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Make alien fly.

this glitch takes two people to work. When you go to Discovery on Kamino, there will be a room you can go in. When you make the dance floor light up and play music you need Darth Vader and any other character. When you go into the room with the dance floor, you will see two aliens when you light up the dance floor, use Darth Vader to choke one of the aliens and have the other person exit the room. When you come back into the room the alien will be flying in the air and will still be choking, but won't die unless you completely kill him.

Added 28 Aug 2010, ID #3935, by Guest and get

unlock indiana jones

go to cantina go to room on right go to booth on right hint first one when you watch it he will be able to buy for 50,000 coins

Added 15 Jun 2010, ID #3746, by Guest

Destroying Shiny Objects

With the 'Exploding Blaster Bolts' extra turned on, you can destroy shiny objects that were only supposed to be destroyed by bounty hunters. This will not work if you hit the object itself, otherwise it will just harmlessly bounce off, not exploding. You need to hit a wall or terrain of some type that is very close to the shiny object. The explosion from the blaster bolt will destroy the shiny object. This will also work in story mode.

Added 15 Feb 2010, ID #3519, by LamboJoe

Black+Orange R2-D2

EVILR2 is the code.
When you die it will kind of freak you out.

Added 12 Feb 2010, ID #3513, by WorkCodes360

Darth Maul

To un lock darth maul enter the code EUK421

Added 30 Dec 2009, ID #3399, by sonicwii

100,000 studs quick!

To get 100,000 studs quick,all you need to do is get 61 gold bricks!. After that,every gold brick that you get,you get 100,000 studs!

Added 9 Jul 2009, ID #2906, by bobbtyman22

Infinite Money

On episode one chapter 2 (Discovery on Kamino) once the game starts keep following the guy after you fix the light until you meet Jango, follow Jango until he runs outside and starts to set bombs on the ground. Then fly across with r2 and open the door. He then will start a machine which makes robots appear that shoot lasers at you. To make this work correctly you will need perfect deflect bolts red brick (episode 2 chapter 4: this is located under the metal thing that has to be destroyed with a thermal detonator, once destroyed a built-it will appear. Build the thing and the block will appear, this is easiest done before you rescue Padme in free play because you do not have to worry about many enemies. This is where you find perfect deflect.) And you will also need stud magnet (episode 2 chapter 1: when you leave the first area that you are trapped behind force fields, turn to your right. Along the side of a building there will be antenna's that have red on the top of them. Shoot at them until they turn green. Once they turn green a red balloon will appear from below you, shoot it with a torpedo/bomb and you will get the brick stud magnet.) Okay (after you have stud magnet and perfect deflect) the robots that come out of the ceiling will keep coming after you until you close the door with r2 (don't close it.) Then just leave the room and the robots will shoot at you but it will deflect back, then kill them and they will drop studs, then your stud magnet will attract them to you =). Then just leave the room until you think you have enough. PS: This works better if you have score x2, x4, x6, x8, and x10. Hope this infinite money cheat helped. =)

Added 4 Feb 2009, ID #2461, by starhalfback17

flying rebel

You need 2 plaers to do this glitch to make a rebel fly you need to go to secret plans go through the level untill you see a crane thing you need to be count duku, darth vadder or darth sideous
so go across the bridge and force the rebel have plaer 2 get in the crane and pick you up while you are forceing and the rebel should be flying and then jump and he will fly up in the air,

Added 20 Jun 2008, ID #1678, by linkman24

Throw yourself out of a AT-ST

First you need to go to a level with an at-st in free play you need the character Darth Sidious get into the AT-ST then jump out while being Darth Sidious then press B and he should spin so it kinda looks like your getting thrown out

Added 8 Mar 2008, ID #1196, by infernape25


HUT845 Imperial Shuttle
PMN576 General Grevious
KLJ897 Jango Fett
DDD748 Count Dooku
584HJF Zam Wesell
EUK421 Darth Maul

Added 19 Feb 2008, ID #1152, by master mark246

unlock zam's speeder

To unlock zam's speeder you have to enter the code uuu875

Added 4 Jan 2008, ID #1001, by 101chad5

cash bowling

This is in the hall.force the all the cups.then bild it.then force the ball.then you got some cash.

Added 3 Jan 2008, ID #998, by maja2

New town glitch: drive boat on land.

Note: in order for this to work, your going to need two people.

While in New town, get the white van into the water and push the boat in the water too. Once you do this, have one person drive the van into a corner of the dock(make sure they stay in the van when they get it there). Now have one person drive the boat into the van. If one person is in the van and the other is in the boat, the boat will fly over the van. While the boat is in the air, you need to fly it onto the land, and then you should be able to drive the boat on the land.

Added 4 Dec 2007, ID #903, by Theshadowlink
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