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SWEET ZOMBIES GLITCH (WII ONLY) hint for Call of Duty: Black Ops


Say you're playin zombies and you want quick revive, dubble tap, ect. U CAN GET IT WITH OUT TURNING ON POWER (I've only tride this on solo kino der toten srry if it don't work any where els but try it any ways!!!!

Added By Guest
Apr 25th 2011, ID#4441


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Jul 9th 2014 Guest
Where is the glitch?
ID #414774
Feb 11th 2014 Guest
i need a good glitch are glitches

ID #354049
Feb 11th 2014 Guest
i suck

ID #354045
Feb 11th 2014 Guest
can u help me git to 40 plz thanck

ID #354044
Jan 22nd 2014 Guest
another glitch for dogs: turn the power on then go to the stage curtain on the left side(right if ur coming to the stage from the startin location) and crouch down and move beside the curtain. if ur doing it right then the dogs wont be able to touch u Smile
ID #346704
Aug 5th 2013 Guest
Seriously, none of these glitches work. Ive tried.
ID #302763
Jun 20th 2013 Guest
If you keep lagging out turn the wii of than of you should be fine after that hope i helpedSmile
ID #291581
May 11th 2013 Guest
what is the diffrence between the bowie knife and your regular knife and does it take the place of one of your 2 weapon slots??????
ID #281942
Apr 4th 2013 Guest
How do you jump out of the map?
ID #270432
Feb 28th 2013 Guest
Thanks the Ray a thunder gun glitch works u have to prone and knife and usualy u get dragging

ID #259613
May 4th 2015 Guest
[color=red][/color] lol
ID #551912
Nov 1st 2012 Guest
WOW thanks for the glitchs very useful made it to round 47
ID #204046
Oct 19th 2012 Guest
heres a glitch if you have 2 guns go to a gun u want to by and press the grab the gun button and the gernade button at the same time and hold till it bys the wepon u could get 3 guns u can do that more than one time dosent always work (works for wii, ps3, and xbox)
ID #198352
Oct 17th 2012 Guest
ID #197678
Oct 13th 2012 Guest
ID #195658
Sep 8th 2012 Guest
can you all stop bichen ur selvs out im 19 and 4 year olds talk this way so plase just try to help [img][img][/img] [/img]
ID #184365
Aug 1st 2012 Guest
there is a glitch in lobby were u if u count from left 2 right if u stand between 7th and 8th pole zombies don't attack
ID #171096
Jul 17th 2012 Guest
UK Zombies Killer- u can get more power full guns by going through the teleporter with5000 points and buying pack a punch
ID #165341
Jul 1st 2012 Guest
you can get map five for solo and online all you have to to is get 3 rocks and 2 radio and 5 tapes
the rock are in lobby,dressingroom,boilerroom the radio are in ally and theatre the tapes are in the room you pack a pounch in
ID #159373
Jun 15th 2012 Guest
Shoot both of the question marks 2 times each and then go prone. U get ray gun or thunder gun. It works for me.
ID #153129
Jun 8th 2012 Guest
I Don't If this might work but if you run up the left flight of stair in the lobby as the game and swan dive at the top of them and then kill some zombies... this will give you Powerups quicker. It works for me.
ID #150313
May 30th 2012 Guest
some ppl
ID #147142
May 24th 2012 Guest
does any1 kno how 2 get unlimited ammo and money
ID #145017
May 16th 2012 Guest
ID #142664
May 8th 2012 Guest
this is a way to get the ray gun every time. what you do is you find the box and open it and shoot the lock 4 times
ID #140587
Apr 23rd 2012 Guest
if u shoot 4 times in the center then go prone and 4 more times at the mystery box it gives u the raygun,thundergun or monkeybombs
ID #136381
Mar 13th 2012 Guest
yea i can go do evything with out eny gitchs and i know more then u all let see i know 1 dog glitch 1st room theres 2 the railen the book case humm theres 2 more hint around the stars hint on the way 2 mp40 room u can get on top of the map hint rev
ID #122838
Dec 26th 2011 Guest
wow kids get a life i could care less about your problems and how old you are
ID #99027
Dec 20th 2011 Guest
i know how to get a ray gun and thunder gun
ID #96785
Dec 12th 2011 Guest
mann wat dah f is this none of these glitches or watever doesnt work upset the dawwg glitch!!!! GEEEEZE!!!!!!
ID #94690
Dec 4th 2011 Guest
the only thing you can get with out turning on are guns doors the mystery box and a quick revive on solo.DOIH!
ID #92726
Nov 27th 2011 Guest
[b]this is dum i could ki[b[/b] ] quick revive and raygun with thunder gun[/b]
ID #90763
Nov 24th 2011 Guest
oh young noobs hwen will you learn in solo you can get quick rev. and quick rev. only without turning on the power you still need the power for sentry guns,juggernog,double tap,speed cola,& PACK A PUNCH
ID #89659
Nov 23rd 2011 Guest
and also to u tards out there takin crap bout ppl not nowing obvious stuff... read the comment box !!!
ID #89545
Nov 23rd 2011 Guest
guys im 13 an im prob more mature than most really and glitches are just to play around an d wen u type stuff wrong like "talking to TAWKING" it is just bcuz u want 2 so really y would u really care if it really bothers u dont look this crap up
ID #89544
Nov 12th 2011 Guest
Do any of you ppl know how to get unlimited ammo for the wii
ID #86868
Nov 6th 2011 Guest
that doesent go
ID #85518
Oct 30th 2011 Guest
i read thru all of these "helpful hints". Some are helpful, others i havnt tried, but will the kids, yes kids, who keep yelling at ppl over this page knock it off? seriously you sound like a bunch of little babies whose mom forgot to change their diapers, oh and changing words like talking to TAWKING, doesnt make you look cool, it makes you look like you never went to school, its amazing how you little idiots can say this crap over the internet. I spent 4 years in the ARMY national guard, and i guarantee none of you would have the balls to say any of this to my face, if a glitch doesnt work, say just that, dont call the person an idiot for trying to help others, grow up, thank you.
ID #84111
Sep 27th 2011 FrogginWld
There are many glitches that can be used on the wii Black ops because Treyarch and activision abandoned wii C.O.D Black ops because the game was ruining the wii system and nintendo was repairing them for free under the warrenty, when nintendo figured out it was black ops they wanted compensation and activision told them to get stuffed. That is why wii do not have the map packs or updates and there are many glitches. The three gun glitch, tripod, bridge, lounge, and you can shoot while you revive.
ID #77036
Aug 30th 2011 Guest
when plsy the mystery box doesnt really if its in the stage it stays in the stage.after i die and retry,its still in the stage.
ID #71211
Aug 28th 2011 Guest
this works hold it then press it it worked on first try
ID #70811
Aug 20th 2011 Guest
dome pool
ID #68667
Aug 18th 2011 Guest
dont put on stuff on that doesnt work peac out
ID #68316
Aug 13th 2011 Guest
Please do not be rude to others, what may be obvious to you may not be to the person asking the question.
ID #66777
Jul 30th 2011 Guest
you dont have to ACTIVATE THE POWER on solo cos quick revive only revves you but on multiplayer it just lets you revive ur teammates quicker
ID #62649
Jul 25th 2011 Guest
whoops, that doesnt work. but having ur cursor in the top middle of the lid does get u a good gun
ID #61027
Jul 24th 2011 Guest
try this, dont know if it always works, but its helped me. in the first map, survive the first to rounds wit only the pistol and knife. right after u kill the last zombies in round 2,rush over to the door up the stairs to the right. open it and in that room should be the mystery box. when u by a gun, have ur curser on the top-middle of the lid that opens the box. u should get a good weapon, ive got the ray gun 3 times out of 5 games ive played.if it doesnt work, i must have just got lucky a bunch, but come on,3 ray guns in 5 tries? AND THE MYSTERY BOX IN THE SAME PLACE ALL 5 TIMES? this really did happen, and i was surprised.hope i helped !
ID #60614
Jul 15th 2011 Guest
how do you get more maps for zombies on the wii? i can't find how.
ID #58247
Jul 14th 2011 Guest
there is a glitch that dogs cant see u. in the theater the door that opens to the lobby, if u hide behind the left one dogs will stand in front of u allowing u 2 shoot them(must have the power on)
ID #57768
Jul 4th 2011 Guest
u have 2 use the telepotor nd have 5000 points or more then use the pack a punch
ID #54681
Jun 29th 2011 Guest
i will also wnat to know how to get cool guns
ID #53468
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