near canal drain oil          |
 |  14 |  551/3520 | Millenary Canal; coin (5) at storm drain, upper pltfrm. |
 |  20 |  571/3520 | NPC LOOT: Hatter standing over wounded foe by Jerome's  |
 | 100 |  671/3520 | Jerome's Shop; jewel box in living room                 |
 |  60 |  731/3520 | Jerome's Shop; oil and p. crystal on shelf              |
 |   1 |  732/3520 | Jerome's Shop; coin on desk overlooking back alley      |
 |  50 |  782/3520 | Jerome's Shop; pouch in safe                            |
 |  50 |  832/3520 | Jerome's Shop; reward for killing Skinflint             |
 |  30 |  862/3520 | Rooftop lookout area; coin (3) on crate                 |
 | 100 |  962/3520 | Dressmaker's Studio; cigarette case on chair            |
 |  25 |  987/3520 | Dressmaker's Studio; coins (5) on table                 |
 |  10 |  997/3520 | Dressmaker's Studio; coins (2) under rune               |
 |  15 | 1012/3520 | Alley behind Dressmaker's Studio; coins (2) in bush     |
 |  10 | 1022/3520 | Millenary Canal; coin stuck between planks on bridge    |
 |  10 | 1032/3520 | Ritual room; wire in locker (can't get 1st time thru)   |

 The only portion of note in the Riverfront section is the sunken crate -- it
 contains an ingot needed to get max coins in the level, and will only spawn
 if Daud purchased the related favor. (Of course, the favor costs 100, so the
 only gains are the remaining supplies.)
  _____ ___________                               _________________________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |_____________________________/ DRAPERS WARD RIVERFRONT |_
 |  20 | 1052/3520 | Entrance area; tyvian ore on barrelhead                 |
 |  30 | 1082/3520 | Entrance area; oil on cabinet near two chatty guards    |
 |  20 | 1102/3520 | Entrance area; tyvian ore in dumpster                   |
 | 130 | 1232/3520 | Lookout apartment; cameo on couch, p. crystal on shelf  |
 |  20 | 1252/3520 | NPC LOOT: Female Eel at dock overlook area              |
 |  20 | 1272/3520 | Dock overlook area; tyvian ore in old vendor cart       |
 |  10 | 1282/3520 | Dock area; wire by dumpster area spotlight              |
 |  10 | 1292/3520 | Dock area; wire on cargo car (near rune/weeper tunnel)  |
 |  40 | 1332/3520 | Dock area; wire/pouch/coins in boat by Wrenhaven Shpng. |
 |  10 | 1342/3520 | Dock area; wire on spotlight next to Undine             |
 |  10 | 1352/3520 | Dock area; feathers on Wrenhaven Shipping building      |
 |  10 | 1362/3520 | Dock area; coin (2) in water by Wrenhaven bldg. tunnel  |
 |  50 | 1412/3520 | Dock area; pearl in sunken Wrenhaven Shipping tunnel    |
 | 100 | 1512/3520 | Dock area; urn inside Wrenhaven Shipping building       |
 | 100 | 1612/3520 | Water by Wrehaven Building; ingot in sunken favor crate |
 |  10 | 1622/3520 | Undine; wire on top of control room                     |
 |  40 | 1662/3520 | Undine; oil and console coin in control room            |
 |  30 | 1692/3520 | Undine; oil on deck, slightly below control room        |
 |  10 | 1702/3520 | Undine; wire on upper deck crate                        |
 |  30 | 1732/3520 | Undine; belowdecks oil by crate                         |
 | 100 | 1832/3520 | Undine; ingot half-hidden on crate (near oil)           |
 |  10 | 1842/3520 | NPC LOOT: Undine patrolman                              |
 |  25 | 1867/3520 | NPC LOOT: Edgar Wakefield's pouch                       |
 |  40 | 1907/3520 | Dock area; ore (2) in big boat alongside the Undine     |
 |  25 | 1932/3520 | NPC LOOT: Lizzy Stride's pouch                          |

 All the mill's goods are ripe for the picking, and if Daud makes a deal with
 Nurse Trimble, he can turn all Hatters neutral, making the search easier.
  _____ ___________                             ___________________________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |___________________________/ DRAPERS WARD TEXTILE MILL |_
 |  10 | 1942/3520 | Entrance area; wire in dumpster with big spools in it   |
 |  10 | 1952/3520 | Entrance area; wire on ground at nearby landing         |
 |  20 | 1972/3520 | Entrance area; ore in area alongside bone charm booth   |
 |  30 | 2002/3520 | Entrance area; oil in area alongside bone charm booth   |
 | 100 | 2102/3520 | Gatehouse; decor plate leaning against filing cabinet   |
 |  10 | 2112/3520 | Gatehouse; wire atop console                            |
 |  15 | 2127/3520 | Gatehouse; coin (2) on table                            |
 |  20 | 2147/3520 | Gatehouse; herbs on small desk by mattress              |
 |  20 | 2167/3520 | Factory grounds; tyvian ore by wall of light hack panel |
 |  35 | 2202/3520 | Factory Buildings, 1F; locker room, hemlock & coins (2) |
 |  20 | 2222/3520 | Factory Buildings, 1F; herbs on bedding (by waterwheel) |
 | 100 | 2322/3520 | Factory Buildings, 1F; watch on mattress (rune room)    |
 |  20 | 2342/3520 | Factory Buildings, 3F; herbs in locker                  |
 |  30 | 2372/3520 | Factory Buildings, 3F; oil on console (by met. salts)   |
 |  40 | 2412/3520 | Factory Buildings, 3F; herbs/hemlock by sleeping area   |
 |  20 | 2432/3520 | Factory Buildings, 3F; herbs in Geezer's room           |
 |  20 | 2452/3520 | Factory Buildings, 4F; herbs on desk (by blueprints)    |
 | 170 | 2622/3520 | Factory Buildings, 4F; lab herb/p.crystal/coin(3)/ingot |
 |  40 | 2662/3520 | Factory Buildings, B1; wire & oil in engine room        |

  _____ ___________                                   _____________________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |_________________________________/ DRAPERS WARD SEWERS |_
 | 100 | 2762/3520 | Fish statue on walkway near 1st river krust patch       |
 | 125 | 2887/3520 | Pearls (3) from 1st river krust patch                   |
 |  10 | 2897/3520 | Wire by exit to engine room                             |
 |  30 | 2927/3520 | Oil under pipes by stairway (at 1st river krust patch)  |
 |  20 | 2947/3520 | Ore in front of ventilation maintenance room            |
 |  60 | 3007/3520 | Oil/P.Crystal in front of 1st witch chamber             |
 |  25 | 3032/3520 | 1st Witch chamber; pearl at bottom                      |
 |  20 | 3052/3520 | 1st Witch chamber; herbs on console                     |
 |  20 | 3072/3520 | 1st Witch chamber; herbs in Delilah statue antechamber  |
 |  30 | 3102/3520 | Oil by mechanic's corpse (past 1st witch chamber)       |
 |  46 | 3148/3520 | Ore/pearl/coin near mini bridge (right by bone charm)   |
 |  20 | 3168/3520 | Tyvian ore right by bone charm itself                   |
 |  20 | 3188/3520 | 2nd Witch chamber, B1; ore under pipes (by 2 chairs)    |
 |  10 | 3198/3520 | 2nd Witch chamber, B1; wire by pipe near a stairway     |
 |  30 | 3228/3520 | 2nd Witch chamber, B1; oil in nook near glowing garden  |
 |  10 | 3238/3520 | 2nd Witch chamber, F1; wire under large gear            |
 |  30 | 3268/3520 | 2nd Witch chamber, F1; oil under different large gear   |
 |  50 | 3318/3520 | 2nd Witch chamber, F1; oil & herbs in far corner        |
 |  30 | 3348/3520 | 2nd Witch chamber, F1; p. crystal on valve controls     |
 |  30 | 3378/3520 | 2nd Witch chamber, F1; oil on highest catwalk           |
 | 112 | 3490/3520 | (after fixing waterflow) coins (25) in canal            |
 |  10 | 3500/3520 | Maintenance room; wire in duct with breakable fan       |
 |  20 | 3520/3520 | Maintenance room; hemlock on table by weeper corpse     |

___________________________________________________|�������|����\|�| |�|_______
������������������������������������������������������| |��| |�) | | | |�������
03) DELILAH'S MASTERWORK                              | |  | |( (| |�| | [TBW3]
______________________________________________________| |__| |_) )     |_______

 The map can be divided into two areas: the exterior estate grounds and the
 interior mansion. All items on the grounds spawn normally, except for the
 brigmore urn in the butler favor (must be purchased to get).
  _____ ___________                                       _________________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |_____________________________________/ BRIGMORE ESTATE |_
 |  20 |   20/2030 | Cliff with broken stairway; tyvian ore by rockpile      |
 |  25 |   45/2030 | River krust on shoreline                                |
 | 150 |  195/2030 | Brigmore Urn in shoreline chest (butler-related favor)  |
 |  20 |  215/2030 | Lookout building; herbs on cabinet                      |
 |  10 |  225/2030 | Lookout building; wire on roof                          |
 |  20 |  245/2030 | Graveyard area; ore at tree base by boobytrapped entr.  |
 |  50 |  295/2030 | Front yard; river krust (2) pearls                      |
 |  10 |  305/2030 | Front yard; feathers on side balcony                    |
 |  10 |  315/2030 | Front yard; wire on Delilah statue                      |
 |  30 |  345/2030 | Front yard; oil in graveyard tomb                       |
 |  10 |  355/2030 | Front yard; coin between greenhouse and mansion proper  |
 |  30 |  385/2030 | Front yard; Greenhouse, p. crystal by empty planter     |
 |  10 |  395/2030 | Front yard; Greenhouse, wire on very high rafter        |
 |  30 |  425/2030 | Front yard; Greenhouse area attic, p.crystal in chest   |
 |   5 |  430/2030 | Rooftops; coin in sunny patch, before charm area        |
 |  20 |  450/2030 | Rooftops; hemlock essence by corrupted charm            |
 |  15 |  465/2030 | Backyard; coin (3) in fountain near greenhouse area     |
 |  10 |  475/2030 | Backyard; coin on bone charm cliff                      |
 |  30 |  505/2030 | Backyard; oil by Delilah statue in gazebo               |
 |  20 |  525/2030 | Backyard; ore in waterfall area pool (by big s. shed)   |
 |  10 |  535/2030 | Backyard; wire on stones between gazebo and fountain    |
 |  20 |  555/2030 | Backyard; small storage shed, herbs on cabinet          |
 | 150 |  705/2030 | Backyard; small storage shed, pocketwatch in chest      |
 |  10 |  715/2030 | Backyard; coin in covered dirt path by fountain area    |
 |  25 |  740/2030 | Backyard; balcony river krust in fountain area          |
 |  25 |  765/2030 | Backyard; big storage shed river krust                  |
 |  20 |  785/2030 | Backyard; ore by gnarled tree behind big storage shed   |
 |  25 |  810/2030 | Right side of manor; river krust pearl                  |
 |  10 |  820/2030 | Right side of manor; wire on river krust scaffolding    |
 | 150 |  970/2030 | Front yard; jewel box in crypt                          |

 All interior items spawn normally -- no particular conditions needed.
  _____ ___________                                        ________________
 | AMT | TOTAL AMT |______________________________________/ BRIGMORE MANOR |_
 |  25 |  995/2030 | Mansion-graveyard corridor; pouch on shelf              |
 |  30 | 1025/2030 | Mansion foyer, oil in broken display case               |
 |  20 | 1045/2030 | West Wing; 2F foyer balcony, hemlock on food table      |
 | 150 | 1195/2030 | West Wing; 2F abandoned sitting area, sextant on floor  |
 |  10 | 1205/2030 | West Wing; 2F boobytrap area, feathers on bedroom floor |
 |  30 | 1235/2030 | West Wing; 3F studio, oil by canvas                     |
 |  10 | 1245/2030 | West Wing; 3F studio, coin on lantern table             |
 | 150 | 1395/2030 | West Wing; 3F studio, cigarette case on covered chair   |
 |   5 | 1400/2030 | West Wing; 3F studio, coin on floor by cigarette case   |
 |  15 | 1415/2030 | West Wing; 2F den patrol area, coin (2) on table        |
 | 150 | 1565/2030 | West Wing; 2F den patrol area, fish statuette in case   |
 |  10 | 1575/2030 | West Wing; 2F den patrol area, wire by fireplace        |
 |  20 | 1595/2030 | West Wing; 2F library, herbs on shelf                   |
 |  40 | 1635/2030 | East wing; 2F quarters/garden, herbs (2) around room    |
 |  30 | 1665/2030 | East Wing; 1F flooded area, p. crystal on shelf         |
 |  20 | 1685/2030 | East Wing; 1F flooded area, herbs on different shelf    |
 |  30 | 1715/2030 | East Wing; 1F flooded area, oil in chatty witches' room |
 |  20 | 1735/2030 | East Wing; 1F flooded area, herbs on food "table"       |
 |  30 | 1765/2030 | East Wing; 1F flooded area, oil in old display case     |
 | 150 | 1915/2030 | East Wing; empty 3F area, war medal on floor            |
 |   5 | 1920/2030 | East Wing; coin on isolated 3F ledge                    |
 |  20 | 1940/2030 | East Wing; 2F gallery approach, herbs on a table        |
 |  90 | 2030/2030 | East Wing; 1F gallery, oil (3) by canvas                |

GADGET OVERVIEW                                                          [GDGO]

 Ammo: ---

 This DLC-only weapon is an assassin's tool, throwing up a cloud of irritant
 that causes foes to be disoriented temporarily. Naturally, one capitalizes
 on their weakest moment by killing/incapacitating them. Opponents who last
 survive the cloud (which doesn't do any damage) will be alerted, unless one
 has the "Baffle Dust" upgrade from the Brigmore Witches DLC. Baffle Dust has
 an extra effect of short-term amnesia, so misfiring has a bit of forgiveness.

 Chokedust is rarely found throughout the game, but can be bought in spades
 from the pre-mission shop screen. It can be pretty useful for no-alert and
 no-kill runs, or anything in general, really.

 Ammo: Normal, Explosive, Incendiary, Sleep

 The single-shot crossbow is given to Corvo in the very first level, a gift
 that he uses throughout the game. Its specialty is long-range, pinpoint shots,
 and has numerous upgrades (accuracy, range, reload speed). One can also buy a
 "Combat Sleep Dart" upgrade that immediately incapacitates aware foes, rather
 than having the effect wait a few seconds to take hold.

 There are several types of ammo. The normal bolts are metal projectiles and
 the most common type to find. They can be bought from Piero, obtained from
 assassins and (sometimes) just found sitting around. Explosive and Incendiary
 types explode and incinerate their targets, respectively, although some foes
 may resist the latter. Sleep Darts are like normal ammo, only nonlethal.

 Normal ammo can also be (occasionally) collected from shot corpses and from
 the environment they hit. This applies even if, say, an assassin shoots and
 hits a wall. Sleep, Explosive and Incendiary ammo are all destroyed after
 being shot, so one needs to be more careful with 'em.

 Type: Normal, Sticky

 Grenades are here to chew bubble gum and explode, and they're all out of
 bubble gum! The fragmentation grenade is the normal variant, often carried
 by overseer and found in guard posts. Sticky 'nades are almost identical in
 every way, only they cling to whatever surface they hit. If they hit an NPC,
 it generally ensures their death. All grenades can be "cooked" -- that is,
 thrown only when the fuse is partially deplenished, ensuring it explodes by
 the target(s) instead of potentially bouncing away and doing chip damage.

 Sticky grenades are great for eliminating tallboys, since normal grenades
 would require a good throw after being cooked.

 Type: Retractable Sword (plus some others that are functionally similar)

 Melee weapons are items like swords, cleavers, etc. For most of the game,
 Corvo will use his special retractable sword, allowing him to guard against
 foes' melee swings. By guarding during a foe's swing, the foe is parried --
 thrown off balance temporarily. Meleeing in that state will execute him in
 one go. It's quite a time-saver, so players are encouraged to master that
 technique (it's rather easy, too, thankfully).

 Meleeing is also used for stealthiness. Creeping behind unware foes allows
 Corvo to slit their throats silently, while drop-assassinating targets will
 require a blade, too. If one has the "Blood Thirsty" perk, meleeing builds
 Adrenaline, allowing one to perform OHKOs on foe(s) without needing to parry
 them first.

 Type: Arc, Stun

 Mines are a DLC-only invention. Arc Mines are like mini Walls of Light, and
 disintegrate the first foe they hit. Stun Mines are the same, only they just
 incapacitate foes. Daud can buy upgrades that allow him to carry more mines
 and give them an extra use before breaking (this applies to both types). Note
 that arc mines have no IFF, so they'll attack Daud, unlike springrazors.

 Mines can be placed on most surfaces, and collected if they still have any
 charge(s) left. Like springrazors, they can be attached to throwable objects,
 then hurled, overcoming the proximity limitations they have.

 Type: Normal, Explosive

 Just a basic firearm, with normal ammo and a special explosive type. Pistols,
 which are carried by several enemy types (but usually associated with City
 Watchmen) can be upgraded a few times to improve accuracy, magazine size and
 bullet reserve and reload time. He'll have to buy "Corvo's Pistol" from Piero
 to get those, however, not just pick up any ol' peashooter laying around.

 Pistols have many uses, but are mostly for short-range confrontations, since
 they lack the crossbow's long-range capabilities. They do pack quite a punch,
 though, and will OHKO most human foes. They can also be used to detonate oil
 tanks and even one's own mines/springrazors.

 Type: ---

 This item is a tool that can be used on Wall of Light panels. Expending one
 to tinker with the hardware reverses the wall's IFF -- in other words, now
 only allows Corvo to pass through unharmed, while instantly killing anything
 else (including civilians, rats, etc.) Most walls can be circumvented, so
 RTs may not be as necessary for veteran players.

 Type: ---

 These are comparable to landmines, only instead of exploding, they uncoil a
 wire, which lacerates foes within range like fine-cooked ham. They can be
 placed on any surface, not just the ground. Upgrades can increase both attack
 radius and ammo capacity. (The items are "friendly" to Corvo and he won't
 trigger them. However, they can't be thrown like grenades unless first placed
 on a throwable object -- a brick, bottle, etc. -- and tossed that way.)

 Type: ---

 This unique gadget, when wielded, allows Corvo to find hidden runes and bone
 charms hidden in the area. When pointed at, and used on, NPCs, it whispers
 flavor lines about the person, revealing their secrets.

POWERS OVERVIEW                                                          [PWRO]
 A small distance into the storyline, Corvo will be able to gain supernatural
 abilities, which are found in the menu's "Powers" tab. They can be purchased
 by spending runes -- special in-game items. Each power has two tiers of use,
 each requiring that currency.

 Runes: 2, 3
 ManaC: none

 This is a passive perk. Its first rank increases jump height and its second
 upgrade improves movement speed (running, climbing, swimming). Although extra
 speed isn't THAT necessary, extra jump height is, allowing Corvo to cover
 territory that would require blinking, which saves mana.

 Runes: 0, 4
 ManaC: none

 A passive power in the Knife of Dunwall DLC, which allows its user to share
 abilities in conjunction with "Summon Assassin". Rank 1, which is already
 purchased, shares Blink and Vitality with summoned minions; Rank 2 adds in
 Pull and Shadow Kill, plus ggives immunity to Bend Time.

 Arcane Bond is a skill of investments -- not only does one need to purchase
 "Summon Assassin" and its ranks, but one needs to purchase abilities that'll
 be shared. Those who aren't going to use "Summon Assassin" (like those on a
 no-kill run) aren't going to have any use for this skill either.

 Runes: 2, 8
 ManaC: Very High

 One of the most expensive abilities, Bend Time allows Corvo to command time
 itself, slowing it for foes while leaving himself unaffected. Rank 1 merely
 brings time passage to a crawl, and can be upgraded to stop it entirely (for
 a shorter duration).

 Screwing with time is great for both offense (assassinating, rushing several
 targets) and defense (escaping, stopping midair projectiles). Just note that
 physical contact brings targets into one's own time, ending the duration for
 them prematurely. Sloppiness can make stealth a wash, so be careful and know
 one's own limits and the max duration!

 Runes: 1, 3
 ManaC: Very low

 Corvo's most basic ability, Blink allows for short-range teleportation at its
 lowest level and increases it with another investment. Targetting ledges with
 the ability will display upward arrows, indicating Corvo will reach the lip
 and climb up automatically.

 It's not without its drawbacks, however. Blink LV1 may not be good enough to
 do some actions, and the power is most useful for lateral teleportation. The
 higher it's aimed, the less likely it will be to find an applicable target.
 For those situations, Corvo can jump and blink, perhaps reaching an upper
 ledge and doing a manual grab instead.

 In the DLC, Daud's Blink has an additional stopped-time function. This allows
 one to pause in midair and blink in different directions, as well as the
 obvious precision advantages. The stopped-time trait is inherent and costs no
 runes (Daud has LV1 by default).

 Runes: 2, 3
 ManaC: none

 This is a passive, offense-oriented perk. Blocking, assassinating and dealing
 melee damage will build up an adrenaline counter; when it tops off, pressing
 triangle will deal an instant, brutal fatality to a target. At Rank 2, the
 counter fills faster and a double-attack is enabled, allowing Corvo to kill
 multiple enemies in melee range.

 This can be a fun power for those on high-chaos playthroughs, but is rather
 pointless to the stealth- and pacifism-oriented players. 

 Runes: 1, 2
 ManaC: very low

 One of the most useful of powers, this visual aid lets Corvo spot objects and
 points of interest. Rank 1 highlights living beings through walls and the
 directions they're facing (via FoV cones), plus representations of sound that
 Corvo makes. The next rank improves the function to highlight security systems
 and other pertinent items, like those worth gold.

 DV is mostly a stealth-oriented power, allowing players to identify and avoid
 annoying targets, while spotting useful items without too much time-wasting.
 The power does have a finite range, however. If a target walks too far away,
 it loses the yellow highlighting.

 Runes: 3, 4
 ManaC: very high

 This power summons a ravenous rat swarm, which attacks nearby enemies and
 devours corpses. Rank 1 gives the normal swarm abilities, and its upgrade
 gives a larger, more powerful swarm that consumes bodies quicker.

 The perk is best used on small groups of foes that can't fight back well,
 although the summoned rats can be possessed (with that particular power) if
 Corvo needs to. Just remember that using this power counts as a Corvo-caused
 death and will be reflected in his after-mission report. No-kill players may
 not have much use for the ability, although (with the right bone charm) it's
 possible to eat white rats for mana, so it's not a complete wash.

 Runes: 3, 5
 ManaC: very high

 Possession is bodyjacking -- Corvo inhabits the target's form and commands
 them for a short time. However, the mana cost is expensive and targets are
 too clumsy to do anything besides basic motor function stuff: walking around,
 opening door, and so on. The first rank allows Corvo to take command of small
 animals; the next allows humans to be targeted. (While in a human, Corvo gets
 all attendant perks. For instance, being in a guard would mean his allies
 won't attack and he can pass through security areas, like walls of light or
 pylons, without repercussion.)

 The downsides are the high mana cost and short duration, but the stealth uses
 are apparent. If Corvo needs a get to a certain location unspotted, he can
 enter a rat (or its tunnel) to avoid detection. Targets who need to be moved
 away from prying eyes can be bodyjacked and guided along. Even fish can be
 inhabited for certain levels! Small animals die after the possession period
 ends, but humans are just disoriented. Dying while in a target gives the same
 fate to Corvo.

 Runes: 2, 4
 ManaC: Medium

 Pull is the only power added in the Brigmore Witches DLC. True to its name,
 the power is used for "attracting" things towards its caster. Rank 1 allows
 Daud to snatch small objects (keys, collectibles, etc.) and oil tanks; Rank
 2 allows bodies to be lifted. Corpses and the unconscious are automatically
 carried; living beings are sucked in closer, allowing them to be choked or
 slain. (Mana cost is slightly higher for living targets.)

 The uses for Pull are innumerable, since it's such an all-around ability. The
 downside is its mana consumption, which only allows a few uses before a
 recharge is necessary. As a few miscellaneous tips, pull can uproot living
 river krusts and witch-summoned roots, use corpses as shields (there's a
 trophy about that), and even neutralize rat swarms.

 Runes: 2, 4
 ManaC: none

 Another passive skill. At rank one, killing unaware foes will turn them into
 ash piles, instantly getting rid of their bodies; its upgrade turns all bodies
 into ash, no matter how they die. (There are a few story-related exceptions to
 this, however.) This is a great ability for high-chaos, stealth-oriented
 playthroughs as the body removal saves time and ensures the victims' buddies
 don't catch on.

 Runes: 1, 5
 ManaC: medium

 This is a Knife of Dunwall power, letting Daud summon an assassin ally into
 a fight. Rank 1 summons a novice assassin; Rank 2, a master. They wear grey
 and blue outfits, respectively. Their powers can be improved by investing in
 "Arcane Bond" ranks and via the "Hearty Crew" bone charm. Only one minion can
 be summoned at a time.

 Assassins can use their powers freely and can be directed to attack targets.
 Any kill performed by minions counts as a kill by Daud, for after-mission
 stat purposes. Note that it's possible to summon assassins and have them
 fight without it counting as an alert for Daud. Enemies that survive will be
 in high alert (3 lightning bolts) afterward, though.

 Runes: 1, 3
 ManaC: none

 This is a passive perk. Rank 1 increases Corvo's health permanently and its
 follow-up rank improves health regeneration (restores faster and in a more
 plentiful amount). Damage comes in many forms, so this could be useful for
 the more accident-prone players. Veterans probably won't need to waste any
 runes on this.

 Runes: 0, 2
 ManaC: very low

 Found in the Knife of Dunwall add-on, VG is functionally similar to Corvo's
 Dark Vision. Rank 1 gives night vision and reveals the locations of charms
 and runes; Rank 2 gives everything Dark Vision has (see items, NPCs and their
 current directions, and actionable objects) and the same color coordination.

 Runes: 3, 4
 ManaC: high

 As its name suggests, the power lets Corvo unleash a powerful air current. At
 rank one, it can break fragile objects and knock down enemies; upgrading will
 shatter doors and kill foes (if they hit a hard object in the course of the

 This is typically an offensive power, used to kill foes that have been downed
 or cause environmental deaths, like knocking foes off roofs/railings/etc. It
 also has defensive uses, though, and a properly-timed blast can reflect shot
 projectiles (grenades, tallboy arrows) back at their owners. However, runes
 can be hard to find, making this ability's high mana consumption and almost
 abilities (really, Corvo can't break fragile objects manually?) unneeded in
 many situations. It is fun, though, I'll give it that.

UPGRADES                                                                 [PGRD]
 Upgrades and weaponry are both sold by Piero back at the Hound Pits Pub, and
 a mixture of both by Griff during Missions 2-3 only. Some upgrades unlock
 naturally when the first of its kind is purchased, while others require a
 special set of blueprints.

  __________________________ _____ __________________________________________
 | NORMAL WARES             | AMT | FUNCTION                                 |
 | Bullet                   |  30 | Ammo for the pistol                      |
 | Crossbow Bolt            |  20 | Ammo for the crossbow                    |
 | Grenade                  |  70 | Lethal thrown explosive                  |
 | Incendiary Bolts         |  50 | Crossbow ammo that sets target aflame    |
 | King Street Brandy       | 150 | Used for a bribe (optional)              |
 | Piero's Spiritual Remedy | 100 | Restores mana                            |
 | Rewire Tool              | 100 | Rewires circuity to one's advantage      |
 | Rune                     | 500 | Used to upgrade abilities                |
 | Sleep Bolt               |  30 | Nonlethal ammo for the crossbow          |
 | Sokolov's Health Elixir  | 200 | Restores health                          |
 | Springrazor              |  50 | Lethal trap with kill radius             |
 | Sticky Grenade           | 100 | Grenades that stick to their targets     |

 Griff sells the blueprints for Sokolov's elixir, or they can be found free
 of charge during "The Royal Physician" (Sokolov's greenhouse). Incendiary
 Bolt blueprints are in distillery's back office area ("House of Pleasure")
 or in the basement of Daud's base ("The Flooded District").

  _______________________ _____ _____________________________________________
 | EQUIPMENT UPGRADES    | AMT | FUNCTION                                    |
 | Bolt Capacity 1       | 300 | Increases standard bolts capacity to 20     |
 | Bolt Capacity 2       | 600 | Increases standard bolts capacity to 30     |
 | Bone Charm Capacity 1 | 300 | Can have 4 bone charms equipped at once     |
 | Bone Charm Capacity 2 | 450 | Can have 6 bone charms equipped at once     |
 | Boot Stealth 1        | 450 | Reduces footstep noise                      |
 | Boot Stealth 2        | 600 | Reduces footstep noise even further         |
 | Bullet Capacity 1     | 300 | Increases bullet storage capacity to 20     |
 | Bullet Capacity 2     | 600 | Increases bullet storage capacity to 30     |
 | Grenade Capacity      | 450 | Increases grenade storage capacity by 4     |
 | Improved Armor        | 600 | Reduces damage.                             |
 | Mask Optics 1         | 300 | Allows Corvo to toggle zoom function via R3 |
 | Mask Optics 2         | 400 | Press [] while zoomed to zoom even further! |
 | Springrazor Capacity  | 450 | Increases springrazor storage capacity by 4 |

 Griff sells the Lens Magnification (Mask Optics 2) blueprints during Mission
 2-3, and it's found nowhere else. The Bonded Galvani Resin (Improved Armor)
 blueprints are in the backyard area during "High Overseer Campbell," though
 they can later be found in Daud's chest in "The Flooded District".

  ________________________ _____ ____________________________________________
 | WEAPON UPGRADES        | AMT | FUNCTION                                   |
 | Combat Sleep Dart      | 600 | Sleep darts instantly effective in combat  |
 | Crossbow Accuracy      | 300 | Lowers dispersion and stabilizes aim       |
 | Crossbow Range         | 450 | Crossbow bolts travel faster, further      |
 | Crossbow Reload        | 600 | Crossbow reloads faster and automatically  |
 | Corvo's Pistol Upgrade | 600 | +1 Accuracy, +1 Magazine, +1 Reload        |
 | Pistol Accuracy 1      | 300 | +1 Accuracy                                |
 | Pistol Accuracy 2      | 600 | +1 Accuracy                                |
 | Pistol Explosive Shot  | 600 | Unlocks explosive bullets in Piero's store |
 | Pistol Magazine 1      | 300 | +1 Magazine                                |
 | Pistol Magazine 2      | 450 | +1 Magazine                                |
 | Pistol Magazine 3      | 600 | +1 Magazine                                |
 | Pistol Reload 1        | 300 | +1 Reload                                  |
 | Pistol Reload 2        | 600 | +1 Reload (adds auto-reload)               |
 | Springrazor Radius     | 600 | Springrazors have increased radius         |
 | Sticky Grenade         | 600 | Unlocks sticky grenades in Piero's store   |
 | Sword Crossing         | 600 | Sword more effective when locking/pushing  |

 The Sticky Grenade blueprint is in the guardhouse during "Lady Boyle's Last
 Party," or in Mosley's Warehouse during "The Flooded District". Speaking of
 "The Flooded District," if one doesn't get the Explosive Bullet blueprints
 from Tobias' office in "Return to the Tower," they appear in the abandoned
 vehicle at the beginning of Central Rudshore.

VI. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                                           [FAQZ]

 [Q] - What's all included in the GOTY version?
 [A] - The base game, all four preorder packs (combined into "Voidwalker's
       Arsenal"), and the three DLC add-ons (Dunwall City Trials, The Knife of
       Dunwall, and the Brigmore Witches). The DLC for the game is on the same
       disc as the main game. The installation icon appears below the main
       game's icon, once the disc's been read.

 [Q] - What counts as kills?
 [A] - Overtly lethal actions taken against humans, like shooting a watchman
       or stabbing a weeper. Similarly, nonlethal actions that go awry -- like
       tranqing a guard and dumping him in the river -- are on Corvo's
       conscience as well. Killing wildlife (rats, watchdogs, river krusts)
       do NOT count toward the main tally, perhaps because they're more of an
       environmental nuisance.

 [Q] - How do you get that rewire tool way up on the kennel's walkway?
 [A] - Once the kennel area is accessible, stand on the open door and blink to
       the first catwalk. From there, blink to the nearest wall bracket and
       turn around, facing the highest catwalk. If Corvo has Blink LV2 and a
       point in agility, he should be able to warp at the top of his jump,
       barely getting the arrow icon to climb up. There's nothing there but a
       rewire tool, however, so skipping it's perfectly fine.

 [Q] - What is the Heart? Who's is it?
 [A] - According to the developers, Empress Jessamine's. Some of the Heart's
       comments hint at this, and they have the same voice actor, to boot.

VII. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTORS                                              [UPDT]

 01-15-15 -----------------------+ Started walkthrough
 04-05-15 -----------------------+ Finished walkthrough

 � Sailor/Ceej, for hostin' my stuff
 � Corvo the bona fide badass -- let's have a sequel right quick, yeah?

 � Hornets' Nest: 4-kill w/ explosive bolt count in lieu of Bend Time?
 � Dunwall City Trials full gallery unlockables

 Readers are always free to send in their two cents on above notes, or tips
 and corrections in general.

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