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How to survive longer in kino der toten =D

Okay, if you want to learn how to survive longer in the zombie map "Kino Der Toten" then you might want to listen to this particular hint.Alright,to survive longer you must the following:good weapons it doesnt matter if it's upgraded or not if you want,then you must have all the doors open (of course),finally you must have at least 5,000-10,000 or more points just in case.After you have all the things you need listed above you must use the teleporter that's in the theater room then if you do not teleport to the room with the Pack-A-Punch weapon upgrading machine then try another teleporter until your in the room with the Pack-A-Puch stay there until whenever you want to get out make sure you and your friends stick together no matter where you guys go just stay together because you never know what's going to happen this hint is guaranteed to help you stay alive.Thank you for reading this helpful hint and your welcome.

Added 23 Dec 2010, ID #6764, by Guest and get

Want some music?

Need some inspiration while playing some Zombies on Black Ops? Music always helps, and two easter eggs are in Kino Der Toten and "Five" that each play a special song.

For Kino Der Toten, there are three Meteorites to activate and they make a glowing sound that is noticeable. The first one is in the first room in the corner straight ahead when you first start. It's on a stand. Simply press X and your character will say something. The second one is in the room after the Alley, when going up the stairs. It's the only room in the map that has no weapons in it. Go to the corner and find the shelve with letters on it. The second one is there, glowing red. The final one is in the Dressing room. This has the MP5K in it just in case you don't know where. This is to the right of the MP5K, you will see it on a stand, activate it, and your character will comment, saying he has found the final piece. "115" by Elena Siegman will play, this is more of a heavy metal song, but a great song nonetheless.

For "Five", there are three telephones you must activate. The first one is by the Quick Revive machine on the top floor. The second one is in the power room in the labs, the bottom floor. The last one is in the Pack-A-Punch room on the table. Simply press X to activate. Once the third one is activated, a jackpot sound will be made, and "Won't Back Down" by Eminem will play.

There you have it, both are great songs, both are uncensored, so you have free reigns of the songs. You can only activate this once during the game, once you restart at round 1, you can play them again.


Added 15 Dec 2010, ID #6730, by superbird5005

get a thundergun on the numbers mission

as soon as the mission starts blow up all the nova 6 containers then turn around and go benind the shelf thing, there should be a cassette player hold X at this and you should have the tape, continue with the mission untill the jump into the room, there sould be a cassete player here too, hold X at this and you should hear beeping, wait and the screen will shake, then the thundergun comes out the wall, hope this helps

Added 13 Dec 2010, ID #6709, by scolter

cheaper and better motion sensor

motion sensors cost 5000 cp. i have a cheaper nova gas ! throw your nova and when an enemy walks into it you should have the x on your crossfire and it should give you an opportunity to go back and murk.also the nova deals damage so they should be weaker and less able to see.PROS:throwable,damages,blures,more range and if you dont get the kill you get the assist

Added 12 Dec 2010, ID #6694, by Guest

Beginner Suggestions

I suggest Gaming Headphones. TurtleBeach's are great.

Now, In Multiplayer. Try to get most perks Pro. If not, pay attention to your radar if you hear gun shots. Do not run around corners, always aim down. Then continue.

Added 4 Dec 2010, ID #6664, by hatershateme
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