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Get on an invisible box in havana

This is what you need to do. You go into to the upstairs in the red house and get on the bed facing the left corner. Then, you run and jump into that corner of the wall then you should be on an invisible box. There is another way my friend on black ops where you can do it in the blue building but I forget how to do it. P.S this glitch will also make you invisible to you`re enemy when they`re looking at you and I`d be crouching, too

Added 5 Feb 2012, ID #4991, by Guest and get

Cod black ops wii EPIC zombie glitch

As soon as you start Kino Der Toten, look forward. You should see stairs and a balcony. Run up (either in the beginning of a round or in between rounds) and look. There will be many stick things holding up the rail. Stand directly next to it, facing it, and look right. Look for 7 stick things CAREFULLY and stand directly in between the space of the 7th and 8th stick/ peg. All the zombie will go UNDER you, and won't attack you at all (including dogs). WARNING, if you move there in the middle of a round, most likely, you will be killed by the rasest zombies. This cheat doesn't work for ANY system, but the wii (as far as I know. I am positive this is defective for xbox 360. This cheat will make you invincible, except for the fact you could run out of ammo. This will not work on solo, and you must be touching the rail. If this doesn't work for wii, you did it wrong and your an idiot. You must have at least 2 other players. You can shoot through the floor (with a gun) and kill, rebound a grenade off the wall, or just act plain dumb and walk down and epicly fail while trying to kill all of the zombies (all the zombies go UNDER you with this cheat).

Added 25 Nov 2011, ID #4842, by cbar5551

Super cool cheat

How to get music:

You need kino der toton
First you get the first one you start at the lobby and you got under the balcony and there a zombie barrier there is a wall and a door (power) on the other side of the wall there is
a rock with red stuff that a metorite and press a on your wii mote it should noise and your chareter should say something and you need three the other two are in the boiler room (the one after outside) and the dressing room is where the door is it's on the oppersite it

Added 24 Sep 2011, ID #4715, by Guest

Best 2 guns ray gun or thundergun

First find a box when you buy box stay still and turn left or right 360 then stab box you will get thundergun or ray gun if you don't keep trying but will really work

Added 8 Aug 2011, ID #4626, by Guest

Glitch zombies can't get you(NOT PATCED)

Where the ledge is on top of the stair case is were you do the glitch,you just go up there an duck and walk over till you walk down some to see were the door is down stairs and when you see the door your in the glitch if zombies come after you your not in it.If someone is on the ledge with you it wont work zombies will eat both of your brains out haha. If you move just a little bit zombies will come after you so stay were your at if you want another gun wait till next round and hurry to get your gun!!!!!! (By skater328 amazing glitcher)

Added 26 Jul 2011, ID #4611, by skater328

Glitch get out of the map of nuketown(NOT PATCHED)

On nuke town get a 5 kill streak to get care package then when you get care package go back to the side with the swing set and by the swing set on the right you see an opening put the care package there between the two hedges and jump on the package and over the gate. It will take a few times to get it right. The video is not mine. Just copy and paste the link and watch the video. Http:// (By skater328 amazing glitcher)

Added 11 Jul 2011, ID #4564, by skater328

Always get ray gun or thundergun easy way

Theres two ways to always get the thundergun or raygun. There is the 4 then 4...........but there is an easier way. When you open the box, shoot the middle of the top part 8 times with a machine gun quickly. Go prone then go back up to crouch. You should get the gun. I used the AUG and Commando for this glitch. I got to lvl 63 with it without hacking. I also had monkey bomb.

Added 13 Jun 2011, ID #4528, by (attackdawgs)Brody

Several Glitches/Cheats for online and Zombies

Kino Der Toten:

Always get Ray Gun, Thundergun, or Samantha's Bear.
Shoot middle of box 4 times with pistol, go prone, get up and shoot 4 more times with pistol, reload.

Get on automatic turret.
One way is to sprint up the side of the steps and dive. Another way is to get a crawler or Nova6 Monkey, back up the turret stairs, and jump and get hit by the crawler in midair.

Get on top of doors between Theater and Lobby.
Sprint and dive from the top of the stairs between the Theater and Lobby. It may take a few tries, and make sure you have Jugger-Nog and guns with lots of ammo. I recommend a wall gun so you can jump down and run over to your ammo.

Thats all 4 now!!! Check my profile for Black Ops WII Code!!!

Added 15 May 2011, ID #4466, by N1NJAZ0MB13

How To Swim on Black Ops

First, you go to the villa. Second, switcth to your balistic knife. Next, you switch from your balistic knife to your primary weapon. Last keep switching from your balistic knife to your primary weapon and back really fast.

Added 11 Apr 2011, ID #4429, by Guest

More Glitches!

On nuketown, if you shoot all the heads off the dummys in an amount of time, "sympathy for the devil" by rolling stones plays.

On villa, you can't go prone in the pool.

On Kino De TOtan, if you shoot a zombie in the upper body wiht insta kill, you'll get a headshot. If you shoot it's legs when you have it, it's legs will fly off.

Added 29 Mar 2011, ID #4356, by (attackdawgs)Brody

Sweet Glitch!

Ok, o Kino de Totan(zombies)you have to have the mystery box on the first room you can open downstairs. Get the fire sale(cash sign) which makes it so much cheeper- 10 points! Now buy it and you might get the bear, which means the box is moving. You will get more then the money you payed back-950 points. But thats not all! If you stand by the box and watch it close then immediately press A again, you will use the box again! And most likely you'll get the thundergun! This is very hard to do and it happened on accident, but I've used it about 20 times and each time have gotten the thundergun ,except once, and got the galil, which is the number 5 gun in zombies in my opinion(thundergun,raygun,h2k1,python) so if you're lcky, enjoy!

Added 27 Mar 2011, ID #4350, by (attackdawgs)Brody

Weird Glitches!

On Launch, Go to a house on the left side of the main tracks(when you're facing the rocket) and look around the room. You may see a fire extinguisher. Go up to it and knife t or shoot it. It will kill you.

On Kino De Totan, go up stairs in the main room. When you do, look at the railing at the middle top. Go to the corner of the curve and jump. You will be on the railing.

On Launch, Look at the left of the rocket. You will see a metal structre pretty high up. Go and jump on it. Walk around to the side and jump on the yellow railing. There will be an invisible boundary to where you can't go back into the map. Walk rigt and you will come across a rock, immortal rock, you can't die if you step on it.

Added 27 Mar 2011, ID #4349, by (attackdawgs)Brody

Always Get Ray Gun/Thundergun in Kino

First keep around your pistol or M14 until you get to the box. You need a gun with an 8 shot clip. Open the box, shoot the middle 4 times, go prone, get back up, and shoot the middle 4 times again. You can actually shoot it in any combo that adds up to 8. (1,7;2,6;3,5;4,4). DO NOT RELOAD WHILE PRONE! You should end up reloading AFTER your 8th shot. Online I got the Thundergun and Ray gun and PWNED! I play on Wii and will tell you my ally code. I also have World at War if you play the classic.

Added 26 Mar 2011, ID #4347, by andyj22

Unlock aim assist

On the first leavel when you zipline down behind you is a target go up to the one thats moving and shoot the middle dot of the target,somthing will pop up an say "You can lock onto enemies pressing Z. (Aim assist is less effective on higher difficulty settings.")

Added 31 Jan 2011, ID #4291, by skater328

cool glitch on kino der toten zombies map.

first you have to turn the power on and then go to the AUTOMATIC TURRET NEXT TO THE TELEPORTER , you are going to need the juggernog perk and a zombie crawler. go to the turret and wait for the crawler to get right behind you and right as he hits you jump on to the turret, and you should be invincible. THIS TOOK ME AWHILE TO DO SO DON'T GET MAD IF IT TAKES YOU AWHILE TO DO IT

Added 24 Dec 2010, ID #4200, by 3arc unlock

Unlock all Intel

To unlock all intel, shake the wii remote and nunchuck until you stand up out of the chair. walk over to the computer, and type in '3ARC INTEL' without the apostrophes, and you will unlock all intel!

Added 14 Nov 2010, ID #4099, by pspwiigamer1194
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